Mook Reynolds Commits to Virginia Tech

It seems like is backing off their report a bit; the one I originally cited in my post below. The first report of his commitment remains on the front-page of their website, although they've posted a second update behind their paywall. The teaser is, "Today, VT got a commitment from 2015 CB Mook Reynolds (right) after its junior day, though as he explains to, his recruitment might not quite be over."

The original report by made it seem cut and dry that he had committed, but now there's new information that changes the heart of the story. If anything like "his recruitment might not quite be over" was included in their initial report, I would have included it in my post because it's extremely relevant detail.

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According to's Jason Stamm, 6-0, 165 pound cornerback Mook Reynolds from Greensboro, North Carolina (Northern Guilford) is the second player to commit to the Hokies after today's junior day event. He's currently unranked by both and 247Sports, but with offers from Duke, North Carolina, and East Carolina in addition to Virginia Tech, that'll change. This is the Hokies fourth commit of the 2015 cycle.

Mook's highlights are available on his Hudl:

Welcome to HokieNation Mook!


He looks very physical and fast.
Is is signing day yet?

Very nice pickups today. With Johnson, Reynolds and White, I wonder how many more spots are available on D-Block. Have to figure the staff would welcome Marcus Lewis back if he ultimately wants to be a Hokie.

Coach Gray is the man.

Row Z forever.

Great job by the coaches putting these camps together! Its paying off and brings hope for the future.

Touchdown Tech - Bill Roth

One thing that I like is that he already had offers from UNC and Duke, meaning he isn't interested in staying in state. Brady Taylor, Austin Proehl are just some examples of some kids that we're waiting for those offers. Obviously possible that some SEC school comes in but just sayin.

VT '15

Sheesh. The kid is fast. How bout those highlights? The first 2 min (after which I stopped) are all from the same game!

If it ain't orange, it better be maroon...and if it ain't maroon, it better be soon!

bit premature .. doesn't look like he's publicly committed and may not quite this soon.

Two more DBs for DBU?


He committed to VT, but hes a soft verbal and we will leave it at that since those of us with access to pay sites cant divulge into it. Hes a good kid tho

if the coaches offered him, and we land him, i'll be happy. but how anyone can take a "soft verbal" seriously is beyond me. he is uncommitted, period.

i know people will disagree, but you're also not committed if you continue taking calls or making visits. i have no problem with kids exploring all their options, in fact, i encourage it, but don't say you're committed to something if you're not actually committed.

I don't have to take this abuse from you, I've got hundreds of people dying to abuse me.

To me, a "soft verbal" is basically just saying "you're my favorite right now." Nothing wrong with that, and I agree he should explore his options.

Seems he didn't commit if you talk to VTScoop. They are saying that hokie have jumped the gun and not respecting kids wishes. Interesting drama. Still very early though for commitments.

TOS jumped the gun - Reynolds has not committed. Bitter has also backed off his report.

Someone is going to have to teach that HH guy to check more than one source before he reports a story.

The twitter handle hokierecruit tweeted it too. Reynolds actually retweeted. So who knows. Still a year away. Lot can happen, see Harrison.

To me its a case of a young kid getting caught up in the day. He will have other visits. But he is pro vt. And no one disrespected the kids wishes by any means.

Both our gets today have cool names - DuWayne Johnson goes without saying and Mook Reynolds sounds like he could be a rapper.

We're already dbU and just think about what happens after Kendall wins a Thorpe.

Moooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!! after every interception.

hatenmyeyez, and everyone else, stop embedding and citing information from @hokierecruit. The account is two weeks old, hasn't been in front of any news, and to me it's pretty transparent it's regurgitating info from other places.

It apppears that he has committed, but at this time he wants to be considered a soft commit. Nothing wrong with this in my opinion. I'd rather him know for 100% that he wants to play in BBURG.

Neither do I. It's his prerogative to explore all options and make the best decision for himself whether he's committed or not.

If anything, I take exception with how reported the news. It's something I'll be mindful of in the future.

Isn't he going to the Duke camp later this month?

In Sam Rogers we trust.

I just got over one NSD. It's too early for me to worry about next year's (unless VT wants to pay me like the coaches...).

According to TSL, it's starting to look like we've lost our grasp on Mook, and there's a good chance he's flipping to Ole Miss shortly

"Some days you’re a horse and some days you’re a horse’s ass. I’ve been a horse’s ass for a little while." - Roy Halladay

Yeah, Mook's all Hokie, but he definitely enjoys the process. The guy who CB'd him to Ole Miss is the Ole Miss insider. Looking at his CB history, he seems to just about always pick Miss, but his accuracy there is about a coin flip. Looks like a homer pick to me based simply on the fact that Mook is taking his official there this weekend. Mook has been very open with Gray about his visits and wanting to see other schools and stuff before he gets to Tech. Can't blame the kid. That's 5 chances to get a free game ticket and be treated like a king for a day. I'd take that any day of the week.

I agree about Mook, he told me straight up when I interviewed him he'd be enjoying the process and would explore all of his options, which is smart. However, VTScoop has a history of everything being hunky-dory until it's not.

True, but considering Pete King is the one telling Hokies not to worry, and the only guy saying he's going to Ole Miss is the guy who apparently thinks everyone is gonna flip to Ole Miss (I think he's got 3 or 4 flip predictions up right now, and so far none of them have been right as far as I know), I'm gonna go ahead and save my little meltdown for later.

the way he actively tries to recruit other prospects to Tech pretty much has me disregarding this entirely...

Get your ass on the ground and we'll party

has he been as active lately? I know he was early on, but I according to some folks on TSL, his twitter recruiting of other potential players has all but dried up in the past few weeks. not that this is a definite sign, but it seems strange that he goes from being so gung-ho VT, to not so much anymore.

And I don't think it's time to panic either, but I'm not going to dismiss the possibility because Pete reassured the class.

Yeah, what was the story with Javon Harrison and our "ties behind the scene?" Something like Torrian Gray and Harrison's mom were close? I don't remember the actual story.

With Harrison, a child was in the picture (I believe), making his decision to stay in Florida more understandable.

Yeah, but for a year, we kept hearing that we had the ultimate connection. Torrian Gray was connected somehow to the family. I don't remember if that was ever fleshed out. Just curious.

Not a bad point, but I think there was a lot more going on with Harrison's recruitment than Mook's.

I dont know, that hokie5284 dude on twitter seems pretty convinced that mook is gone, or else in serious danger of going to ole miss. something about a bunch of comments his dad made regarding the trip to ole miss, his mom going on the trip, and mook scheduling a commitment announcement for dec. 4th. I hope we dont lose him, but we seem rather snake bit this year when it comes to the football program, so I am not holding my breath. Though why a kid wouldnt want to play for bud and torian is beyond me.

After the past few weeks, I take everything Hokie5284 says with a grain of salt.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

A lot of people put some credence in that guys gregarious rants. It's not 100% truth, but he's not making stuff up out of whole clothe.

yeah, i obviously don't take that dude's word as gospel.

and he's a complete ass.

but i can't imagine he would just completely make up all of that stuff.

Get your ass on the ground and we'll party

I agree, I asked him how he knew all of this and he responded with a picture of a guy on the sidelines at Lane.

I take everything he says as the absolute truth of truths now.



People are weird. I can't fathom his motivation for all this.

he goes around acting like frank kicked his dog or something.

Get your ass on the ground and we'll party

I dont know, that hokie5284 dude on twitter seems pretty convinced that mook is gone

Here's my grain of salt.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

Just went through that guy's twitter for the first time.

It happens rarely, but it does happen, that you will meet someone that you cannot believe went to Virginia Tech. There's generally a sense of community or brotherhood with fellow Hokies that you can feel when you meet a new one. It seems like one out of a hundred or so will be a bad egg that it just feels wrong to call a Hokie.

Even ignoring the VT stuff that hokie&%#@ guy on twitter has been tweeting, he comes off as an extremely pompous and offensive dick. One of the worst ones for me was calling out the women of a school we played this year for not wearing sundresses and basically calling them trash.

His twitter feed reads like a Youtube comment section. Reading it being the worst use of time imaginable. I'd recommend not checking it out as you'll just feel worse. Plus, not one thing he says sounds like it wasn't made up. Incessantly bragging about how a former player no one has heard of and who's career was cut short by injury favorited one of your tweets is a surefire way to lose all credibility. At least it is when you use it as the only reason you are credible.

Yeah, he's an awful person.

You're right, there is a bond to Hokies that runs pretty deep. I don't run into many that feel like this guy does, maybe 1 out of 100 as you said.

"like a Youtube comment section"

That is a harsh insult. A great one, though and one I will repurpose in the future. Giving you credit, of course.

true, I am not saying his word is gospel, and his delivery is definitely rough, but he does seem to know some stuff.

Miles Hall??? It had a reputation as the baddest ass dorm on campus when I was ensconced in #236 in 75-76 and 76-77!

It still had that reputation in the early to mid 2000s

"Some days you’re a horse and some days you’re a horse’s ass. I’ve been a horse’s ass for a little while." - Roy Halladay

That's great to hear!

yup, I was there from 2000-2004, in room 228 for the first thee years, then moved down the hall for the last year. Someone had painted a giant 8-ball in 228 on one wall that never seemed to catch the building maintenance crew's eye for painting over. Best dorm on campus!

Previous to my living there, someone had hung a dartboard in #236 and there were dart holes all over the puke green cinder block walls. So, by October of my freshman year, I custom cut dark wood paneling to cover all the walls in the room (yes, it was the 70's), hung curtains & tapestries to divide the sleeping/study half from the party half, and "borrowed" and covered a couch from the lounge which stayed permanently in the room (cleverly hidden in a bathroom stall during R.A. inspections). Even had a sign on the door..."The Penthouse". Someone came by and took pictures and it was named one of the top dorm rooms on campus.

this reminds me of that scene from The Other Guys where Will Ferrell was telling stories from college where he was clearly a pimp but didn't realize it.

Get your ass on the ground and we'll party

Gators bitches better be wearing jimmies!

Miles Hall 90-92 checking in

I lived in Miles (3rd floor) back in the mid-90's and it didn't seem all that badass. We had a great bunch of guys, but it was pretty tame compared to most of the other dorms.

“You got one guy going boom, one guy going whack, and one guy not getting in the endzone.”
― John Madden (describing VT's offense?)

That was pretty much my experience as well, I know some of the other dorms called Miles "The Monastery" it seems like the reputation of that dorm has changed quite a bit over the years (Pritchard and O'Shag-hennessy were considered far rowdier). Still, I enjoyed my time there. Can't believe you guys remember your room numbers, I truly can't but that's probably because I'm old.

I'm old enough to barely remember the building name.

I'm sure it varies from year to year, dorm to all depends on the luck of the draw and who gets placed where. One thing I can say is, after graduating over 35 years ago, most of my closest and dearest friends are those I met on the 2nd floor of Miles. Great Hokies, great friends...

It appears the only ones who thought Miles was so badazz were those who resided in Miles. I can say, we never heard anything about them while I was in school. Pritchard had more rowdies than any other dorm I remember, especially on The Pit.

Howdy Neighbor!
I was there the same time don't recall the room # 231 maybe It was indeed a great time!

You were on the 2nd floor in 1975-77?

Oh yes-
I think I remember your room, but I'm trying to remember who you are. My roomate Bob and I were in the big room next to the stairwell facing the quad 76-77 AKA Bob's Bezerko Lounge.

Don't know if I'm violating any TKP rules by using real names, but my name is Dave...roomed with Mark 75-76 and Pete 76-77. Frequently had clouds of blue smoke emanating from under "The Penthouse" door. Across the hall from Gary. I'm not saying I'm responsible (ahem...statute of limitations & all), but know of major fireworks battles, hallway fires, epic snowball fights, and forbidden keg parties.

Yes, I vaguely remember "Bob's Berkerko Lounge". Hmmm...

Lots of blue smoke in those days- i think i remember you. Your room was across from Gary the bookie and near Doug?

If you're on twitter shoot me a DM @unkle_jak

Yep, that's me! And, I still keep in touch with Doug and we were in each other's weddings (one of them anyway). I also am still good friends with Pat (Doug's room mate), Stan, etc. Hope to catch up with them next Friday, when I go down to Blacksburg for my first game in close to 20 years.

Sorry, not on twitter.

Safe travels Pat & Doug were good guys if you see the tell 'em I said hi
Hope you see a win


MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK! Can't wait to see this kid in M & O!!!


Awesome. Even better than the first time

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