What can truly be said after the abomination we all just witnessed on prime-time national television? Let that sink in for a minute - unless you're catching up on Greys or the terrible new episodes of the Office, this is VT's time to shine. For recruits, for sports media, to be the talking point on Sportscenter for a while and gobble up publicity, this is your chance. and Virginia Tech never got off the bus.

This isn't going to well-written, or terribly organized, so forgive me as I jump from topic to topic.

Offensive play-calling. Is there any chance, any chance at all, that a man as smart and football-saavy as Frank Beamer chooses not to reevaluate his coaching staff and schemes this off-season? You have an upperclassmen laden offensive line, receiving corps, and defense. Not to mention a preseason top 5 NFL draft pick. But a gimmicky system, poorly executed, never gets off the ground. Offensive lineman cannot run block. Receivers cannot run block and quit on their routes FREQUENTLY. Young running backs do their best but are giving nothing to work with. And a veteran QB sails high, throws into the dirt, and flails the ball out in terrible situations.

There is not an ounce of fire in this team that I can see. There is not an iota of confidence, drive, or determination. Every goal in still in front of you, you are healthy, you are well-rested, and you cannot get off the damn bus to do your job. I don't know whether to blame the coaches, or shake my heads at the players, both groups having been put in every situation to succeed and for whatever reason not taking control.
I worry that this team will lose to FSU by 40. I worry that this team will go up to sleepy Boston for a noon kick and lose. I worry that UVA will be close. This team had EVERYTHING to play for tonight, and looked like they could give a shit. What is November going to look like, when - without a real shot at the Coastal or the ten win streak - this team has nothing to play for?


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I'm at a loss of words. You said it all. I know that Logan said that he's coming back next year, but it might be in his best interest to leave. I mean this entire campus is going to turn on him like they turned on (God Damnit) Sean Glennon. I'm honestly hoping he leaves, then Leal or Hodges gets a chance and we don't have to keep banging our heads against a wall hoping something will change when it's clear that nothing will. You're spot on, they had everything to play for, they needed no more motivation than a chance at the ACC title, and they completely shat the bed. This offense has no leaders, no quarterback, and no heart. Did you see the defense? Bud Foster did everything in his power to give us a shot in that game and the offense didn't look like they were even interested in being out there!

There's no chance O'Cainspring or Newsome come back next year, but those aren't the only changes that need to be made. We need a change in mentality. But I'll tell you one thing, I want Lane Stadium packed next week still. I want every damn student in Blacksburg to get a ticket to that game and maybe, just maybe, give this team the spark they need. Not making a bowl game would ruin us for a long time.

Rip his freaking head off!

I don't understand

Has anyone else noticed that this year Logan has to check every audible with the sidelines? Why is that? Last year he was constantly calling out of his own plays and fidning better ones based on what the defense is showing. This year he gets a play from the sidelines and 90% of the time it goes for less than 3 yards. And why do we seem to run it to the strong side every single time we shift both tightends presnap?

Logan 3:16

I say the exact same things every single play. They had nobody on the weak side the whole game and we never even tried to run a counter that way! But I still can't blame the play-calling when Logan is that bad.

Rip his freaking head off!

Not only does Logan check every play, but the defense always sneaks up late and Logan doesn't adjust.

I sincerely Doubt

That Logan *needs* to check every play. I'm 95% sure that the coaches are telling him to do this. Last year he did not check with them, and 95% of the time he changed the play to better fit the defensive alignment.

Logan 3:16

Is it because

Stiney is back in the booth?


I think

(though someone who knows a lot more about this stuff... looking at you French... could correct me) that the checks back to the sideline have more to do with the no huddle approach than where Stiney is or anything of that nature. I believe it happens most often when we don't huddle - they just call a formation, and then once they are set, and the OC(s) see the defensive alignment, they call in the specific play. I could definitely be off on that though, as my personal experience playing football extends only to having played a lot of futbol.

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Call me unfaithful

but I am hoping that FSU routs us next week and that BC beats us too (cannot say how much it hurts to advocate this position). I will never say that about UVA though, we MUST beat the boohoos. Why advocate for losses? Because VT needs a shakeup in the worst kind of way, and I am not confident that it will happen unless we miss out on a bowl game. So what if we go 5-7? how is that any better than 6-6 or 7-5 if we do not get the desperately needed changes to happen? Not going to a bowl would allow the administration to focus on coaching changes rather than an upcoming bowl game of zero importance.

CFB has proven that he is extremely loyal to his staff. It is an honorable and admirable facet of his character. But out beloved VT football team is getting embarassed on national TV by lackluster programs that we should be pounding into dust. We are failing not because we do not have the athletes to do the job, but because the team is not being coached up to the level they need to succeed.

As I recall, Mark Richt had to fire his offensive staff 2 years ago in order to bring in a new culture at UGA. It has helped them become relevant again. VT must do the same thing, or next year will have no hope of any major improvement. Our offense is woeful, inept, and able to make lame defenses look like top shelf units. Change must come from inside, or change will be pushed upon the program from without. Make the call Frank, please.

Go Hokies!

VTCC '86 Delta Company, Hokie in Peru, TKPC#490, One of us!

He won't make any changes after one season. He will have to be forced to, and that won't happen unless there are two or three bad seasons in a row.

You hear now that Frank "wanted to get Holmes going" in response to why he got so many carries. That is maddeningly frustrating and just makes me that much more sad and disappointed in the coaching staff. Holmes couldn't "get it going" against Austin Peay, Pitt, Bowling Green...or Miami, the 2nd worst rush defense in the game. It just seems pig-headed and stubborn to prove that they were right in anointing him the next big thing preseason, giving him the workload.

This type of move is why I don't think the players take things seriously this year. Look at Dyrell laughing and smiling after dropping that (tough) endzone pass.

The players know it's a lost cause. They will come back to Blacksburg and still be worshipped as gods and still have schollies and free rides to live it up, win or lose.

It sucks to say but I don't think I want us to beat FSU. That sort of marquee win would gloss over a lot of the shittiness of this season and convince the coaching staff they are on the right track.

For all the chatter I heard about trimming down our running crew, we saw EVERY ONE of them back. And for the love of god, why are we putting the ball in Gregorys' hands? He has turned into a fumble machine this season.


It's not just this year. He's always had this problem. Even in the limited play time he had in mop up duty in past years against 2 string d's. The guy has NEVER been able to hang onto the rock!

NEVER! He has to have the highest fumble per attempt ratio in college football over the past few years, not joking at all. I don't know how to find that info out but I'm sure if the stats there, he's at the top of the list.

And Michael Holmes should never see the field again. I said it very early in the season and he's proven me right time and time again.

Coleman needs to START!

i remember on the drive were we fumbled on miami's 1 yard line one or two plays before that Ocainspring called a sweep to the left. And who gets the ball Holmes and it didnt even look like he was running as fast as iv seen before there was space to get to the corner of the endzone with a possible dive over the pilon. What does Holmes do he dogs it out it all the way out of bounds i was screaming at the TV COLEMAN WOULD HAVE SCORED! Coleman is fast enough to get to the corner of the goal line in that situation! And would have gave 10 times more effort on that run!


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there were at least 2 times

That Coleman hit the hole up the gut so freakin fast, just with reckless abandon, that he got about 10 yards followed by delivering AND taking a huge hit. You just don't see that everyday.

Agree with the rest. Best thing that could happen is we lose out the rest of the season. Especially losing to UVGay. That will give us at least a 25% a change will happen. Shame such wasted talent every year.....

I completely agree. Holmes won't put his shoulder in and push through like the likes of Ryan Williams and Darren Evans (yeah, I know, not even close to the same person) and he does that ridiculous studer step when he finds the hole. Coleman has had a few breakout plays and has shown that slight glimmer.......START HIM! go with whats works or at least shows some life!


Even if...

Even if Beamer & Co. loses every game for the rest of the season (excepting UVA), no change will happen to any of his staff. O'Cainspring will still be there making their playcalls during the game. It will take AT LEAST another season like this, and possibly more before his hand can be forced and a change is made to the staff.

Even though I was reamed by a few here the other week for saying that this team is undeserving of going to a bowl, I will say it again. If they are able to get to .500, they don't deserve a slot at whatever crap bowl they might be invited to.

Not going to "ream" you, but crap bowls have pretty watered-down entrance requirements, and most would love to have a chance at VT at .500

I'll ask this: is it better to experience a crap bowl or not go bowling? They both have motivational aspects. An earlier post talked about not bowling and allowing the staff to focus on administrative changes rather than game prep, which I think could be helpful.

Not go bowling at all. I doubt that they'll be able to reach .500 at this point anyway, so it will most likely be a moot discussion.

I think missing a bowl would provide better motivation to the team than going to a crap bowl. It seems some complacency has set in among the staff and players and a year of sitting at home watching all the other teams go to bowls will be motivation enough. It will be a hard pill to swallow, but if it means that the staff comes back motivated, it will be worth it.

As far as administrative changes, the only changes I expect to see are positional changes. I will be very shocked if any staff changes occur in the off season. Let me be clear, I don't expect Beamer to get any pressure to do anything from the higher ups, and without that pressure he won't make any changes. It will take multiple lackluster seasons for any changes to happen. We can only hope for a change of mindset from the staff.

This team is worse than 1992 based on schedule

I feel like someone stuck a pin in a voodoo doll and until we lift the curse we will continue to scratch our heads as this nightmare continues.

We have one of the worst quarterbacks in the nation who leaves everyone feeling--for lack of a better word--ambivolent. If he weren't 6'6" and 250 he'd be playing for the scout team at a D2 program. After last night, I wouldn't take a chance on him in the draft as a QB PERIOD. All poor coaching aside, no human being can throw balls so ambysmal and have anyone else to blame but their own demons in their head. I truly believe my 8 year old nephew would have connected on 3 or 4 or those off target throws.

Can someone tell me what Holmes contributes to the team? Did I miss a few big runs or just forget about them? Right now my memory tells me he has done zilch. He plays with no emotion. I recall an article in the Richmond Times criticizing his lack of emotion after he scored his first TD--he commented he just doesn't get excited and thats who he is. THAT IS NOT HOW YOU PLAY VT FOOTBALL. Please stop giving Holmes carries.

I second the motion that we don't need Logan back next year. Give Leal the ball. It can't be any worse. All hail the future of Bucky Hodges. Sound the alarms--this was the wake up call Frank--PLEASE SEE YOUR OFFENSIVE STAFF OUT THE DOOR!!

I also second the motion we lose to Florida State. I hope they go one step further than taking us to the woodshed----go ahead and take us to the showers. Beat us by 60. Let BC have their way with us but under no circumstances do we allow losing to UVA. That gives us 5 wins. Frank will have no choice. If he doesn't bring in a new offensive staff after a 5 win season I will not be purchasing season tickets next year.

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"If he doesn't bring in a new offensive staff after a 5 win season I will not be purchasing season tickets next year."

Hit the nail on the head with that one. I know it will be very difficult for us to "boycott" Hokies football, but if changes aren't made then something to that degree needs to be done. Money talks and it's a harsh reality, but if changes aren't made then Hokie Nation needs to show the admin that we're upset by not forking over any more of our hard earned dollars.

I know most will probably have a problem with this but hey something needs to give and if this season doesn't show that changes are necessary, then hopefully a decrease in revenue will.


(1) A newborn could tell that Coleman is by far the most explosive back we have.
(2) Bench Roberts and cycle in Asante, Knowles, and whoever else. That guy has been a complete waste of space.
(3) As bad as I want to blame the coaches for everything in every game, this one I will blame mostly on the players. You cannot bobble a snap as a punter and then take your sweet time getting the ball off(TOOK FOREVER!), you cannot lob the football right into a defender's breadbasket(Taking away all the momentum at the beginning of the game and racking the nuts of a GREAT drive), you cannot fumble the ball on your own 3 yardline, you cannot miss field goals, you cannot overthrow WIDE OPEN fullbacks on 4th down, you cannot give up touchdowns on special teams...I could go on forever, baby!(Johny from Home Alone voice)

These are the kinds of things that cause me to drink that one extra beer, take that one extra shot, that in the end leads to having a headache all morning at work the next day(looking for tylenol while typing).

Even woke up around 2am last night in a panic wondering if we're this bad this year, how are we going to be next year when we have virtually the same O-Line and less experienced wide recievers? I pray they catch on quick.

Lastly, I still love this school and this team. Even though this season has been a disappointment, I'll be in that stadium next Thursday loseing my mind in hopes of a Virginia Tech win. I have no other choice, hopeing for anything else would be against my being.


It sucks, but that's the way it is. I know that I'll be there next week, and at the UVA game rooting for Tech while at the game. But on days like today, when no game is going on, I can safely say that I hope we finish 5-7. I hope we lose to FSU and BC and are forced to make changes. This is completely unacceptable. I love Beamer, but if he doesn't make the necessary changes this offseason then it's time for him to go too. This program needs a complete shakeup. All I can say is, thank god basketball season starts next week.

Rip his freaking head off!

I agree with you on the players' accountability for that game last night. I'm usually yelling from the top of my lungs on this site that Beamer needs to go and our coaches suck. While I still believe those things to be true, last night we had chances to win and the players failed to do so when put in a good position.

The fumbled snap and the overthrow on 4th was what did it. Those plays are unacceptable and they didn't have anything to do with the coaches.

We have no heart and no leaders. LT3 looked like he didn't care at all what happened during that game. Tyrod would have been pissed, same with the Vick's and Randle, but Thomas? Well he's perfectly fine with being 4-5. Put in Leal, it can't get any worse.

Rip his freaking head off!

Can you folks knock it off?

If your just going to spew hate for our own players the entire time, go post on Techsideline.

Logan 3:16

I'm not spewing hate. I did't say anything about heart or anything to that matter. Actually, Logan seemed pretty fired up in the 4th and was pumping the players up on the sideline (followed by a 3&out).

My criticism came down to two plays that, let's be honest, were terrible plays as far as execution goes. And I criticized Holmes in previous comments but that's well deserved.

What should we do my friend? Be happy that we're under .500? Not express any emotion for a team and school that we follow so passionately? Pull a Beamer and co and act like everything's fine?

Not to be mean to you or anything, but with the way this season's going, don't expect to come to this site, or any Hokies site for that matter, and not expect to see a lot of negativity. 4-5 usually makes fans upset. That's just the way it is.

I can't win on this site. When I criticize the coaches and call for their heads, I'm in the wrong and everyone disagrees.

Now, I give the coaches some credit and actually try to shift the blame from them, and I'm still catching negativity.

Let's not turn on eachother. At this point, we're all we got.

I think we just need to support our team and stop being so negative. Did last night suck, yes! Does this season suck, yes! But we need to keep showing support for the players, we need to keep the 12th man on the field strong.

Some aren't going to show up to the FSU game because we are having a bad season and are going even further by possibly not renewing season tickets. To that i say WOW, showing true colors there (and they aren't orange and maroon) and have a good one. A Hokie fan will gladly take those tickets.

Constantly complaining and complaing about the problems on the field and the problems with the coaching, isn't helping any. Actually its breeding negativity and that is resonating down to the field. WE ALL are disappointed, including the players, but they aren't giving up and neither should we.

This is not directed at you personally 757, but a comment in general.

It's a great day to be a Hokie!

I said some may not like the comment about season tickets, but that's just my opinion. Can't we agree to disagree?

You say it's not directed at me personally, but I think you take things to a personal level when you tell me my true colors aren't orange and maroon. I take serious offense to that and I don't think anybody on this site should be questioned in that matter. We're all on this site because of that common bond.


To suggest anything different is very offensive. How about you guys go after all those people commenting that they hope we get smashed by fsu and lose to boston college. Those comments are way more demeaning in my opinion than anything I said. I would never root for us to lose. However, I'll keep my negativity to myself from now on. Go Hokies!

I said it wasn't directed at you personally. Never said "you" at all in my comment. Sorry if you took it as directed at you, but that wasn't my intent.

"HOKIES FOOTBALL IS MY LIFE." - This is obvious (No sarcasm). One doesn't show that much passion without this sentiment.

"I WILL NEVER NOT SUPPORT MY TEAM." - wouldn't dropping season tickets (for reasons other than financial) be considered not supporting your team.

It's a great day to be a Hokie!

I don't have season tickets so I can't drop them. I was just piggybacking off of what a season ticket holder said. When given the chance to get season tickets you can bet your a** I'm going to get them. But if changes aren't made, I'm going to go to one game, maybe two instead of the three/four I usually go to. I'm not wealthy and every game I go to sets me back a couple hundred dollars. I work hard for my money and I don't make a lot of it, so I have a hard time continuing to give it away when I don't see the results that Hokie Nation deserves. That's my choice. It has nothing to do with me not supporting my team.

There have been comments like "I turned the tv off down 8 in the fourth quarter." That's not supporting your team. People saying they hope we lose out for the rest of the season. That's not supporting your team. People leaving games early. That's not supporting your team. Fed Ex being pretty empty when most of our alma mater lives within an hour of the stadium. That's not supporting your team.

I will always support the Hokies. I wear my orange and maroon every day, win or lose. I proudly brag about the Hokies, win or lose. The people that know me personally know that they don't know a bigger Hokies fan. Regardless, just don't tell me my true colors aren't orange and maroon because of a comment you read. That's very offensive and even more so coming from a fellow Hokie. I won't say anything more about it though. This site should be a friendly one and I don't want this exchange to be unfriendly. I've said what I had to say. You're entitled to your opinion so I will let you have it. Go Hokies, FOREVER.

you know what my ring says?

think about that

"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster

Post wasn't specifically directed at you.

These are all quotes people have said on this page alone:

"And for the love of god, why are we putting the ball in Gregorys' hands? He has turned into a fumble machine this season." - He was our leading RB rusher last night and averaged 5 yards a carry. He also has only fumbled once this season.

"And Michael Holmes should never see the field again. I said it very early in the season and he's proven me right time and time again." - It's hard to average more than 3 yards a carry when A) the entire stadium knows that a double tight end shift to one side means an off tackle run to that side and B) Defenders are already tackling you before you can get out of the backfield.

"Can someone tell me what Holmes contributes to the team? Did I miss a few big runs or just forget about them? Right now my memory tells me he has done zilch. " - OT against GT ring any bells?

"I second the motion that we don't need Logan back next year. Give Leal the ball. It can't be any worse." -This is just the dumbest statement I have ever heard. As inconsistent as Logan has been at times, he's the ONLY reason we've managed any sort of running game this season, and he's made just as many good throws that were dropped as he has bad throws.

"Beamer needs to go and our coaches suck." - Lord.

It's fucking obvious that our program has issues this year. Anyone can be Captain Fucking Obvious. The fact of the matter is that it adds NOTHING to the discussion. 99% of the people that read this site understand that there are dire issues that need to be fixed. But you know what doesn't help get the issue fixed? Comments like the ones I posted. Rather than constantly call for firing everyone, how about you post some positives? The defense played lights out for 3 and a half quarters. Nick Becton continues to be our best offensive linemen. Antone has really stepped up his game corner. There are a few folks that have come around recently that have insisted on ONLY posting negative thoughts. Once again, this a community that prefers to have a different view than TSL. If you want to read, post, and talk about gut reactions regarding benching players and firing the staff go to TSL. I come here because I don't want to read that shit.

And as for your comment about being 4-5 and there being a reason for negativity. There was also a reason to be negative on this site the year we started 0-2 with a loss to JMU, but it was nothing like what has been happening here in recent weeks, and I'd argue that that start was worse than the 4-5 hole we sit in right now.

Logan 3:16


It's a great day to be a Hokie!

First off, I didn't mean all of our coaches suck. That was directed at the offensive staff and yes I think Beamer needs to go, but if you look at the comment as a whole, I wasn't placing the blame on them. I was actually trying to give them credit.

Secondly, 4-5 is worst in my opinion than 0-2 and the outcome after the 0-2 start proves that. Can't really come back from 4-5. 0-2, totally different. But we'll agree to disagree on that one.

And I don't think anybody (coaches, administration, fans, students) should focus on positives when the negatives outweigh the positives. That's how sports work. If you constantly focus on the positive, negatives don't get fixed. Yes there's positives, but when you're 4-5 they don't matter too much because obviously there aren't enough positives.

However, I love this site and I'm sorry to you and everyone else I've upset. My future posts will only be positive ones. Go Hokies!

Yeah it's obvious we have problems this year, but for a lot of people these problems have been obvious since we started having sub 100 ranked offenses about 5 years ago. So continuing to fiddle while Rome burns does not look like a particularly attractive option to these people, myself included.

But I do get your point. Piling on doesn't help. This is the time that the players need to be picked up by the fans. I'm not sure continuing to turn a blind eye to consistently bad work by certain members of the staff is helpful though.

Total Crap

If Beamer doesn't seriously consider some changes with the offensive staff there are bigger problems in the burg than just play calling. It has been the case for years now, this patting ourselves on the back for our staff consistency. Well guess what,,, regardless of our ten win seasons we have yet to truly have any offensive power. For the most point we just play to our opponent's level or have to fight back to stay in it.

The fact that they didn't' utilize Coleman more is absolutely absurd!!!! Is it me or is it that EVERY TIME a RB actually starts to get "hot" they pull him and put in Holmes or someone else?

WTF!!! is Holmes returning any kicks?!!!!

That guy hesitates so much. Annoying.

This year is a wash but I will still be at the games cheering for VT. As long as we beat UVA at this point, but I am actually becoming nervous about that game now.

“I hope that they’re not going to have big eyes and pee down their legs so to speak,” -- Bud Foster

When was the last time a team went 1 for 12 on third down and won by 18 points? That is a crazy stat.

The stats themselves were nuts.

Look at the stats, the wrong team won by 18. Same thing for Clemson.

Turnovers. Effectively we had 4 with the punt block.

And gave up a long kick return which led to points. Not a turnover but doesn't help our cause at all.

That's the worst part about last night (and clemson to an extent). miami and clemson both sucked but we just sucked more and couldn't capitalize on the opportunities given.

truly sad

Went to bed after our second posession in the fourth quarter. It was 20-12. I didn't care. Turned off the TV, threw my fourth empty beer can in the trash, brushed my teeth, kissed my wife good night and fell asleep with out any problems. That would never happen before last night. 12 hours later I'm writing fragments and realizing my level of interest is waning if I'm able to fall asleep so easily under such circumstances. Another sign things are not good with the fanbase. Atleast I'm having trouble focusing at work--that is a good sign.

I don't know what a hokie is, but God is one of them."
-Lee Corso

I read 4-5 blogs/articles daily, every day, season or off-season. I am obsessed with VT football. I can't overemphasize this enough. Within my circle of friends, probably even my Facebook "friends," most would consider me the top VT fan by a landslide.

It pains me to admit that I switched over to election coverage after the failed 4th down attempt and did not watch the end of the game. Lots of people are calling out fans these days, and there are some valid points. But people have their limits. Losing always bothered me very badly, almost dropping into deep depressions for a day or 2 or 3. But what I am experiencing here with the way we are losing is just leading to apathy and I don't like that feeling in myself.

Please don't judge, I'm not giving up on being a good fan, just failing a little bit here myself. I was a freshman in '92, and at the risk of sounding dramatic things just feel different, and I think and expect that this won't last, but it just sucks right now.

You know, I usually try to keep an upbeat outlook on things. I see a few problems and I'm gonna call them out. That's how it goes. But to as to what schaef0418 and StLHokie posted about the negatives.............THEY'RE RIGHT(serious). Yeah there are problems both on the field and sidelines, we know that. I also agree with keeping the 12th man loud and strong. To both of you, I say, your right, we should try to focus on what could be improved and the steps and plays that are being laid in the right direction.Thanks for reminding me that even if this season isn't gonna be a great one, I should still be positive for what we are doing right. I was wrong to throw the grenade into the fire. Thanks guys.


1st amendment

Not trying to berate you or anyone else, but why be happy with four wins when we have five losses? I REALLY don't get it.

I agree with keeping the 12th man strong, and the 12th man will remain strong regardless. LANE is still gonna be packed and crazy in 5 days. That's never gonna change. As long as their Hokies football, there will be passionate Hokies fans. At least, that's how I see it.

Here's my point: I agree that Hokies shouldn't create accounts just to come on this site and hate on the team, but for the most part we all have our beloved Hokies' best interests at heart and during rough times, there will be negative opinions. We're upset and it makes sense. Let people voice their opinions and vent their frustration. Maybe we come on this site and vent because the majority of Key Players are feeling that same frustration (which seems to be the case to me). I find comfort in venting on this site, knowing that Hokies around the country are feeling similar feelings of disappointment. I'd rather vent to you guys than vent to my girlfriend who doesn't even like football. I can't speak for anyone else but all of my rants contain analysis and perspective, I'm not fucking captain obvious or whatever the term was - I've never just came on and said "We suck. We do this bad. Fire everybody." Now I feel like I need to analyze my posts for negativity which is bullshit. Bottomline is there's a reason for negativity, it's not like we're 9-0 and all we can do is focus on negatives. No, we're 4-5 which indicates we've done more bad than good. And there were plenty more negative posts after ours yesterday, but they weren't policing those posts.

Go Hokies and Go Hokie Nation!

This Topic has A "Jive Turkey" Vibe to it


A new hope

It seems to me...

It seems that the coaches go out and preach "Our Goal is the national title" but when it comes to crunch time we lose to crappy teams Ex. ECU 2008, JMU 2010, Clemson in the ACC title, Ptt, and Cincy. Then "We can still win the ACC. Then they want to lose. In my assumption it seems like they are trying to win the acc with as few acc game wins as possible. or trying to win as long as it is okay with the other team. there is no fire in this team, there is no leadership. "We want to win the acc"...Then win ACC games! it's a simple concept and i do not know how they don't understand it

Hokie Joker


Kinda like the.... New York Jets....

bowl vs. no bowl

One critical way that teams prepare for next season is during the extra practice that bowl preparation allows. No bowl, no extra practice. Can you think of any team that might need more help than us (I don't count the hoos)? We really could use the time to maybe, possibly, hopefully, get some things straightened out.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.