Zack McCray moved to Tight End

This is according to the official roster on McCray was a 4-star defensive end coming out of Brookville. He contribute more in 2011 as a defensive end than he has this year at defensive tackle. He was listed as the second team tackle with Kris Harley, but Luther Maddy, Hopki, Harley all saw the field before McCray.

The Hokies are set to lose two of their three top tight ends (Eric Martin, Randall Dunn) at the end of this season, so this seems like a move for the future more than something that might have an immediate impact.

McCray has all the physical tools, let's hope tight end is a good fit for him.


finally our offensive struggles will be over..

How long until he's converted

to an OL?


me haz sad.

Is this the process?

1. Recruit Defensive tackle
2. Convert from DT to TE
3. Convert from TE to OL

A new hope

Too soon?

If he can play TE then maybe they'll try him at QB too?...


That really made me laugh. Good one.

Courtney Prince type move here, glad the coaches are focused on what's important

Did LT3 throw to McCray in HS?

Maybe they can rekindle some HS chemistry.

🦃 🦃 🦃

With O'cainspring running the show, how can we lose?

Oh wait...

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