Virginia Tech announces contract extension for head coach Frank Beamer

The new agreement extends Beamer's contract through January 1, 2019

[Virginia Tech]

This afternoon Virginia Tech Director of Athletics Whit Babcock announced a two-year contract extension through January 1, 2019 for head football coach Frank Beamer.

"We are pleased to be in a position to present Coach Beamer with this contract extension," Babcock said in a release. "Announcing before our home opener serves as a tangible show of support for the winningest coach in college football who does it the right way, continues our positive momentum in recruiting, and signals the stability of leadership in our program. His stamp on our football program, and our institution, is indelible. This well-deserved extension is a reward for 27 tremendous years, certainly, but also is based upon my observations and work with him these past seven months. His integrity and work ethic is even better than advertised and he still has that competitive fire and wants to move Virginia Tech forward. I believe in him and support him, his staff, and our team. We look forward to a successful 2014 season and beyond."

"As I've stated numerous times, the only job I desire is right here at Virginia Tech," Beamer said in a release. "My passion and commitment have been further energized with the arrivals of President (Tim) Sands and Whit Babcock and the leadership and vision they provide. I am appreciative of the confidence they continue to show in me and our football program. I can honestly tell you that our program currently stands atop a rock-solid foundation. This coaching staff is the best I've ever had. We've had an influx of talented, young student-athletes into our program and we're hard at work recruiting more just like them. So, I'm confident in the character and talent of our coaches, players and support staff. Then, you see this impressive, state-of-the-art indoor practice facility on its way up, which shows the continuing dedication from this university, its people and our fans, and our future can only be bright. I'm proud of where we've been, and I'm extremely excited about where we're going."


Am I reading something into this I shouldn't be? 2 years seems like a strange length of time for an extension.

Does Beams have a semi-firm retirement date in mind?

Since I don't have any #Sources on the inside, I can't say one way or another what this means. You could be right that this hints at semi-retirement.

All I can say is I'm seeing a lot of the younger alumni angry over this (typical overreaction); these are also the ones that don't show up to games or leave early.

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Why are they angry?

"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster

Short attention spans, keeping up with the Browns syndrome, unable to grasp appeal of continuity in a sports program, unrealistic beliefs of immediate success with fancy pants offense, not reading the key play, long hair

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Mostly not reading TKP.

Long hair comment made me Lol... Not sure if you mean it this way, but "damn hippies." Or should I go the punk kids and their rock and roll music ;)

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They are summer children who know nothing of winter.

95% of what I say is sarcastic. The other 5% is usually taken out of context.

If Winter is coming for VT and these last two seasons weren't the worst things will get, the guys who became fans of VT post-Vick are really going to be miserable. It's hard to blame them since they have no memories of a VT team that was objectively awful.

ASoIaF or GoT references always get a leg in my book.

I think it makes up for the fact the contract wasn't rolled over last year. If I'm not mistaken, he's had his contract continually rolling for another year at the beginning of every year for a while, but they didn't do so last year because of the instability at President and AD

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That's not been done for the last few years now. I want to say it was when Weaver signed him to the deal where he got the 8 yr 'athletic department responsibilities' clause. But I am pretty sure he's not had the rollover for at least 2-3-4 years.

when your accomplishments include 21 consecutive bowl appearances, four ACC titles, five ACC Coastal Division crowns, three BIG EAST Conference titles, six BCS appearances, two major bowl victories and a trip to the national championship game, Beamer deserves as many contract extensions his health will allow.


CFB has EARNED the right to coach here until HE sees fit to walk away into the sunset

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I'll be the one to say it I guess.

But someone needs to start the push. Beamer is following a bad path. Bowden, Brown, Fulmer, and Paterno

(Side Bar - Apr 16 2008, The announcement Wednesday is that contract talks are on hold until the conclusion of this season, and that Joe might not even need a contract to coach, how do you see this saga ending? Is this the final year for Joe Paterno?

The story ends when Joe says it's over. He and Spanier went head-to-head and Joe won. He played his trump card when he publicly stated he didn't need a contract to keep coaching. He was basically daring Spanier to fire him, and Spanier had neither the support or balls to do it. He had no choice but to give Joe a vote of confidence for the sake of the Penn State Football Empire.)

Between the 4, There were - 19 Conference Championships won, 6 National Championships Won, and 4 Heisman Trophy winners, yet in the Last 6 years of each of their careers they won only one conference championship before being forced out. Except Fulmer who couldn't win one of the 3 Conference Championship games he Coached in during his last 6 years

And the life of a kicked out coach

"This time, Bobby Bowden accepted Florida State's invitation to return to Doak Campbell Stadium for a Seminole football game." After a 4 year hiatus the coach returns for his first home game and will only be attending 2 games

Edit - Heisman Trophy winners

No. First, Frank has said many times that he is mindful of staying too long. Second, he will only be 72 when his contract is up. Bill Snyder is older than that now. Steve Spurrier is roughly the same age as Frank, does somebody need to start pushing him out the door too?

"We were at the pinnacle, and we did it for years," Foster says. He pauses, nods, takes a deep breath. "And I did it with the best guy in the business."

Its not about the age. Thats a distraction

Its the style of play, college football has changed and Beamer hasn't. Points and Offense there's a huge difference in the 3 coaches in those categories. Tech averaged scoring 22 points last season while the opponents averaged scoring 19. USCe scored an average of 34 points while there opponents averaged 20. Tech scored less points each game while playing an easier schedule only playing one top 10 school while USCe played 3, also just the margin of victory is so different
Bill SNyder @ KState averaged 33 points a game while opponents averaged 23

this again

That's a lonely walk you are taking. Just my opinion.

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Well it can't be used against us now in recruiting that he won't be here in two years.

GREAT news. This can only help with recruiting too!

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It can't be used that he isn't under contract in three years. It will still be used that he might not be here in three years.

Also, Bud is 55. Do you want Frank coaching until Bud is 61? For reference, Cutcliffe is 59 now. Saban is 62.

In the grand scheme of things, today's announcement means nothing. The relevant questions still remain: how much longer do we want Beamer to coach and who should replace him?

Much of that is to be determined by Whit. The remaining portion is to be determined by Frank. The only way that changes is if Frank's W-L record is inferior to the moneyed donors' expectations over the next few seasons. This isn't about a public opinion poll, it is about a vision for VT football. Whit & Frank will determine an appropriate time for the page to be turned, not public sentiment. If Bud is to be the successor as determined by Whit, you seem to intimate that it would be a bad thing that he would be 59 in January 2019. Let me remind you that Frank is 67 now. I think the question you want asked has been answered by Whit's initiative. Nothing will change until after Circus Maximus in Bristol in two years.

We've got three threads about this now. Is there a way to combine them into one so that the discussion isn't quite so scattered? Thanks in advance.

I'm with you. I almost never start new threads, but especially not about breaking news. Someone else (preferably staff) will. Just wait until Saturday night.

I want to start a fourth, just to see what happens.

With blackjack and hookers!

There's not. Unfortunately with breaking news, there will probably always be double posts. Someone will post a link or embed a tweet in the forum, and I will run a story. It's not optimal, but between the tracker and comments link in the top bar, and in the active discussions link in the sidebar, there are plenty of ways to stay on top of things.


You know who loves this joke?


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I wonder if this was a brilliant plan by Whit to make sure that Frank's anticipated departure in 2016 doesn't turn recruits away. This way it still looks as if Frank will be here for a while, but he still has the choice of retiring after the 2016 season.

... announced right after hoisting the natty championship trophy, sitting 15' airborne on Bucky Hodges shoulders.

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Still feel bad for Bud.


Just more time for him to mentor before he's eventually given the reigns.

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This sets Bud up for the Bill Guthridge contract.

Eh, if Bud pulled a Bill Gunthridge and got us to the final four 2 out of 3 years, I'd be ok with it.

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Well, Coach Foster doesn't need mentoring...

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I'm a recent graduate (though not the one that doesn't show up to games, nor do I leave early (I saw Tyrod to Danny and to Dyrell), and I think that is a good thing. The date is a bit interesting, as a premier bowl game after the 2018 season might be on that date, but overall I think it's good. Stability at the top, more time for seasoning for Bud, Shane, etc. I think the important thing now is to maintain that great coaching staff. Really need to find a way to convince Torrian Gray in particular, to wait it out, and possibly roll into DC if Bud rolls into the HC role. Same with Moorehead, he seems to be making a serious impact early and I hope we can keep him here.

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Yep, that's how I feel. Bud foster moves up, and Torian Gray takes over as DC.

-Being aggressive, being tough...that's the Virginia Tech way.

I'm glad to hear this. Coach Beamer will have this team winning 10 games a season again soon...perhaps as early as this year. If Beamer wants to coach in 2016, 2017, 2018, or in 2019 then he should have that option. Barring a drastic downturn (which I don't see coming), he deserves to retire on his own terms.


This is great news for Hokie football. The future looks very bright fellas!


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I didn't down-vote, but that's just disturbing...

So why does this have downlegs, but VPIhokieME's 6 Pick posts get tons of legs? Nothing wrong with a beautiful man strutting a mankini.
some /sarcastica, but come on people

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I could be wrong but in the 2 & a half years Iv been on TKP Iv seen this meme used at least a dozen times. But its the 1st time Iv pulled it out.


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This seems like purely a recruiting move. We can now tell members of the 2015 class that Beamer is under contract through their senior year (2018-2019 season). However, if that was the only point, it doesn't help much for the 2016 & 2017 classes, which we're already recruiting.


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It helps immensely for those classes. Now, we can tell them that Beamer will be here for 3 (2017) or 4 (16) years of their college career. I'd be willing to bet that there aren't many programs who have signed coaches to much longer contracts at this point. It's just too unstable of a profession. And the ones that have are either in a handful of programs (like Bama) or are in stepping-stone positions where they might be gone next year anyways. This gives Beamer just as much stability, if not more, as any other coach out there.

glad to keep him around.... as long as hes got a good qb a good D and a good kicker im good with him still coaching at VT as long as he wants!


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CFB's dancing and Kyle's reaction. This gif makes me smile everytime I see it.

I like Jarrett's reaction - just above the left shoulder of Fuller - priceless.

Can someone zoom in on him?

As long as he keeps busting out sweet dance moves like that, I hope he stays forever

"We were at the pinnacle, and we did it for years," Foster says. He pauses, nods, takes a deep breath. "And I did it with the best guy in the business."

Only appropriate that Frank will be set to retire at (18)72.

Live for 32. Ut Prosim. Let's Go, Hokies.

...I see what you did there.

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Live Camera from Frank Beamers office as of 6:30p


I don't know about you guys but in my opinion this is a brilliant move by Whit. For one it helps out with recruiting, no more, "Beamer won't be around by the time you graduate or leave for the NFL." Guys like Kevin Toliver II and Josh Sweat can now play for Beamer and not worry about his contract running out. It also gives Whit more time to get his assets right and do his homework on who to target as the next coach. This is really good news.

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We are reading way too much into this. Frank is a legendary coach that has earned the right to retire whenever he decides to. He has a job he loves, the support of everyone that he works with, and a deep connection to this university. Would you retire from that? He has many good years ahead, congratulations on the extension Frank!

I really believe in Coach and the new staff, they are headed in the right direction and not slowly. Even more, I believe in Whit. He is smart, intuitive and will lead the department to heights we have never seen there is no question in my mind. I am new so need some legs to get more involved here....Go Hokies!

New coaching staff, better recruits, good depth. Yep we'll see how it all comes together in a couple of years. It "should" work out for the best.

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Another point:
Just looked at ESPN's site and Coach Beamer's extension is the number 3 linked article (just below UNC suspending 4 players....quite the contrast).
The timing is great: announce just before the college football season starts, get some publicity, get all of the talking heads talking up the extension during the season and how great of a coach Beamer is and how much he deserves it (which he does).

Go Whit.


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Agreed...this is a brilliant marketing move by Whit (and one that's been earned by Frank)...selling and hyping us and our consistency under a legendary coach who does things the right way.....can you see how this will be the big talking point during the Ohio St weekend....this only helps to get in the ears of recruits....

brilliant..... first year at Tech in '86 was also Franks first year......he's still going strong, and so am i.....

My wife takes the kids and leaves the house while I watch my Hokie games.........nuff said

So how long until Beamer gets to start off his recruiting visits with "I recruited your father, y'know..."

I love this move, btw.

The eldest Fuller has a boy.....

I could be wrong, but I thought he recruited Eugene Chung.

I'm sure he had a similar convo with Deon Newsome.

I'm happy for Coach Beamer. After all he built the program to where it is today and gave the Hokie nation something to get excited about, something to look forward too, and given generations of hokie fans something to be apart of. I wouldn't have it any other way! The talent coming in should continue to get better as long as the position coaches stay in Blacksburg. Congrats coach and Go Hokies!

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There needs to be another incentivized contract 4 bud n torian as well. I bet some more contract announcements r coming...

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Glory is Forever, Let's Go Hokies!!

Please let that be what really takes place. Lets face it, the defense for years has looked llike a whole different team. Just a different buzz/swagger than the offense. Even when we had Tyrod, Williams, Boyin, and Coale the offense just seemed...different from the rest of team. And those guys were still putting good points on the scoreboard. So with Bud Foster as head coach, I wonder if the "entire" team would take on the intensity that Coach Foster has.

-Being aggressive, being tough...that's the Virginia Tech way.

Media department has been producing a lot more content since Whit came in.

Wow, I have never seen film of Frank playing in the the 60s. Great vid.

"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster

Sad that I saw him playing live. Wait a minute, I've lived this long?

Have a leg for sticking around so long.

Ha! Thanks, it's been fun, I have a lot of great Hokie memories.

That was glorious! Thanks for sharing.

"Tajh Boyd over the middle . . . and it's caught for an interception! Michael Cole, lying flat on his back, ARE YOU KIDDING???"

That. Was. Awesome. Now I am really jacked for the season to start!

For some reason, this video has gotten me more hyped for the football season than any of the others.

Tyrod did it, Mikey! Tyrod did it!

I agree.

I like this AS LONG as Foster becomes HC and Gray becomes DC (and Vinny Fuller to DBC). Also, this is only gonna be effective if we post 10+ season records.

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Why would you like it only if Bud becomes head coach? I would be thrilled if Bud were the next coach but Whit is probably going to get a big time coach that we will all be on board with whether that is Bud or not remains to be seen (although I'm willing to bet that he will.) Trust me, Whit knows what he's doing. Also I disagree about it will only be effective if we win 10+ games each season. It will be effective in recruiting the most IMO, no coaches can negative recruit against (for now) saying stuff like Beamer won't even be there when they graduate any more. It will be effective in more ways as well, not just (hopefully) 10 win seasons. Sorry for the mini rant but your statement just doesn't make much sense to me.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

For once I'm going to agree with HokieKnight. IMO Bud deserves the job. He's done an excellent job with the defense over the years. I'd be comfortable with him having control of the team when CFB retires. If you haven't already, you need to read the article joe wrote about Foster.

Edit: Gray also deserves to be promoted to DC. If he coaches the defense like he does the DBs, we'll be just fine. I feel like it would be pretty dirty to give these positions to someone from another school.

Oh yeah I think Bud should be the definite favorite for the job after Beamer is retired but if Whit goes in a different direction I have confidence that he will hire a good coach. And I agree with HokieKnight and you about Gray being promoted to DC, regardless of who the next coach will be assuming Bud is not.

I just think that for some reason Bud is not the head coach it doesn't mean that Beamer's extension wasn't necessary.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

And Jack Tyler as LB Coach.. and let the whole cycle of life start again!

in Fuller we trust

We all know the Beams is a recruiting tool unto himself. But Ws will always gain more recruits. Thankfully the Beams hasn't had a ton of issues with this (excluding the last 2 seasons). Also, who out in the entire div 1 collegiate market would make a better and more effective HC for Tech than Foster? Name one.

EDIT: I have a strong inkling that something has already been worked out (for Foster) behind closed doors and off the record.

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I have said that Bud should and probably will be the favorite for the job when Beamer retires but as of now other candidates could be Chad Morris, Kirby Smart, Pat Narduzzi and more. Obviously Bud would be choice number 1 but if he is not the next coach it would not automatically make Beamer's extension a mistake IMO assuming Whit makes another strong hire.

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I don't see how any of the guys you name would make more or even equally HCs for Tech to Foster. I also believe there would be a massive backlash if Foster isn't chosen (on his own accord).

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Foster will be 60 by the time Beamers extension runs out... he may be looking to retire by then himself, or may be completely happy with his current job, it's all speculation at this point

I said they could be other candidates BEHIND Bud.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

I agree with Chad Morris on that list but he's the only one. He's really good friends with all the Tech coaches and he sent Brewer our way. If Brewer really pans out, Chad might be wanting a favor returned. However, I also think there would major public upheaval if Bud isn't the next HC.

This is very optimistic take on this whole deal. I believe the staff knows that by 2018 WE WILL WIN A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIOP and they want to ensure that Frank Beamer is still the head coach when this occurs. This also incentives for Foster and Gray to stay as well. I dont think there is a more deserving coaching staff than ours who have been vying for the damn trophy. Hokie Perfect is coming back.....

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There are wolves and there are sheep, I am the sheep dog

My view on this is that an extension like this has been in the works for some time now- they just needed to hammer out the specifics once a new AD got hired.

I had no problem believing Beamer would be willing to hang it up when his old, 2016 contract extension ended. But then the tire fire of 2012 and the disappointment of 2013 happened, and combined with the badass scheduling with the Big 10 and Bristol, I think he changed his mind.

I can easily see him staying through 2016, if not 2017 depending on how this freshman class pans out. By all accounts it could be a good one, but who knows.

As a recruiting tool, though, I think this contract's effects are being overstated. Knowing that winningest coach in college football will be around when you come to Tech is valuable, and plenty of recruits have mentioned how important Beamer's legacy is to them.

Yet just as many have touted the staff's abilities as a whole, especially when they're talking about Foster, Torrian and Moorehead. I'm sure plenty of schools try to play the "Frank's leaving" card, but he's only one piece of the puzzle. When Bud tells you he's been there for a couple decades as well, I think you trust him.

I think this contract certainly provides a recruiting cushion for guys in the immediate future, but I think the main goal is to give Frank flexibility to allow him to leave when he wants without questions lingering into this season.

"He'll get after ya"- Frank Beamer, repeatedly.

Awesome news, HokieNation!!!!!!


I am really hopeful that the extension will allow Coach Beamer to stick around long enough get to 300 wins. That is such a great milestone.

Leg for your first post. I think 300 is a very important goal for Frank, though he wold never admit it publicly until he achieved it. I think his real goal has always been 323, but that seems really unlikely now.

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Thank you for the legs and the welcome. I have been around for a while, and love the site. It just seems like whenever I have something to say, it seems to have already been said.

Okay, so to me this extension means one of four things:

A. Beamer doesnt want people to see his retirement coming ahead of time, potentially threatening recruiting,
B. Beamer wants to remain in his current role through the 2018 season,
C. Whit wants to put Beamer into a Joe Paterno-esque position (pre-scandal) where day-to-day responsibilities largely rest with other members of the staff, or
D. (My optimistic favorite) Beamer sees the stars aligning for VT to make a title run in the next few years and wants to guarantee hell still be the coach when it happens

I think the largest downside is the effect on the rest of the coaching staff. Hopefully there was some communication with them ahead of time about when and why this would happen. Its been mentioned here before, but we have a lot of talented position coaches and the impact they have on recruiting can make or break a program in the long run. Coaches with less tangible ties to the program (moorehead comes to mind) could be hard to retain without the prospect of advancement.

Beamer has dedicated his life to VT and that should never go overlooked when discussing his departure. A larger share of the success (both athletically and academically) the university has enjoyed over the last 40 years is attributable to him than to any other single individual. That said, Bud Foster has paid his dues 20x over. I cant imagine him ever leaving Blacksburg, but youd have to be pretty incredulous to blame him if he left to take a HC job outside the ACC. His track record warrants taking over as Hokies HC, and that transition would create opportunities for other deserving members of the staff to assume more responsibility (and hopefully convince them to continue wearing orange and maroon for years to come).

Regardless, Beamer is right about our solid foundation and theres plenty of reasons to be excited about the future.

TL;DR: Maybe this was nothing more than a strategic formality to help ease the minds of recruits and Bud still takes over after 2016. If so, great. However, if this signifies Beamers intent to remain at his current position through 2018, I think it will detract from the program more than it benefits it.

First time commenter, long time reader. I'll hang up and listen.

D. (My optimistic favorite) Beamer sees the stars aligning for VT to make a title run in the next few years and wants to guarantee hell still be the coach when it happens

Right here. ^^^

I'd be the first to tell you it is on my bucket list. Some of us have less years than others to achieve that. :-)

I for one am happy with this...




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