Mekhi Lewis won gold at the Junior world championships

Our 165 Hokie wrestler is the gold medalist in his first international tournament beating a wrestler that won the 2016 world cadet championship 5-1

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Very cool! Any way to watch or see live stats or anything? Also when is his next match?

Trackwresling and it would be right now actually

I feed off of nightmares

Lewis is up 6-0 right now

I feed off of nightmares

Lewis is on to the gold medal match with a 12-1 tech fall

I feed off of nightmares

This is too fucking cool!


That's what I'm talking about

Hokies, Local Soccer, AFC Ajax, Ravens

We a wrestling school now

Recruit Prosim

The medal rounds start at 12pm Mekhi will be the 4th match on matB

I feed off of nightmares

It's time

I feed off of nightmares

2-1 Lewis at the break

I feed off of nightmares

3-1 Lewis 2 minutes to go

I feed off of nightmares

By god Mekhi did it 5-1 win for the gold

I feed off of nightmares

He obviously didn't know this was the weekend of epic Hokie failure. Read the memo Mekhi.

jk. this is awesome!!!

Thanks for the levity.

Any info on how Borst is performing?

He's doing pretty good he's gonna be a backup this year and he's probably gonna start next year

I feed off of nightmares

Gold medalist and world champ! That's awesome!

Every UVA fan - "yeah but how many national championships has he won."

He's gonna get some national championships. He just faster stronger and he's getting Technically better each time he gets on to the mat

I feed off of nightmares

What style of wrestling was this tournament? I'm assuming since it was international it was different from collegiate rules.

looked like greco roman, but i am long removed from my wrestling days. anyone else?

They were wrestling freestyle. Less rules about what techniques you can use, specifically allowing more techniques that use the legs to throw or gain control. In Freestyle, you win more points by making bigger throws unlike the collegiate style, folk style, which is all about control and always moving toward a pin.

confused. isn't that what Greco Roman is?

In greco you can't attack the legs, It;s all upper body

ah! got it. Thanks guys. legs to you both

No problem. Most of my knowledge of wrestling comes from watching it through high school and at Virginia Tech and then just reading the Wikipedia articles primarily. There is a ton of info on Wikipedia for each style as well as comparisons among each style.

well the sad part about that is I wrestled all through HS. I should have remembered it correctly but ... it's been a while.

definitely putting a donation towards the wrestling team on the 25th

Well, at least SOMETHING went right this weekend.

Waho's suck
Uva swallows