Hokie Hoops: Team JJ or Team Cadarian?

It's day 52 of what has become the most interesting thing to hit the Cassell Coliseum floor since the Red Pandahalftime show.

52 days ago, center Cadarian Raines was pulled from the Furman game after just three minutes, never to check back in. Rumors were flying about Raines possibly mouthing off to head coach James Johnson, who then promptly took disciplinary action. Since then, however, Raines has played a total of 56 minutes out of a possible 360 over the last nine game, a punishment that has turned into something much more.

Even worse? We have no idea what Cadarian did.

Now, it seems as if we have one or two team insiders that may know what's going on, but to the general public? JJ has let nothing show, instead saying things like, "I think it's more so what Joey [van Zegeren] and Trevor's [Thompson] been able to do." He's also hinted he believes Thompson and walk-on Christian Beyer have simply been more productive in games.

"Raines is probably what, a four-point-a-game career guy?" Johnson said, when pressed on the issue of his forgotten center. "He's going to be in the mix. He's going to get an opportunity at some point. He has to be ready to go. But right now, the way those other guys are playing I'm going to go with them. But he's ready to go if his name is called."

I want to take a look at this from multiple angles, but specifically what it means to the team both on and off of the court. But first, let's get to the fun part: what in the hell could Raines have done to warrant this sort of cold shoulder?

Did he eat the last Carol Lee Donut? Jelly filled, it's JJ's fave.

Did he mention Seth's name in the Cassell?

Or this Tweet from December 13, 2013 that has since been deleted, "Mane I miss my coach @SethOnHoops".

Was he caught wearing JJ's unworn Clemson polo?

Anyway, you get it, this thing has gotten out of hand. Before I continue, let me get on record as saying that I have nothing against a coach that sticks to his principles. I respect a man built on integrity and morals, it's just that I as a fan (and often the players who cross said coach) usually like to know the standard of those principles. That being said, we have literally no idea what's going on. Even people that I talk to, people who have given me awesome insider info and scoops over the last year and a half, have no clue what's going on.

This impacts the Hokies strategically on the court, in recruiting and in the press. Despite all of that, no one has said a damn thing, not even the standard "violation of team rules" go-to. Nope, instead we get this bizarre situation where Raines solemnly looks on from the bench while JJ's face tightens even more as one of his other big men misses a hook shot wide-left.

Let's take a look at the top three ways in which this impacts the team.

On the Court

At first glance, it doesn't look like Tech is suffering much without Raines. Statistically, they're rebounding the ball well and have improved defensively. As far as numbers go, things could have gone much worse. Now, though, let's use the little used basketball tool that we all have called "eyes". What does this Virginia Tech basketball team present? A bunch of dudes that like to chuck the ball from deep (Eddie, Emelogu, Smith, Wood), a couple of front-facing bigs (Barksdale, Thompson) and a center in JVZ whose offensive strategy seems to be "IMMA DUNK WHETHER IT WORKS OR NOT."

You know what the team doesn't have? A big bodied center who can score with his back to the basket. I realize in today's small-ball obsessed basketball culture, the presence and importance of a very solid big man gets overlooked. But think about what a guy like that means to this team: sometimes, when in the midst of a shooting drought, the team can throw the ball into a guy who has a very high chance of scoring, getting fouled or both. It's a much higher percentage offensive opportunity than, say, shooting your twentieth three pointer.

Raines is simply one of the best five players on this team, and when you simply don't play one of your five best players your team generally has a bad time. Sure, defensively he's not the best at moving his feet, which gets him into foul trouble like no one's business. I've seen some of you point that out on other posts on this site. But if you think for one second that foul trouble means that he just simply isn't worth playing, you have obviously not watched this team struggle so miserably inside on offense.

Keeping Raines on the bench is legitimately hurting this team's chances of winning each game, which makes one wonder why this is happening. I don't think that this point is a secret to Johnson, and one could take it as that he's making a bad situation even worse by being stubborn about it.

On the Trail

College basketball recruiting is not my forte, but if you simply go with logic, this situation doesn't look good on JJ from any angle. If you were a young kid, and you not only see that a senior is being benched for no apparent reason, but that the coach refuses to talk about it, how secure would you feel coming to play for that coach. Not only that, but would you want to play for a guy whose players look like they're all about to go stand in line at the DMV? Seriously, I haven't seen one of these guys crack a smile in weeks and look like playing is almost a chore. I know JJ is an awesome recruiter, and he's probably sold his current commitments three or four times by now, but doesn't it make a difference that he's in the middle of a conflict that he directly controls? If you were the coach of a different team, wouldn't you want to take advantage of that?

Things like this burn bridges, not only with the player (in this case Raines) but with former coaches and associates of that player. Remember, this isn't football, where you only have one relationship to maintain (to the high school coach). In basketball there's also the tricky AAU circuit to contend with. If you burn a bridge with one coach or team in particular, it's quite likely that word spreads. I'm not saying that you should ever make a decision as a coach to cater to any sort of coach/organization other than your own (otherwise you turn into Mike London-era Virginia football), I'm just saying that sometimes you have to remember consequences of certain actions.

Again, I'm not saying that this whole episode absolutely will have a huge impact on the recruiting trail, but there could definitely be some consequences from these actions.

In the Press

This is where things could start going south in a hurry for both JJ and his squad. You would have to think that this has already become a distraction for the team. Not only is one of the two seniors on the team being sat for reasons unknown to the public, but now reporters are asking about it? There is no way that this is sitting well with the team.

The way it impacts the team itself pales in comparison to how it impacts JJ as a head coach. If there has been one thing that he has been consistently good at during his entire tenure in Blacksburg has been preaching accountability and integrity. He loves honest competition in practice and playing the guys who give their all.

While the results have never been there (albeit in a small sample size), his message is one that has the possibility of making you think that he could lead this team to the light at the end of the tunnel. When you read stories like this and this however, all positive notions go out the window. Does the coach in that piece sound like someone who's in control? Does it sound like someone doing absolutely everything in his power to win basketball games right now?

As Aaron McFarling's story (the one I just linked to) says, "Johnson insists that Raines is not injured or being disciplined. Hes just been passed by other players." Yeah, okay, and Fredo Corleone simply "drowned on a fishing trip". Why can't JJ be completely honest with us? Why is he just staring media members in the face and lying to them? Cadarian Raines is the best pure post player on this team. You can throw out the names of other guys that you think can play better, but you're simply not right.

This is a terrible situation to be in for a guy that will have to scrap and claw his way through the next few seasons simply to finish out his contract. Will he be able to fight back his pride and put his team in the best position possible to win games?

If not, his tenure might be much shorter than some of us expected it to be.


Team Cadarian. Having no clue what it's about, it seems like JJ's on a power trip. Play the Kid.

Go Tech


U S A, U S A, U S A, U S A!

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

With all due respect, you aren't privy to what has been going on behind the scenes. Personally, I'm all for JJ laying down the law if players are insubordinate to him or are sulking because they've been beaten out for PT. Can't have the inmates running the asylum.

I have no way of knowing, obviously, but my suspicion is that Joey Van Zegaren and Trevor Thompson have simply been playing better than Raines in practice.

Team Cadarian, I miss Seth. We should have all been happy being on the bubble.

i dont necesarily miss seth but i'll take what he brought to the table over what we got now.

"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster

You do recall that Seth had a losing year his last season at VT, right?

Not to get too far down the rabbit hole, but YOU do recall that last year's team was worse than Seth's final year, and this year's team is headed for a similar fate, right?

Our final record that year was 16-17. We went 4-12 in the conference, plus 1-1 in the tournament. Our OOC losses were to #5 Syracuse by 11, Minnesota by 3, K State by 8, and BYU by 2.

8 of our 12 conference losses were by 4 or less or in OT. The "outliers" were a 14 point loss to #8 UNC, a 15 point loss to #7 Duke, a 16 point loss to Miami (only "bad" one of these) and a 12 point loss to NCAAT-bound NC State in our regular season finale. In the tourney, we beat Clemson before losing by 4 to Duke.

I remember the Greenberg years fondly. I remember watching our team over-perform almost annually. Seth always had us competitive, especially in games we had no business winning. Yes, we had some bad losses over the years, and Seth's last year in Blacksburg we suffered many close losses, but I actually enjoyed watching that team play, because I knew there was a chance we'd pull out the win, regardless of the opponent.

This season, I've seen just a handful of games on TV. I haven't found the motivation to make it to any of the games in Cassell even though I live 10 minutes from campus (though part of that was my schedule for the fall.... I advise you to never try to do school more than half-time while working full-time). The 2013-14 Hokies basketball team just isn't a whole lot of fun to watch.

I'm on Team Cadarian. It is worth noting, however, that JVZ has showed great improvement this season and is beginning to show signs of real potential. Obviously, his offensive game is still lagging behind, but he's no longer the "project" that he once was in Blacksburg.
Still, there is no way JJ can honestly believe that playing Thompson and Beyer gives him a better chance to win. I think it's pretty impossible to be on Team JJ in this situation.

Honestly, I thought JJ would have 3 years to attempt to right the ship (didn't think he had the skills to do it and still don't) and then would see the door. Now, I'm thinking he might be out after this year. With a new AD, his job security will be low and he's not performing. Not to mention the fact that he's having the same issue Greenberg had with players transferring. The difference is that Greenberg could win games, whether he made it to the NCAA tourny or not. Greenberg was fired because he wasn't getting us to the Tournament and because he wasn't playing nice with the rest of Athletics. Now JJ isn't getting us near even the NIT. I think JJ is a great guy, but not the guy for the job.

Same here. Not on either side in this one, but I thought he would get three years. However with our current play losing to BC will get him canned even by an interim AD at the end of the season. Heck she might have started a search for the new AD to pull the trigger on.

I was worried when we hired a coach with ZERO experience especially in the ACC. I just hope that Tech has been saving the money difference between Greenberg and Johnson so they can get somebody good.

He'll get at least one more year, possibly two. For one thing, Seth didn't leave him with much in the way of talent. (Many VT fans seem to want to forget that Seth went 15-16 his last season at VT.) The the timing of Seth's firing meant that James Johnson and his new staff got a very late start on last year's recruiting class. Then he lost two players that he thought he'd have this season (Malik Mueller to the NCAA clearinghouse and Donte Clark to grades). Finally, it seems like half of this year's team is either sick or injured at any given point in time.

The people at VT understand all of this. Considering what he was up against last year, Johnson still managed to bring in a decent class and he just signed a solid group for 2014, including a potential difference-maker in Jalen Hudson.

IMHO, many VT fans are giving up on him way too early. Coach K endured three losing seasons at Duke before turning that program around.

Remember if Seth stays -Montrez Harrell is a Hokie. Coach K wouldn't have lasted in today's environment. Same with Beamer. JJ has no credentials to prove that he can turn the ship around and he hasn't shown that he's a good coach yet. I think he gets next year cause the new AD won't want to can him after just showing up to the job him/herself. But if we don't make massive improvements next year he'll be asked to leave and we'll need another Seth type that's good at rebuilding programs .

I'm going to say with about 95% certainty that even if Seth stays, Harrell decommits. His stock was sky-rocketing during his senior season, and he had late offers from almost everyone.

Yeah, I knew that and I still stand by what I said.

...but it would have been impossible.

...when a kid doesn't want to go to a school, we've seen him dropped from his NLI. If he doesn't want to be there, you can either be the bad guy and force him to sit a year, or let him go. Look at the case with Eddie Vanderdoes. Decided he didn't want to go to Notre Dame, ended up eventually going to UCLA. I don't think Harrell would have played a second of basketball in Blacksburg one way or another.

i'm starting to wonder if we'll win another game. i know we will but i feel chicken little creeping up when i watch this team take bad shot after bad shot and come out of a time out with the game on the line with friggin iso drawn up for one of the freshman to chuck up a bad shot .

"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster

I said this once and I'll say it again. JJ is one of the nicest dudes I have ever met. However, even though we are only half way through his second season as a head coach....the guy is not a great head coach. He is a great recruiter, great assistant coach. But when it comes to disciplining guys and leading a team of young, and sometime egotistic, basketball players...he stinks at it. Seth Greenberg would have chewed out Raines for whatever he did, then told him to get his A** back out there and make a play. And that would of been that. Greenberg was good at always playing the best players, but at the same time making sure they knew who was boss. JJ cant do that. I really am pulling for JJ, cause I like him as a person....but he needs to find a way to gain respect while while winning game.

-Mr. 501

"If there is oxygen in your brain, you're not loud enough"

Yes, a great guy.... So was Pete Gillen :)

'Its easy to grin, when your ship comes in, and you've got the stock market beat,
but the man worthwhile, is the man who can smile, when his shorts are too tight in the seat'

"Raines is probably what, a four-point-a-game career guy?" Johnson said, when pressed on the issue of his forgotten center.

In my opinion, this is a ridiculous comment for JJ to make in front of the media. When pressed, instead of defending his own principles, JJ decided to personally put down Cedarian. He should be building his players and his team up, not belittling them in front of the media. It seems very like a very 16-year old school girl kind of comment to make and I believe he is losing control of this situation. I was a propoent of JJ, and believed he deserved his chance, but this situation is reflecting very badly upon him.

As I read this sentence aloud, and picture JJ's posture while saying it, I'm left with the feeling that this guy is in over his head..

As I read this sentence aloud, and picture JJ's posture while saying it, I'm left with the feeling that this guy is in over his head..

This. I've seen him speak to the press and do interviews a few times, and he's definitely lacking in media relations department. I'm just glad he doesn't have a twitter handle (at least that I know of). He doesn't seemed groomed for the position and I think he would have been better served by spending time as an assistant at a bigger program or heading up a mid-major or even a DII

Team Bruce Pearl.

I want to be Team Cadarian, but even though he's the "big-bodied center who can score with his back to the basket" this team otherwise doesn't have, I've never actually seen Cadarian consistently score with his back to the basket. He's always been a bit of a Davila, but not quite as derp.

The biggest issue is his foul trouble, for me. Obviously doesn't warrant a benching, but when he was playing well (10 ppg for him) he was fouled out by the second TV timeout of the second half. While I don't think the current situation may be fair, I also don't think we're losing a whole lot more than another big body on the floor.

I just sit on my couch and b*tch. - HokieChemE2016

I am not a VT Hoops guy, but based on how poorly Raines played when he did play, this goes beyond a vindictive shaming because of something he tweeted.

That being said, it is a huge distraction. If he is just going to ride the bench anyway, kick him off the team.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

... Same team?

Neither. Sorry. JJ should have never been our coach and Raines looks the part but isnt a starting ACC power forward (neither are the rest of our forwards at that matter). He is always in foul trouble and is a huge liability on the court offensively. Honestly, even if Seth was still the coach maybe Raines is playing, but i still don't see him producing in a starting role.

Seth may have been an a hole, however; his teams played defense and competed hard, especially against good competition (like the Dukes and the UNCs)....But "aw shucks" at least we have a nice guy coaching our team now right?........


People can argue Seth vs JJ, but Seth wasn't a good coach. He recruited decent talent, and that was his strong suit. But, his teams were awful fundamentally. Being competitive against Duke and UNC was mostly a product of both of those teams mostly playing man defense. Teams that could zone the Hokies gave them fits because Greenberg had no clue how to teach and get his players to execute even the most basic offensive sets.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

I agree that Seth wasn't a good offensive coach, but his teams always played solid defense with much better on-ball and help-side defense than we are seeing now. Tactically, Seth was a better coach. We thought JJ would be able to form better relationships with players and recruit just as well which could make up for his lack of experience, but thus far, this doesn't seem to be the case.
Also, while some of this could certainly be attributed to the players, Seth's teams always played hard. Sometimes I feel like many of the current Hokies are just going through the motions out there.

I disagree. Seth was a very, very good defensive coach. Look at his last year at Tech, that team kept a ton of games close because of their defense. Of course they couldn't close, but the defense (on a team filled with guys...let's just say that are not known for their defensive efforts). He always needed an offensive assistant, and couldn't find one after his brother left to coach Radford.

He also deserved to be let go. He rubbed people the wrong way and had hit his ceiling, but he was also a good (not great) coach. You can't think about him as this amazing genius, but you also can't disregard the things that he did for the program.

I agree completely. I think the biggest difference, at least currently, between Seth and JJ is that JJ can't seem to coach offense or defense. Our offense right now consists of Devin Wilson penetrating and Adam Smith and Ben chucking up terrible 3's. The only "sets" that we run are the staggered screens for guards that are set 3 times in a row and a pitiful excuse for an offensive set that features one ball reversal through the center at the top of the key followed by someone jogging through a backscreen that has never been open and never will be open.

There is absolutely no movement and no threat of any inside presence.

Defense is what beat Duke and UNC. Duke has always been the model of high intensity slap the court man to man help defense that most teams that play man want to achieve, and we were always able to match their defensive intensity. Duke and UNC at the time always played flawless help defense which at a flawless level is more difficult to play offense against then any zone. I fully agree that Seth sucked at coaching offense (especially vs zones) and it also didnt help that we didnt have a true ACC point guard except Zabian Dowdell, but that is his fault not being able to recruit one. As much as people think having great big men inside is the key to zones, a smart, athletic, and true point guard is what helps you beat zones and we did not have that.


To say sg "wasn't a good coach" is ridiculous imo. In the end the measure of a coach comes down to wins and losses. sg was a winner. Yes, he had 2 poor seasons in the ACC at 4-12 (wouldn't we like to see that this year). The other 6 seasons he was a combined 12 games over. 500. That is a winner and therefore a "good" coach. With each passing year I think we well see how good of a coach he was. Btw, I would argue there was stiffer competition then the current level of play in the ACC today - there are some really mediocre teams in the conference this year and last. Call him an a**hole, not a team player, whatever but you can't justify calling him "not a good coach" imo

He did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!



This is the correct response.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

I'm really neither. Before the season I though that JJ would be back for next year, but the way he is handling these players like Wood, Raines, and Rankin I don't see how he will get another year. I hope the new AD goes after a young gun or a guy like Jay Wright but that is nothing more than a pipe dream at this point.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

As if JJ wasn't digging his grave hard enough himself, word is that emelogu is apparently done for the year after rolling his ankle in practice. Look for some sort of official word prior to tip off against notre dame.

Aaaaand now I am super glad I haven't paid any attention to the basketball team this year. Way more important things that demand my attention. Things like making guesses at who the next great Hokie QB will be, or winning 11 National Championships in a row at VT in NCAA Football...

I really, really hope you are wrong on Emelogu.

Turns out the early indications were wrong and he might even be able to play this weekend. Must have been a knee jerk reaction from the staff considering ankle injuries are nothing to mess with. We'll see how he progress and see if he plays on Sunday.

I don't think coaching staffs are supposed to have "knee jerk reactions"...

In fact don't most coaching staffs for any sport try and wait until the last minute to disclose injury information?


Brain when you mention that VT doesn't have that guy that can take a shot in the paint with his back to the hoop, you nailed it. I remember games last year where Raines was able to do that repeatedly. Sure it was for less than 10 points a game, but we had that guy, and now we don't.

I cant say which side I fall on this because of how in the dark we are as a fan base. We can see just by him not playing that there is a problem. Seeing those comments from JJ tend to make me lean towards Team Players as JJ isn't only at odds with Raines. I am becoming more and more of the mindset that we need a clean slate. Bring in a solid up and coming coach from one of the smaller schools and start over. Will that set us back a couple more years? Probably, but look at where we are right now? How much of a set back could that be?

And for a coach that is supposed to be such a stellar recruiter, we have quite a few of the most prestigious basketball prep programs right in our backyard and yet we cant seem to pull regular talent from these programs.

What I was thinking has pretty much already been said. I don't think Raines was a good basketball player when he was playing. Mostly due to missing point blank shots, but JVS does the same thing. Turned off by Greenberg after he went on a rant one year about us missing the tourney when we probably were rightly left out. The next year however I think we should of been in with a 10-6 ACC record. I think he hurt us the year before with his griping and complaining and that is why we did not get in the next year. I feel the offense is slightly better under JJ, but the defense is much much worse. I would like to give him a chance through the season after the last Seth guy is gone. If there is not enough improvement at that point I think it would be time for him to go.

Hokies fan since 1998

Team Cadarian. He started off this year strong on defense and was better than usual on offense. Plus everyone seeing minutes instead of him(Trevor, Beyer) are getting beat on defense in situations where Cadarian wouldn't.

Team JJ. I believe in this coach . We are not going anywhere and it isn't like Raines is going to reinvent the team. I back the coach and I think he has a reason. I do not thing he will be around for that long. He has shooters and big defensive guys and no one else. We need a scoring center and a good PG until then we will not win a lot of games. So the question is a mediocre scoring big man worth what an inexperienced coach is punishing him for ?

I was originally in the let's give JJ some time camp; but I am moving toward the I don't think he can do it camp. I think we have better players this year than last year; but we are playing worse. If Raines is sitting to give younger players a chance to develop, why isn't Eddie sitting. He is not contributing recently. See if a younger player can contribute in his spot.

Doesn't matter if it's cake or pie as long as it's chocolate.

Sigh. Unfortunately for everyone involved, it's time to hit the reset button and start anew with the hoops program. Don't give me that Christian Beyer - Trevor Thompson crap, CR is a 5th year senior! I wish JJ would bury the hatchet with CR b/c this show of power is only hurting the team, and in parallel his soon to be short career with VT as the head man.


So team JJ? Team CR? Team SG?

True Hokies STICK IT IN!!!

STICK IT IN Army of Virginia Tech


Team VT.

Here's how I rank what I want to see:

1) exciting wins
2) ugly wins
3) exciting losses
4) ugly losses

Unfortunately this team is specializing in #4. This team seems to have no passive, drive or gameplan. I get that we're limited right now, but chucking 3s and standing around for 28 seconds and taking a panic shot is not a plan. Don't get started on defense. Couple those with losing the fan base (read $$$$) + weird personnel decisions = trouble.

I don't care who coaches or plays, just give me something watchable and exciting.

We put the K in Kwality

Speaking of our terrible team, look at who's on the front page on ESPN.

Rip his freaking head off!

Team JJ. As a senior post guy, Raines could have (and in my view should have) been the leader on the team. Whining publicly about missing your old coach is about as far from leadership and responsibility as it gets.

Give JJ, who I'm reasonably certain was not involved in firing his old boss, his chance. Raines playing more doesn't seem like it would help VT in any way.

Neither, both need to go. Like the football situation VT needs to commit to (Paying) bringing in a real coach. The product on the court is terrible, seats are empty and donations are gonna stop if this continues

To be the man you gotta beat the man! Woooooooo!!

I'm more ticked about Wood than Raines. Kid is 6-8 soph with skills and Is sitting. If he's run off by jj I'm all in for a coaching change. Say he's soft, so what- motivate him coach- that's your job

'Its easy to grin, when your ship comes in, and you've got the stock market beat,
but the man worthwhile, is the man who can smile, when his shorts are too tight in the seat'

You see if we were at 8-8 with Wood and Raines both playing I wouldn't have a problem with JJ. But the thing is they aren't playing and Tech could have 10 or 11 wins if they were. This is why I hope JJ is gone after the year, it's not because of our record, it's because he refuses to play players he does not like and you just can't do that as a coach.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

JJ is definitely skating on thin ice. I side with Cadarian on this one. I think he is our all-around best center. JVG has shown great improvements on the defensive end, but is still non-existent on the offensive end. At least Raines was somewhat of a threat. And he seems like a good kid, which makes it even more difficult to understand. I think there's got to be something else behind the scenes that has contributed to this.

Well....Raines looked pretty darn good tonight. Had a career high in points.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

Too bad they threw the ball away and played worthless defense tonight to go with the career high. He def played with a renewed sense of wanting to stay on the court. I really want to see us run a coordinated offense for most of a game just once.

Raines kinda made JJ look bad tonight. He better start playing a lot now.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

JJ does a pretty good job of that on his own.

Jim harbaugh's unhappy face.

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STICK IT IN Army of Virginia Tech


Dude, there's more to life than Harbaugh's unhappy face. For reals.

Oops wrong thread. Sorry.

True Hokies STICK IT IN!!!

STICK IT IN Army of Virginia Tech


Some good news is Jalen Hudson is nasty. That was a five star recruited who is going to Ohio State that he posterized, as well.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

It was a nice dunk but I would hardly call that posterizing someone. As long as he brings the willingness to drive the basketball to VT, I am all for him, since we sorely are lacking in that category this year.

Yeah no guards on our current team can throw it down like that.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

Welp, JJ looks pretty silly now. I agree that him being benched probably ignited a lot of his play last night, but you can't tell me he's not our overall best center, great performance or not last night.

Here is the thing though. Want to light a fire under his ass - don't let him start. Maybe sit him for a half. That gets the point across. Three games? I can not believe Raines had the motivation to try anymore. I would have walked out.

Kudos to Cedarian Raines for acting like an adult, when it seems* like the adults were not.

*I don't know everything that went on, but I do hear JJ's comments (even after this game) and I think he has not handled the situation well.

Completely agree. Raines seems like a stand up guy, and I'm not sure how many players would bust their ass out their like that after being benched for no apparent reason? Tough situation for him, but I applaud the way he's handled it. I'm sure it wasn't exactly how he envisioned his senior year going.

Team Dumpster Fire.

And unfortunately we don't have much of a choice in the matter currently.

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.