2013 Offense

It's winter break. I have alot of spare time. I'll be writing a special teams piece in a few days.
The offense was horrific by most standards in 2012. The run game was virtually non-existent, and Logan Thomas was not the Logan Thomas fans saw in 2011. The coaches are expected to be overhauled, and those future changes may or may not include a new playcaller for next season. Regardless, the focus must be the running backs and offensive line. For years, Beamer has used the run to set up the pass, and that should be the scheme in 2013. Whether the motion and pistol remain to be a significant part of the offense is undetermined as of now, but statistics show that the entire offense would benefit from a simpler system.
Projected 2013 starting Quarterback: Logan Thomas
Obviously no surprise, although Thomas is currently considering the NFL draft. Logan will have to prove that 2012 was a fluke, and that he can still throw accurately and consistently. If he can return to his 2011 form, the offense could put up 30 a game, but Thomas was a long shot from being a reliable QB last season. He must cut down on his interceptions, make smarter throws, and really carry the offensive load in 2013 for the offense to help out the defense, especially late in games.
Behind Thomas, redshirt junior Mark Leal will once again be the backup. Leal has played well in his limited action the past two seasons, despite it all being against inferior opponents. If the Hokies can blow out a few teams in 2013 and give Leal some mop-up time, it will be to their advantage, because Leal could very well be the starter after Thomas graduates. As for the third-string job, it will be between redshirt junior Trey Gresh, redshirt freshman Brenden Motley and incoming four-star recruit Bucky Hodges. Gresh is the incumbent, and it is still up in the air if Motley will play quarterback for four years at Tech. He ran a spread offense in high school, and needs to refine his passing and put on some more weight (6'3, 203). Hodges is the QB of the future, but because of Leal being the likely starter for 2014, Hodges could redshirt next season, sit behind Leal for a year as Thomas did behind Tyrod Taylor, and start for his final three years in the program. The likely scenario is that Gresh will continue to be third-string, Motley will be behind Gresh unless coaches decide to change his position, and Hodges will redshirt next season.
Projected 2013 starting Running Backs/Fullback: J.C. Coleman, Michael Holmes/Riley Beiro
I list both Holmes and Coleman because the running back job is so unsure, even Branden Ore could come back and start. And probably be a better option than anyone in the backfield right now. In reality, Coleman and Holmes both have alot of offseason improving to do if they want to be the starter. That is, if Shane Beamer decides to have just one starter. The RB committee approach failed, but if no back steps up then we could see more of the same in 2013 with a rotation. The good news is that redshirt freshman Trey Edmunds will play next year. Edmunds was an All-American running back in high school, but was recruited nationally as a linebacker. He was moved to running back in August but was redshirted because of the "depth." If Edmunds can't provide the spark the offense needs, then it may come down to either incoming four-star recuirt Drew Harris or redshirt freshman Chris Mangus. Mangus has played decent in scrimmages and is fast. Harris didn't qualify academically in 2012, so he is coming off of a year at Fork Union. Frank said Harris reminds him a little of Darren Evans, which is good news. Frank also praised Michael Holmes for his play after the first four games last season, though. The big decision will be whether or not to redshirt Harris, and that will depend solely on how comfortable coaches are with the current backfield of Coleman, Holmes and Edmunds. All five of these backs will have spent a combined five years in the program, and only a combined two years on the field. The final option is redshirt senior Tony Gregory, who seems like he was recruited a decade ago. While Gregory is fast, he never has turned the corner and had a breakout game. He is at best a change-of-pace or third down back, but it is doubtful he can handle a full load as a starter, especially on his reconstructed knee.
Projected 2013 starting Wide Receivers: D.J. Coles, Demitri Knowles
The top three WRs are gone from 2012, leaving a huge void. Coles and Knowles both have plenty of in-game experience, however. Coles is coming off of a knee injury that ended his 2012 season one game in. If he returns with the same playmaking ability he had before, he would be a reliable No. 1 receiver next year. Coles and Knowles are two of just three returning receivers with any significant experience. Knowles has big-play ability, however, as he is the fastest player on the team. Fans saw in the Georgia Tech game how he can be a threat with the deep ball. As long as he catches the ball consistently, Knowles could be a top target for the next three years.
Kevin Asante is the only other returner who has much experience, albeit limited experience. It will be interesting to see if he can hold off redshirt freshmen Joshua Stanford and Joel Caleb. Caleb was a four-star recruit in 2012, but played QB in high school and is still new to the position. Stanford was only a two-star, but runs a 4.4 40 and impressed coaches last August and nearly played himself into the No. 5 spot. Asante, Caleb and Stanford will all receive playing time in 2013, but after those three there isn't much depth. Willie Byrn will compete with freshmen Charley Meyer, Thomas Smith and Mark Irick for the sixth WR spot.
Projected 2013 starting Tight End: Ryan Malleck
Malleck was considered last season to be the only complete tight end on the roster. He is a reliable receiver and is big enough to run block well. Randall Dunn and Eric Martin played all of 2012, but next season the job is all Malleck's. The junior only caught 13 balls last season, but that number should grow, hopefully close to the numbers Andre Smith put up a few years ago.
Because the tight end position had three seniors last year, but luckily the coaches provided for 2013 by moving defensive ends Zack McCray and Duan Perez-Means to TE. Perez-Means played the position in high school, but both he and McCray will have alot to catch up on before they play much. Dakota Jackson is coming off of a redshirt year, and appears to be more of a blocker at 250 lbs. Lastly, redshirt freshman Jerome Wright was recruited as a running back, but it's not out of the question that he could be moved here if one of the backs steps up in the offseason. Wright would be behind at least three other players on the depth chart at RB, but could easily be the No. 3 at TE if he bulked up a bit.
Projected 2013 Tackles: Laurence Gibson, Mark Shuman
Both starters from 2012 are gone, and both played nearly every snap last year. Gibson, a one-time five-star recruit, hasn't lived up to expectations, and has rotated between guard and tackle the past two seasons. He is big enough to be an All-ACC player (6'6, 303), but his technique has held coaches back from starting him. Shuman was also a four-star recruit but has played sparingly thus far. If he is as good as his brother Ryan was, Mark will be a solid starter. But both Shuman and Gibson are unproven, and their jobs are far from locked heading into the spring.
Offensive line recruiting has been down in the past few years, to say the least. Former DT Nick Acree is the only other scholarship offensive tackle who isn't a freshman, and he also has failed to live up to expectations. Darian Fisher is a candidate for second-string, but hasn't played in any significant games. Coaches could move Matt Arkema to tackle and have him serve as a Michael Via, filling in wherever he is needed, but that situation isn't ideal. Redshirt freshmen Augie Conte, Jack Willenbrock and Adam Taraschke will fight for backup roles as well, but we all know Beamer doesn't like to play freshmen on the line, especially since all three weren't highly recruited players.
Projected 2013 Guards/Center: David Wang, Brent Benedict/Andrew Miller
Guard is the only position on the line where starters return. If David Wang can stay healthy for a whole season, he is a solid player. Benedict struggled to catch on last season, but if it all clicks for him he will also be reliable. Both are better suited for run-blocking, which is a good thing for an offense that needs all the help in the run games as possible. Miller will be a senior and will again be the strong point on the line. Caleb Farris was forced into starting after Miller injured his ankle near the end of last season, and played shaky. He had trouble with snap exchanges (see: Miami game at the goal line, Rutgers game first drive), but hopefully that will be fixed in the offseason in case he is needed again. He should also back up Wang and Benedict at guard.
There is returning experience behind the guards, but that experience is Matt Arkema. He is the only non-freshman returner other than Farris. It will be a similar situation as last season: if one of the starters goes down, there is immediately very little depth left. The freshmen Conte or Taraschke could be moved to guard, but they are far from reliable at this point. There are four incoming freshmen offensive linemen, but it is very doubtful any will play next season.
This offense has nowhere to go but up. 2012 was a new low, with a non-existent run game and a quarterback who was innaccurate and made questionable throws. While five starters and two key backups are gone from that year, the offense has the potential to regroup and put up decent numbers. The key to 2013 will be the line, which should come to no one's surprise. If the new tackles play well and the unit can run block, it will make life for Logan and the RBs much easier. One of the backs must entrench themselves as THE starter, though, whether it be a returner such as Coleman or Holmes or a new face like Edmunds or Harris. Frank needs the run game to be the strength of the offense again in order to succeed, and the way he did it in the past was with a star ball carrier and a solid line. The 2013 offense is one big question mark, but there is talent and potential.

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Andrew Miller

I believe Andrew Miller has a year of eligibility left, after a season ending injury this year (Think he was a redshirt Junior). If he is able to retake the starting center spot, then that allows Farris to go back to backing up both Center and Guard, improving our depth quite a bit. Either that, or Farris going to guard, and having David Wang move to second string Guard. That's mine (and I'm guessing, by his film review, French's) preference...

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You're right, I missed that Miller was only a redshirt junior. Edits have been made.

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In re-reading my comment:

Really wishing I had started off with 'Great and super thorough write up!'. Because it is. And I shouldn't have led off the commenting by pointing out the one depth chart mistake made. As always, love the content here at the Key Play!! Thanks to all who make it possible.

"The TKP community is unrivaled."
-Justin Fuente, probably

I wouldn't be surprised if Dakota Jackson ended up in the mix at TE.

There is no chance, at this point, of Holmes starting at RB. JC Coleman and Gregory will share the load at first but Trey Edmunds or Drew Harris could be starting from day 1. It won't be Holmes IMO

The line is tricky .. I think the tackles will definitely be Shuman and Gibson. Aside from that, Benedict and Farris are my guesses at guard, and Miller back at center. If Miller isn't able to get back to snuff, it's hard to say. I heard that Acree was impressing before the injury. We have plenty of good talent. We just need someone who can coach them up

Obviously this side of the ball would benefit most from a coaching overhall. I think the younger players would benifit more from a coach who will spend more time looking at tape.

Really interested to see how RB/FB turns out. We are overloaded with talent there.


I'm not so sure we're overloaded with talent at RB as much as we're overloaded with bodies.

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so many new faces at key positions (both tackles, wrs, rbs) we're gonna have our hands full against that bama d.

with our d looking at least on paper stout, and bama themselves losing a lot on offense, august 31 could be a low scoring affair.

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If we don't make the coaching changes on offense we need to make i don't know that it matters how well their D plays. our offense can't move the ball anyway.


Unfortunately, Bama reloads more than it rebuilds. They may be losing a lot, but they probably won't suffer too many growing pains.

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Brandon Ore... Haha

I love Virginia Tech, regardless of the outcome of every game.

The most exciting thing for me about new coaches

is getting the best out of the OL. Would it be surprising to anyone if the starting 5 at OL in the first game were:

LT: Gibson
LG: Farris
C: Miller
RG: Benedict
RT: Shuman or Conte

I'm looking forward for a new OL coach to get in there and say, "Well, what do we have here? Every spot is open, blank slate, let's play the best players even if they are young or have previously been in the doghouse."

I contend we have a lot of OL talent, time to find the right guys and actually teach them some technique!!!

I think Shuman is far more likely to start at LT than Gibson or one of the r-Fr like Conte.

Shuman practiced at LT all season while Gibson split time between Guard & RT.

I've also read some speculation that Farris will stay @ C and Miller will switch to LG, although I don't know if that's insider buzz or just someone's speculation/dream.

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I don't care either way....

....we have like 10 guys. Find five that can play. I think we have 10 guys who are pretty good, too.

Needless to say, nobody has said these two words yet: David Wang.

I hear David Wang is great at Call of Duty.

It's all about The VPISU
VT '10, Born & Raised in the 804.
GO: Freeman Rebels, Keydets, Black Knights (the VMI of the North), NY Rangers & Giants, and ATL Braves.

Gibson will be the right tackle, unless they move Shuman to right tackle, Gibson to left guard, and Conte to left tackle. I think that is unlikely. Benedict and Miller are the only locks if healthy, and I only say that because Shuman and Gibson have not had a look yet despite how poorly the rest plays.

David Wang will be a big barometer of this new staff. If the new OL coach has him first string, my faith in this season goes down the toliet. I am sure he is a hard working good kid, but he isn't capable of being an effective ACC starting guard. He doesn't have the feet or the bend.

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Whoever takes over the line isn't left with a plethora of guards. Freshmen starting on the line for Tech is unheard of, and even if we broke that trend this year I don't think Conte, a 3-star lineman out of high school, is good enough to beat out the senior Wang, even though he's not ideal. Arkema is about the only other option unless they wanted to move Farris.

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I hope many of you fans are actually looking at the talent at tightend talent and are not going soley on what you hear. I strongly believe that Duan Perez-Means is being overlooked once again. This kid played tightend/wide receiver in high school. This kid can catch, run routes with the best of them, he can go wide or play close and he is a good blocker. Go back and look at the spring and fall practices,he avg just as many receiveing yards if not more than Randall Dunn and Ryan Malleck. I am not knocking these guys but, donot count this kid out.


I read a comment made by a fan who stated, Logan Thomas should have pressure placed on him. By giving Mark Leal a shot at 1st string Q.B. I agree, the coaches allow the starting guys to get very comfortable in their position. I believe all starting positions should be challenged each year and continuously in practice, week to week depending on your weekly performance. Mark L, should have played in more games last year and I agree with you and hope Scott L, will have the free will to make his own decision for the offensive players.