Lane Stadium Seating Changes?

Hey all. I signed in today for seat selection and it appears that we have some changes from a year ago. It looks like some sections have flipped between general public and student. Also, for reasons unknown, it looks as if the front row of student section 1 is now public:

(Please disregard the arrow that clearly demonstrates my amazing artistic skills).

I went looking for an email or a release from the ticket office outlining changes to seating from last year to this year and I didn't find anything. I also called the ticket office and they weren't sure either.

Has anyone on TKP received anything showing seating changes or can you point me to link that I missed?

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Hey DCIMSA, I didn't receive any emails on it but I noticed that change too. Hard enough keeping the students out of the non-student section as it was so it will be a full time job keeping that row clear of students.
And thanks for putting your art skills on display... brilliant!

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This is going to be great for the ACC.

Cannon fodder for the paper airplanes. Which, not to open that massive can of worms too much, with the change to digital last season, did that dissipate?

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