Ronny Vandyke had Surgery on his Right Shoulder Today

Let's hope he has a successful recovery.

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Good luck to RVD through the rehab and healing. We're pulling for you!

Best of luck to RVD in his recovery! Need him ready to roll next year.

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Best of luck to him! Any word on how his brother is doing?

In Sam Rogers we trust.

Best of luck to him. Hope for a speedy recovery.

2 brothers that will make a name for themselves in the near future. Best wishes for a fast recovery for them and can't wait to see them on the field.

Best of luck to Ronny while his shoulder heals up. We can't wait to see him healthy and back on the field!

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Best of luck RVD! Anyone know why he waited so long to get surgery? His injury and diagnosis happened before Malleck's and Malleck got his surgery a couple weeks ago.

Hopefully it means that whatever needed fixing wasn't too dire and they wanted to give his body some time to naturally heal what it could. I would think that would help minimize range of motion issues, etc.
This is just speculation though and optimistic thinking.

I'm surprised there were medical devices capable of working on him. Cutting through stone and steel has a way of breaking surgical tools.

Now as long as no one has any kryptonite, he should heal up nicely.