Random Recruiting Questions

The boys in Bristol had an update on recruiting on their site this morning. I took a few minutes to rummage around in there, and I noticed something. In admittedly little time, I took a look at the list of offers (not commits or even "considering", just offers) for FSU and Clemson, and then ours. What jumped out at me was the sheer numbers. FSU offered something like 110 four-stars (not including 5 or 3-or-less stars), Clemson, something like 80-90 four-stars. We had 64 total offers. Now, I realize that we're set up for maybe our best recruiting year ever, but if I take one string of spaghetti and throw it on the wall, it may stick, it may not. If I throw a plate of it at the wall, I can guarantee you that some of it will stick. Do these other schools take the plate aproach? Are they playing a numbers game? Are we taking a chance and targeting kids that we know are good, fit the system, without enough other targets to fit the needs of the team, and then paying for it if the recruits don't pan out or don't sign? Is this an outgrowth of name recognition? Maybe all of this means squat, but curious what everyone's thoughts are about this.

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I do not know a lot about recruiting but I follow our recruiting. Many times recruits consider how much they are needed on a team (playing time, etc.). When we offered Bucky or other quarterbacks a great selling point for a team like us (e.g. we are no Alabama) is telling these kids that WE WANT THEM by not offering other players. FSU and Clemson can just throw out offers because of their history. We can tell kids that we are only offering them or a few people at their position and it might make our offer enticing. That's just my take on one reason why we might not offer as many people. But then again I'm tailgating and what I just said might not make sense.