Brandon Facyson to Miss the Remainder of Spring Practice

The glass half full take is Donovan Riley, Chuck Clark, and Der'Woun Greene will get more much needed reps.

The glass half empty take is NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Seriously though, like with Kyshoen Jarrett, it's best to err on the side of caution. The secondary will be the strength of the defense, and Facyson's ball hawking game is an enormous asset fore that unit.

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Much sad. Very heartbreak. I wish for speedy and complete recovery.

Such tackle. Very D-Line. Wow.

Haha yes. First time seeing a comment by you on here. Keep it up.

Call me glass half empty. Without a good nickel man, I was expecting Facyson to get much more experience playing man and working on technique this spring. Plus, stress fractures are lingering injuries and lingering injuries have plagued VT the last few years where guys get a minor injury and then take forever to heal.

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While this is true, it'll give Torrian that many more reps to find/develop a third corner. If Facyson really is fully healthy in time for summer workouts, I don't think this'll be too horrible of a setback for him.

My biggest worry is apparently it has been bothering him since last season. That is not good.

Yeah well, it could have been a lot worse......

Fortune Favors the Bold

Yep. Like Exum's "ankle sprain" that he suffered in the Miami game...that he still had at the NFL combine.

Its better than him continuing to play and then it becomes a stress fracture/ fully broken. He will just be in a walking boot. Not a big deal if this is the only spring injury I'll be happy and we will be blessed.

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This offseason was just sailing along, and then this news on a Friday. If this is the worst news we get out of camp, then I'm happy.

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There is that whole QB issue we need to figure out too. That could trump this injury if not resolved.

As long as he's OK for the season, I'm OK with being conservative.

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Joe Saunders?

21st century QBs Undefeated vs UVA:
MV7, MV5, LT3, Tyrod Taylor, Sean Glennon, and Grant Noel. That's right, UVA. You couldn't beat Grant Noel.

For some reason this makes me laugh and feel a little better.

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Calm down guys. Its basically shin splints. Type One, to be precise.


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Go Falcons

Type Two is no picnic. I can't imagine type One.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

Dude I don't want these guys getting canker sores and hang nails let alone shin splints.

Man don't remind me about Iglesias, I'm a huge tigers fan and I still don't understand how that escalated so quickly

Hokie Hokie Hokie high

reading the title i was all

but the comments make me feel better. let him rest, let the other guys develop, get after it come august.

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This is an overreaction. He will be fine by fall practice assuming nothing else happens.

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Can't help it. This is gonna hurt his draft status.

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It's a bit early to be thinking about his draft status...

The point is they're never quite the same after injury. Lose explosiveness.

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Remember when Antone got hurt and we freaked out. then some nobody stepped in (Facyson) and turned out to be a stud? It could happen again...

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Exum's injury was way worse than Facyson's is. But I agree this should open the door for someone else to prove themselves as a legit 3rd DB.

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Soooooo...if I could sum up, the majority of our best defensive players except Kendall Fuller (Jarrett, Facyson, Ronny Vandyke, there are others I'm forgetting) are not playing this spring. So, yay, I'm all for getting the next guy up reps, but I'm with French on being a glass half empty guy. This does not make our defense better by these guys missing these reps to grow more comfortable with each other.

Looks like the offense is going to have to carry us to the win in the Horseshoe.

Dadi can play every position though so we'll be aight


I believe you meant to say AJ Hughes

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Well, it seems kinda like the Sun Bowl, where we went to play a bowl game and the Spring Game broke out. In all seriousness, the good news is that these are all fairly experienced guys with at least a full year of starting experience under their belt. Knock on wood, this situation would be much, much worse if it was one of the LBs that got hurt, for example. Or a couple O-linemen, or a QB - basically a position that is up for grabs. The good news here is that this injury provides an opportunity for Torrian to identify and develop depth, which will make the defense better. So no, it's never good when guys get hurt. But this is one position where things should still turn out pretty well because of it.

Plus, whether it's on O or D, this happens EVERY SINGLE FUCKING SEASON. Name ONE season where this didn't happen.

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Yes, and to key important players. We can't afford for this shit to keep happening. We're not Bama or insert $ec b1g team. Thank God for that, but still, we're not said teams with abundant 5* recruits.

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It happens to every. single. football. team. Every year. It's a violent game and injuries are part of the sport.

Yes but it doesn't affect their teams to the degree it screws with ours.

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I feel like if you follow another team as closely as the Hokies, you will see that they get the same load of injures. Look at Maryland, they had to play a linebacker at QB two years ago and they had their top two wideouts injured last year.

Look, probably like a lot of y'all, I get attached to certain players. Facyson happened to be one of those players. I'll probably have this reaction for every player I get attached to (see Fullers, RMFW, MV7, Daycare). But the truth of the matter is that every season our team gets injury bombed. Particularly with KEY PLAYers. It seriously f-ks us over.

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I mean I don't wanna point fingers or anything but these small lingering issues seem to be a common theme with some of our players, doesn't that tend to point towards like a conditioning program or some kinda medical staff? is there any way we can replace those guys or upgrade them?? not trying to be negative just asking some constructive questions

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its football, the human body isnt meant to take that kind of punishment. injuries are part of the game, and everyone is gonna recover at a different pace.

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Shin splints are kind of a weird issue in that its a swelling in the muscles around the tibia bone that put stress on the bone (from what I understand, Im not an expert by any means). It really has very little to with conditioning and I am not really sure what a different conditioning program could do. Its a biomechanical issue in your movements. I will say that an increased emphasis on flexibility of lower muscles could be beneficial, but even that cant overcome biomechanical issues a lot of the time.

I think the fanbase of every single team I cheer for (including the Hokies, Panthers, and Arsenal) says this kinda thing quite often. Which leads me to assume that most fanbases everywhere think this thought at some point.

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Last year's Falcons... :'(

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The Stanford conditioning guy with the rep for reduced injuries started at VT and maintains contact with our guy. Stands to reason that if our guy thought his methods were worthy of adoption, it could happen over a period of time.

There are pros and cons to all this stuff.... stay eccentric, get stronger ... work both take longer, get bulkier... work for heavy weight get imbalances... work for stable reps stay with lower weight..... you can't really say there is a dominant strategy and picking and choosing one or several strategies comes with pros and cons. No free lunch except for HIIT, which everyone should be doing (not the BS HIIT everyone claims to do, the leave you crying in shortest amount of time HIIT).

What is HIIT?

Danny caught that ball.

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High Intensity Interval Training. Flat out as hard as you can go, short recovery, repeat.

Wait, what?


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