Food Important to Da'Shawn Hand/Best Food in Blacksburg?

Hand says he feels like he's at home in Blacksburg, and he wants to make his decision before December. Also, he emphatically states that food will play a big part in his choice.

As Hokies, we all know we have some of, if not, the best food around, on campus or in downtown Blacksburg. The Princeton Review rated VT second, only behind Bowdoin College, while The Daily Beast aggregate rankings had Tech 8th. None of the other schools from Hand's top 5: Alabama, Florida, Michigan, or South Carolina were on any of the lists I looked at.

I know we all love ranking things here, so if you had to sell anyone on Tech's food, what 3 on-campus meals are the best (read your favorite), and where would take them to eat off campus?



On campus I don't get anything too expensive, but the Blue Ridge Barbeque and Chick Fil A are my favorites.

Off campus I'll stick with Hokie House wings on Sunday at around 1. $4 for 10 wings and they're delicious.

Rip his freaking head off!

Too bad you went to Hokie House 0 times last semester!

"Go Hokies!" - Thomas Jefferson

I went twice ass clown.

Rip his freaking head off!

Well never with us :(

"Go Hokies!" - Thomas Jefferson

I normally don't like in-forum spats (hokiehaven... Ahem), but I laughed at the way you escalated that quickly with the ass clown comment. Turkey leg.

What's Important Now
The Lunchpail.
The Hammer.

Top 3 on-campus foods:
1. Fantastic Frank
2. London Broil/anything from the special order side of the Chop Shop where you can order Lobster
3. Qdoba

*Note, I have not eaten at the new Hibachi/Sushi place or anywhere besides Qdoba at Turner's Place

As far as off-campus goes, that's a tough one. Top 4 for me are Green's (Best Sushi I've ever had), 622 North, Cabo, and Gillie's (brunch only). If I had to pick one, it would be Green's, but I definitely make a point to go to at least 2 of those every time I'm in Blacksburg.

The Hibachi is the TITS!

(its really called teppanyaki but who cares)

"Go Hokies!" - Thomas Jefferson

London Broil, Hokie Club, and a Chicken Quesadilla at West End. And nothing beats coating the stomach with a Chicken Philly (or two) from Owens before heading out on a Friday night. (I am admittedly old, and therefore have not eaten at the new dining halls on the academic-side of campus). A family friend is the chef de cuisine at Owens and has been systematically revamping it over the last two years, so that would close up the true weak link in the on-campus dining.

As for Off-Campus: Leftys, Cabo, and Sharkeys (I'm a sucker for Burger Monday and the buffets).

The philly's at Philly City are great. As too is wing night on Sundays at Sharkeys.


Does sharkeys still do wing buffett on wednesdays and sundays? Would love going in there for fatties of beer and all you can eat wings of many different flavors....

As of last spring they still did the Sunday all you can eat wing buffet. I am unsure about wednesday.


They still do both.

Long time listener...first time poster

The amount of cheese steak sandwiches I had from Owens could easily run into the hundreds of pounds. Extra shrooms and jalapenos with a side of fries.

Off campus, my favorite place is Souvlakis. I try and stop there at least once on every trip to Blacksburg.

1. Crispy Chicken @ West End
2. Chicken Bacon Ranch @ Owens
3. Blue Plate Special @ Owens, except when its Salisbury Steak

Favorite off campus meal - The big upside down burger at Mike's.

Favorite on campus meal- When a loyal chum brings me a big upside down burger from Mike's and I eat it on campus.

Leonard. Duh.


Row Z forever.

Off campus - that Teriyaki chicken from Kobe with the special Hokie Sauce is my favorite. I make it a point to get it at least once every time I'm in town.

On campus - gotta go with the london broil meal

This should already have 50,000 up-votes.

Row Z forever.

Well this definitely gives us an advantage

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Let me change my off campus choice.

Pokey Sticks. Game, set, match.

Rip his freaking head off!

Gumby's closed bro

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Benny's still sells them from what I've been told

Rip his freaking head off!



Gumby's closed????

FOSTERS: Australian for defense

Except Gumby's closed right? And Benny's Pokey Sticks are NOT the same

This might be an unpopular opinion, but the Benny's Sticks are far and away superior to Pokey Sticks.

I believe this opinion is rather subjective based upon your level of intoxication upon consumption.


But I still stand by it. They are waaaay cheesier now.

Skipper's right. The cheese and the garlic sauce Benny's has trumps Gumby's, no matter the state of inebriation.

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On campus: Blue Plate at Owens, Anything from the Chop House, and 1872 Grill.

Off campus: The Cellar, PK's, and Sharkey's

On Campus: Hokie Club from West End. All one-million calories of it.

Off Campus: The Crabby Patty from Sharkeys, preferably before we dominate Trivia on a Tuesday Night


Go Hokies

Go Falcons

On Campus : Blue Ridge BBQ

Off Campus : RAIL

I'm here for the memes, I just stay for the football.

Ummm.... pretty sure we can't legally push rails on 18 year olds... just sayin'

Good. More rails for me!

I'm here for the memes, I just stay for the football.

turkey sandwich with cajun spread in blue ridge barbecue
london broil at west end
owens general tzos chicken

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On Campus: Fantastic Frank with double meat and double bacon. Give it a shot; it will make you a believer. Mozzarella sticks at the Fighting Gobbler at West End are really good also.

Off Campus: Upside burger from Mikes, anything from Cabo, pizza at the Cellar (preceeded by Hammer Time), and Alligator Bites on the rooftop at Boudreauxs are my favorites.

I am absolutely in love with Cabo, I'm gonna have to try Boudreauxs though

"Go Hokies!" - Thomas Jefferson

This whole thread up to now is a fuckton of fail because none of you have mentioned Sub Station II. Like seriously, what are you doing with your lives?!

On-campus: Fantastic Frank, veggie primavera from West End, Lobster Bisque from West End, London Broil, Blocked Kick (if they still have it?), any wrap from West End. (Obviously I lived in Slusher Tower [the Wing can suck it])
Off-campus: SUB STATION II, Cabo Fish Taco, Boudreaux's, PK's; for poor college students: BOGO burgers at Sharkey's, HH at the Cellar, and PK's coin toss.


Slusher Wing for life, Franzia. FOR LIFE!

Although you're right, Boudreaux's was pretty sweet. Shrimp Po Boy.

Don't hate on the WING lol

I was a 2008 ME Grad. I ate lunch at Sub Station II all the time. That was my favorite also.

Tower all the way.

"Go Hokies!" - Thomas Jefferson

I graduated in '05, so my tastes might be a bit dated. But I loved:

Big Sandwich: Hokie Club from the sandwich thing at West End
Wrap: Chicken Caesar wrap, maybe from the same place, I can't remember. So juicy.
Other Sandwich: Philly Cheese Steak from Owens
London Broil from West End.
Hell, anything from West End. And just downstairs from the athletes.
Pasta from Owens.
I always got fruit smoothies from that little hole in the wall at the front left of Owens.
Cinnabon. Chik Fil A. Shoot! That place in Hokie Grill that served turkey legs and mashed potatoes. I was so addicted to the redskin mashed potatoes.
They redid Dietrick while I was there, it was turrible before they redid it and it was awesome afterwards. Freshest milk I've ever had. Unlimited food. You hear me Da'Shawn? UNLIMITED FOOD. NEAR THE ATHLETIC DORMS.
I only went to the place up near the Corps quad a few times. I haven't been to Turner place, but it looks AWESOME. Rarely ate at Squires but Sbarro and I were well acquainted.

If food is important, we have the upper HAND!

I have sad news. Cinnabon closed and now it's Dunkin Donuts.

I just sit on my couch and b*tch. - HokieChemE2016

This qualifies as sad news. Dunkin Donuts is whack.

On Campus:

London Broil (I mean come on!)
Turkey Sandwich w/ Cajun Mayo from Hokie Grill BBQ Place

Off Campus:

$0.29 Wings from Macadoos
Gator Bites from Boudreaux's

I ate a whole lobster once at West End just because I could. I mean we have a cafeteria that sells whole lobster. Favorite places to eat off campus while I was there in 2008: That Indian resturant by gumby's was had a decent buffet; There was a sushi bar in the strip mail behind hardies across from the off campus gym; Five guys is always good too; But my ultimate favorite was SUB STATION II by Burger King. There ultimate always filled me up and it was good. Put the works with italian seasoning and oil and vinigar. It is soo good. I ate there all the time. I still have my sharky's wing challenge shirt.

Someone introduce that young man to the Home Place Restaurant in Catawba.

How Home Place hasn't been brought up yet I don't know. I guess we all just take that one for a given.

On a side note, this is an awful conversation to have an hour before lunch. *drools*

I think we all just went with food in Blacksburg or on Main Street. If you go out of Blacksburg, Homeplace, The Farmhouse, and The Palisades out in Giles County are fantastic

Really disliked Farmhouse. Used to be awesome, really fell off the ball in past 5 years IMO

Twitter: @hokieh1

When I went 2 years ago it was delicious. And the football team still goes there before every home game too so it can't be that bad.

Damn, yeah I went before I came to VT and holy hell was the best thing ever. Then went again last year and it was meh. Probably just an 'eh' day

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Clearly you got something other than the prime rib. THAT, my friend, is still excellent as of about a month ago.

Farmhouse FTW in 2003.

As a current student, I devour food at the grill at Turner place, the meatloaf and fried chicken is fantastic and the cheese grits and succatash are the best sides in campus. Also anything from the chop house at WE.
off campus the buffalo chicken tacos from Cabo are my person favorite and anything from bull and bones

I haven't eaten on campus in several years, but I'd assume anything from West End is still the way to go.

Off campus:
1. Cabo Fish Taco
2. Boudreaux
3. Sharkeys or Rivermill

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Off campus: Homeplace, PKs, Sharkeys wing/pizza/taco bar, Joes Diner (breakfast) and Cabo Fishy

On campus: West end, turner, owens, d2 (in order)

just my $0.02

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  1. Sub Station II - The #5, with American cheese, on white, all-the-way, no tomato, add mayo, with pickles on the side is my favorite meal in Blacksburg.
  2. Blue Ridge BBQ - The pulled turkey sandwich on the hoagie roll, with mashed potatoes, and green beans is heavenly. I would put Chick-fil-A BBQ sauce on it too. I ate that for lunch on-campus pretty much every day my sophomore year.
  3. The HokieClub from West End - We were always impressed by the girls who ate that.
  4. Steak from West End - Like HvilleHokie mentioned above, it's just effing awesome that we can eat steakhouse quality steak on-campus.

I was a student manager at HoGrill for 4+ years so I feel a great sense of pride seeing all of these 'HoGrill this, HoGrill that was my fav"

The turkey sandwich from the Blue Ridge BBQ was awesome. I was skeptical of the chipotle mayo or whatever that stuff was at first, but it was amazing. Cheese Steaks and the blue plate specials at owen's were always on point too, not to mention the cannolis.

The cheese steaks were good went I came here for an open house in 09, but they've gone significantly downhill since then. Easily the biggest rip off in Owens.

oh manager, my manager!


"Trash needs to be taken out Hulk" as I stood at the podium doing nothing but breathing and girl watching. What a job.

can we go back? I'd love to take out trash and watch girls/ESPN all day



1) Texas Roadhouse, because the rolls are that good.
2) Cabo (although I wish the old Main Street Cafe was still there. Killians and funk bands!)

1) Jersey Mikes is better than SubStation II
2) If she is still around, the Christina Hendricks look-a-like with cleavage tattoos bartender from Champs circa 2002ish meant that the food was the best food, even if it sucked.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

The Home Place would be a clear number one, but I associate that with hunting in Craig County and not with trips to Blacksburg. Plus, that is one hell of a drive from Blacksburg to Catawba.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

Home Place was a Reading Day tradition for us. Go hiking in the morning to work up an appetite and hit up the Home Place afterward.

Seriously, get Hand to the Home Place just once...

Wow, I remember when she started. I went in 2 years ago and the short guy with Glasses, Rich, still worked behind the bar. I do not have fond memories of him though. Kimbro was my man, but he has moved on.

Go Hokies!

She was spectacular. Her serving beers, a Running With Scissors/33 West bill, and her serving beers. Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my chin.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

Jebus I hadn't heard/thought of Running With Scissors in years. Now I have to see if I have any of their songs still.

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

My little brother was the lead guitarist.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

On Campus: Everything that the extra dollars on your friend's meal plan can pay for

Off Campus: Sycamore Deli for sandwiches (Mini Me is my favorite), PK's for wings or pizza, Boudreaux's for something a little different.

Hokie House has much better wings than PK's IMO, they also have hella cheap drink specials!

"Go Hokies!" - Thomas Jefferson

Whenever I go downtown, it's either Hokie House or the Cellar for dinner, Mike's or Sharkey's for lunch. Only time I eat PK's is if every other place is too packed or it gets catered here at work.

I wouldn't know about on campus dining. It's changed so much since '93-'96 when I was eating on campus. Back then, there was Dietrick, Shultz, and Owens/Hokie Bar and Grill. Dietrick was known as "Die Quick" for a reason. Shultz was nicknamed "Shitz" because an hour after getting back in the dorm from dinner there, there was always a mad dash for the bathroom. Owens was the best at the time and was not bad. Hokie Bar and Grill (I'm not sure if it is even there anymore), but they had the greasiest burgers I've ever had in my life. Only breakfast at Dietrick/Shultz were regularly edible. Shultz also had what passed for spaghetti just about every night for dinner that wouldn't light up your gut exit. I guess it's hard to f'up boiling noodles and pouring tomato sauce over them.

I was so happy to get off campus and be able to cook myself good food regularly. I was also a bit peeved that when my lil' sis' got to campus after me that they had upgraded on campus dining. She missed out on a rite of passage by missing the sea nuggets at Dietrick! (I still get nauseated thinking about those things)

Off Campus - we loved Gumby's (sorry to hear of it's passing), Mike's, PK's, Hokie House, Beaudreaux's, Macado's, and the Cellar.

Well here is your food update:
Cochrane dining hall was opened up to everyone and changed its name to West End, its delicious but crowded.
Owens I imagine is the same.
Dietrick was updated to D2, a little better, but the "D2 dash" is definitely a thing.
Hokie Grill (I doubt there was ever a bar in there) no longer has a burger place. Now its just Pizza Hut, Chicfila, Blueridge BBQ, and Dunkin Donuts.
Shultz was closed and replaced with Turner, which has good food (Qdoba) but is always slammed with people.

"Go Hokies!" - Thomas Jefferson

I still say the best food you could get on campus were the turkey legs at football games.

Most nostalgic, yeah. Unfortunately, we Da'Shawn will never get to eat one during a game.

Promise him a turkey leg per sack after every game!
I will gladly fund this.


On campus,
1) West End pasta, with the garlic sticks
2) Fire Grill at Turner's. Fried chicken, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and freakin apple cobbler.
3) Steak at West End

Off campus, I can't nam just one.
1) Arros con Pollo at El Rod's (so what if it's made in 5 minutes)
2) Bacon cheese fries at Hokie House
3) Calzones at The Cellar (it's basically 3 calzones in one and all 3 are life-changing)
4) Firehouse pizza and sticks (sober or drunk but preferably the latter)
5) Homeplace (duh)

I just sit on my couch and b*tch. - HokieChemE2016

Oh my goodness I forgot about El Rodeo.

How did we all forget about El Rods?
Also, Bull and Bones has some delicious food and beverages.

This. I'm surprised it's taken this long for B&B to appear, but then again it is a relatively newer place, and further away from campus then most places.

But B&B is one of my favorites down at Blacksburg off campus

OH GOD! My stomach just simultaneously got turned on and almost vomited at the same time!

Arroz Con Pollo and a jumbo margarita are just amazing together. But add a night downtown to that mix and you are asking for trouble. But it's TOTALLY worth it!

For cinco de mayo, some friends and I went to El Rods. I ordered the mixed fajitas for 2. It was awesome. My friends mocked me (shoot, I'm only 170, give or take a donut), but it was still worth it. I'd beat an old lady with a stick for some fajitas right about now...

There was also that restaurant in the Adelphia shopping center (across from the Main St ABC, with Hardees) that made a killer chicken bacon sandwich with some ridiculous sauce. I could eat that thing all the time.

I always loved BW3's for wings and chili cheese fries. We don't have one up here in State College, it makes me almost as sad as knowing there is no more Cinnabon.

Famous Anthony's? If so, they made the most banging breakfast too. They had awesome biscuits and gravy, and their Denver omelette was money.

Yes! That was the place.

On Campus:
1. The red skin mashed potatoes from BRBBQ.
2. Spending all the Hokie Dining Dollars at the end of the semester on 12 oz steaks at West End, 5 days in a row.

Off Campus:
1. The lunch special at the Cellar, 3 topping pizza plus a drink for $5.
2. Pokey Sticks
3. Boudreaux's (anything on the menu) and Poor Billy's (raw bar - oysters) - Helps get that fix between Sugar Bowl visits
4. And the Farmhouse - So Delicious. Has to be the best pregame meal (make sure Hand knows about the Farmhouse!)

🦃 🦃 🦃

I just had a plan, I'm quitting my job and starting a Virginia Tech style dining hall in Northern Virginia. All the classics. Boom.


That'll take some patient drivers on the payroll.

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I meant more like "You better come through", but I think both meanings of my statement work in this situation.

A turkey sandwich delivered to my door would be hype!

on campus -
that yankee pot roast at owens was the best blue plate special ever. especially with their mac n cheese
turkey sandwich with chipotle mayo at blue ridge bbq
bag of chicken fingers from DX at 1am

off -
tijuana toss at PKs was pretty awesome but cabo and boudreauxs had some of the best food dt i think

These people are losing their minds!

We could have a separate topic of best blue plate specials.

My favorite was Herb Crusted Chicken. And they have the best green beans in the history of green beans.

I also preferred my blue plate special to come on their green plates.

The chicken with that either strawberry or raspberry glaze on top of it! It is awesome!

I used to like Blue Plate Specials.

Then I worked at Owens.

I just sit on my couch and b*tch. - HokieChemE2016

Hopefully Hand will tijuana toss around some opposing "quarter" backs for us in the future.


corn dog nugs from DX!

Also, Best off campus:

Souvlaki - Combo (best kept secret ever)
Cellar - Pita Pizza

Pita pizza and a pitcher during hammer time. Can't really beat that.

On Campus: The grill side of 1872 in Turner, Chik-fil-A in Hokie Grill, Qdoba
Off Campus: Either Boudreaux's or Greens, unless it's Tuesday, in which case Sycamore Deli because Tugboats are the best thing ever invented.

I guess no one gets a Hindenburg anymore? Weren't they like buy one get one on Mondays? Oh, and the Macado sauce!

Hindenburgs were win. And if I remember correctly, they were half off on Mondays. Monstrosity of a sandwitch that "feeds four", but my roommate and I would half an order and proceed to food coma shortly after.

Schooner beers are a must as well. Great way to start the night.

haha, thats it, half off. To me, that meant buy two, and eat for weeks. they had some good black bean queso dip too. We drove down through the roanoke area the other day and saw a macados. My wife got worried, as she thought we were going to have to pack the motorcycles with hindenburgs.

In that case, I look forward to seeing Hand devastate opposing QBs on behalf of the Hokies!

It's all about The VPISU
VT '10, Born & Raised in the 804.
Rockin in The Bakken.
GO: Freeman Rebels, Keydets, Black Knights (the VMI of the North), NY Rangers & Giants, and ATL Braves.

Man, dining hall food must have improved by light years since I was there. I remember one of the pastimes during dinner at Owens being figuring out what kind of tricks to teach the black jello(it was definitely not purple or blue...if you sliced it into thin semi-transparent pieces, it appeared to be gray) of my hall mates was able to get it to stick in the plastic grill ceiling. I have no idea how long it was there. Hopefully the EPA wasn't involved in its removal.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

I've never seen a topic takeoff like this on TKP.

It's all about The VPISU
VT '10, Born & Raised in the 804.
Rockin in The Bakken.
GO: Freeman Rebels, Keydets, Black Knights (the VMI of the North), NY Rangers & Giants, and ATL Braves.

I'm all for any thread that lets me relive my Blacksburg years

I hear that. The combination of reliving one of the undeniably greatest facets of the campus life and the fact that it matters a lot to the biggest football recruit in the country probably sends it over the top. Can't believe we haven't seen one of these yet, though:

Mmmmm.....VT Dining Halls

Used to be a place on North Main called Bogens that we'd hit occasionally.

And there was this guy on my hall sophmore year (that would be 1994...gawd I feel old saying that) that would routinely eat the Hindenberg at Macado's on his own. He later became one of the male cheerleaders. We gave him a rough time at first, then all got jealous after seeing where he got to stick his hands all the time at a pep rally.

+1 for Bogen's. I was sad when they announced they would have to go out of business. 622 North which is there now is still really good. Probably the "fanciest" place in the Blacksburg/Christiansburg area along with The Summit after Bookbinder's closed down. Took my wife there before I proposed. They have a great beer and wine list.

+1 for mentioning Bookbinder's. Used to go there with my family when they came down before events, though the place that replaced it (Blackstone Grill?) is pretty good, and is more or less the same restaurant.

I just remember going to Bookbinder's once when I first started dating my wife and was still trying to impress her and dropped nearly $100 on a delicious dinner. Then it closed down just months later

I feel like what happened is Bookbinders might have been a semi chain, there's at least 1 or 2 others I think, and they decided not to renew in Christiansburg, but the chefs there bought the place and made it Blackstone Grill, which reopened shortly after.

The Summit in Christiansburg has great food. It's in an old mansion up on a hill and I haven't had anything there that wasn't awesome.

Another place in Christiansburg that I would routinely hit when I was in town was Grama's Goodies. It closed down a few months ago but that place had the BEST sandwiches in Virginia, (Da'Shawn) Hands down. They also had awesome baked goods and actually baked our wedding cake. RIP Grama's!

Since we're talking about great dining experiences in and around The Burg, I have a confession to make: I've yet to go to The Homeplace.

It's all about The VPISU
VT '10, Born & Raised in the 804.
Rockin in The Bakken.
GO: Freeman Rebels, Keydets, Black Knights (the VMI of the North), NY Rangers & Giants, and ATL Braves.

But really, I hadn't been until my senior year.

I don't suppose I need to tell you that you need to rectify this pronto. Arrive hungry.

If you eat anything at all during the day prior to going to homeplace you're doing it wrong.

Not necessarily. It opens at 4, so you get up around 8, have a nice breakfast (not huge, but something significant) to stretch out the stomach and get the metabolism going for the Homeplace experience while still allowing about 8 hours for total digestion. Then, when you arrive at Homeplace, your body is primed and ready to go and you can just dive in to all that Southern goodness.

It's hard to beat the London Broil and Fantastic Frank for on campus, but the special dinners at D2 have to be the best. Christmas, thanksgiving, chocolate lovers, it doesn't really matter. D2 also has Lucky Charms with whole chocolate milk at any time of the day, which is an undeniable advantage.

The perfect off campus line up looks like this:

Breakfast: any combination of Carol Lee's donuts.
Lunch: Philly cheese steak (with tzatziki sauce) from Souvlaki.
Dinner:Mafioso pizza from the Underground or Teriyaki chicken smothered in Hokie sauce from Kobe.

Depending on how sober I need to be in the morning, a $1 hot dog from Big Al's or the 50 cent day-old bread from Jimmy Johns also deserve to be on the list haha.

Man, how many off campus people were saved by Jimmy Jone's being sent to your door during midterms or finals?

I'm convinced Jimmy John's has saved my life some nights after leaving TOTS.

I'm convince Jimmy Johns uses 2x4s for their bread. Souvlaki is two doors further away but many moons better.

Yeah, but I couldn't get them to deliver to my door, let alone past 10:00PM

On Campus: West End Chop House, Owens Blue Plate Special
Off Campus: Homeplace, Mike's Grill, PK's Sicilian Pizza on Mondays, The Cellar after Hammertime, Sub Station II

VT '10 #AllMaroonEverything

No ones mentioned the Bagel Place in Turner yet. Amazing Bagel Sandwiches!

Our motto bringing spirit true, that we may ever serve you

This. One of my best friends works there and got me addicted to the Western.


YES! I love the becon, egg and cheese on a rosemary-olive oil bagel. Magnificent.

the Santa Fe with jalapeno cream cheese. totally worth the guaranteed 30 min wait

VT CEE Class of 2016/2017

5 years, 2 degrees, 33 football games as a student, and 2 Cassell court stormings later, I bleed Maroon and Orange

I never really eat on campus but after almost a year of Blacksburg under my belt, my off-campus favorites are:

2. Jalepeno-Cheddar Burger at Bull and Bones (with a Maroon Effect Ale).
3. Catfish po boy from Budreaux's.
4. Pizza at PK's (Tiajuana Toss, FTW)

Not the bagman VT deserves, but the bagman VT needs right now.

If you like the jalepeno-cheddar burger, you should hit up Rivermill. Get that with a side of jalepeno cheddar bacon fries too.

upvote for anything po boy and/or Boudreauxs

Turkey Sandwich with cajun mayo at Blue Ridge BBQ, Philly chickens from Owens, Crispy chickens from Owens, bbq chicken pizza from West End were my faves (and of course Chick Fil A). Off Campus I was a sucker for general tsos at Happy Wok and the breakfast burger at Sharkeys.

Also I would be remiss if I left out burgers at Leftys. Log Cabin BBQ is pretty good too.

On Campus: Wings & Fries from Fighting Gobbler, Cuban Po Boy from West End Deli, Sesame/General Tso's Chicken from DX, Blue Ridge BBQ, Bagel Sandwiches from ABP
Off Campus: Bull & Bones, Sharkey's, Macado's, Happy Wok, Hunan King, Bookbinders/Blackstone Grill, Homeplace.
Though Bonus Mention for TOTS All you can eat Ribs...even though I think nobody can win at that.

This debate is a fail because no one mentioned West End brunch, namely the chocolate chip pancakes.

That and D2 Sunday brunch is spot on. That's the only time I go to D2 really

Our motto bringing spirit true, that we may ever serve you

Off campus, Homeplace should autowin. Seriously, it's amazing and you get as much as you want. And you play football outside while you wait. I think we can get a good sales pitch going for that...

On campus you can't beat the Chicken Bacon Ranch at Owens. Butter toasted bread, crispy bacon, cheddar cheese...
If you've had 3 Chicken Bacon Ranch's in the last 2 days, Fantastic Franks and the Blue plate will get it done. West End burgers are legit as well.


I'm glad VT ended up strong in the food area. I remember doing a visit pre97 to Owens and the food was truly sad. I lived in the wing and west end didn't exist yet, so Owens and the newly opened hokie grill were the high end, however Dietrich was the main stop. The omelettes were insane, but the rest of the food took a while to get over, hence the freshmen month period termed the Dietrich runs.

So when a recruit comes to campus, do they eat at the dining halls or eat out on the town? How many meals do they get on the university's tab during an official visit? What I'm getting at is that we need to make a 1-2-3 hit list for the recruits to visit when they get to town. Although Hand is the only guy I've heard saying it, I'd bet our campus food would stick in the minds of a few recruits. Assuming three meals, I'd suggest:

Turkey sandwich and redskin mashed potatoes from Hokie Grill
London Broil from West End

I think these two meals are a staple for everyone who goes through VT, and it looks like this thread supports that claim. Feed these two things to all the visiting recruits and see what they think.

BTW, a guy I work with up here, who pays close attention to the Penn State boards, swears that Hand is going to Michigan from the rumors he's hearing.

If it's a big recruiting event, I think the get Personal Touch Catering (the company inside Owen's) to cater a meal where they eat in Lane. Otherwise, I've seen them in West End before.

I worked in West End for my 4 and Victory Lap years, and on Friday or Saturday nights when there are multiple recruits in on official visits, they reserve a section of Chop's dining area for them for dinner. Upon arrival, they are given a menu of things they can order, among of which are london broil, steaks and lobster as well as any sides from Chop that day. I want to say other things are on that menu but I've only seen recruits get huge steaks or lobsters, though often it's both, as well as huge helpings of sides. I'm sure they are also offered anything from Wired as well (ice cream, smoothies, cookies, desert etcetera). The managers also recruit student assistant managers working that night to serve them. Even though I was a SAM, I was never offered to waiter for them because I would be a waiter and not a waitress... it's all about attention to detail.

I worked in the New River Valley mall for a while, and they had a Mexican place at one of the entrances. They made a Burrito California that was little more than a strip steak burrito with peppers and onions and it was COVERED in queso blanco. I think it was only a special for like a week but it was top 3 meals I've ever eaten. Totally forgot about it

I've seen recruits being treated at West End. They roped off a big section in the chop shop side. They served them steak and lobster.

Man this whole thread of best on campus and off campus is making me miss blacksburg badly. Wish there was Turner's Place when I was still there. Maybe it's time to get a graduate degree..

I agree, luckily I'm going down next weekend. We like to head down for a couple of weekends a year, hang out, do some hiking, etc. We always stop in West End. My wife loves the wraps and I get a hokie club. But then we hit up other places around town.

Due South BBQ in Cburg. The one with the pink pig van out front. Amazing bbq and THE BEST fried green tomatoes. Tuesday night is all you can eat sandwiches and sides.

Once driving back after a Tuesday night all you can eat feast I had to pull over on the shoulder of 460 to rest because I thought my stomach was literally going to explode from being so full. It was awesome.

VT '10 #AllMaroonEverything

There are several low profile places out near Due South that are pretty good. Dude's Drive in is right next to Due South and Gardener's Frozen Treats is up the road towards downtown CBurg. Gardener's is one of the best kept secrets around Blacksburg. They make their own Italian ice and gelato and is by far the best place for ice cream around. My girlfriend introduced me to it while we were students and now we stop on the way in and out every trip to Blacksburg.

DUE SOUTH ROCKS! +1 for the Christiansburg shoutout!

I support Logan Thomas and make no apologies for it.

Got them to cater my grad party last year, and their deal on tuesdays with live bluegrass-its Awesome

Virginia Tech '12
Go Hokies and Philly Sports

Hell if the food on campus doesn't sell him there is no hope.

For that matter, bring him by my tailgate and I will cook for him.

"I don't know what a Hokie is, but God is one of them.' So I'm going with God. I'm going with Virginia Tech." Lee Corso Aug 23, 2000

El Guadalupes is dead... long live El Guadalupes. (for anyone with roots pre-2007)

Dinner for eight in five minutes during dinner rush. That is all.

"...sticks and stones may break my bones but I'm gonna kick you repeatedly in the balls Gardoki!"

Just had dinner. Swung by this post to see what people were saying. Now I'm hungry again. Darnit.

Question - why haven't the football staff raided the best restaurants in Blacksburg and gave it to Hand for his sampling? Then they can show him where those foods come from, and boom, he commits.

I support Logan Thomas and make no apologies for it.

On campus: carved turkey sandwich w/ Cajun spread from Blue Ridge

Off campus: tie between Sharkey's wings and honey wasabi tuna wrap from Cabo.

Where's the beef?

Not sure if anyone mentioned this, but I highly recommend a visit to Bulls and Bones. That's also where they do Tech Talk Live Tuesday evenings.

Another place I recommend is Amelina's. Google map location They make Italian food and it's one of Christiansburg forgotten place to eat.

Another excellent place as few of you mentioned is The Summit. That is where my wife and I go for special occasions, anniversaries and/or just to have a fine dining. The menu is pricy, but well worth it.

Another unknown place is called The River Company. Google map Similar to Bulls and Bones, they also brew their own beer (I recommend getting samples to settle on one you like, they are good), and their menu is not knock-your-sock off, but try the Maryland crab dinner and you will be in heaven.

I support Logan Thomas and make no apologies for it.

Honestly, there is so much good food in and around the area. It's not all advertised or apparent at first; I'm in my 6th year in Blacksburg (undergrad straight on to grad) and I just had the Rivermill tots about 2 weeks ago (10/10, would eat again). That being said, there are a couple places that everybody needs to try that I haven't seen getting a lot of love:

1)The Greeks - Great food, awesome staff, inexpensive, kind've out of the way so not many people know about it. Haven't really had anything other than their Greek food, but what I have had is awesome, plus their Village Greek salad is authentic (aka no lettuce, as the salads are served in Greece).
2) Pita Vera - Kabobs are delicious and come with a really good hummus, rice and a side salad. Gyro is good too, albeit a different style than those of Souvlaki's and The Greeks.
3) Abby's - Daily specials are all between $5.99 and $7.99 and damn good for the price. Definitely a townie bar so you can get some dirty looks from the patrons, don't let that deter you.
4) Amelia's - Mentioned by Trevor right above me, but this place is delicious. If you like cheesesteaks this is the place to go. I have been on a cheesesteak kick recently and had been disappointed everywhere I tried... until Amelias!
5) The Palisades - Farm to table, amazing cuts of meat. An old general store renovated to a restaurant. Perfect for a date. Pricier, but definitely worth it.

I don't know. The one time I ate in the restaurant I remember the Yuengling pitchers being cheap, don't know if they were $4.25. I always call ahead and get my food to-go otherwise.

Marco and Luca's dumplings are new off campus, but they are the tits when your hungover wednesday morning

Take the man to Homeplace and he will commit on the spot.


I've been thinking this exact same thing since the post came out a couple days ago. Every recruit that comes to visit should be taken to The Homeplace.

Every time I think of Da'Shawn Hand becoming a Hokie, I think of hand-painted turkeys. And treadmills.

Hand Turkey Treadmill

Not many posts about Bull and Bones on here.

On Campus: Chicken cordon blue from Owens. Fried chicken and waffles from Fire Grill at Turner. BBQ Chicken Pizza from West End.

Off Campus: Bull and Bones(ribs, wings, burgers, steaks, anything. Can't go wrong here. Sharkey's Wings. The Cellar Pizza and shrimp dip.

Has a man open...caught! Danny Coale!

I can't believe I forgot about it because at least in mid 90's it was frigging awesome, but I used to LOVE Backstreets. They're pizza, they a pizza buffet, the other food..mmmm....manicotti....

Loved me some Backstreets. It was there a few years ago when I was in the 'burg to help my niece move into her apartment.

Unfortunately, Backstreets closed about 3 months ago. Food was definitely good, and the lunch buffet was a great deal.

Yeah, Backstreets was one of my favorite places to go out to eat at when I was on-campus. Also had a ton of pizza from VP-Pie which closed shop like a decade ago.

How about some Carol Lee donuts? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

I was in blacksburg this past weekend, and sadly West End was closed for summer. I will get my Hokie Club sometime soon...