Melvin Keihn Commits to Virginia Tech

Moments ago Baltimore, Maryland (Gilman School) defensive end/linebacker prospect Melvin Keihn announced his commitment to Virginia Tech. Melvin is rated as a 4-star prospect by and a 3-star recruit by 247Sports. Keihn, who was recruited by Aaron Moorehead, selected the Hokies over Maryland and Virginia.

This is what Keihn said last week, prior to committing.

"I visited all three schools at least twice, and I have great, great relationships with all the coaches there," Keihn said. "It's just about me doing the pros and cons, what I like and what I don't like about each school, where I would happy and where I would be more comfortable, how I feel about the kids -- just all those things, try to put them together and count up the points."

At 6-3, 220 pounds, Keihn has been used at both defensive end and linebacker by his high school coaches. At linebacker, his highlights stem mostly from plays where he is blitzing. He is very comfortable lining up in different depths behind the line of scrimmage, and has a great knack for timing his blitz so wide holes open up for him. There is very little footage of Keihn scraping east-west to make tackles, although on several clips he recovers to make tackles on good gains going away from him. As a linebacker, he also has a tendency to lunge and grab ball carriers, and in the process he has great reach, but he loses his feet. When a defender doesn't keep his feet under him, it is difficult to stop a good runner's forward momentum.

Given his knack for blitzing and his size, I think that he could be effective playing as the backer in a 46 set, ala Bruce Taylor in 2012. Taylor, who spent some time at defensive end early in his career as a Hokie, was a very effective blitzer and pass rusher from the mike spot, but really became a threat coming off the edge in the 46. Tariq Edwards, who was better in pursuit and coverage, never really presented as consistent a threat off the edge on the blitz as Taylor. Perhaps Keihn can give Foster that element at the backer position. Keihn moved around, on film he aligns at end, a 3-4 outside linebacker, and a 3-4 inside linebacker. All three techniques are used at the backer position in Bud Foster's defense.

From a defensive end perspective, Keihn has natural ability, but his technique is a bit raw. His best pass rush move looks to be a very subtle push-pull technique, where he bull-rushes and then gives a little to create separation. Against the run, he has a tendency to turn his pads into a kick-out block. If he gets defensive line repetitions, Coach Wiles will likely make teaching inside shoulder force technique a priority. He also appears to take on and shed blocks well, but doesn't show any refined leverage moves in these clips. Unless he gets much bigger, I think his future is at backer.

There are individual game clips available on Melvin's Hudl.

Also, CSN Baltimore produced an excellent feature on Melvin detailing his journey from Liberia to the United States.

Welcome to HokieNation Melvin!



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Great news, two down, two or three to go. Great job of recruiting by Moreland.

Uhhhhh, by "Moorehead"!

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Welcome to the Hokie Nation, Melvin Keihn!

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I feel a lot better about Nnadi and Minor now that we have McKenzie and Keihn.

Reality has a mighty pimp hand.

Wonderful news. Welcome to Hokie Nation, Melvin! Great choice for your future.

Things are starting to look real nice for VT recruiting, new coaches, new attitude.

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Kid looks like a play maker from those highlights! Good news just keeps coming!


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21st century QBs Undefeated vs UVA:
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Dear I say... 2016 could be quite the year.

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I have said since the staff changes, 2016 is the year that is make or break. This class is impressive so far.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

the talent is there...lets see what the coaching produces ... GO HOKIES!!!!

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2015 will be a bellweather.

This is going to be great for the ACC.

Here's to hoping Kendall and BFace stay for their senior year!

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We should refer to it as the magical 2016.

We beat UT in Bristol, go undefeated, win Nat Champ.

Downside is that I think Beamer retires, though Bud takes over.

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celebrate 2
celebrate 3
celebrate 4

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I haven't followed recruiting for that long, but this seems to be one of the better recruiting classes. I could be wrong but I like it.

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you're not wrong

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Kinda right, depending on what criterion you want to use. It could be our best ever for 4 and 5* recruits with one more 4* commit, but it will fall short on avg. * ranking with the potential to finish 4th or so.

Table doesn't paste with correct tabs, so the order is year, then Rivals rank, #players, 4*, 5*, avg *, then Scout Ranking and avg. *.


Rnk#players4*5*Avg.*RnkAvg *

*as of 12/27/13, subject to change.

This year is actually just the 7th best year for Avg. * (3.07 behind the 3.26, 3.25, 3.18, 3.10, 3.09, and 3.08) rating but tied for the largest # of Elite (4 & 5*) players with 2012 @ 7. We could break that record with our last 2 targets being 4* and that would bring us to a 3.14 avg ranking, placing 4th overall since 2001.
VT has had as few as 3 and as many as 7 elite players in a year.
VTs lowest Rivals Avg. * rating was in 2007- 2.73 and highest was 2013-3.26
VTs highest Rivals Avg. * ratings were 3.25 and 3.26 in yrs we recruited fewer than the limit of 25 at 19 and 20 respectively.

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Clean that ish up.. No idea what I am looking at other than ranking %'s


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hope this chart helps.
Year - rank -size-4*-5*- Avg | Rank-Avg *
2002 - 45 - 21 - 3 - 1 - 2.81 | 45 - 2.20
2003 - 27 - 24 - 6 - 0 - 2.92 | 21 - 2.65
2004 - 56 - 20 - 4 - 0 - 2.80 | 26 - 2.82
2005 - 14 - 25 - 5 - 1 - 3.08 | 18 - 2.92
2006 - 32 - 22 - 5 - 0 - 3.00 | 31 - 2.68
2007 - 29 - 26 - 2 - 1 - 2.73 | 25 - 3.00
2008 - 18 - 31 - 6 - 0 - 3.10 | 20 - 2.81
2009 - 23 - 22 - 5 - 0 - 3.09 | 41 - 2.77
2010 - 23 - 20 - 5 - 0 - 3.25 | 37 - 3.05
2011 - 33 - 21 - 4 - 0 - 3.05 | 36 - 2.90
2012 - 22 - 28 - 7 - 0 - 3.18 | 27 - 2.82
2013 - 23 - 19 - 3 - 1 - 3.26 | 35 - 3.17
2014 - 17 - 27 - 7 - 0 - 3.07 | 25 - 3.00

Also, the quality of recruiting varies year to year because the quality of the prospects in any given class varies. So you have to ask yourself, whats the metric for recruiting success? Getting great players? or Getting better players than your peers? The first question can be answered by average "star" ranking and the latter in the overall class rankings.

Wiley, Brown, Russell, Drakeford, Gray, Banks, Prioleau, Charleton, Midget, Bird, McCadam, Pile, Hall, Green, Fuller, Williams, Hamilton, Rouse, Flowers, Harris, Chancellor, Carmichael, Hosley, Fuller, Exum, Jarrett

Good synopsis.
Thanks for posting.

Not sure how this applies here, but its still a damn funny clip. Great flic

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I meant it to be a reply to bragghokie's comment about it being one of the better recruiting classes. So I blew the context when I put it in as a comment instead of reply.

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Great pickup for hokie nation can't wait to watch him play!

If we don't pull an ACC title out of these guys and our coaches, I don't know when the next time we will.

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Does Melvin Keihn remind anyone else of a young Bruce Smith?

Melvin KeihnBruce Smith

I bet Melvin Keihn watched The Little Giants as a kid and wanted to kick ass and take names just like Bruce.

I was gonna say a little Bruce, maybe a little early Keyshawn Johnson

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Yes! I was thinking this

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