Virginia _ech pu_s a s_ranglehold on ACC Coas_al

Stealing the 'T' from the Tech Tower is a Georgia Tech tradition that dates back to the 1960s. Students plot to steal the 'T', and if they're successful it's returned during homecoming.

Seemingly harmless, and kind of cool if you ask me. Recently however, filching the 'T' from the Tech Tower has spread to boosting all off the T's around, and off campus.

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One of our T's went missing this weekend, and rivalries are fun.

After Georgia Tech took a three point lead with less than a minute to go, I stood hunched over on the bleachers in the East Stands. My mouth remained open, but I was no longer screaming. A day of drinking PBR-limes, RAILs, and bourbon be damned, I was left sober by watching approximately 56 minutes of missed opportunities over the course of the night. With a clear mind I thought the worst —Alabama '09, Boise '10— history was going to repeat itself.

On offense, the Techmo Bowl was the yin to the Sugar Bowl's yang. Except for a few drives, basically the four we scored on, the offense looked constipated. In New Orleans, the O operated almost flawlessly, but a couple of miscues, and a blown call, did us in. For the most part, the defense was superb in both games. The difference was Monday night we made the plays when it mattered most. Despite playing like garbage, Logan's words, not mine, he was 6 of 6 for 125 yards on the final two drives of regulation that netted 10 points. Journell was true under pressure.

As I said all offseason, this was a must win game. If we had lost, the deficit to win the Coastal would have been too much to overcome. Two Georgia Tech losses, and going perfect the rest of the way (including wins over FSU and Clemson), would have been unlikely. However, it was not a must win pretty game.

Let me be clear though, the team must get better if we want to return to Charlotte and leave as champions. The offense is still missing an identity. Yes, there was more pre-snap motion, and they had some success going uptempo, but we didn't have a play we could lean on and execute consistently. Sustained drives to give the defense a rest were missing. A big play threat needs to emerge, maybe that'll be Knowles, C. Fuller, or J.C. Coleman. The offensive line only gave up two sacks, but Logan was hurried a bunch, and as a group they didn't dominate the line of scrimmage in the run game. The kicking game still needs work.

I'm optimistic we'll get better, because that's what Beamer Co. does. Thankfully this year's different because we just need to improve, not recover from a slow start and a loss.

Kudos to the Bees too. They hit hard, and played intense. There are no LT3 truck GIFs this year. They were determined to avoid being embarassed for a second consecutive season, but in the end we took their best shot and came out on top. Georgia _ech stole our 'T', and we stole their W.


PBR Limes

Steve must have got that from you, there is a case of PBR and some rotten limes in my fridge.

Stealing the T is cool. Respect to GT for that, its great rivalry stuff. So long as they return it and it doesn't cause too much damage. Some people will get their shorts in a wad about this I am sure... it's just a prank and the only answer as I see it is for us to retaliate by putting "Virginia" in front of the "Tech" on tech tower next year.

The T's

The debauchery extended all the way to Oak Lane. It looks like some good planning and execution went into this. My fraternity shares a house in Oak Lane and sure enough, we both have Tau's in our letters. Both of them were taken. It was pretty funny when we got word about it. Good stuff.

Another idea for next year...

Yellow Jackets has a W, right?

Pssssh, and people call us felons

Achievement unlocked: All of the Fullers

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