Rover Michael Cole to retire from the Roster

Best of luck to him.

BLACKSBURG ( - The Virginia Tech Athletics Department announced Thursday that, due to his injury and subsequent surgery, Virginia Tech rover Michael Cole will retire from football, but will remain an active part of the team on the sidelines in the future.

After consulting with doctors and the training staff at Virginia Tech, it was determined that Cole should not continue to play football due to a higher risk of further injury to his neck and spine. Per NCAA rules, Cole qualifies for a medical disqualification and will remain on scholarship, although the scholarship does not count toward Tech’s limit of 85.

“I would just like to thank Coach Beamer, Coach Stinespring - who recruited me - and all of the coaches in making my dreams come true,” Cole said. “It truly has been an honor and a blessing to be led by such a highly respected group of people. I would also like to thank my friends and family back home and the entire Hokie Nation, which has supported me throughout my career. It pains me that I will never be able to put the pads on again for this prestigious program and university, but in spite of all this, I will forever be a Hokie.”

“I am disappointed that Michael Cole will no longer be playing football at Virginia Tech,” Tech head coach Frank Beamer said. “Good players with great character are hard to replace. I believe Michael has a great future no matter what road he decides to take.”

Cole, from Roanoke, Va., played in 10 games this past season as a redshirt freshman, making four starts as the nickel back. He earned Academic All-District honors and was an honorable mention Freshman All-American by after making 43 tackles and recording two interceptions and a fumble recovery. He led the team with 11 tackles, including one for a 3-yard loss, at North Carolina and recovered a fumble and returned an interception 12 yards against Duke. He also had five tackles and an interception at Clemson.

Cole started against Florida State and made two tackles before leaving the game early with a neck sprain. He did not play the rest of the year.

“Michael has done well after the injury he sustained in the Florida State game,” said Dr. Mark Rogers, head team physician. “Unfortunately, he was still having some persistent symptoms, so he underwent surgery on his neck. He has recovered well and he will continue rehabilitation. We expect him to make a full recovery.”

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Sad to hear. High character guy. Best of luck to Michael in the future.

Agreed. His injury on the field during the FSU game was terrifying for everyone. Still, in his short time playing he made an impact. Remember this interception?

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thought he had some good potential and wouldve been great to add to depth this year. althought seeing that hit he took im just glad hes ok. i think hes making the right decision and wish him the best

tyrod did it mikey! tyrod did it!

What a shame... can't say I didn't see it coming, though, neck injuries aren't something to mess around with.

Wishing him the best for the future.

I really feel for this kid... So much potential tragically cut short by a freak neck injury. I hope coach Gray will continue to teach him and he becomes a graduate assistant coach in the future.


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High character guy. Hard working young man. I hope he becomes a coach someday. I think he may be in the mold of a young Torrian Gray.

His butt-on-the-turf interception will always be a part of Hokies' lore.

I support Logan Thomas and make no apologies for it.

Memo to Billdozer!

I support Logan Thomas and make no apologies for it.

I'm not sure which makes me more upset: this or Exum's injury. Two guys who deserved anything but the hands they were dealt. Guess it's a good thing they're tough, high-character men.

So sad right now...

I was so looking forward to watching him for the years to come.

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Thanks Frank!

Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck. FUUUUCK. He was impressive on the field and I've heard nothing but great things about him as a person. I hope he ends up on his feet with whatever he gets into now.

You know, life gives everyone shit cards at some point in time. How you end up playing them is what defines you. I love seeing that he is staying "actively involved" and that he gets to keep his scholarship. Best of luck to him in everything.

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Best of Luck

Terrible news. If there is one guarantee though he will be successful and lead by example wherever his life after football takes him. A true Hokie.

Exit Light, Enter Night....Go Hokies

Take care

Best of luck to a classy individual -- and a very special thanks for providing some much needed excitement in the otherwise shitty Clemson game.

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That really sucks

Sounds like a great guy with a good head on his shoulders. If he is to stay actively involved I assume that means he might later become a graduate assistant? Good for him. Very young but thinking if the future. Glad we have such a good coaching staff that can mentor him.

I think I read at some point that Cole

was in pre-med. He's got a lot more to do in this world than play football. Carry on, young man.

i've been to a lot of games in lane, and that's the first time i remember the ambulance coming out on the field, that shit was terrifying. a sobering reminder of how dangerous and violent our favorite sport is.

he'll be great to have around the program though. glad the ncaa granted the medical dq.

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I've said it before on this site but I loved how LANE erupted into a big Go Hokies as the ambulance was leaving the field. I hope he could feel the appreciation we had for the sacrifice and risk he took for us and now we return the favor. Must have been a very tough decision to make but it's one that Hokie Nation understands and appreciates. Good luck Michael if you read the site.

Last ride

He should have done the the ray Lewis last dance!

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I was on the field for that FSU game, I've never seen an entire sideline go silent so quickly. They knew the second he went in for the tackle what was going to happen. It's a good thing he's not risking it. He's not an NFL player, so there's really no reason to risk the rest of your life for a couple more years of college football.

Rip his freaking head off!

He was a redshirt freshman. You never know what he would've become. Although, I believe someone with such character has a greater purpose than playing football.

Ugh, I didn't even see it live (it happened while driving from the airport to the hotel), so I didn't see it until after we already knew it was a neck sprain, and it was still scary.

I was trying to find some video of it the other day to show someone who hadn't seen it at all, and I couldn't find any.

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Thanks Frank!

Here you go

It's at 11:55 in.

Dunno why anyone would wanna watch that again. Lowest point of the season is always seeing one of our own get hurt.

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Everything stopped for 15 minutes. It was awful to see. Quietest Lane has ever been on a Thursday night. I was more focused on him for the rest of the night than the game.