Hope Restored

For the first time this season I feel the hokies as a whole came to play, including us fans. Never been more proud

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but we should have fucking won that game and im bitter

Agreed, but...

It is an abomination that it took until the TENTH game of the season for the coaching staff to make the required adjustments to the lineups to put the team in a stronger position to succeed against top level competition. I agree with everything that has been posted on the site both during and after the game and I am extremely proud of the team and Hokie Nation today, but good lord...there is no excuse for the close-mindedness exhibited by the coaching staff this season. When guys like French have been stating the obvious since the open scrimmage and changes were not made until the second week of November, Frank needs to re-evaluate those around him.

I'm so happy to have seen a team that more closely resembled the Hokie squads we all love, but is it just me or does it almost leave a bitter taste in your mouth because of how this has all played out? Is it acceptable for it to take a Thursday Night nationally-televised game against a Top-10 opponent in Lane Stadium, with the season on the brink, for this staff to figure it out?! C'mon guys.

This is not an indictment on the team, they played their butts off and left it all on the field. Guys were getting after it, DB's were playing physical and diving to swat balls, the D-line played with tenacity...the timing is just frustrating.

Its kind of like Rocky 1, a moral victory.