Kevin Bronson Commits to Virginia Tech

Bronson is rated as 3-star prospect by both and 247Sports. He lists himself as 6-4, 255 pounds on his Hudl.

Andrew Ivins of the Sun Sentinel summarized his recruitment nicely.

Village Academy coach Donald Hanna said Friday morning that Bronson is currently considering four schools, and a decision has yet to be made.

"South Florida, Virginia Tech and Vandy are definitely sitting neck and neck, and [at] Nebraska he wants to meet the players and more of the coaching staff... That's his top four right now in no specific order," Hanna said.

Bronson visited USF earlier in the month, and has also heard from the likes of Notre Dame, Rutgers and FAU.

Virginia Tech — a leader for Bronson at one point — offered a spot in its recruiting class late Thursday night, but according to Hanna, the lineman still wants to take an official to Vanderbilt before making a final decision. The plan is for Bronson to visit the Nashville campus either Wednesday or Thursday before flying to Nebraska for the weekend.

Highlightapalooza follows.

Welcome to HokieNation Kevin!

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First Impressions:

1. I was intially a bit turned off by the use of "Beast Mode" at the introduction to his Senior Highlight Reel, but holy hell is he bigger than everyone he is playing with and against.

2. Great explosion off the snap, and the swim technique is nice, but he does stand up a little too upright for my taste. It is as though he tries to get "skinny" when coming from the tackle position, using the combination of the swim move and turning himself perpendicular to the guard to squeeze through.

3. Shows good pursuit from both the tackle and end position.

4. Did I mention he is explosive at the snap?

He has the size to be developed into a DT but because of the explosiveness I assume we'll keep him at DE?


I suspect it will depend on how his body develops. If he adds 30 pounds he could easily play DT but at his currently stated size he would be a DE candidate.

His style of play, with quickness off the ball and the ability to shoot the gap, fits really well with what we try to do with the DT.

In either case I like this commit.

VT Genes



If Bronson and Mihota both stay at End our DLine is going to have some serious size in the future. But who knows how things shake out.

Good pickup, glad to see we closed the deal.

Hokie, Hokie, Hokie, Hy!
Tech, Tech, VPI

Sweet! I love how we can get down to FL and recruit at a respectable level. There's so much talent in the state that the more connections we can get the better!

Charlie is going to have some fun coaching him. His get off is just digusting!

At the end of the claustrophobic tunnel the players will touch the Hokie Stone!!

Does this have anything to do with pussy touchdown denial?

This cat is big, mean, tenacious & hungry. Good swim, nice jolting shoulder punch, impressive bull rush. I feel sorry for the highschool kids in his way. Gotta love this class brosephs! His first highlight sums it up completely. Gobble-gobble.

Eat your vegetables.

Someone must have been kept pretty busy editing out all the profanity on that soundtrack

It's not technically the start of LOI week, but close enough to say good start to this week. #choppinwood.

If you freeze the video half a second after each snap, you see Bronson in the backfield.

Bucky Hodges is open


Glad to see that we can still recruit in Florida. With the increasing arms race that is about to be unleashed amongst the P5 conferences, we need to maintain our relationships with Florida HS coaches. Go Hokies!

Go Hokies!

Must be a high 3-star guy from those highlights! Reminds me of Dadi Nicolas with that first step and the quick pursuit.
Welcome to the Hokies Defense Mr. Bronson!

"When you're green, you're growing. When you're ripe, you rot." -Ray Kroc

He is so explosive at the snap, it seriously looks like he knows the snap count. He gets off the line before O-Linemen stand up... I love it!

VT 12'... but once you're a Hokie, you're always a Hokie..

I kept wondering, "why doesn't the O line block him?" It's like they're not even trying, when you know that's got to be their whole gameplan ...

You cannot stop Bronson.

You cannot contain Bronson.

You can only hope he runs out of Mandom.