The Beginning of the end for Jayron Hosley

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ARGH. I always have such HIGH hopes for our current and former VT football players. So sad to read about this.

This is particularly disappointing after he wrote all of those letters pre-draft apologizing for when he tested positive for marijuana.
C'mon man!


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Not the end, but the beginning. He gets to sit and learn from what he did (or didnt do) and comes back a better player and person.

He had 9 picks in 13 games the last time it happened.

This is especially disappointing, because if I remember correctly, the NFL lets at least the first positive test slide before even taking action and don't they let you know months in advance (you only need a few weeks) before the tests take place? Even Ricky Williams was able to make it through the preseason.

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It wouldve been the end if he was on Ricky Williams' level.


after eli he is the highest player on the giants roster

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Ah F-K!!!

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Beginning of the end seems a little extreme. His NFL career has certainly been a disappointment to this point.

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I wouldn't say that. Too early. He's only been in the league for 2 seasons.

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It is the beginning of a new opportunity to get right.


I hope the kid gets his head on straight. The disapointing thing is I used to hope for more.

He ain't no kid, that's for certain.

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I really don't get what's so hard about this. Don't do drugs and don't kill anyone/drive at 120 mph/shoot people and you'll be rich and have more money than you could have ever dreamed.

Why can't these NFL players (and other celebrities and athletes) get it right?

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Ahh, this is the Jayron downer. I remember telling a buddy of mine before the draft that this guy had a little bit of Jimmy Williams/Deangelo Hall to him. Very talented, but potentially problematic. I'm surely a fan, but I always thought he had the potential for a bit of trouble. Let's hope he pulls it together.

At this point, I hope he gets a chance in the NFL to pull it together. Two injury plagued seasons followed by a 4 game suspension means in his three years in the NFL he will have yet to play a full season.