David Wilson will leave Virginia Tech, Declares for NFL Draft

David Wilson plays football on Sundays. The Hokies running back announced minutes ago he will forgo his senior season and enter the NFL draft. Wilson is rated as the 22nd overall player and 2nd running back available in the 2012 draft according to ESPN Scouts Inc.

Wilson rushed for 1,709 yards in 2011. That campaign broke Tech's single-season rushing record previously held by Ryan Williams (1,655 '09).

One or more inexperienced players: Tony Gregory (who had surgery on his left ACL yesterday), Michael Holmes, or incoming 2012 freshman J.C. Coleman, Chris Mangus or Drew Harris will try to succeed Wilson at running back this fall.

Best of luck in the NFL DW4. We'll miss your play on the field, and charisma off it, a lot.



All I can say is good luck. I think he falls to 3rd round, maybe fourth, not second, unfortunately, not based on his talent, but on the realities of the NFL these days. RB's are not valued as much as they used to be.

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I agree running backs aren't as valued as they've been in the past, but Wilson's is an athlete that's built to wow at the combine. McShay of Scouts Inc. may not be the best, but he's certainly not the worst evaluator of talent and he has him rated 20th overall. Also Montee Ball, and even the big name quarterbacks like Barkley and Jones returning to school will open up more slots in the first and second round. I think we can all agree Trent Richardson is the consensus pick for first running back taken. After that it's just Wilson, LaMichael James, and Lamar Miller and from everything I've seen it looks like a toss up between Miller and Wilson.

Baring an injury or collapse at the combine, I'd be shocked at this point if Wilson doesn't go in the 1st, or more likely, 2nd round.

I think

that Lamar will probably go before Wilson. Wilson will be followed by Polk from Washington. Most people put LaMichael James as just a third down back due to his lack of burst speed. 1st round RBs usually surprise me, and you don't usually see more than 1 or 2. Ryan Williams went in the early second and I still believe he is a better developed running back then DW is now. I agree with you that he is likely taken in the 2nd round.

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RW >> DW

RW was a far far more complete back when he went pro, even after that down year. Personally I'll be surprised if Wilson goes before Polk and put him even with James. Miller is a lock to go before him. He's got all the speed, quickness, strength and balance in the world but he does not see the field and anticipate his blocks like a great RB.

I may be putting him in an RB box though, and some NFL team may just see him as a big-time play maker along the lines of Harvin and CJ Spiller who isn't necessarily a full time RB and take him earlier than I expect.

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DW will be the talk of combine. The kid is a monster!

Thanks for the memories, DMFW, we're gonna miss you.

Now who the hell starts next year?

Holmes, JC Coleman

and you have to believe LT will pick up some of the load as well for the rushing attack

UVA: Jefferson's biggest mistake


Who blocks next year?

That would be the better question! Seriously concerned about guys with limited reps on OL

I'm not as concerned

about the OL. I understand 4 is a lot to lose, but on the whole, I was not as impressed with this group as I had hoped to be. I think we lose experience, for sure, but we should reload to coaches say 80-grades/fans say 60-grades with ease.

...you know...


@nickjeffress reload? You can't reload unless you fire the gun. These new guys have no experience! Honestly, OL is by far the most important unit on a football team. Building chemistry and confidence takes time. Not an offseason. Grades don't mean anything, but experience means everything.


Great point TEP. Though I loved DW4 and thought he was an electric back, he is above all else a running back and is replaceable. Offensive line positions are the most important on any team minus QB's and, in my experience, mike linebackers/strong safeties. Much like defenseman in hockey, the goalie is always the most important but they are a close second. Wingers and centers are replaceable and are a dime a dozen, a great defenseman is a real commodity that doesn't come around often. That being said I was rather impressed with the unit minus the Clemson debacles. It will be tough next year and can see why DW4 bolted: short career span in the League for small backs and he would be running behind a young, inexperienced, and possibly weaker offensive line in Blacksburg.

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Silver Lining

Pass Blocking is usually quicker to pick up, because it's a little more reactive than proactive. So, hopefully the new O-line can give LT3 enough time to get the ball out while VT finds a running game.

🦃 🦃 🦃

our O Line has experience

Becton, Gibson, Via, and Miller had a good bit of snaps. Hopefully Farris will have a little more fire. David Wang is also back with GA transfer Benedict.

who blocks next year?

not to mention, who blocks ON the ol next year? lol 4 starters gone?? yikes

holmes, coleman, harris in that order.


Can't really argue with it

RBs have a limited shelf life. Take the money when it's there. Sucks cause I'd love to see him on the offense next year and I think he could get better (and learn not to RUN 22 YARDS BACKWARDS WHEN NEAR THE G-D ENDZONE), but he was gone. Plus I've never been able to get him to stay more than 1 year on NCAA 12, so that's an indicator.

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. I am sure he is a good kid off the field, and his effort and athleticism on the field were off the charts, but we would be challenged to find a more selfish, less football savy tailback for this team. Give me a Lee Suggs, a guy who makes the winning play with the game on the line (getting 3 on a 3rd and 2 to run out the clock) rather than a guy who loses 22 yards on a 2nd and goal. This season, David Wilson had numerous opportunities to put the game away with the ball in his hands during close games. He did not succeed on time. Mr. Between the 20's. Mr. Meaningless Yardage. Mr. Highlight. Call him what you want, but I have watched enough football over the years to know that Logan Thomas is the guy who won football games, while David Wilson accumulated the yards only when his teammates set the table perfectly for him.

If Michael Holmes can be a Brandon Ore type guy (which is the comparison I have heard the most), then he may not run for as many yards, but he will be an upgrade in helping the Hokies win tough games. Tough games, ie, the times David Wilson was the most invisible.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

I assume

ore as a sophomore, not the fat & unmotivated jr version. he used his blockers better than any vt rb, I can remember.

rw still the best & my fave tho.


RMFW is still the #1 complete back to come out of VT.

actually, its probably kj/rmfw as 1a/1b.


no way

was kj as good as a runner as rw.

never reached that comfort level between the tackles as jr, that rw had as r-fr. rw, better in the rz too.

Really wish RW was healthy in 2010

Would have been a total beast that year. Definitely the most talented back VT has had in the last decade (my opinion, of course).

take what you can get

Concur with his lack of headwork. I still don't understand what he was thinking losing that much yardage on 2nd and goal. Just take what they give you and give LT3 a shot to throw it to the end zone on 3rd. A possibility of a TD there was one of those many possible game changers during that heart-breaker...


I dont know about Harris. I have heard on a couple of diffrent sites he has a torn Acl and will definitely redshirt. I dont know how accurate that is though. I have seen Edmunds run in person and have alot of history and knowledge on football snd it wouldnt surprise me at all if he is competing for carries in the fall he is a BEAST who will be successful no matter where he plays. Plus he is most physically ready besides Harris barring injury.

Win one for the Beamer...

DW will need to learn

To be successful at the next level he will not be able to out run the D to the edge. He will need to read blocks better. Hope he can make it happen.

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