Six Pick: Week Eight

BCO's College Football TV Viewing Guide

Correction: LSU is +6 vs Auburn

I’m bringing a full sixer to your living room this week. It’s tastier than last week’s sampler too. Keep your remotes in hand and be ready to start flipping at 3:30 and again at 8:00. A disturbing trend over the last decade is the lack of quality games at noon. Due to TV maximizing viewers, almost all the big time games are at 3:30 or later on Saturdays. To make it worse, this season has yielded a bad crop of Thursday night games. Trying to keep up with three games worth watching at the same time is a bit annoying. Speaking of crappy nooners, our Hokies face the doookies as the Jefferson Pilot ACC Network game of the week. The Hokie O will likely pile on the points and I expect the D will look a lot better this week with more favorable matchups. In two weeks the rest of the Hokie games will mean something, both in conference and nationally again. The Gobblers will be back in the Six Pick soon!

Subject 8

There's no guarantee that Hawaii Five-0 will stay on the air longer than the mascot mock stays undefeated.

The cutout is here (1).

Week 8 BlogPoll Ballot

My full ballot is after the jump. Here's a quick justification of the movers, shakers and frozen.

  • Oregon remains at number one for now, but there will be a reshuffling next week after Oklahoma-Mizzou and Auburn-LSU.
  • Should Ohio State be lower? They got whipped by Whiskey and the Miami victory isn't much to brag about.
  • Nebraska: K-State made them look like world beaters, Texas made them look like doormats. Will the real Nebraska please stand up? They'll need quality wins to move up in my poll.
  • I was waiting to see if West Virginia stumbled against USF like they've done 3 of the last 4 years. They did not, so welcome.
  • K-State is here because they're 5-1, but they got clobbered by Nebraska and their best win is versus UCLA. Should they stay on?
  • Should Virginia Tech be ranked? I slotted in UNC over the Hokies. The Heels are missing a quality win, but they don't have a bad loss (cough JMU, cough).

As you can see, I need your help. Let me know how I should reorder this mess before I submit my final ballot Wednesday morning.

Breaking Down Wake's 21 Points

The only letdown in an otherwise dominating performance against Wake Forest a Bud Foster defense that surrendered 21 points. Let's look at Wake's three scoring drives a little more in depth. Note that I use the word drive very liberally, because all the points came on three big plays.

1st Drive

1st and 10 at Wake 22

Wake's receivers are confused as to where they should line up after they get up to the line and motion. Quarterback Tanner Price calls a timeout before the play clock expires.

1st and 10 at Wake 22

After a little play action fake Price rolls out to his right. Steven Friday doesn't bite on the fake and applies immediate pressure. Price throws a low ball for an incomplete pass. Davon Morgan had the intended receiver blanketed in coverage

2nd and 10 at Wake 22

Wake center Russell Nenon snaps the ball, pulls to his left, and kicks out Lyndell Gibson who is over pursuing providing running back Josh Harris all sorts of running room. Both Eddie Whitley and Antone Exum are frozen for a bit while reading the play as it develops. There's no chance of them scraping to the ball and they both immediately start in pursuit down the field. Gibson needs to make that tackle at the point of attack and can't be taken out of the play that easily.

Hokie Happenings

Your sights and sounds of Blacksburg or wherever Hokie Nation is headed.

Enter Sandman and pictures of the homecoming parade are courtesy of the man, the myth, the legend, the @HokieTrooper.


"Sorry y'all, I was runnin' late." – '10 Offense

Yesterday our much ballyhooed offense, that we all expected to show up in the District, finally made good on the preseason hype.

Fake Towers

Any you've met at some point, "What's a Hokie?".
"I am", Hoda Kotb.

Here's another question, "What's a Demon Deacon?", or better yet, "What's a Wake Forest?" Oh, it's a city... meh.


Set For Wake

...Are you? I'm pumped. Central Michigan was a welcomed breather from ACC play, but I'm looking forward to getting back to the chase for another championship. The last time Wake traveled to Blacksburg was 1983. Al Groh was the coach, I was in the womb, Thriller topped the charts–predictably Wake lost.

So Frat Week

Six Pick: Week Seven

BCO's College Football TV Viewing Guide

Some weekends the College Football Gods give us great game after great game, and then there are weekends like this one. This Saturday offers up a ragtag collection of games surrounded by only a couple that are noteworthy. However don't blink, schedules like this are the ones that lead to upset Saturdays. So try as I might to write this weekend off, I think come Sunday morning one or two upsets will have occurred, maybe even a season defining one.

That said finding six games to preview this week was tough. How many times have you gone to the beer cooler at a grocery store spying the last sixer of your favorite beer only to find it missing one 12 oz soldier. That's this week's 6 pick. I am not going waste my time or yours in forcing a sixth game on you. It would ring hollow and read poorly because my heart is not in it. So in honor of those 5-packs and the Big Ten that really is 11 this week's column is going to be numerically incorrect.

Midseason ACC Roundtable

Brace for awesomeness, it's another edition of the ACC roundtable. From the Rumble Seat is hosting, check back there later today to see a summary of everyone's answers.

1. Half the regular season is now kaput. Has your team exceeded, met, or fell short of your preseason predictions?

While the Hokies have fallen short of my predicted 5-1 (loss @BC) start, I've exceeded my anticipated bourbon consumption by two handles of Maker's Mark.


Happy birthday Stiney! Or belated birthday as it were. I can't believe that I forget about your special day. Truth be told I've regularly forgot my mom's birthday every year since my freshman year in '01.

/dorm phone rings at around noon

Mom, "Hi Joe, how are you doing."
Joe, "Good, just finishing up homework."
Mom, "OK. Anything going on today, something special maybe?"
Joe, "No, not really."
Mom, "Nothing on your calendar then..."
Joe, "Nope."
Mom, "OK hun, I know you're busy I'll let you go, just remember Mommy loves you."
Joe, "Love you too."

Week 7 BlogPoll Ballot

My full ballot is after the jump. Here's a quick justification of the movers, shakers and frozen.

  • Nate Costa didn't skip a bit a beat replacing injured quarterback Darron Thomas. The Ducks let Wazzu hang around too long for my liking, but they won by 20 and it's hard to knock a conference win on the road. The margin between Oregon and Ohio State is thin, and had Miami not looked completely lifeless against FSU I would have put the Buckeyes first, but I still like Oregon's win over Stanford better than any on Ohio State's resume, for now.
  • Oklahoma: Even if you don't want to give them huge props for their win over Texas, which in the context of that rivalry is huge, you have to respect their wins over FSU and now Air Force.
  • Nebraska: MARTINEZ!
  • LSU passes every test but the eye test. Maybe we all just need to accept that chaos and balls are as good a philosophy as any to win football games.
  • Should Arizona be lower, Oregon State higher?
  • Utah: Some course correction because their overtime win against Pitt isn't very impressive.

This ballot is a mess, I know it, you know it, so please help me.

Greg Nosal has more Toughness in his Pinky, than you do in your entire body.

The tip of Nosal's pinky finger was severed and went missing during the CMU game when it got caught up in a face mask. The prudent course of action, have the rest of the finger wrapped and continue playing of course. The piece was later found in Nosal's glove, and was sewn on after the game.

To summarize, on Saturday afternoons Greg Nosal's agenda is to plow the field with the ass of anyone who crosses his face. he'll continue doing so with or without the cooperation of his appendages.

About Those Third Down Conversions (or lack thereof)

The biggest negative from yesterday's win was our oh-for on third downs. I don't like taking statistics at face value so I decided to breakdown each play.

1st Quarter

3rd and 4

Both Andre Smith and Dyrell Roberts run 5-yard routes past the line to gain, a curl and out respectively. Smith was open with a 2-yard cushion and drops, not a perfect, but catchable ball. Even if he made the catch the Hokies were flagged for an illegal shift.

3rd and 5

From what I can see on the ESPN U film (H/T @vtphreak4evr) this looks like this is a much more aggressive play call by Stinespring. The receivers are running routes well past the first down and both Andre Smith and David Wilson are tasked as blockers (Wilson leaks out of the backfield when no blitz comes). Tyrod puts a ball right on D.J. Coles' hands and it's dropped. Having a receiving option underneath for just the necessary 5 yards would have been wise, but Coles has to make that catch.

Goofus and Gallant

I distinctly remember a few things about going to the doctor as a child. The vivid memories are all about the time spent in the waiting room, or should I say rooms, as there were two: a sick and well room. Neither had a door and they were adjacent to each other, separated only by a wood framed glass wall. The well room had the better toys: Tonka trucks, G.I. Joes and Legos while the sick room had Highlights. Who goes to the doctor when they're not sick? As long as it took to be seen, I'd read that thing cover to cover, and as I got older I'd pen mustaches and glasses on the people inside.

Six Pick: Week Six

Week 5 of the college football season delivered many entertaining contests, here's hoping week 6 continues the ride. Last week I failed myself and readers with another round of poor prognosticating. This week I am going to try and find my groove a different way. I will not watch one game on the list. It's not because they are dogs, actually this is a solid slate of games. Instead, I will be spending a crisp October Saturday outdoors, tailgating and attending the Old Dominion-Cal Poly game. I will be taking my lovely wife, an ODU alum on our date night to watch football with friends while enjoying some beers, brats and of course cornhole. I will miss the rest of the action, but thanks to my Droid I will not be blind to the results.

The keen observer will notice that the next three weeks of Six Pick will be Virginia Tech free. Don't worry, the final four games all make the cut. Here are the games I hope you get to watch...

What to do with Ryan Williams.

In August who of you would have guessed through five games Ryan Williams would only have 139 rushing yards? Did anyone think he'd miss two (or more) games with a hamstring injury? Raise your hand if you were convinced David Wilson would redshirt. I'm raising my left hand and shaking my head no. With my right hand I'm eating a heavy on the mayonnaise tuna fish sandwich that's been seasoned with Old Bay and held together by a honey wheat bagel, but that's besides the point which is football is unpredictable.