Grimes' Recruiting Blueprint

Last week, Jeff Grimes landed New Jersey offensive lineman Tyrell Smith. Previously, the Hokies received a commitment from Eric Gallo from Holland, Pennsylvania. There has also been significant buzz around the Hokies possibly landing Billy Ray Mitchell from Paramus, New Jersey. Hokie fans might be a bit salty that Grimes has not been able to land any high profile offensive line recruits, but these under the radar prospects fit the profile of what Grimes needs to execute his system.

As we have discussed several times since Frank Beamer turned over his offensive staff, Grimes' system is a zone blocking scheme, which requires athleticism, lateral movement, leg drive, motor to stay engaged as a primary blocker, and a natural instinct for timing to engage and then release double team blocks on down linemen to get to the second level. Big and nasty isn't enough, but being quick, nasty, with tremendous reach is the ideal prototype for a Jeff Grimes offensive lineman.

So, why has Grimes not landed a high profile offensive lineman that fits this mold in 2013? A quick examination of his last recruiting class at Auburn demonstrates how bright the future could be for the position. Auburn signed SEVEN offensive linemen in the 2012 class (and a tight end projected to move to tackle, but isn't included in these numbers) with the following measurables:

  • Average Height: Six-five-and-a-half
  • Average Weight: 278 pounds
  • Average rating by 3.56 (Four of the seven commits were four stars.)
  • Home states: Florida (2), Alabama, Colorado (2), Illinois, Georgia

This is what the future holds, but year one presents unique challenges. Grimes arrived at Virginia Tech facing several disadvantages for this recruiting season. First, his prior relationships were built with attracting students to Auburn. Second, while Virginia has a banner recruiting crop, there are limited options on the offensive line. Stephen Moss has a terrific nasty attitude reminiscent of Jake Grove, but has limited mobility and would not be a good fit in Grimes system. Coleman Thomas has impressive stature and a film full of pancake blocks, but he committed to Tennessee before Grimes got started and plays a very low level of competition (his highlight film features plays against John Battle. As a former Abingdon player, I laughed loudly.) Thomas Coleman is an intriguing prospect who blocks very well in space, but also is an under the radar recruit. The only big name offensive line prospect in the traditional Hokie recruiting area is Damien Prince. Prince would be a perfect fit for the Grimes system as a big, athletic tackle with huge reach, but he is perhaps the best tackle prospect on the East Coast and isn't considering the Hokies.

So, Coach Grimes must build a foundation, and that means looking for developmental players who have the body type, athleticism, intelligence, and attitude to grow into potential contributors up front. Based on his recruiting at Auburn, Grimes is willing to travel out of state, and targets a specific body type: 6-5 and up at tackle, 6-4 at guard, and smart spark plug centers with good pad level who can get to the second level and neutralize nose tackles. At the same time, even if Grimes has limited resources to utilize, he must target guys who can be depth players and perform within the framework of his system.

Tyrell Smith is a very promising example of how this recruiting template can yield results. Smith is a 6-3, 255 pound tackle from Don Bosco Prep, that will slide over to guard at Tech. Don Bosco is a state power in New Jersey, and runs a zone blocking scheme that also features some interior power running. Smith plays at the left tackle position, which requires him to move laterally, get head position outside of a 4-3 defensive end, and seal him inside without being driven deep into the backfield. Here, Smith executes the zone stretch to perfection, sealing the defensive end and turning to drive him up field.


Smith also has the ability to adjust in space and move on to block at the second level. Here, Don Bosco runs a zone stretch, and the defensive end stunts hard to the inside.


Instead of blocking the man, and diving inside (which would free up the linebacker for a one on one tackle in space), Smith lets him go, alters his route, and locks up the linebacker at the second level. The back handles the rest. Another good thing about Smith is that he has tremendous reach, and when he engages linebackers and defensive backs, they stay blocked. His highlights demonstrate that he has a good motor, and keeps a body on a body. He is adept at pulling and blocking at the second level, which isn't critical on the play side of the zone stretch, but on the backside a tackle essentially pulls to scoop block the pursuit defensive tackle.


If you apply that block on the back side of a zone stretch right, the back should have a very nice cutback lane.

Is Smith a project? Of course he is! Most offensive line recruits are developmental projects. Smith is undersized for the tackle position, and may not have the leg drive to move big nose tackles and one techniques to play every down. At the same time, he helps to establish Grimes as a NATIONAL rather than a regional recruiter. He fits the profile that Grimes looks for in several categories (reach, athleticism, ability to get to the second level.) And, he has the skillset to be a solid depth player at multiple positions.

In the coming weeks and months, I anticipate several surprises as far as offensive line recruiting. I still think Grimes will land one or two out of state kids that are three-plus star players, especially at the tackle position. And, I think we will also see Grimes take a couple of fliers on lengthy athletic linemen who are under the radar regionally to help improve depth. When August rolls around, the Hokies will barely field a two-deep without playing freshmen. The cupboard has to be restocked.


Thanks for the info/opinion.....always a fascinating read.
Question?: Tech actually has had some success in getting a few lineman into the NFL with lengthly careers.
How does Coach Grime's prototypical lineman and his looked for skill set as you describe translate into potential in the NFL? (Will he develop these kids into NFL candidates?)

I'd have to look back at how some of his recruits have fared in the NFL. According to Wikipedia, he was the line coach for the following guys who made the NFL: Andrew Carnahan, Edwin Harrison, Matt Hill, Drew Hodgdon, Levi Jones, Eddie Keele, Kyle Kosier, Jake Kuresa, Scott Peters, Tyler Polumbus, Travis Scott and Scott Young.

Of that group, Levi Jones is a solid starter, and we got to watch Tyler Polumbus here in Washington DC. Polumbus is known as a guy who is a depth tackle who is a specialist in the zone blocking scheme. Similar to 3-4 linebackers, Polumbus has only been signed by teams that use zone blocking (Houston, Washington.)

Viva El Guapo

Looked into the names above and based on Rivals data they were all 2-3 star recruits out of high school-(the ones that I could get info.)
Only Jake Kuresa was a 4 star rated athlete.
Also, as you had mentioned, the position stats were interesting: Centers are 6'3" 290-300#, Guards are 6'3" to 5" 300-330# and Tackles are usually 6'5" and taller and 300-310#.

They were from Texas, California, Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Arizona.

It looks like Grimes is trying to fill his molds.

Yes. He is following his recruiting M/O to a tee. Mitchell is defintely the big get in the class. His film is really impressive. The only reason he isn't a top tackle prospect is his height (might be an inch to an inch and a half too short to handle the length of an elite edge rusher). I really like him as noted in the post when he committed.

Viva El Guapo

What I like about this is that Grimes proves that he doesn't need the 5 star recruit to succeed. What he needs is the players he knows can win for him. Boise State has had really impressive OL's in the past and they did it with 2 and 3 star kids. I don't want to compare us to them as we should be more highly respected as a program but it shows that successful OL play is something that needs the right personnel, not star personnel. That being said I will take a few 5 stars sprinkled in now and again, so long as Grimes gets the kids he needs.

Rivals data show that more 2-3 stars get drafted to the NFL than 4-5 stars. Projections for lineman in HS are just too uncertain. Guys with work ethic and a chip on their shoulder seem to do better than those with tons of accolades. Lots of factors involved but Coach Grimes seems to have the right blueprint. It's back to the future for VT football.

Well yeah... there are a lot more 2 & 3 star prospects than there are 4-5 star. 4-5 star as a percentage are overwhelming more likely to make it to the pros than 2&3 star prospects.

Loria, Beamer, Wiley, Russell, Drakeford, Gray, Banks, Prioleau, Carpenter, Charlton, Midget, Sorensen, Whitaker, Bird, McCadam, Pile, Hall, Wilds, Green, Fuller, Williams, Hamilton, Rouse, Flowers, Harris, Chancellor, Carmichael, Whitley, Hosley, Fuller

In rough numbers, there are approximately:

25 5* recruits
100 4* recruits
1000 3* recruits
4000 2* recruits
10000 1* or less recruits who walk on to every program in the country.

so, yeah, more 3* kids make it than 5* kids.

I did some fairly extensive research on this a few weeks ago and posted the results on TSL. The bottom line is that Grimes has had at least 25 players that he coached at the college level who then went on to draw a paycheck from an NFL team at one time or another, even if it was just for a couple of weeks at rookie camp.

Also, while about 25-30% of the OL that Grimes recruited before getting to VT were 4-star guys and there was, I think, one 5-star guy in there somewhere, roughly 2/3 of them were either 2-star or 3-star recruits coming out of high school.

On a somewhat related note. Gibson posted this picture to his Instagram.

That looks like Miller on the left, and if so, he's been putting in work in the weight room.

1) What party is/was this?
2) Why is Gibson not wearing jorts?
3) Who's the dude behind the girl? Looks like he's working on a sweet 'stache.

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I am pretty sure that is Brent Benedict.

Viva El Guapo

You say Brent Benedict, I say an extremely young Arn Anderson.

I thought the same thing...yikes.

“I hope that they’re not going to have big eyes and pee down their legs so to speak,” -- Bud Foster

It was an 'merica party thrown at the "White House" on Wall St. (really close to Hokie Grill)

While Grimes might need to work on building the best o line in the ACC at least we already have the most 'MERICAN locked up.

This pic still gets me. The girl may be busted, but no one has pointed out her cleavage muscles. She be more tone then our boys...

Damn, someone must be into that girl, since I got a negative turkey leg for my comment. Sorry to whoever that was, I know that there is someone out there for everyone...

Hey, I got a lot of negatives for my comment/GIF as well. Everybody has different tastes.

I think it could be considered bad taste to bust on a girl who's hanging with our guys. You know, TKP community takes pride in classiness.

That said, if it gets back to the boys, they will probably just get angry and take it out on Bama d-line/LBs.

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She likes Hokies and that is good. What if she is related to one of the coaches? She is someone's daugther, maybe a sister, someone's cousin... Not good to bust on anyone that is a Hokie fan. Could be related to someone on this site.

So if you go to a Hokie party, you can't bust on unattractive women that could be hokies? Just trying to understand the reasoning.

Also, thought attractiveness was an opinion thing? I'm sure she is hot to someone, just not my taste.

Just think it's in poor taste to be making fun of how someone looks on the internet. Especially if they never intended on their picture being posted onto a large Hokie Sports website to be scrutinized by a bunch of strangers.

I understand where you are coming from, but if this were the case for everything, people like Daniel Tosh would be out of a job.

I think the problem here is that A) This is a vastly different forum than Tosh.0 and B) None of us are Daniel Tosh.

I get that the comments weren't made with malice, and they may have even been humorous, but the others are right when they say it's a bad look to make fun of her.

The guy that compared going to Virginia Tech to going to war? I would hope you could have a better person to model your humor after. That guy can rot in hell.

So maybe Daniel Tosh was a bad example (never heard this line from him, but he says all types of things, so it wouldn't surprise me). Seems like many are not fans of his on this site.

But what I find rather amusing is that it appears to be OK to make jokes about UVA, Bama (remember the whole thread about how AJ McCarron downgraded his girlfriend?), Radford, and other schools, but the moment a comment is made about a girl in a pic with some Hokie football players, it becomes distasteful. Oh, and what about the Britney Spears comments when she was seen wearing Hokie gear? So honestly, to me, you gotta have some consistancy. You can't be dissing one dude's girl because she is beat and dating AJ, but then be all defensive on some other girl who may or may not be affiliated with VT. What if AJ's new girl ends up dating Logan? Then what?

In addition, I'm not sure what is happening in Blacksburg now, because I've been out of school for over 10 years, but I recall many people making jokes on girls. For example, the whole cook line at a restaurant I worked at called referred to one chick as butter face.

Also, the comment about this being a forum. I've been on many forums, and jokes and comments are pretty typical. I know that TKP is not your typical forum, but the comments that were made never went that far. This is a sports site by the way, and when I played football, baseball, etc there weren't too many sensitive mouths on the field.

If I recall, it's pretty common for guys to lay into other guys on a regular basis. Any of the alum that I hang with now definitely don't hold back.

Anyway, if we are going to be sensitive to feelings, it should be universal. I'm done and moving on after this.

The big difference here is that the women you have given as examples are people who have intentionally put themselves in the public eye. They are public figures and because of that, they open themselves up for scrutiny.

That said, you are definitely entitled to your opinion about anyone at any time. If people disagree or do not think the comments a worthwhile, they have a vote...and if you look at all the upvotes vs. downvotes, you are not in the minority.

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She has a smile on her face, a drink in her hand, and she loves 'murica. I don't see a reason to bust on her.

Our one cheer isn't, "Hoki, Hoki, Hoki, Hi! Bust on girls at VPI".

Our other cheer isn't, "Let's gooo!!....Bust on each other!"

Come on, now. Being good to people is good. I know that, and I'm just a horse. On a treadmill.

Shoot, I found it pretty obvious she's a girl.
Also, that last line is pure gold. Trying hard not to crack up in class right now.

Maybe it's just me, but I think it's good life advice to not bust on ANYONE who is surrounded by three linemen. Call me crazy, but I quite like my nose.

I read these completely different..... "bust on" just has too many meanings.....

I read the last part of that in the voice of the Old Spice guy that's like "I'm on a horse." If only he was on a horse...on a treadmill...

All we ask for is the toughest line in the ACC. I don't care what kind of recruits that takes (excluding complete scumbags of course).

It's always a great day to be a Hokie

VT '10, Born & Raised in the 804. Hokies, Keydets, Army Black Knights, NY Giants, NY Rangers, and ATL Braves.

A couple of thoughts:

1. Great post, as always. I'm getting used to excellence here, and I don't want to take it for granted by not saying thanks!
2. I mentioned in a post last week that I think virtually all O-line players have to be developed, coached-up, if you will. Very few, if any, recruits come out of high school and instinctively perform flawlessly in anyone's system, whereas this is easier for "talent" positions, such as WR or RB. If I read what you're saying about Grimes correctly, he works on this theorem, that even 4-star & 5-stars would have to be developed as well. Agree?
3. As a former SW VA player (J.J. Kelly, Lonesome Pine District) I appreciated the John Battle reference.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

1) Thanks!
2) I agree up to a point. Every lineman has to learn and adapt to each system, and with linemen you have the added challenge of the kids being BIG kids. Some grow into the position, others outgrow it, and you never can measure what kind of motor each has to get better. The need for athleticism is why you see guys who go to smaller schools or are undersized entering college ultimately become 1st round draft picks.

That being said, at some point, physics can take over. If 6'5 310 hits 6'3 270 with the same ferocity and pad level, the 6'5 310 will win every time. I want depth, and these are the first small steps, but I don't think this is really what we will expect down the road. At Auburn, he stockpiled 4 star kids. I envision that he will attempt to convince Beamer to "over recruit" offensive linemen so if some wash out, it isn't so damaging.

Right now, the cubboard is bare. The Hokies barely could field a two deep at the spring game. Chung, Osterloh, Conte, Taraschke, Pfaff and McLaughlin are all freshmen this year. I would imagine we will see at least two more linement in this class, if not more.

3) Anything that involves beating up on John Battle, I approve of. Go Falcons.

Viva El Guapo

I'd counter point no.3 with "Go Indians", but it's a moot point, since my high school doesn't exist anymore. It'd likely be very politically incorrect, and that would make me more likely to say it. So, what the heck, I'll go for it...Go Indians!

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

I went to Holston in the early 2000s when we averaged 3 wins a season. Usually Twin Springs, Battle, and another school. When I played, I think Castlewood was one of the teams. I would add in a "Go Team" of my own but someone might get confused and think I'm talking about LOLUVA.

As a former Highlands District player, Go Canes! The Falcons and us were big rivals.

We owned Marion from 92-95. I take no credit for anything that has happened since. The Snodgrass kid who played running back and linebacker in 95 was one hell of a tough kid.

Viva El Guapo

Awesome! 2007. How about you VTokie?

A few years behind you French.

Elderly...yeah, right. Assuming you played in the 92-95 time frame, I last suited up in '79, which was roughly when you were born. So hopefully you don't feel quite so old now French...I, on the other hand am going to look up walking canes on ebay....

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

The fact that you use ebay might've been the biggest giveaway.

Guilty as charged.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

Over the last week, I watched Tim Hardaway and Popeye Jones kids get drafted to the NBA and NHL respectively. Both were still playing well after I graduated from college. I am going to go eat some oat bran now.

Viva El Guapo

Cook me up a bowl too.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

French, we are relatively the same age (about 2 years off), and now you are making me feel old.

Former Highlands district player here as well- Bearcat though. We took the district my senior year so that was pretty sweet. Battle was LOL bad when we played so it was upsetting to hear they beat Va High this past season (twice actually- and I think they beat Abingdon and Marion as well).

I really hope he is successful in persuading Beamer to over-recruit the OL. OL recruiting really is close to a total crap shoot. So the best defense is to make sure that you always have enough of them in the program so that the law of averages is always working in your favor. I hope we can squeeze in 5 OL in this class and that we will make it a habit to take at least 4 OL in every class from now on.

At the same time, even if Grimes has limited resources to utilize, he must target guys who can be depth players and perform within the framework of his system.

He should get all the resources he needs, since Weaver has stated on several occasions that Beamer gets the recruiting resources he asks for.

The issue is, our self-imposed recruiting region is relatively small and we rely on VA to a fault so our budget doesn't need to be that big, historically.

French - top shelf, as always. Question/confirmation: Wasn't Newsome supposed to be a zone-blocking coach? If so, why is the cupboard so bare?

Given he didn't do a good job, shouldn't he have recruited the same guy of guys Grimes would like (maybe just not up to the quality)? If we had been a spread or even old school "power-I", I could more understand a difference.

We put the K in Kwality

Easy answer, he was a lousy coach who didn't know how to teach the scheme.

A deeper dive: I think their failure to get high profile kids like Painter, Gibson, and Shuman on the field sooner didn't help. It also didn't help that they never FULLY implemented the zone blocking scheme. They continued to revert back to the off tackle power play and the stretch play utilizing cross blocking when the chips were down, and then added the zone read. Now, the kids they have on hand are kind of a mismatch of odd parts. Some kids are more suited to an eye formation style blocking (Benedict, Farris, Wang) and others are more suited to zone blocking (Gibson, Shuman, Miller.)

Viva El Guapo

You're first answer was the one I suspected.

My realistic hope for the OL this year is quite simple: I don't want to see the linemen looking at each other and "taking tickets" when the ball is snapped. Too many times we failed to hit anyone. To me, eliminating that and getting the attitude to block to the echo of the whistle would be a huge step.

We put the K in Kwality

Zone blocking has pretty simple rules. You have a path, you stay on it and engage the first person that crosses your face. I and Pro style blocking are much more complicated.

Viva El Guapo

The fact that it took Painter so long to get on the field still irks me. He is a beast of an athlete and a pretty smart kid, which to me makes the a lousy coach who didn't know how to teach comment a very solid argument.

Hokie fans might be a bit salty that Grimes has not been able to land any high profile offensive line recruits, but these under the radar prospects fit the profile of what Grimes needs to execute his system.

Well, this fan is one of the few who is not salty about the under-the-radar approach.

When I first saw the highlight with Smith, I noticed his legs keeps churning throughout contacts, but there were a few instances in where he almost got completely stood up right out of his stance. Yet, he kept on blocking, and then goes on a "search and destroy" mode when he gets the 2nd level. I think this is the type of players that Tech has sorely lacked for the past 3 or 4 years.

I support Logan Thomas and make no apologies for it.

"Search and destroy mode".... Goodness, I love that term.

Grimes' blueprint: Grimes sees what he wants. Grimes takes what he wants.

Back when the new coaches were first announced, a lot was said about Grimes's personality still being very "lineman-like". I ever got past Pop Warner but if I was being recruited, I'd want to play for a guy like Grimes or Foster: Someone that would be out there tearing off heads themselves but they don't have any eligibility left.

Anybody seen this image on Grimes twitter account?

Caption away.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

Grimes' twitter account is awesome. I recommend a follow

VT '10 #AllMaroonEverything

i cannot tell if hes wearing a crown made out of High Life and/or Jim Bean bottles or if that's something in the background.

Regardless sweet pic

Powered by 3rd & 31 Productions

I figured the bottles are Corona, which makes sense if you know Spanish. I guess maybe he really likes Mexican beer. Dos Equis/Corona.

See, Grimey knows how to win over recruits!

It's always a great day to be a Hokie

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That's quite a feather in the cap

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Grimey just chatted up Brady Taylor. The other 4 commits are working on him and want the fab five.

Brady say he had a great conversation. Looks like we may have 5 OLers coming in.

If we get 5 offensive lineman at the same time to come in, and they get 4 years working with each other under Grimes' tutelage ........Holy shit.

That would be great, but then what happens in 5 years, we start people with no snaps. It sounds great to have a group like that, but I'm hoping that we mix it up. Don't want to have a down year because all of our seniors graduated.

Just amped that Grimey is making changes and its evident.

I think the best part is Grimes is getting guys he wants. Others will be recruited in the meantime and guys will get chances to start as they show that they're ready. All of them will be in Grimes' system and hopefully that means they will develop into tough, effective linemen.

I don't think that would actually happen. As awesome as it would be for the 4 years, we have no idea how and when these guys will develop. Between RS and Medical RS some of these guys will be in at different times. Hell some of them may be at VT for the better part of a decade like Van Wilder or Tony Gregory.

Seriously though, hasn't Gregory been at VT for like 7 years? I swear he was recruited right after I graduated and always seems to still be around.

"We are better than we think, but not quite what we want to be" - Nikki Giovanni

Tony Gregory is living my dream and never leaving blacksburg. I always notice players on other teams never leaving. i swear weatherford was FSU's QB for roughly 6 years

all maroon everything

We could have an O-line with: Continuity, Cohesion, Camaraderie, Character, Capabilities, Competent Coaching and most importantly, CHAMPIONSHIPS! Feel free to add any other C-words I may have missed.

VTCC '86 Delta Derelicts, Honduras Hokie

Shouldn't that read "Cavalier-clobberin' (via the Fantastic Five)?


Pancakes are great but I will settle for solid blocking whether or not they knock them down doesn't matter!!!

Lets be honest....OL don't hang out with hot would ruin their image. They date hard drinking, bratwurst eating, fun women.

I seem to remember making fun of people when I was at VT....we shouldn't be so sensitive...sorry!


They usually pull some decent looking girls but not the super hotties!

I will probably get some negative votes for that...oh well.


Dude, not saying we need UVA levels of political correctness. But I'm out of college and I've grown up a bit. I appreciate that this site is a classy venue for intelligent discourse and clever humor. I avoid TSL because there are a number of asshats who do a bunch of name calling.
That's not what this is, but I like it that peers are able to self-moderate the site so that maybe people can learn what are and what aren't appropriate comments on a public site.

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You rang?

"We are better than we think, but not quite what we want to be" - Nikki Giovanni

If you read the entire thread, there was never actually anything said that was offensive...I understand what you are saying, but I just don't see anything offensive on this thread.


If I was a girl, and a guy questioned whether I was in fact a girl, I would take offense to that.

As the horse said, it's good to treat people good. Especially Hokies.

I didn't see anyone question whether that was a girl or not...maybe I missed something. If you don't want to be in a photo on the internet, don't pose for photo then. Clearly she was posing for this picture. She wasn't caught by the paparazzi or anything. Seriously, no one even knows who she is, what her name is or who she is friends with. For all we know she could have been a UVA friend from out of town visiting Blackburg. Lets not get so sensitive about a totally unknown person who we know absolutely nothing about. Maybe she was just photoshopped into the picture? She might be a closet Alabama fan sent to steal our OL secrets?? Really, I didn't see Low Brau even say anything offensive. As far as forums go, everyone here seems to treat each other with total respect and class...Personally, I just ain't worried too much about offending a random girl in a random photo.(not that I said anything offensive anyway) Just my opinion.
This is football...


Someone a while ago said "You mean that's a girl...", and posted a *disgusted* gif, so I guess you missed something.

I personally feel that there are a lot of people overly sensitive about this for whatever reason, but I also understand TKPers' desire for keeping this a safe haven from the shitstorm that is the internet.

At this point I mostly just wish this discussion would cease so we can get back to discussing how we're going to #BEATBAMA and how Grimes is continuing to bring in the nasty hog-mollies up front

Also +1 for "hogmollies"

"We are better than we think, but not quite what we want to be" - Nikki Giovanni

Protip: If you hit "reply" to the message you're replying to instead of posting it at the bottom, your reply will be in line and will make far more sense than they do now out of context.

Also, can we please let this thread die? Clearly you and several other people are of differing opinions regarding whether or not making fun of the looks of a girl photographed hanging out with our o-linemen at a party is a cool thing to do. You aren't going to change my opinion on this matter. You probably aren't going to change anybody's opinion on the matter. So just stop trying.

I miss Stick it In

Agreed...discussion is over. Now, lets get out there and beat Bama...(which will surely upset all the ugly Alabama girls) jk...



Don't tell my wife I said that....She'll kill me...she went to University of Alabama. Her entire family LOVES the Tide and won't shut up about it. This has fueled my hatred of the Tide for years now.

I refuse to watch the game with my In-laws since they kicked me out of the house in 1998 when the Hokies laid the smack down on Alabama...


Can you post a pic of your wife? :)

sounds like she's not a Hokie, so fair game!

So it's been real, but I'm going to stop following this thread. If there's anything new about our OL or where we're putting our Grimey hands, can someone start a new thread, please? Thanks.

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Probably time-consuming and not fair to there a practical way for admins to pull unrelated material into a new post when they get hijacked like this, to kinda keep the relevant stuff together in one post?


Taylor is planning on committing by August 1 maybe sooner. He says Andrew Ford has been recruiting him hard, and he says Grimes and the coaching staff are his favorite things at VT. He even loves the Enter Sandman entrance. He is hitting up Kentucky this weekend for a camp, which was thought that he is a lean there. OSU could steal him though. His biggest factor is comfort. The other OL commits are hitting him hard too.

This is awesome.

"Go Hokies!" - Thomas Jefferson

How did it take this long for someone to mention "best food" in a pitch to recruit the OL? SMH...

"We are better than we think, but not quite what we want to be" - Nikki Giovanni

This reminds me of businesses that don't really advertise....the really good ones that build a successful business by word of mouth. We're winning the word of mouth battles out there.....encouraging...very encouraging!

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

I remember the food sucking when I was at VT. Dining hall was awful.

I have seen numerous players tweeting about how good it is now. Wyatt Teller, CJ Reavis, etc.


When did you go to school? When I went, Hokie Grill was new, but only had Chic-fil-a and Pizza hut in it. West End wasn't built yet, and other than owens, you had Dietrich Runs. I'm glad that I stayed longer than normal, so that I could enjoy using my (and my girlfriends) Flex plan at West End, and at some of the new stuff that was popping up in Owens.

I remember during one of my visits, going to Owens and thinking I was in for some horrible school food. Glad they made some upgrades during my time there.

I think we were discussing this in an earlier post.....I agree, the food must have improved light years beyond when I was there.....I still cringe when I think about the black jello...yeeesh!

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Yes, it has changed a bunch. There are tons of places scattered across campus where you can get good food.

West End serves many things: pizza, plate dinners, lobster, smoothies, and they have essentially a sports bar minus the bar that serves burgers, chicken strips, etc. Dietrick has been redone and renamed D2, it's a buffet-style place with numerous options, most of which are at least passable and some of which are really good. Hokie Grill has a small Chick-Fil-A and Pizza Hut, used to have a Cinnabon, and there's a BBQ place in it too. Owens is similar to West End but smaller, and fewer things that are awesome. And there's a new one called Turner Place out by Randolph and McBryde that has gone up since I graduated. I don't know much about it.

Other than those, there's a Sbarro and an Au Bon Pain in Squires, another ABP in the GLC, and the first floor of Dietrick has Deet's Place, an ice cream/coffee house, and DX (Dietrick Express), which is essentially a fast food restaurant with worse food.

Cinnabon is now a dunkin donuts. and sbarro is being taken out for a "gourmet burger" place

all maroon everything

Turner has a pizza, salad, sushi, crepes, gelato, Jamba Juice smoothies, a southern style food place, a Brueggers Bagels place, a Qdoba, and a teppanyaki place.

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Damn, do I miss my Hokie meal plan

It's always a great day to be a Hokie

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I was down there doing some hiking recently, I was super pissed that West End was closed during the summer. I was hoping to get a Hokie Club, and my wife wanted a wrap. We were depressed for a bit... But now we know we need to plan another trip during the school year.

I took a 5 year break during my quest for a degree. When I left, West End had just been completed.

After I came back to finish my degree, I made a comment during a group project about avoiding the dining halls and the crappy food. I was met with blank stares and was kindly informed that we had one of the best dining services in the country.

Lived off-campus at that time, so I never really took advantage of it.