Virginia Tech's 2013 ACC Schedule

The ACC announced the 2013 football pairings, just home and away games. Tech's schedule is as follows:


North Carolina


Georgia Tech
Boston College

With 14 teams, thanks expansion, playing an 8 game conference schedule, thanks Notre Dame, there was bound to be some repeat road trips by all the schools in the conference. Duke will once again come to Lane Stadium, and Tech will travel back to Miami and Boston College.

The games with opponents traveling to the same site as in 2012 are: Duke at Wake Forest; Duke at Virginia Tech; Miami at Duke; Georgia Tech at Clemson; Virginia Tech at Boston College; and Virginia Tech at Miami.

Before this release, I thought Tech would return to Pittsburgh, instead Miami and Georgia Tech end up back together in the home-away rotation.

Though the conference is releasing just the 2013 ACC opponents at this time, this schedule model may be used as the basis for a full, multi-year schedule in the future.

If this indeed becomes the permanent rotation, make sure to get your season tickets in even years, and prepare for a challenge to win the division in odd ones.

Virginia Tech's return trip to trip to Florida State was a casualty of the cramped schedule. VT-FSU is a marque matchup and potential huge television draw. I'm surprised the ACC, a league desperate for ratings and national exposure, couldn't figure out a way to spare it. That should have been a priority. lists Tech's non-conference games as:

Aug. 31 - Alabama (ATL)
Sept. 7 - Western Carolina (Blacksburg)
Sept. 14 - at East Carolina (Greenville, N.C.)
Sept. 21 - Marshall (Blacksburg)




Just, bleh.


some of the "brilliant" minds in the ACC front office thought through this.

Don't step in the puddles of sarcasm, btw.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

You Hit It

You hit the nail on the head a league that is treading water and desperately wants to be included at the adult table misses a key opportunity to have a marque late afternoon or night game.

UVA: Jefferson's biggest mistake



they're figuring VT won't have as much draw in 2013 after the down 2012 season and a brand new offensive coaching staff coming in, and they can wait a year or two to put FSU back on the schedule? They've only released one year, so we have no idea what 2014 of thereafter will look like. The ACC also needs to look long-term picture, not just 2013, balancing their big draw games across the years.


when does the ND games kick in? Do they count as non-conference games as far as ACC scheduling?

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

Basically non-conference game

They do not count towards our ACC record, and will not effect on who reaches the ACC championship. But they can take a bowl bid from us.

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they start in 2014

Notre Dame plays minimum of 5 ACC teams per year, and must rotate through the entire conference over the course of 3 years. Home & Home with every team over the course of 6 years.

Basically we'll be playing Notre Dame twice as frequently as Florida State, Clemson, Louisville, NC State, Wake Forest, or Syracuse. With only 1 rotating cross-division game, it will take 12 years to do a home & home with each of those teams.

Wiley, Brown, Russell, Drakeford, Gray, Banks, Prioleau, Charleton, Midget, Bird, McCadam, Pile, Hall, Green, Fuller, Williams, Hamilton, Rouse, Flowers, Harris, Chancellor, Carmichael, Hosley, Fuller, Exum, Jarrett


I'll be back in VA for the first time in 6 years later on this year, and I wanted to go to my first game at lane stadium (never could afford it as a kid) ..I was really wanting it to be a home game against Miami. Ah well, North Carolina could be a fun one.


With all the "wonderful" news we have been getting this week I feel any minute now LT3 will announce he is heading to the NFL.



UNC is the best team in the division for the foreseeable future. Not having to play them on the road with Miami and GT could become fortuitous.

Saw a post on Bitter's twitter feed

that we have the ACC's weakest schedule. Thanks for all the help getting a bowl bid.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

Blehhhhh so hard

Just bleh

this set's up perfectly like our 2010 schedule. Marquee match up followed by winnable sched!

Really excited to see us lose a heartbreaker to Bama then drop our game against Western Carolina the next week!

Hyping up Hokie Nation one video at a time.

On the plus side

We'll end up with an inexplicably high ranking in the preseason by the media wanting a marquee opening week matchup and voting based on our expected performance against a weak schedule.


I don't know what I was expecting considering the division alignment and scheduling decisions we'd seen so far, but this is pretty terrible. I don't see how we keep convincing sellout crowds to come for this home slate, unless other ACC teams step up.

Combine with coming off our worst season and Beamer trying to manage a restructuring off the offense. Danger signs all around for the program on the whole trying to maintain our position. If UVA wasn't still lolUVA I'd be worried.


what is so bad about this home slate? As someone else posted, UNC is probably the best team in the division next year not named Virginia Tech, and should be good long-term. I would think people will want to see us avenge the Pitt loss next year, and that should become a good rivalry in the years ahead as Pitt will do well in the ACC. I would think people will want to see VT trounce MD on their way out of the conference. Even Duke was decent this year, and we can hope that carries over to 2013. Gotta play them sometime, and it ought not be in the same year we play UVA at home, since those are perpetually the 2 weakest teams in the division.

Assuming you are blaming the ACC. Now, if you meant the schedule as a whole, including what Weaver scheduled OOC, then I could start to see where you're coming from.

Conspiracy Theory

The ACC convieniently waited until after Pep was out of the picture to do this....hmmm.

We have the easiest schedule in the ACC (conference play anyway) yet we have no idea what kind of team we will have, I mean if we aren't at least in the Coastal picture then something had to go horribly wrong right? Is the ACC setting us up to fall flat on our faces.

Why do I get the feeling that if we hired Pep we would have some how ended up playing both FSU and Clemson on the road....

P.S. This message has been brought to you by sarcasm and just joking.

Wow,this is just meh. The

Wow,this is just meh.

The whole VT has a weak schedule argument won't be resolved this year.

The good thing: We'll be able to thrash Maryland as we ship them off to the Big 10. That is kind of nice.

and no florida state


"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster

Can we please go to the SEC/ big 10 now?

could be a blessing in disguise if LT leaves. an easy schedule makes it a lot easier to break in Leal at QB. not nearly as fun as playing good teams though.


So we play East, West, and North Carolina. I feel like we should be able to trade Marshall for South Carolina to complete the cardinal directions.

"We were at the pinnacle, and we did it for years," Foster says. He pauses, nods, takes a deep breath. "And I did it with the best guy in the business."

Would probably be a better game.

Now I'm really going to have a hard time convincing my dad to keep his season tickets. Awesome.

He's already said that if BS doesn't get canned, he's not renewing them... Now with this glorious home schedule, I think he (and many others) will seriously consider dropping their tickets until they see some positive improvement all around.

I think if people do drop those tickets, it will be more on principle and to make a point, but still... losing any season ticket holders would be really bad for Tech.


I love Virginia Tech, regardless of the outcome of every game.

Triangle Road Trips

Biggest problem I have with this is having Duke and UNC at home and away on the same years. No more trips down there every year...

Hopefully they realign the divisions, as everyone expects they will, the year UMD leaves and L'ville joins.

I love Virginia Tech, regardless of the outcome of every game.