Sugar Bowl Primer: Photo Edition

Y'ALL. I'm still somewhat reeling from New Years Eve on Bourbon Street. Laughs help in the recovry, or so I'm told. 

I was having a hard time developing a dislike for Michigan fans. All of them that I had previously met seem like real, down to earth people. Fans I've interacted with are well knowledgable and passionate. They're smart, reasonable people. And then I saw some hipster douche go up to two elderly Tech fans in the hotel lobby, and obnoxiously real "GO BLUE" in their faces. TIME TO UNLEASH THE HATERADE. 

I dunno about y'all, but it's really annoying how the meda keeps harping on how Tech hasn't played any quality opponents.

Yeah, they get excted for the Ohio State game. But Michigan really prides themselves in their domination of Michigan State. 

Unfortunately, points (and victories) have been hard to come by against the Spartans lately. 

Wolverines seem like a jovial bunch. 

But sometime they get ahead of themselves. 

New head coach Brady Hoke has helped turn around Big Blue, with a little help from you know who. 

It does help to have Denard Robinson. 

It also helped to have this guy in the studio instead of on the sidelines. 

Everyone enjoy the game! Go Hokies!


So. Epic.

I really really love the first one <3
... and the losing to rivals one
... in fact, I'm having to work really hard to not link this to my Mich friend... that would be bad <.<

Achievement unlocked: All of the Fullers

"Sam Rogers is a college football icon" SB Nation

Thanks Frank!

We have a 3 fan bases that desperately hate us

ND, the Ohio Community College of Columbus and Michigan State. There's really nothing we haven't seen before. Presumptuous or not, Howard did win the Heisman that year . . .

I am a Michigan apologist. In 2007 our program was in disarray after the death of our football godfather, Bo Schembechler. We lost four in a row after his passing, one of which was App State. We put the Mountaineers back on the schedule for 2014 so we could give them the drubbing that they deserve.

You all have made me feel welcome here and I am thankful to the community for the hospitality. May the best team win, and if not, let Michigan win anyway. I'm headed down to pre-game.

Cheers and Happy New Year.

Go Blue.

That might be the case, but my friend is a little volatile and didn't talk to me for a week after I linked her this video

It's been great having you... best of luck to everyone (though luck didn't help Luck last night, ha)

Achievement unlocked: All of the Fullers

"Sam Rogers is a college football icon" SB Nation

Thanks Frank!


not to be all sour grapes ...

May the best team win, and if not, let Michigan win anyway

I guess you got your wish.

#Let's Go - Hokies

come on now

I'm starting to feel a little piled on. Michigan played a clean game (as clean as football gets) and played as a team. They didn't play well, but well enough to not lose. EDSBS wrote "This is not a very good Michigan team, but they are a very good Michigan team" and I think that's right on the money. Teams find a way to win even when they are playing badly, and yes, this is the type of game Michigan has won this year (see ND) because they don't give up. I know it doesn't help the bitterness, but VT doesn't have anything to be ashamed of. It was a hard fought game, someone had to lose. I picked VT to win because I thought that this would be the kind of performance the Wolverines would put on (because that's what they do in big games), and its why I said what I did in this thread.

I honestly hope that the angst VT fans feel is not against this Michigan team or its followers. Blame the refs, blame Beamer, but you can't blame the kids cause both teams played their hearts out.

no problem

with michigan or the fans, but the vt players outplayed them. vt was done in first by things they can control, unimaginative play calling and stupid social teams coaching decisions before I get to reeks of b10 friendly reffing.

never angry at michigan, just at an opportunity lost by clearly the better team that night.

I played my anger away on the basketballcourt the other night.

No animosity for M

Can't be angry about anyone not on the field (except maybe the replay booth). I am proud of VT's performance, except for the mistakes. I think we have been making them throughout the year. That we still win 10 or more games a year despite those mistakes shows something. We just need that special year where the focus is crisp, injuries are minimal, and the breaks fall our way when we need them. A famous coach said "It's not the will to win, but the will to prepare to win that makes the difference." I think we prepare well but not quite good enough to get over the top.

#Let's Go - Hokies


I hope to high heaven that our fans aren't expressing angst toward Michigan players or its fans. As with any fanbase there are bad eggs but as you've seen the group here is pretty level headed. The main contention lies in the fact that no matter what this game is marked as an L. Its a blemish against our overall BCS record as well as for the ACC. Most argue that it was a hard fought game turned by costly mistakes. The call will be debated time and time again. If some are delusional enough to take that as a Win and ignore the final tally that's on them. Nonetheless, our displeasure goes beyond losing to Michigan. It was a loss when we thought everything was in order to get a win. It was another loss on the big stage. Years down the road no one will remember how close it was. They will just see a big. fat. L. We're so tired of it.

As a fan you expect losses to come. We ate crow with Clemson twice this year. We've also, same as you, had a baffling loss to A FREAKING FCS SCHOOL HAHA. Those however don't hurt like these types of heartbreaking losses. Auburn in '05 16-13 was the same kind of deal. Phenomenal defense with bonehead offense that couldn't seal it up. USC was going along swimmingly until that odd PI call. 'Bama unravelled in the fourth. Then Boise St with 3rd and long heroics late that couldn't get it done. The starvation for a marquee win is now to the point of desparation. Everyone will point to one reason or another. Blame the coach, players, calls, etc. Blame doesn't change the outcome of anything though.

Most of us are highly respectful of your program and what you've done. We're just waiting to pop that bubble. Our consistency is amazing and should be highly lauded. We just dislike waiting again and again in the shadow of an empty trophy case.

Its all good

I'm really not that sensitive. I was glad their was limited chippiness and PF's. While I was watching the game I was mad at every hold and hands to the face especially when they came on those 3rd and longs that kept getting converted, but that stuff happens in every single game on both sides of the ball. Martin was held on almost every series all year, this game was no different. But that's football, it happens on every play. You can tell that VT is well-coached. Everyone seemed like they were good kids. Our best receiver, Darryl Stonum, hasn't been on the field all season and it really hurt us in the passing game all year. He's suspended (redshirting) for a DUI and will be back next year if he can stop driving without his licence (arghhh). But the point I'm making here is team discipline is important for both teams, and you can tell by the way they act on the field.

Maybe this is my pie in the sky pride or wishful thinking, but it is my experience that the teams generally mirror the ethos of the institution and that makes me have a great respect for VT.