Josh Jackson & Second Reads

Obviously Evan's biggest downfall was that, he couldn't get past the 1st reads. For the most part, that is by design, but I am hoping that since Josh is in the second year of the system, he will be able to find 2nd and 3rd reads because of a deeper understanding of the offense.

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since Josh is in the second year of the system, he will be able to find 2nd and 3rd reads

nope, just second reads.... third reads are for next year.


I never met a project that couldn't justify a new tool.

Does the offense really require him to look past his 2nd read though? I know he's not as much of a runner as Evans was, but if he's more pro-style then he might be better off progressing than taking off running after one read

Your guess is as good as mine. Honestly though, taking away the first read was Evans kryptonite, and I am sure other teams will duplicate it, especially since Josh Jackson isn't supposed to be the runner Evans was.


It can, especially on 3rd down, with the right QB. But, Fuente doesn't ask them to do it often. Early last year, you could see every receiver doing a clear out and only one would even be looking for the ball. If he didn't break open, Evans was running.

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With the way West Virginia defends, once the QB correctly identifies press coverage pre-snap, he will be measured by his throwing accuracy. ECU is going to zone more, and it will be interesting to see how Jackson adjusts.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

Great info French, from what you have seen from any tape we have on Jackson do we expect him to be able to do things better than Evans? Part of me is struggling to believe that Jackson could possibly do better than what Evans did last year in his first year in the system. The other part of me wonders if it is just Fuente's ability to maximize QB play and what Evans did last year could be the new average for QB play in Blacksburg.

JJ is a better passer than Evans. If our line isn't a hot mess, it's going to be a fun ride.

I don't think many college qbs ever get to a 3rd read or offense made for that . There is a reason why qbs have a big learning curve when going to the NFL .

Apparently Logan Thomas got his 5th read in lefty's playbook. Or at least there was an article about it.


And we saw how that worked

LT in Fuente's offense? Drool

Please heart can't bear to think about the possibilities....

Or imagine if LT could have played TE because one of our other QBs could be serviceable.....


Shit, imagine the 2007 roster with Fuente

Tyrod, Eddie Royal, Josh Hyman, Josh Morgan, Greg Boone, and yes... the man himself, Danny Coale as a freshman

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Actually, I was thinking the 2010 roster with Fuente...


Yes, this. Glennon and freshman Tyrod still would have had lower ceilings. Also, Danny redshirted in 2007.

Yes, can't help but think that Fuente could've affected the rout that was the second half against Stanford as he managed to affect our production against Clemson last year.

And who knows what the 1-0 attitude would've done for the first 2 games


If JJ has to go past a second read we have bigger problems than whether or not he's any good at it.

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If JJ gets past his second read and is still clean we should get Coach Vice a gold jacket

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Again...the couch thing!

Year 3 is coming up!