Regarding LSU Interviewing Grimes and VT Assistant Salaries

I have few thoughts on the heels of Jeff Grimes reportedly interviewing for the vacant LSU offensive line position. As many of you know, I'm a glass half full kind of guy, so I'll begin with something positive.

This is a good thing for the program—no, not Grimes actually leaving. If you've read anything French wrote last season you'd know that Grimes is a talented position coach and a fine recruiter. Where I'm going with this is in any industry the best want to hire and work with the best. Even if you haven't followed along with the film reviews here, LSU courting Grimes should make you feel good about Beamer Co.'s hire a year ago.

However, there'll be a negative vibe throughout the fan base if we just walk in, and not out of the bar with a looker.

It's no secret that Virginia Tech lands somewhere between cost effective and frugal with how much it pays its coaches. Just look at the USA Today coaches salary database. Bud Foster, arguably the best defensive coordinator in college football, made $535,785 in 2013. That's less than Texas' Manny Diaz ($650,000), who was canned midway through the season, ACC contemporaries Ted Roof ($601,000) and Brent Venables ($800,000), and way too many other defensive coordinators.

Foster did make $5,451 more than Greg Studrawa ($530,334). Studrawa is LSU's former o-line coach. Although, Studrawa's pay in 2013 probably reflects a coordinator's salary because he was LSU's offensive coordinator in 2011 and 2012. However, considering LSU's lowest paid coach, Steve Ensminger ($280,334), earned more than Grimes ($265,000), Grimes would probably be in line for a significant bump in salary at LSU.

Also, a reminder via David Teel that Virginia Tech got Grimes and Scot Loeffler on the cheap.

Virginia Tech football's offensive makeover wasn't nearly as expensive as market rates suggested. New assistant coaches Scot Loeffler, Jeff Grimes and Aaron Moorehead won't be filing 1040EZ forms with the IRS, but thanks to Auburn, the Hokies saved more than $400,000.

As Tech's offensive coordinator, Loeffler's base salary will be $400,000. Grimes, the line coach, will earn $265,000, while Moorehead, the receivers coach and least-experienced of the trio, will make $150,000.

The school revealed those numbers Friday during a news conference to introduce the coaches.

But Loeffler and Grimes worked this past season at Auburn, which fired head coach Gene Chizik and his staff following a 3-9 finish. Loeffler and Grimes have time remaining on their Auburn contract, Loeffler through June 2014, Grimes through June of this year.

According to USA Today's database, Loeffler's base salary at Auburn was $525,000, Grimes' $407,050.

Until the Auburn contracts expire, Tech will pay Loeffler and Grimes the equivalent of $150,000 annually. Paying Loeffler at that rate instead of at a $400,000-per-year rate, for essentially 18 months, saves Tech approximately $375,000.

The savings with Grimes will be about $55,000.

Even the simplest solution, Tech counters any LSU offer with an equally competitive one, is complicated for a few of reasons.

  • I don't believe Grimes will be paid more than the coaches above him on the food chain.
  • If Grimes is getting a raise, then why not Torrian Gray ($221,704)? Gray's a long tenured coach and terrific assistant in his own right.
  • Virginia Tech is transitioning its athletic director, and president for that matter. Who would sign off on any salary adjustments?
  • Is 8-5 and 7-6 good enough for anyone to receive a raise?

According to the USA Today database, of the 105 schools that had information for total staff pay, Virginia Tech had the 38th ($2,219,820) highest staff pay total. Simply put, Tech's going to have to pony up the dough to keep up in another college football arms race.

Among other results, Beamer Co.'s coaching upheaval caused a loss of its foundation—solid staff stability. I doubt Frank had many restless nights worrying if Curt Newsome would be wooed by a marquee SEC program. Changes needed to be made, and now we will see how Beamer Co. reacts after jumping into the water with the rest of the sharks.

Does Beamer Co. have contingency plans in place? Can it maneuver around the change of leadership happening in the offices above them.

Good or bad, it is possible we learn much more than we wanted to about the state of, and future of the program, in the following days and weeks ahead.

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We have a few people that's underpaid. Bud prolly could make a million dollars at some school. He is one of the top DC's in the country. Grimes even tho we got him cheap is one of the best OL coaches in college football as well and should be making more money as well. TG should also get a pay increase. But I don't think tech will pony up the money for these guys

I think VT has finally seen that to play Big time football and to keep up with big time football. You Got to pay for the right coaches. Frank Beamer went the "Buddy Route" and It cost VT, I don't see that happening again. They will ante up on all salaries.

Jack R.

I'm not so sure they have seen this. They pay less than LOUVA does and you look at a place like Louisville and Clemson that have made serious financial commitments to jump into the big leagues of college football and pay for coaches (irony about Petrino aside) and I think VT has had a "let's hold the course" mentality to it. We fought tooth and nail to get to where we are now on restrictive coaching budgets and I think the previous Admin and AD believed VT could keep fighting tooth and nail against the big boys and succeed. The two questions are now about the new President and AD. Do they want to invest in football? Sorry, the third question is about boosters.

I like the new Pres. I think academically it's a great hire. I wish it had been the guy from KState but I like this hire too. The negative for where football is concerned is that he is from Purdue. Not known to be a powerhouse program nor one that understands that you need to spend the money to compete. There coaching staff is paid much less than VT. Will he be influenced by that? Or does he understand college football, especially at VT is something to invest in?

Once the AD hire is made known then we should have a good sense of what the program is going for. My hope is they find someone that has a tremendous track record at building the boosters relationship with the school. As others have pointed out in other programs across the nation that do pay high salaries a lot of that money is from Booster dollars.

The new AD needs to be able to get the current Boosters more interested in supporting the program and increase the Booster population and donations. We all saw our sold out game record go bye bye this season. A large part of that was because Boosters that traditionally would buyout unsold tickets to make it a "sold out" game refused to do so any more. Was it a message to the AD to schedule better opponents? Maybe. Hopefully. But the clear message was that the Boosters have changed and won't blindly throw money at the program.

I would comment on the "Buddy Route" but I think Joe said it already in his article about Grimes and VT assistants.

Tech needs help from Boosters...most of the 'big money programs' have a pretty generous fanbase donating a pretty significant amount of $$$ to the programs

"I like to hit a home run early" ~ Whit "knows how to create a Buzz" Babcock

Does Tech have the money to jump into said shark tank?

"Go Hokies!" - Thomas Jefferson


Which wallet is yours?

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Currently the likely answer is no, but hopefully the new AD can really help better VT Athletics across the board.

Hokies, Redskins and Braves fan since birth.

'Ello gents. New to the board here.

My 2cents. A couple possibilities:

1) Grimes hates Blacksburg and wants out (not possible, right?)
2) Grimes doesn't like what he sees from the VT program, or doesn't get along with some of the coaches (maybe?)
3) Grimes loves VT, but doesn't feel like he is making enough money here and this is a leverage move for a raise (hopefully)

but in any my opinion, even if Grimes doesn't go to LSU, I'm not getting the warm fuzzies on the long term outlook of our OL, if he is shopping around after 1 year in Blacksburg, I personally don't expect this to be a very long tenure. (hopefully I am completely wrong though, I don't want to lose Grimes)

I personally don't think it's any of that. If you heard of a job that's in your field that you know could lead to bigger and better things, would you not put feelers out to test the waters? If you got a positive vibe back, would you not pursue it to see what it offers? I don't think he's shopping around, but I also don't think he's trying to establish roots in Blacksburg. There are few assistant coaches that will go to a school to stay there forever and usually it's for one of two reasons: lots of money (Chad Morris type of money) or an emotional connection (coaching at your alma mater like Torrian Gray). Don't consider it a slight to VT because Grimes is seeing what else is out there. That's what life is like in the professional world. You should never close your eyes to opportunities around you.

My trip to get more coffee (and not refreshing the page) caused me to post essentially the same thing.

Its also important to understand that Grimes wasnt on a search mission, LSU reached out to him. And when an SEC program reaches out to you you at least listen.

this is true. hopefully things work out, and Grimes is with the good guys next year (and like many others have mentioned, by work out, I mean VT opening up the checkbook for its assistants)

I believe this is closer to the case. In any profession, it doesn't hurt to look. If someone is willing to offer you a raise in your pay, you at least listen to what they have to say. This is true of CEO or a pizza man. If his resume was on LinkedIn asking around for any and all open positions, that would be different.

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I try to remember that these coaches are professionals, just like many of us. If you work in the private sector and the biggest dog in your industry calls and wants to talk about increasing your pay and giving you the chance to work for the best in your business, you HAVE to at least listen. I work on the corporate side of retail. If Target or Macy's calls, I'm listening, no matter how loyal I am to my current employer.

I totally agree, but, maybe I'm old fashioned, IMO, there is an ethical question to that, if you've been in your current position for such a short time. During my most recent job hunt, I had a bunch of resumes out there, had a couple interviews, got a job. About 3 months later, one of the places I sent a resume to called to offer me an interview (who knows why it took them so long), the job would have put me making about 10K more, but being that I had just accepted this job, I turned it down (and I don't make nearly enough that a pay bump like that wouldn't affect me), but it just wasn't the right time anymore, my conscience held me back from that one.

Granted, the world of college and professional sports coaching is vastly different from the way my profession works, I'd like to think if I got a coaching gig somewhere, made all these goals and promises to other coaches and players, I'd stick around for a least a little while.

I can also see why he would listen to their call, obvious pay increase, and the job isn't going to wait for him. I'm not taking it as a slight towards VT, but thinking realistically, if after 1 year he is interviewing elsewhere, I don't expect him to be in Blacksburg for all that long

Old fashioned for sure.

To me its all about the narrative. The narrative that fits best here is we got these guys on the cheap for less than their market value. Does not surprise me that Grimes is the first to find his market value.

If thats how you roll ... lowballing people... you should have contingency plans in place to deal with higher turnover. Its your own damn fault as a result of the lowballing strategy you took.

You can build long term or you can huck and shuck. We been hucking and shucking for far too f***ing long.

interviewing after one year is something I have done before, but when I do it it doesn't make twitter.

but if your prior employer hired you at much less than your market value, your interviewing was eminently predictable

loyalty should be to your family and those you most care about... an employer hiring you significantly beneath market value??? aaaaah... not so much.

Not any more...I just tweeted it!



The difference is that in the world of sports, the schools or organizations are not loyal to the coaches in most circumstances. Beamer is more loyal than most. Its much more "what have you done for me lately"....

A coach can be fired in a they have to try and get the money and climb the ladder. Especially if he has aspirations to be a head coach.


Does cost of living factor into payscale at all?

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Baton Rouge and Blacksburg are probably pretty similar in costs.

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not when you throw in the money for the private schools, home security systems, etc. down in the town of Red Stick

Just another gut-wrenching, can't breathe, I lost my voice, not now, did that just happen, just gimme this one, Virginia Tech Saturday

VT needs to step up the pay of quality assistants.....key word quality

To be the man you gotta beat the man! Woooooooo!!

For what its worth the articles on the situation seem to key in on other guys they are interviewing instead of Grimes. But Grimes is more qualified than most of the candidates as well so who knows.

Edit: Did some searching this morning. Looks like there are quite a few people that feel that Grimes is the guy and that it may be a done deal. So I stand corrected. Not solid #Sources though

An LSU message board seems to think its a done deal...but no credible reports yet

lol, yeah I was lurking back then, hence the "no credible reports" part

Yea, the whole LSU message board thing could just be wishful thinking. It also could be a case where Miles has offered it to Grimes, and Grimes is waiting to talk to Beamer and/or waiting for a counteroffer. A lot of people with "sources" often equate "offer" with "done deal."

Or I'm just trying to mitigate my fear of losing a quality coach right before signing day.

I'm still dreaming of a Pep Hamilton offense, don't ruin it!

I have friends who've gotten to know the Grimes family, and by all accounts they (the Grimes) love Blacksburg. Obviously, this by no means guarantees he will stay, but it gives me a slight sense of optimism. He's done an outstanding job here and I really hope he sticks around for a while.

Not the bagman VT deserves, but the bagman VT needs right now.

that addresses my biggest fear... that this family man (props to him) had an unhappy family and needed a move for their sake. How they could be unhappy in Blacksburg is beyond me, but I guess maybe it's not for everyone. Did I just blaspheme there?

If the family's truly happy, then the next thing to look at here is pay. Gotta take care of the family financially. Maybe distance from extended family is an issue? Maybe he's unhappy with his work environment? But he'd worked with Loeffler before and I have a hard time seeing him not getting along with Beamer and Co. Ambition? Maybe some combination of those. These are the things that come to mind.

When they report $535,785 as Foster's salary, is that total compensation? Specifically does it include the bonus he has been promised if he stays at VT through 20XX (I forgot which year)?

I believe Foster gets essentially $1,000,000.00 deferred salary/bonus if he stays for a certain number of years. Made him one of the hightest paid assistants at the time.

The annuity is apparently 800K, not 1 million as first reported. But it essentially adds $160K per year to his salary.

So, to those who say "Bud Foster should make more like $700,000 than $540,000" the answer is, "he does." To those who say he should make $800,000, well, what's a hundred thousand bucks between friends?

Its $800,000 and it kicks in at end of 2014 season, but if he gets a job paying him $1mil a year, he makes that deferred money up in two years, let alone if he negotiates a signing bonus to leave the deferred payment. Loyalty and continuity is what keeps Bud here, but he would have to at least consider a jump like that.

Rob Peterson
Charlie/Hotel Company
Class of 1999

Absolutely, I was just thinking that, when factored properly, Bud's "real" salary leaves some room to increase the pay for other folks on the staff without upsetting any hierarchy. Bottom line though is that VT has to pay more money to more people going forward (significantly more).

One year is quick to make a lateral move, even for more money. Maybe Grimes is a lifetime o-line coach and he just wants to be in the very best spot, while VT was a way to make a years pay. LSU is one of a small handful of schools that is a legit step up as a football coaching destination.

My concern is for guys like Teller and Smith who have talent but moved to the o-line in no small part because they thought they could succeed under Grimes. Also concerning is that we have little o-line depth and we will certainly see a few defections from the incoming fab-5 recruiting class if Grimes leaves (beyond Taylor, who is likely already 50/50 given tOSUs offer).

I am not trying to be all the sky is falling or anything, but this loss makes our 2015 aspirations very, very daunting.

Let's hope it's just a passing nightmare and we're all awoken by a fat pay raise for Grimes and the others.

Something's brewing in Blacksburg...

Other programs have assistants take higher paid deals all the time. I don't think that VT should hold coaches to a higher standard. Not all programs have a coach for as long as we have had Frank, Foster staying has been a saving grace for this program, and it took Beamer too long to let go of the people who were in way over their heads at the positions they had. Getting young quality position coaches is going to mean bigger programs are going to come calling. If we get a quality receiving core putting up solid numbers, Moorehead will get offers from schools with deeper pockets and richer histories. This is Virginia Tech, we are not on the same level as the big boys. The fact that we can stay close to some of those teams is an amazing feat.

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Could not have said it better! IF you want to hold on to your good younger assistants then break out the checkbook!

"Not all programs have a coach for as long as we have had Frank, Foster staying has been a saving grace for this program, and it took Beamer too long to let go of the people who were in way over their heads at the positions they had"

I was just coming back to chime on something like this, maybe I am surprised at Grimes interviewing with LSU after only a year, because as Hokie fans, we are not entirely used to the real nature of high level coaching, where various assistants head elsewhere and new assistants are being brought in regularly, we have years go by (until last year) with very little changes on the coaching staff, and I've got to remember that VT was the exception to the rule, not the norm.

USC just lost a coach before one week after being ANNOUNCED as coach. So a year is an eternity.

Which wallet is yours?

The one that says "Bad Motherfucker"

THIS^^^^ unfortunately.

True Hokies STICK IT IN!!!

STICK IT IN Army of Virginia Tech


I think I remember that not too long ago, when Beamer was being interviewed by UNC, that all of our assistant coaches got raises to take the VT total pool for coaching to #4 in the Country. It sounds like we have fallen significantly behind if we are now down in the low 30's.

Tech is also one of the few schools where the athletic department generally brings in more revenue than its expenses. Instead of giving back to the general scholarship fund, they might need to open the purse strings a little.

True, and VT's in an interesting position to get into contests with other schools over coaches as we have an interim athletic director.
Mrs. McCloskey is more than up to the task, but does she have the ability to counter-offer with salary increases, etc?
Does it put pressure on the new administration to get the new AD in?
Does a decision on coaches now potentially undermine any new AD hires?

Interesting stuff......

She kinda painted herself into a corner with those comments (before all this) about leaving all salary issues for the new AD so that she doesn't have everyone coming to her asking for raises like happened the last time she was interim AD. Made sense when she said it, but in hindsight... would have been better to keep that comment to herself and deal with people coming to her. She could always tell them no, talk to the new AD. But a blanket statement gets you into trouble when there needs to be an exception. Handling this kind of thing is the job of the AD, afterall... interim or no.

Exactly. Our total budget pales in comparison to the shark tank, but we definitely are in the black and can afford some smart investments in people.

This is very disheartening to me. If we lose Grimes over money it will be inexcusable and will cost the program more than they would have spent to keep him in goodwill from the fanbase and donors.

If he does leave I sure hope it's for more than the cash.

Profit and Value are distinctly different though. While VT football (or even athletics) may not be profitable on it's own the value it has brought to the university in terms of recognition and esteem has been vast. Case in point, I came from a small 8000 person town in northern Nevada. My connection to VT was my grandfather and before my junior year of HS I had never even heard of VT. I was big into college football back then as well but in those days it was ND, Miami, FSU, BIG10, USC and Colorado. I had no idea what Hokie football or the university was about. But that's changed now, and as my brother, now an educator, told me some seniors are going into engineering and one of them had applied to VT. Why? because he knew it from football. He ended up choosing a school in CA I believe as he couldn't quite bring himself to go so far from home but before me not a kid in 20 years had gone East of the Rockies to school. let alone to a remote school in Southwest VA.

That is a change then. I remember a report that showed we were both profitable and giving money back to the school.

The numbers vary year-to-year with projects, payments, etc... That article shows a snapshot of one year I believe.

I think the giving back is the subsidies, which are just the operating budget allocation that the athletic department receives from the overall university budget in the first place. The difference in the two links show that the VT is in fact not a self-sufficient entity that gives back more than it receives, which was news to me.

Quote from this bitter article:

"The athletic departments total expenses were $62.6 million, meaning it covered costs by $4.3 million. But that net gain is in part due to a $7.5 million subsidy, nearly all of which is through student fees (something my predecessor wrote about last year). That number accounted for 11.3 percent of Techs total revenue."

Student athletic fees should be a part of the revenue without being considered a subsidy. Every college charges them that is why students get free tickets!

This is why people often say "Beamer built Virginia Tech" or "Paterno built Penn State". They aren't referring to the football programs, but instead the university as a whole.
Also, unless I'm completely delusional, I'm pretty sure that the VT Football Program, by itself, is making a nice profit. It's the non-profit sports, which includes essentially every sport except for football and basketball, that can bring athletic departments into the red.

I did notice looking at the assistant coach salary database that even big name schools often had a very large disparity in assistant pay, often having a handful of assistants with fairly low salaries. VT isn't going to be able to spend the money that some of these schools spend, so it becomes vitally important that the coaches on staff are paid appropriately. With that in mind, let's take a look at our staff:

Foster - It's hard to disagree that Bud earns his money and should get a raise, but I think $600k is the number VT should be looking at. Getting up around $800k starts to stretch the budget too thinly and would be detrimental to the quality of the remaining coaching staff.

Wiles - I'd evaluate fair compensation for Wiles at $300k. Clearly fits with the coaches and defensive system and does a solid job coaching the D-Line. Haven't heard his name come up as being more than a D-Line coach and might be tied to Foster, so upward mobility appears to be limited.

Gray - I think he deserves $350k, but $300k keeps him around for a few years. I'm not sure how paying him more than Wiles would go over due to "time served" among the staff, but Gray almost certainly has a higher career ceiling. I have to imagine that not only do larger schools have their eye on Torrian, but he his pro coaching experience could result in him pursuing that route as well. He has done a phenomenal job with the DBs in addition to being a critically important recruiter in FL and GA.

Grimes - I'd value Grimes at around $350k, and would support going up to $400k. Would that even be enough to keep him at VT? Unfortunately I have my doubts with his SEC background. He greatly improved OL play in a single year and has managed to recruit true o-lineman from all over the map, something that the staff failed at miserably in prior years. I absolutely want to keep Grimes, but I can't help but think it's a matter of time before some team offers him more than we can afford to match.

Loeffler - I'd value him around $350-400k (mostly because I'm not sure you can pay Grimes more than Loeffler). I think Lefty will have VT going in the right direction, but how many schools would be willing to open up the checkbook considering his offensive rankings at Auburn and VT? His success with the new QB recruits will go a long way in telling his story. For now, I think it's a win-win situation for both Loeffler and VT.

Stinespring - I honestly hate saying this, but I would value Stinespring at about $220k. Compare Stinespring's current salary of $312k- and that's after he took a paycut last year- to Chip West, frequently cited as UVA's top recruiter who was largely responsible for their success in the 757, who makes $220k and even the great recruiter card loses a little shine. I'm not opposed to having Coach Stinespring on the staff, but as a TE coach and recruiting specialist his skillset suggests he should be one of our lower paid assistant coaches.

Shane Beamer - I'd prefer to keep him at $216k, but $250k is the most I'd want to pay. The RBs haven't had success under Shane, which could be attributed to the lack of an elite tailback, but also, as French has opined many times throughout the year, the puzzling lack of situational awareness and stubborn adherence to a set rotation is frustrating to say the least. Shane has done a solid job recruiting in central VA and has upside, but it's still early in his career and I'm not sold he's proven as a coach yet.

Brown - Remain at his current salary of $216k. I want to give Brown a chance as it is early in his career and he is still somewhat unproven as a coach and recruiter. Hard to tell what impact he has coaching outside linebackers, a position that has struggled to produce quality players and subsequently hasn't even been used on the field steadily in a couple seasons now.

Moorehead - As this is his first coaching gig, $150k isn't an unreasonable salary. However, let me quickly say that I think within a few years Moorehead could easily deserve closer to $250k. He appeared to do an above average job with a WR group that had issues with talent and experience. From my understanding, he is doing a fantastic job on the recruiting trail at getting us recruits from areas that we've traditionally struggled with (DC and MD).

I am wondering what measuring stick you used to come up with these salaries? Does any of this take into account that if we want to fill that empty case in the football center, we likely will have to spend early to see the returns. Get better coaches and recruiters, get better results on the field, get back to selling out games, get higher amounts of donations from Alums.

We are better off circling up than down so doing what it takes to retain quality coaches should be the acting AD's primary focus right now.

One thing I would be interested to see is what the school takes in for memorabilia sales, and what percentage of these sales are attributed to the football program? Most folks buy gear to wear for games and pride, pride in what? I would speculate most its pride in the football team.

This is Moorehead's second coaching gig, as he was an assistant coach(wide receivers) at Stanford for three years before coming here.

Rob Peterson
Charlie/Hotel Company
Class of 1999

I believe Moorehead's previous position was unpaid or at least minimally paid, so this is his first full go with full pay and recruiting expectations.

“When life knocks you down plan to land on your back, because if you can look up, you can get up, if you fall flat on your face it can kill your spirit” - David Wilson

"We are better than we think, but not quite what we want to be" - Nikki Giovanni

He was also a GA at UNM for a year. (Go Lobos!!)

Not the bagman VT deserves, but the bagman VT needs right now.

The measuring stick I tried to use was reviewing the coaching salary database and making an educated guess as to what is realistically affordable for Virginia Tech. Why would I take the empty trophy case into account? It's pretty simple to do that exercise- spend loads of money on any coach you want (i.e. the Alabama, Texas, Clemson model). If you believe that's realistic for VT, add $100-200k to every number I put out there and you have it.

Personally, I don't foresee us outspending everyone so logic dictates that we have to be smart about how we allocate our limited resources (thinking Moneyball). I believe the secret to VT keeping together an overall above average staff for slightly below market value has been Beamer's loyalty. The more we stray from this, as we have with the latest coaching hires, the smarter we have to be with the salary of each assistant coach. I also don't buy the assertion that the amount of money spent on coaches directly correlates to better results on the field, selling out games, or higher donations (see Texas, Arkansas, Florida, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia). My proposed salaries would bring the total Staff Pay to $2.8 million (from $2.2 million), which is just about FSU's total staff pay from last season. Michigan spends $3 million and Oregon $3.1 million on for their staffs. I'm just curious how much you think we can realistically afford?

As for Moorehead, others addressed it below. My understanding was that he was an assistant wide receivers coach in some capacity at Stanford, but didn't technically count toward the number of coaches on staff. It is pretty unclear though.

I agree wholeheartedly. I mentioned early when it was misreported that LSU was interviewing Stiney that I felt he was getting paid a salary disproportionate with his value and responsibilities. That is money out of the pockets of coaches that have higher value.

I'm glad someone (Go team shakeitallabout!) did some actual research.When you look at those numbers, you just shake your head. He's getting paid a lot of money after failing at his previous job, and as I said before, should count himself as lucky that he still has any job.

Seems to be a good TE coach, and an excellent recruiter, but let's not pretend that it isn't a minor coaching position. And from what I can see, recruiting these days is as much about excitement for the program and excited recruiters as it is about relationships with schools.

At the end of the day, the relationship with the school will be tertiary to the recruiter's ability to connect with athletes, and with his sales pitch. We've seen it go that way a lot over the past 5 years, losing out on great in-state recruits (Grant to OSU, Kirven to 'bama, Turner & Williams to UNC, Andrew Brown to UVA) that we were, from at least some accounts in the catbird seat entering their senior HS years.

I think the next AD needs to have a firm conversation with Stiney over his salary, and let him know that if he doesn't want the gravy train to end, he's going to have to accept another pay cut.

Always. Be. Closing. I'm no salesman, but there are plenty of them out there that would love a 6 figure salary, stability, and a bonus structure that isn't entirely dependent on their own hits & misses.

Hell, I bet a few of them might even be able to coach Tight Ends.

Yeah, we should not be paying Stinespring that much. I know he's the "recruiting coordinator" and all, but every NCAA coach spends a lot of time recruiting. It just comes with the job description. Maybe I would argue that his salary is justified if he landed some of the 5 star 757 recruits this year.

The guy took a demotion but stayed with the team because it was in the team's best interest... He's shown great loyalty and should be rewarded accordingly.

Not to mention that every player seems to rave about him. He's earned his salary.

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Lavishly rewarding loyalty is what got us into this mess. And before I go any further, let me establish that loyalty is a great selling point for VT football. I'm not downplaying the virtue. But I will not agree that loyalty should trump results -- not at the salaries college football coaches make.

You say he stayed with the team for the sake of the team as though he had other options on the table. As I recall, he came up empty on a number of interviews for positions with other teams.

So while I applaud his willingness to take a demotion & modest pay cut and play nice with the new OC, I'm just a tad too cynical to ignore that he really didn't have a choice if he wanted to keep receiving a paycheck coaching football.

What Stiney earned with his job performance was a long-overdue demotion.

What he earned with his loyalty was not being fired, and an incredible salary for his lesser responsibilities.

I'd be interested in knowing: Of all the coaches who make less than their peers, could it be that we pay Stinespring better than most of his peers on other teams?

I really don't mean to tear him down. I'm trying to just be objective. I personally value Grimes more than I do Stinespring. And I think we are about to see that LSU does as well.

The question then is, how does VT value Grimes?

Grimes has been offered the LSU OL position per Kyle Bailey

It's pretty straightforward:
If we want to get and hold onto the coaches we need, we will have to be competitive with the salaries of other schools, which means the alumni will have to pony up.

Just wanted to throw this out there as it seems relevant - Jeremy Pruitt, DC at FSU who made $500,000 last year and expected to see a significant raise has been hired at UGA for $850,000 annually. This problem is only going to get worse. If we get a coach we like, we probably shouldn't expect him to hang around too long, unless the market levels off tremendously.

It was a catch

The SEC = the New York Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers

The ACC = the other teams

Which wallet is yours?

The one that says "Bad Motherfucker"

Just to be clear, Boston had the 4th highest payroll in MLB last year, but with $159M to the Dodgers 2nd place finish at $216M (NYY at $228M). The Red Sox are closer to 25th than first and closer to 14th than 2nd. There is a distinct line between NYY/LAD and everyone else, Red Sox included.

Its more the
SEC = Yankees (7 of top 15 Athletic Revenues in NCAA)
Big Ten = Dodgers (5 of top 15)
Big 12 = Red Sox (2 of top 15)
ACC/All other Conferences = The dregs (ACC (Louisville) 1 of top 15)

Rob Peterson
Charlie/Hotel Company
Class of 1999

Of the reported salaries, Clemson's Chad Morris was the highest paid assistant in the country last season. Clemson DC Brent Venables was 7th.

This is the lesson to be learned through all of this.

If the ACC wants to be taken seriously football-wise, it's going to have to start handing out the dough that could poach SEC coordinators from their positions to coach the same position, not just as head coach.

Til' then, all we're ever going to hear is about #SECDOMINANCE



If this is the future of Big-Time college football, I'm not so sure VT has the resources to consistently compete at a high level. Takes an awful lot of luck to find quality coaches that will stick to a program paying significantly less than what they can get elsewhere.

Luck was not with us the past decade. We got only one-half of the equation, and the last two years is its legacy.

Who does have that money? Very few schools can do that. One thing to consider is that along with that money comes higher expectations and risk. You could be out very quickly.

VT could potentially be one of the more financially well-supported universities in the entire nation with all the top-shelf engineers and architects it's churning out lately.

Maybe set up a program where we give those majors preferential treatment in obtaining season tickets while they're in college with hopes of a payoff when they are alumni (joking, sort of).

Something's brewing in Blacksburg...

And if we don't keep up with the present assistant coach winds, our recent inflection point will be academic (i.e., followed by another inflection point) and we will head back below mediocrity.
Invest in the future! We actually started doing that pretty much on the cheap, now follow through VT AD and Pres!

Pain is Temporary
Chicks Dig Scars
Glory is Forever
Let's Go Hokies!!

My 2 cents: a) he is arguably the best hire of the 3 new coaches b) he seems to be more about relationships than money c) his family, according to some reports, love it here
My prediction: he is offered position, but the increase in money isn't enough to lure him away. Will choose to raise his family in the Burg while re-affirming Beamers desire to build-and maintain a yearly contender. Geaux away kitty cats!

Eat your vegetables.

I think that Jim Weaver fought a good fight trying to keep our athletic program in the black. A lot of big schools have athletic departments that lose money every year. But a side effect of that is losing a competitive edge when attracting coaches and assistants to Blacksburg. Luckily, they all seem to like it enough to be paid less.

Live for 32. Ut Prosim. Let's Go, Hokies.

This will become a big test for a brand new AD. Hopefully he will stay, but if it is a raise AND an SEC team you go to think he will take the job.