Mook Reynolds Commits to Virginia Tech

It seems like is backing off their report a bit; the one I originally cited in my post below. The first report of his commitment remains on the front-page of their website, although they've posted a second update behind their paywall. The teaser is, "Today, VT got a commitment from 2015 CB Mook Reynolds (right) after its junior day, though as he explains to, his recruitment might not quite be over."

The original report by made it seem cut and dry that he had committed, but now there's new information that changes the heart of the story. If anything like "his recruitment might not quite be over" was included in their initial report, I would have included it in my post because it's extremely relevant detail.

-----Original Story is Below-----

According to's Jason Stamm, 6-0, 165 pound cornerback Mook Reynolds from Greensboro, North Carolina (Northern Guilford) is the second player to commit to the Hokies after today's junior day event. He's currently unranked by both and 247Sports, but with offers from Duke, North Carolina, and East Carolina in addition to Virginia Tech, that'll change. This is the Hokies fourth commit of the 2015 cycle.

Mook's highlights are available on his Hudl:

Welcome to HokieNation Mook!

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He looks very physical and fast.
Is is signing day yet?

Very nice pickups today. With Johnson, Reynolds and White, I wonder how many more spots are available on D-Block. Have to figure the staff would welcome Marcus Lewis back if he ultimately wants to be a Hokie.

Coach Gray is the man.

Row Z forever.

Great job by the coaches putting these camps together! Its paying off and brings hope for the future.

Touchdown Tech - Bill Roth

One thing that I like is that he already had offers from UNC and Duke, meaning he isn't interested in staying in state. Brady Taylor, Austin Proehl are just some examples of some kids that we're waiting for those offers. Obviously possible that some SEC school comes in but just sayin.

VT '15

Sheesh. The kid is fast. How bout those highlights? The first 2 min (after which I stopped) are all from the same game!

Eat your vegetables.

bit premature .. doesn't look like he's publicly committed and may not quite this soon.

He committed to VT, but hes a soft verbal and we will leave it at that since those of us with access to pay sites cant divulge into it. Hes a good kid tho

if the coaches offered him, and we land him, i'll be happy. but how anyone can take a "soft verbal" seriously is beyond me. he is uncommitted, period.

i know people will disagree, but you're also not committed if you continue taking calls or making visits. i have no problem with kids exploring all their options, in fact, i encourage it, but don't say you're committed to something if you're not actually committed.

I don't have to take this abuse from you, I've got hundreds of people dying to abuse me.

To me, a "soft verbal" is basically just saying "you're my favorite right now." Nothing wrong with that, and I agree he should explore his options.

Seems he didn't commit if you talk to VTScoop. They are saying that hokie have jumped the gun and not respecting kids wishes. Interesting drama. Still very early though for commitments.

TOS jumped the gun - Reynolds has not committed. Bitter has also backed off his report.

Someone is going to have to teach that HH guy to check more than one source before he reports a story.

The twitter handle hokierecruit tweeted it too. Reynolds actually retweeted. So who knows. Still a year away. Lot can happen, see Harrison.

To me its a case of a young kid getting caught up in the day. He will have other visits. But he is pro vt. And no one disrespected the kids wishes by any means.

Both our gets today have cool names - DuWayne Johnson goes without saying and Mook Reynolds sounds like he could be a rapper.

We're already dbU and just think about what happens after Kendall wins a Thorpe.

Kendall Fuller - future Thorpe winner

hatenmyeyez, and everyone else, stop embedding and citing information from @hokierecruit. The account is two weeks old, hasn't been in front of any news, and to me it's pretty transparent it's regurgitating info from other places.

It apppears that he has committed, but at this time he wants to be considered a soft commit. Nothing wrong with this in my opinion. I'd rather him know for 100% that he wants to play in BBURG.

Neither do I. It's his prerogative to explore all options and make the best decision for himself whether he's committed or not.

If anything, I take exception with how reported the news. It's something I'll be mindful of in the future.

Isn't he going to the Duke camp later this month?

In Sam Rogers we trust.

I just got over one NSD. It's too early for me to worry about next year's (unless VT wants to pay me like the coaches...).

I'm already going to Hell. At this point it's pretty much "Go big or go home."