Class of 2014 First Look: Chris Durkin

HokieNation was surprised when, late in the recruiting process, quarterback Chris Durkin switched his commitment from Michigan State to the Hokies. Durkin is a 6-foot-3-inch, 230 pound quarterback prospect who played high school ball at Ursuline in Youngstown, Ohio. He was a late target for Virginia Tech offensive coordinator Scot Loeffler. Without stepping foot in Blacksburg, Durkin changed his commitment because Loeffler indicated he would have the opportunity to compete for playing time early in his career.

As a junior, Durkin threw for 887 yards and 6 touchdowns and rushed for 722 yards and 7 scores. Despite suffering from turf toe during his senior season, he both passed and ran for more than 500 yards. Durkin (whose father is a Youngstown State Hall of Fame baseball player) is an imposing physical specimen at quarterback. Playing behind an offensive line that allowed significant pass rush, Durkin used his tremendous athleticism to not only be the Ursuline quarterback, but he served as their primary running threat. His offensive system was very similar to the system Scot Loeffler utilized for Logan Thomas (especially against Georgia Tech) and Durkin has remarkable similarities to the last two Hokie signal callers (Thomas and Tyrod Taylor) at the same point in their careers.

Durkin is working hard to improve as a passer, but even the football novice will quickly realize that Durkin is a tremendous threat as a runner. Many will comment about how Durkin trucks several players in his highlight video, but I was more impressed with how elusive he was and how quickly he gets into the secondary when he breaks a run. I don't like making comparisons between incoming freshmen and former Hokies, but as a young quarterback Durkin is remarkably similarity to both Tyrod Taylor and Logan Thomas. Durkin is a powerhouse who runs over defenders on inverted veers and designed power keepers from the shotgun in a similar fashion to Thomas (especially as a sophomore). And like Thomas, he has some mechanical issues that sometimes make him inaccurate. Like Taylor, he is incredibly elusive in the pocket, and despite his size he slips out of pressure where few players could avoid a sack. And, like Taylor he has a tendency to abandon the pocket quickly if his first read is not open, and he has an elongated throwing motion when throwing in rhythm on a standard five step drop.

Expounding upon that last trait, almost until the mid-point of Tyrod's senior year, he would make his first read, and then either run or scramble to get guys open down field. Most often, if any seams opened inside, if the first read wasn't open he was gone. Durkin does the same thing. He can either scramble outside of the pocket, or slip to the inside, and then finish the run off with an emphatic thump.



In both cases he is terrific at identifying seams and changing direction against the grain of the defensive flow in tight spaces. He may not quite have the quite the same amount of quickness, as Tyrod, but unlike Tyrod, when the run comes to an end, he is going to get extra yardage after contact.

Durkin excels at running the inverted veer. Loeffler used the inverted veer to feature Thomas as a rusher for long stretches early in the ACC schedule. The following clip is a great demonstration of both Durkin's elusiveness and his power.


Durkin runs an inverted veer left, reads keep, and plows into the hole. The hole closes quickly. Durkin delivers a jump cut to his right that would make Ryan Williams proud. He then explodes up field and trucks the linebacker.

Again, inverted veer.


He rides the mesh well to get the defense to stretch, uses explosive speed to hit the seam, and then finishes the run by punishing would-be tacklers. The formula for Durkin is: find the point of contact, and then just assume he will get 2-3 more yards.

It is so important to emphasize how elusive Durkin is. Again, here is another jaw dropping jump cut, and it is in the red zone where the Hokies struggled even with the power threat that Thomas provided.


I don't know if he can do that against ACC-caliber talent, but if he can you have to expect that even if he doesn't win a starting job, Loeffler will use him as a short yardage quarterback on specific down and distance situations and in the red zone.

Durkin isn't just a runner. He has tremendous arm strength. When he breaks contain running either left or right, he is as much of a threat to throw as he is to run. This forces secondary players to stay with their man the extra second that allows Durkin to gain extra yardage on scrambles.

Durkin may be more accurate throwing on the run. Here, Durkin runs a designed roll out to his right. The defense runs a Cover 2, with the corner taking the short zone. The receiver runs down field then curls back to the quarterback.


Durkin's ability to run keeps the corner from dropping back in front of the curl route. He fires a laser on the run to hit the receiver perfectly for a good gain. His arm looks even stronger on this highlight running to his left.


On this play, Durkin gets pressure on the inside and is forced to roll out. He breaks contain, and going against the grain of his throwing strength, then he fires to a receiver breaking deep and to the inside. This ball travels an astounding 53 yards without Durkin getting to properly set his feet.

This play also features the area that Chris needs to work on to improve as a pocket passer. His mechanics in the pocket are a work in progress. On this play, he is very slow to get into a throwing position once he takes the snap. The defense does a twist stunt up front, with a linebacker blitzing from the left side. Against the blitz, a quarterback that doesn't have Durkin's ability to break contain would need to make a quick read and throw to the hot receiver against the blitz. If it wasn't for Durkin's ability to get outside of the stunting tackle it would likely be a sack.

You see bits and pieces of this throughout his game film. He doesn't always have good rhythm as he sets to throw. Sometimes he holds the ball lower than you would like to see as he scans down field. On pocket throws, his wind up seems more pronounced, and he has a bit of a slower release. Those mechanical breakdowns tend to be much worse when he is in the pocket making a quick throw on his initial read. These "easy throws" sometimes are inaccurate as result. The most glaring example can be seen on this wide receiver screen.


The most basic principle of throwing as a quarterback is that your front foot will telegraph where the ball goes. From pee-wee football up, coaches teach young quarterbacks to point their front foot where they want the football to go. On this play, Durkin is in such a rush to get the ball out to the receiver that he twists and throws entirely with his upper body. His stance is still set up to throw down field. While the throw gets there on this play, this kind of breakdown takes steam off the throw and causes a significant decrease in accuracy. Logan Thomas also struggled with mechanical issues on wide-open passes, while Tyrod Taylor had similar struggles throwing in rhythm as a young player.

That doesn't mean that Durkin can't be the pro-style passer that Loeffler craves. Durkin often shows the ability to throw from the pocket and do so on difficult throws.

Let's take a look at this play in the red zone. On the left, the slot receiver runs an out to the flat. The split end takes an outside release for a fade. Durkin identifies man coverage pre-snap. The safety should fly up to the flat. If he does, the corner doesn't have help deep and to the outside. If not, Durkin will have a wide open receiver in the flat.


Durkin takes a low snap, and sets his feet to throw to the right. This move is to freeze the safety if the coverage was disguised and they have the safety deep middle. He then resets and throws an accurate ball to the deep corner of the end zone. His receiver is the only player who can catch this ball, as press coverage indicates that the corner will be underneath the route. The throw is in the corner, so if the safety is tracking the throw, it is as far away from the safety as possible with the throw still in the field of play.

Durkin also is sharp to the middle of the field from five wide receiver looks that Loeffler often featured last season. Ursuline uses a trips formation right with twins left and an empty backfield. On the trips side, the middle receiver runs a corner route that is intended to create space for the inside and outside receivers running a post.


The corner route draws the both the nickel corner and the deep safety, leaving the inside post route wide open. Durkin throws a rope on the skinny post and hits the receiver in stride. The throw is perfect, and even if rub isn't as effective, the throw would still be a completion against man coverage.

On Friday, Durkin played quarterback for Team USA at the International Bowl, a high school All-Star game that also featured former Hokie commit Brady Taylor and Virginia signee Steven Moss on the offensive line. Durkin was part of a three-man quarterback rotation, but he was the most effective quarterback for Team USA, leading his team to two touchdowns on three drives before the game got out of hand. He threw a touchdown on a beautiful bootleg (another staple of the Loeffler offense).


Throughout his highlight tape, he looks very comfortable running bootlegs. Passing off misdirection is a critical component in Loeffler's passing attack exemplified by D.J. Coles' touchdown off the bootleg action against Georgia Tech.

Durkin was not utilized much in pass pro situations, which isn't surprising since the team had very little time to practice together. Early on his first full drive, Durkin did have an opportunity throw out of pass pro. Here he takes the shotgun snap and throws a quick curl route.


On this play, the offense utilizes a five wide receiver set. This leaves the quarterback defenseless against a blitz so any throw must be quick. In pre-snap, Durkin identifies the soft spot in the coverage (against a deeper safety). He knows he is going to take a lick, and he has the courage to take that hit to make a play. He steps into the throw and contact from the blitzing linebacker. This is all excellent read and recognition on a typical spread offense stick route. Note, the throw is a tad low and to the outside.

At first I thought perhaps that was the result of the blitz, but watching again I noted that the nearest help was flowing inside-out to the flat from the outside linebacker. A throw to the inside shoulder would be a possible interception against a disguised zone blitz where that linebacker is flying into the flat.

As you should expect by now, Durkin was dominant in the running game. He was heavily featured on the inverted veer and power lead plays and also ran for a touchdown. Here is an example of the power lead. Note the explosion getting into the hole. Again, Chris has Logan Thomas style power, but he can exploit the edge and small seams for big plays because of his straight-line speed.


You see the same strength on a true read option, which VT rarely featured with Thomas.


He has the speed to threaten the edge, and the power to get some extra yardage if the defense reads the play correctly or there is an execution breakdown. Again, in college football, being able to make a play when the scheme breaks down (as it will with 18-22 year old kids) can often be the difference between winning and losing. Durkin may not be the most refined quarterback in this class, but the ability to make a play like this could certainly give him a leg up.


That play prompted the announcer to quip, "He's [Durkin's] not a dual-threat quarterback, he's a health threat." Needless to say, the announcer isn't the next Mitch Hedberg, but Chris Durkin could certainly be the next great Hokie quarterback. With every second of film that I watch, it becomes tougher to handicap the Hokie quarterback race (especially given Travon McMillian's tremendous accuracy coupled with his effectiveness in the option game, as I will discuss in another review). If Durkin can improve his mechanics so his accuracy improves, he adds a physical running dimension that the more polished Ford and McMillian can't provide. This could ultimately give him a leg up in the quarterback battle, but all three options could be very effective ACC quarterbacks.

More of Chris' highlights are available on his Hudl.



Excellent review. If Loeffler can correct Durkin's mechanics we might have a real dogfight on our hands for the starting QB job among several talented players. That definitely does not suck.

So what you're saying is it's possible we can see what LT3 could have become with 4 years of competent QB coaching?

what could've been

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Chris looks like a much different runner than LT3 IMO. More Tyrod-esque.

Looks like both to me. T-Mobile's elusiveness, LT3's power, it's a very intriguing combination. Seriously thought Ford had this thing locked up; but the more I watch this guy the more I'm leaning towards him. Considering what we're trying to do in opening up the ground game and the talent we're now boasting in the back field, Chris is starting to look like THE guy.

Minority Report.

We'll see, Scrap. Ford can move better than people think. I like that with these two and McMillian (who is a great read option/IV guy) Loeffler has OPTIONS.
It's almost like whatever offense the rest of the team can run best, Lefty has a field general who can fit in and be an impact player!
I wouldn't be surprised if we see him put a lot of this classes skill players in position to show what they've got with a Mark Leal at the helm and maybe a Durkin in some packages just to see what will work best in 15 and 16. THEN the supporting cast picture will be a lot clearer and we might have a better idea about the QB of the future.

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Ford can move really well. He moves around the pocket, but his focus is on keeping his eyes down the field.

Let's give a really loose simile to describe the two. Andrew Ford is Rakeem Cato. He CAN hurt you running a read play once or twice, but ultimately he is more interested in throwing the football. He isn't going to be a guy who runs the read 10-15 times where he can take hits on those plays.

Meanwhile, Durkin is somewhat similar to CJ Brown. He is much more of a threat to run the ball multiple times, within the concept of the offense, and also look to run on broken plays. (Durkin is also much more physical than Brown.)

Tomorrow, we highlight Travon McMillian, who isn't just a great athlete playing quarterback. He has excellent mechanics, good arm strength, and he is an outstanding read option quarterback and all the nuances that entails.

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French, you responded to a post of mine! I feel honored. Really looking forward to the article tomorrow

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These are some real great analogies about Ford and Durkin. Spot On. Looking forward to the McMillian piece!

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I agree. I think Durkin has quicker feet than LT, based on that clip. The quickness of those jump cuts is surprising.

Going to be a wide open race come fall. Good review French

When You hire Real Coaches, You get real results. These new coaches has made a mockery out of the three that was let go, as far recruiting goes. And what I seen out of the WRs and our Offensive last year , they can coach too. Dern shame Frank Beamer had to be forced into getting rid of his buddy and a bad OL coach to prove what real coaches can do. Sherman left on his own but his Replacement has lite up VT so far on both parts of his job. And Loeffler has done the same on getting quality players to VT in JUST one year on the job.

Jack R.

+1 sir.

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I can't wait for the open QB battle that will be unleashed in Spring Practices! Go Hokies!

Go Hokies!

I can't help but think that a QB Battle Royale will make spring and fall practices more focused and intense across the entire offense, if not the entire team.

We'll light up W&M to start the siege fire at the Horseshoe!

Great analysis...again. To me its clear from this and the Andrew Ford analysis that (A) Leal is gonna be looking in his rear view mirror in the Spring, (B) Ford is gonna surprise us all, and (C) Durkin is right on their heels.

In summary, I think Ford gets the starting QB job with Durkin used in a platooning concept like Duke did last year. I see Lefty's thoughts in these kids talents. The competition is going to be so high that they all get better and stay focused. The potential is huge.

In Lefty We Trust!!

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I'm starting to agree.
I think Lefty wants to fix our goal line woes and sees Durkin as an answer next year and told him as much.

The QB race is going to be crazy interesting this off-season. Can't wait to see all the sweet updates on here to keep us in the loop!!

What a difference this new staff has made in recruiting on offense, and I'm really excited for our future!

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He's got an awesome arm for a tight end.

whoever wins this qb battle will tell us a ton about Loeffler's offense moving forward

It was a catch

So he threw for 1300 yards in his JR/SR years combined? What's up with that? Did they have another QB who split time?

1) run oriented offense 2) he missed almost half the season his senior year. And, (I am sorry to these kids because I know they read this) but he was running for his life a bunch.

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Just curious, do you know they read this because they contact you afterwards, or do you reach out to them before you post?

Some recruits/players tweet out links. Aj Hughes did it Juice did it, Exum did it. French is pretty much part of the coaching staff.

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I guess I was more wondering if they actually reached out to French to talk about it or offer their own insight, I've seen some of the tweets giving him a shoutout (including CJ recently). It'd be cool if they signed up and commented on some posts though, obviously nothing that would give anything major away or cause a rift in the locker room, but just to check in and say hey.

I was thinking about that... I'd imagine that the coaches probably tell the kids to stay off fan sites, and keep their social media presence to a minimum. Can you imagine if LT3 was a TKPer after some of the losses last year? It would be terrible.

LT3 heard plenty of it, I assure you. But he's a tough guy with thick skin. I doubt anything on here would phase him all that much.

Oh, I know he heard it, but imagine LT3 himself commenting on TKP any time soon after those games. I just don't think it's a great idea for players to be active on fan sites for their team.

he was running for his life a bunch.

Durkin would have felt right at home when Newsome was here.

My read from French's analysis was that he could really benefit from a redshirt year before really competing for the starting role. Mechanic's issues really should be addressed before he is being considered as a starter. In past years that might not have been the case (See LT), but Loeffler has done a great job in getting in different styles of QB's in the door. It sounds like next year we are going to have Leal, Ford, or McMillian.

Don't forget Motley. He's hung around in the QB race for a reason.

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Sorry I forgot to mention Motley. Another reason why I don't think Durkin sees the field this fall.

Dude looks like he could knock DBs on their asses upon first contact.

True Hokies STICK IT IN!!!

STICK IT IN Army of Virginia Tech


I figured it out for everyone. Loeffler is a match-up and numbers guy, so why wouldn't he recruit a true QB, a RB/QB, and a WR/QB? I think he should have some sets with just McMillian and Durkin in a Double Wildcat formation. McMillian gets motioned out wide and Durkin can pass or run with it. McMillian gets the ball and can hand it off to Durkin or pass as well. That would be one exciting offense. You're welcome Coach Loeffler.

Any real concerns about Durkin's longevity if he's used as a runner even more than Logan was?

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So wait, this guy has strength to truck a bitch, elusiveness to break a bitches ankles, speed to leave the bitch in the dust, and the throwing strength and accuracy to drop it overtop of the bitch in coverage?


Regardless of who comes out of this QB competition, we're going to have a competent offense again. And that makes me a happy, happy boy

+1 for Mitch Hedberg reference, French


I'm here for the memes, I just stay for the football.

I am beginning to wonder if VT has gotten their own version of UCLA's Brett Hundley or Florida's Tim Tebow.

Go Hokies!

I think you hit the nail on the head with the Tebow comment. His freshman year he would come in as a change of pace or runner in the red zone and little else. Very intrigued to see if he takes on that role here...

in Fuller we trust

Tim tebow could pass. If he had played at VT, he would have been both the best passing QB in VT history and the best RB.

During hasn't shown any passing aptitude like Hundley or Tebow. At best, he's a poor mans Bell-dozer from OU.

Well, you can think about it that way... or you can think that Loeffler coached Tim Tebow at one point. ;) If he's coached Tebow to be the quarterback that he was, you gotta imagine that he could teach someone with a very similar skill set to do about the same.

Loeffler coached Tebow his SR year only, the year he had his worst passing stats as a starter... His stats probably had more to do to talent that left at WR than anything else. But it's not like Loeffler took a QB who had terrible mechanics and made him a Heisman candidate. Tebow was already good.

🦃 🦃 🦃

Am I the only one who doesn't want a QB like Tim Tebow?

Sure, I want the national championships, but the guy has worse passing form than I do.


No. I can also imagine mr. "I am a QB only" also ignoring Loeffler's advice on form and mechanics. Finding out Loeffler only had Tebow for 1 year is a actually a relief. He was counting against Scot's rep in my mind. Tebow= Bad.

I would take a Tebow (at college level) ANY day. The kid was a winner. Bad form - so what. The kid WON. Period. Even the year Tebow was in Denver, you just saw that the kid could will a win. Sure it was ugly sometimes, but I'll take the win any day. At the college level you don't have to have perfect form or run a 4.25 40. Heart can get you a long ways. The intangibles matter much more than the NFL. Look at Chase Daniel at Missouri. Similar to Tebow in that way. That is also why I would take Randall over Glennon.

Tebow also had teams that were stacked with talent and game changers, both at Florida and in Denver.

Do we have that at VT? I'm not so sure.


Yeah, the number of QB's that I'd want leading my CFB over Tim Tebow is VERY small.

What about every NFL QB in the last 4 years that's started over Tim Tebow?

I'm sorry, I know he's a guy who lays it all on the line every game, but the guy just can't throw at a high level. Or even at a decent level. His mechanics by comparison make Logan look like Peyton Manning.


College, my friend, college. We're well-aware his game did not translate to the NFL. However, he WAS the FBS leader in passing efficiency the year Loeffler was there. You don't lead the country in passing efficiency if you're a completely God-awful passer. The coaching staff was smart, knew how to use him and put him in positions that would maximize his strengths. He is easily one of the all-time greatest college quarterbacks, despite his lackluster NFL career.

uh.... is Randall over Glennon even at question?

Much much more elusive than Bell or Tebow in their senior high school film.

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Yes and no. I saw Tebow play in HS. In warmups, he looked like a pro...perfect drops and let it fly. But when the game started, he was a one quick look and run guy (particularly behind Wilson who was also a 5* OG). In HS, Tebow almost never set his feet. As a passer, Tebow was good at throwing to a spot and to receivers running straight away. Early on (and perhaps still) he struggled much more with accuracy on crossing routes and timing patterns...and reading defenses.

I don't think the Hundley comparison is necessarily a bad one. I don't think Durkin is quite as fast but Hundley is not a polished passer and I think that is the kind of QB role Durkin could eventually fill. He could also be one hell of an H-back and goal line wildcat QB.

Wow, the future sure is bright for the QB position at VT. So many good options coming up through the pipeline. Durkin looks like he has an incredible skill set that Loeffler can mold into a monster. No matter who wins the starting job over the next couple of years, I have a lot of confidence.

Word around town is that Loeffler "likes Andrew Ford, but LOVES Chris Durkin". From this, I think I can see why.

His running capabilities make me drool.

Hmmmm, The similarities in all this to Tebow's skill-set are interesting. I just think Ford provides the field general and arm/pocket presence talent combination to start sooner. Certainly I could see Durkin doing a red zone read QB run or fake run - jump pass for a TD.
That combination in a VT offense is coming into focus for me.

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Florida Tebow's freshman year?? The two QB system.

Yea, I think it'll be more subtle. Not as much Durkin, more Ford, but the mix is pretty visible in these two's skill-sets.

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the first time i watched durkin's film i said the same thing to myself

"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster

Makes sense. Durkin is clearly the more talented of the two, physically. Ceiling is much higher.

I just hope no one at VT has the bright idea to implement a two QB system again like we did with Taylor & Glennon. Just pick one of these QBs as the starter and red-shirt one guy and make the other a back-up.

Go Hokies!

I doubt we'll see a 2 QB system. Will we see a few packages for what I'm thinking at the goalline for Durkin? Hopefully! I think the whole Tyrod/Glennon fiasco was part loyalty for Glennon and Tyrods dad I think said if he's not getting most of the snaps keep his shirt on.

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It seems like Durkin favored us mainly because of the opportunity to play early. If we redshirt him and start a QB in the SAME class, he's pretty much relegated to career back up right away (pending some sort of QB controversy or injury), does he stay?

Minority Report.

I believe the only promise that our OC made to Durkin was that he would compete for playing time. If he loses to Ford or any of the other QBs during Spring practices after a fair shot at starter, then he has no one else to blame but himself.

Go Hokies!

do i remember '07 a little too fondly? seems that while it wasnt a normal situation, it worked out pretty well overall.

"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster

Great breakdown by French as always.
I think if he was on the team last year he would have had the best vision of anyone involved in the running game. I like how when the pocket collapses he doesn't really get flushed out to the side but eludes defenders and when he abandons throwing he attacks the holes. Obviously, this is from seeing the best of his highlight film but its very encouraging to see. I almost think the QB competition comes down to how the O-Line performs. If they can hold pass rushes then a pocket passer would be more effective, but if they get overwhelmed often I would want Durkin back there to make big plays out of nothing

Could you see the return of the wild turkey with Durkin running it very effectively as a change of pace to ford if he doesn't get the job? I really think Durkin could be a terrific weapon if utilized correctly. He adds an extra dynamic in the red zone with a combination of quickness and power the likes of which I don't think we've ever seen, I just really hope we utilise him correctly

Taylor, looking desperately throws it deep..HAS A MAN OPEN DANNY COALE WITH A CATCH ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE FIVE!!!!....hes still open

In Lefty We Trust!

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Great review!
I expect big things from anyone who plays on Team USA. David Wilson led them to a championship a few years ago, and that showed me these kids can play (and play quickly, as they don't get a lot of practice time.) Wilson contributed as a freshman and I expect Durkin will too.

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Durkin, Sam Rogers, and Jerome Wright in one backfield on a short-yardage situation. Let's call it the HokiePokie offense, cause we'll be guaranteed to poke it in the endzone. scoring is what it's all about?

I see what you did there. +1 sir.

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And everybody else is O line or a TE.

That's just not fair to the opposition defense....wait....I LOVE IT!

We'll put a pie on the endzone wall as incentive.

We could call it the Lane Pie Leap...or Lane Leap Pie or Worsham Pie Leap... OK, it needs work, but the idea has merit.

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Judging by French's comments in this review, it sounds like this could potentially be a 3 man competion...

French said this, "especially given Travon McMillian's tremendous accuracy coupled with his effectiveness in the option game, as I will discuss in another review."

Sounds like another QB has impressed French also....


Awesome, more stuff to blog about!

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Disagree...Monday IS a long time to wait!!

Looking forward to it...I am really excited about all 3 freshman QB's.


At least when it comes to French's film reviews and Virginia Tech football!


I noted this in my McMillian review. It really isn't a matter of "which QB is better." The QB that has the advantage is the guy who is most comfortable in what Loeffler wants to do with the offense. Ford is a guy who would work well in the short passing game that Loeffler used for ball control last year before the running game started to blossom against Miami. Durkin fits the read/IV option running game coupled with bootlegs off zone stretch action that we saw at different points. McMillian is a very posed pocket passer with terrific fundamentals in the option game, much like a bigger/faster Anthony Boone at Duke. All three, in the offense that they are most comfortable in, have distinct advantages over the others. Everything depends on Loeffler. Will he be Michigan Loeffler? Temple Loeffler? Florida Loeffler? We don't really know yet because he had to tailor the offense to Logan because of the lack of other playmakers.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

So you're telling me Loeffler gets to begin fresh with these guys and build the offense he wants around them?

Inglorious Basterds Excited
Expectant Pooh
I can't wait...
I seriously can't wait to see us next year and 2015, 2016, 2017.


To me, this means that he has three GOOD options at QB, so he doesn't have to tailor the whole offense to one QBs skill set.
He can see what kind of offense the rest of the players will succeed in, plug in the best QB for THAT offense, and tweak it to maximize that QB's effect!

I is excited.

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Both Ford and Durkin have good points and look like a million against HS opponents. To me it's all about adjusting to the speed of the game and decision making. For QB it's about how many games "they won" vs how many "they lost". For the fist three years I think both guys have the potential to be on marginally on the plus side, but maybe not by much. Maybe year 4 or 5 they find lighning in a bottle, or maybe not. MV found it in yr 2 and cruised in yr 3. TT and BR both in yr 4 (no yr 5). LT bless his soul, never hit the hot streak but came close in yr 3. Neither of these guys have the capability to be 65%-75% of the offense anytime soon.

That 2nd video is insane. He obliterated that defender!

At the bare minimum, having a QB like Durkin available should help aleviate a lot of our red zone woes of recent years.

Eh, if having LT3 didn't help, Durkin alone won't be able to do a whole lot. Elite backs, a solid O-Line and physical receivers who will go up and win jump balls are the miracle fixes for red zone issues.

see Kendrick Holland and Isaiah Ford. and did I say Kendrick Holland?

My thoughts precisely.

Out of all physical QB traits (except accuracy) , I would say that elusiveness is the most important in the college game. It even works to some extent in the NFL if you watch Russell Wilson. So I think this guy has a good chance, especially behind a work in progress OLine which will accentuate that trait even more. But having said that, the mental side is a huge part of the equation. If he can master that, then he has the potential to be a better version of Tyrod.