For a Second Year in a Row, Seth Allen Helps the Hokies Knock Off the Hoos in Blacksburg

It took two overtimes this time, but the Hokies managed yet another home win over a ranked UVA squad.

[Mark Umansky]

A year ago, the Hokies knocked off the fourth-ranked Hoos in Cassell Coliseum on some late Seth Allen free throws. It took Tech just a bit longer to engineer a home upset of the 12th-ranked Hoos this time around, but Allen emerged as the author of UVA's anguish once more.

Buzz Williams' bunch battled back from a 14-point halftime deficit to force not one, but two overtime periods, avenging the Hoos' beatdown of the Hokies in Charlottesville just 11 days prior with an 80-78 win in Blacksburg.

"If you're down 14 at the half against a top eight team in the country, the number one defensive team, the second slowest team per possession in the country, that's like being down 30 to a normal team," Williams said after the game. "The change in 11 days speaks to what we've done in the last 11 days...Since that time, I think we've gotten back to our roots and what we want to be about."

Tech had to finish the game without Chris Clarke, who left with a left knee injury midway through the second half (Williams said post-game that he'll have an MRI tomorrow, and wasn't cleared to re-enter the match), and Zach LeDay, who fouled out right before the end of regulation. Yet it was Allen's late-game heroics that saved the Hokies once again, using a beautiful head-fake to sink the game-winning layup with just three seconds left in the second overtime period.

He had a monster game for Tech, finishing with 20 points and four rebounds, though it was Justin Bibbs' 16 points (including four threes) that helped the Hokies survive Tony Bennett's suffocating pack-line defense. UVA's London Perrantes poured 22 points of his own, torturing the Hokies as he has for what feels like eons now, but he couldn't come up with clutch shots down the stretch to stave off the Hokies' relentless effort.

The Hoos certainly shot themselves in the foot a bit in the second half, making just 14 of their 24 free throws. Yet the Hokies managed to overcome 17 turnovers, compared to UVA's 10, and even outrebounded the Hoos 41-38 (a minor miracle, given LeDay's absence late in the game).

"We didn't do anything different offensively...a lot of it in overtime was just scrambled eggs," Williams said.

Much like Tech's last meeting with UVA, the Hokies started things off slowly offensively. They only scored two points in the opening minutes, and went into the first media timeout down 6-2.

Perrantes and Ty Jerome both notched three pointers to stretch the lead to 12-4, and the Hokies were plagued by turnovers as they worked to cut into the lead. Only a Justin Robinson three stopped the bleeding a bit, pulling the Hokies within 17-9.

Yet Virginia's Jared Reuter managed an and-1 to give the Hoos a 20-9 lead.

Finally, the Hokies seemed to wake up. A layup by Clarke in transition followed by a pair of threes from Allen forced UVA to call a timeout with seven minutes left, and a layup from Khadim Sy capped an 8-0 run to make the game 22-19.

Perrantes made another layup, but Allen stayed white-hot from beyond the arc to draw Tech within two. Clarke made one of two foul shots, and the Hokies were within one.

Yet Sy managed to dribble the ball off his foot when Tech had a chance to seize the lead, the Hokies' sixth turnover of the game, and the Hoos responded with a vengeance.

A three from Perrantes kicked off a 13-0 run from the Cavs to close the half, staking UVA to a 37-23 lead at the half.

Sy started to find his footing a bit in the second, managing two quick layups, but he continued to struggle to consistently connect with Clarke in the inside-outside game.

UVA then got foul-happy, quickly turning the ball over with an Isaiah Wilkins foul and then sending Zach LeDay to the line for two. Robinson managed a layup to polish off a 6-0 run and the Hokies had life, down 39-31 at the first media timeout of the new half.

Tech then proceeded to go on an 8-4 run, with seven of those points coming from LeDay himself, to make it a close game once more at 43-39 with just over 12:30 left.

The teams kept trading baskets, and the Hokies found themselves down just two at the under-12 media timeout.

The Hokies continued to keep things close, but got a major scare when Clarke came down hard on his left leg, and had to be helped off the court under his own power. He ultimately returned to the bench, but never re-entered the game

Nevertheless, two LeDay free throws brought Tech within two once more, but five straight from Devon Hall gave the Hoos some breathing room at 56-49.

Bibbs responded out a timeout with a three, and two Allen free throws drew Tech within two one more time at 56-54.

Finally, Tech was able to get over the hump. Bibbs forced a UVA turnover and hit a wild contested layup. Though he couldn't complete the and-one, Ahmed Hill managed a smooth drive down the lane to finally give Tech the lead at 58-57, prompting a Tony Bennett timeout with just over three minutes left.

Perrantes made a pair of freebies, but Bibbs managed a bank-in three to nab the 61-59 lead.

Things looked dire for Tech after LeDay got called on a (slightly questionable) offensive foul, his fifth, shortening the Hokies' rotation to an almost comical degree. Kyle Guy managed a jumper to tie the game, and the Hokies needed a timeout.

After coming up empty, Perrantes managed another lay in to give UVA the narrow lead. Allen dove into the lane, hoping for a foul, but couldn't make anything happen, and Tech was forced to foul.

Yet the Hoos missed the front end of a one-and-one, giving Allen the ball yet again with a chance to knot things up. While his initial attempt missed, Ty Outlaw was able to grab a rare offensive rebound and tip the ball in with one second left, keeping fans in their seats for overtime.

Both teams came out cold offensively in the new period. Though Sy made two quick free throws, and Isaiah Wilkins answered with a layup, the game stayed tied at 65 until Perrantes made a single free throw with two minutes left in overtime.

The Hokies continued to miss open look after open look, and Perrantes connected on another layup to stake UVA to a 68-65 lead with under a minute left to play.

Bibbs then nailed a three to tie thing up once more, and Perrantes marched confidently down the floor to let time drain down. He drove straight at Outlaw for what could've been a huge layup, only for the ball to bizarrely stick on the back of rim and settle there.

"I dont think that's ever happened before," Williams said. "I've seen it happen in practice, but I don't think I've seen it happen in a game I've been involved in."

The possession arrow put the ball in Tech's hands (mercifully avoiding a jump ball for the size-challenged Hokies) with a chance to win the game. Allen worked to run the clock down, and got a clean look at a three from the top of the key, but couldn't quite hit it, forcing a second overtime.

The Hokies scored four quick points and earned a three-point lead, but an emphatic dunk from Wilkins drew the Hoos within one. The Hoos forced a turnover, and Marial Shayok managed to grab a loose ball off a miss to give them back the lead.

But Bibbs, who was absolutely unconscious from behind the arc, hit another triple to give Tech a 75-74 lead with two and a half minutes left. Perrantes notched two more free throws to grab the lead right back at 76-75, and the Hokies took their final timeout.

Yet Williams says he didn't exactly mean to call that halt; apparently Bibbs misheard his plea to "flatten out" as a request for a timeout instead.

Coming out of the (unintentional) break, Robinson missed from three, but Outlaw scored a key block on UVA's next possession. Hill then drove the lane with force, drawing a block on Wilkins for his fifth foul, and making one free throw to tie the game at 76.

Perrantes looked ready to gut the Hokies with a three, but couldn't quite make it. Nor could Shayok off his own offensive rebound, forcing a foul from Guy to give Robinson the chance to head to the line for the lead.

He knocked in both free throws, and after a layup by Hall knotted things up once more, the Hokies found themselves in the exact same situation as they did to end the first OT.

This time, Allen masterfully drove into the lane and used a superbly executed head fake to get an open layup. He used a gentle floater to give Tech the 80-78 lead, and a late Perrantes heave wasn't quite long enough — the Hokies would take the marathon game, notching a key tournament resume builder in the process.

Students stormed the court to celebrate Tech's sixth league win, and second over a ranked opponent at home.

Williams' squad has certainly been up and down in the new year, but this win is a huge bright spot as the team slogs its way through a brutal ACC schedule.

The Hokies will surely need to be wary of any sort of letdown, with a quick turnaround for a road game to Pittsburgh on Tuesday and a brutal road matchup with Louisville shortly afterward, but Tech made a statement Sunday with plenty of national observers watching.

"We're going to play three games in six days, and two of them are on the road, and your values can travel, and that's what we need to stay attached to," Williams said.


That play where prrrantees layup came to rest on the rim was off the hook. Never seen that before.

I want to thank the hokie engineer that leveled that rim.

We were fortunate to be there for this one and duke on NYE.

When we parked I was able to get spot #25 in the lot beside the football stadium. I told my girl that we were going to win this one.



It's unlikely that casual fans know more about it than the professional coaches who made the decision.


So was Bibbs' absurd circus shot and bank three. He was fire tonight!

VB born, class of '14

i still don't know how he made that crazy shot haha

Both Michael Jordan and Larry Bird are taking him to McDonald's after that shot!

Hokies! We've got to grind out wins anyway we can get them.

Pour some Beer on it

Amazing win, easily the best of the season.

The guys better ice up for Pitt in two days. They've been improving, and we might only have 6/7 available to rotate with Clarke and Sy getting hurt.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

Hello NCAA Tournament. Been a while, hasn't it?

ten years? ten years.

We said that after Duke in 2011 too. I can still hear Dickie V saying "They're going to be dancing, no doubt they will be dancing this year".

I'll believe it when I see our name on that bracket.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

We should comfortably be in after that win. Lunardi had us as a 10 seed before tonight. It will be interesting to see how much that improves after tonight. Need to close out strong down the stretch and hopefully have a deep run in the ACC tourney.

I wish you guys would stop this nonsense. Georgia Tech in 2011 after the Duke win still haunts me too.

I just sit on my couch and b*tch. - HokieChemE2016

Lots of losable games left on the docket when we only have 6 healthy players with any minutes this year. I may openly cry at work today if Clarke's MRI comes back with bad results.

No doubt, that's why I say we need to finish strong down the stretch here. Certainly would be devastating if Clarke is out for a considerable amount of time. We need to beat BC, steal one more on the road, and take care of business at home. Nothing is set in stone, but if we can finish strong after a win like last night, things are certainly looking positive.

Don't jinx things.

Normally I'd be with you but after tonight, I'd say slow down on that for a second. If Clarke's injury is as bad as it looked and he misses significant time, all those games left of the schedule that look like wins can get ify. He's too talented of a player to lose and just have everything be ok. There's still room for error if he does miss time but I can totally see things going sideways if he does. He's that good of a player. He affects every aspect of what we do.

Not only that but it would leave us with 7 scholarship players. And that's no good.

I just sit on my couch and b*tch. - HokieChemE2016

Hey, don't forget about Matt "Drains lots of half-court shots" Galloway.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

We were close to seeing him last night. Allen had 4 fouls and he would have been our next option.

When I get my computer back from the shop, I'm definitely making a Top Gun meme.

Haha, yeah I saw that photo on Twitter during the game and immediately thought of that reference (how could you not?). Had the meme ready before the first OT!

Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate, and hetzers gonna hetz

Damn am I going to miss Seth Allen.

Come to Blacksburg and see what the Hokie Pokie is really all about

The "Seth Allen drives out of control down the lane" play in crunch time is oddly effective.

it's only out of control if you aren't good at it.

I think he is the only player on the team with a scorer's killer instinct. The guy has never taken a shot he didn't like. While that can be a bad thing for running a controlled offense, it is not always a bad thing when your roster is thin and you need someone to take over for a little while a get some momentum and energy back on your side. We will miss it next year BIG TIME if someone else doesn't step up into that role effectively.

Come to Blacksburg and see what the Hokie Pokie is really all about

Last year he was that take it if u got it kinda guy.

This year I'd say his numbers are pretty awesome and don't show an out of control take it if you got it guy.

We may need last year's Seth Allen if Clark is hurt.

Seth Allen was on fire!!


"Welcome to the Terror Dome." -- Corey Moore

I'd like to commend two groups:

First, the Cassell security staff for obviously having a well-planned contingency for students rushing the court that ensures player/coach safety and letting students be excited for a win. The security staff executed extremely well from what I saw; establishing the line and enforcing it while respecting the students.

Second, the fans/students themselves for coming out for a tough opponent and staying with our team all game. THEN when they could have gone absolutely nuts and created havoc postgame, they held back long enough to allow our rival's players and staff to exit the floor.

Stay classy, Hokies.

On TV we didn't see security we saw the High Techs form a line and the students not cross it.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

Join us in the Key Players Club

LOL, accept that one guy (early) and then he realized he was alone on the island.



It's unlikely that casual fans know more about it than the professional coaches who made the decision.


How'd you miss the wedge of people wearing high-vis yellow from the benches to the tunnel? The camera hadn't even panned to the High Techs yet.

My eyes are biased.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

Join us in the Key Players Club


They are very well qualified to cheer.

Another white bronco? The first one didn't go too far.

Umm they are not cheerleaders they are a dance team bruh.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

Join us in the Key Players Club

True. This also must be an old picture, I know one of them.


This six game stretch will be critical for us. According to KemPom we play: Pittsburgh (66), Louisville (5), Clemson (39), Boston College (149), Miami (34) and Wake Forest (32).

I can comfortably say that we'll beat BC. Not sure about the other five.

BC is a road game. I'm more confident that we beat Wake, Miami, and Clemson because they are home games.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

Exactly and it's not like we killed BC at home either. I wouldn't bank in BC just yet, they've got real talent on that roster even if the record says otherwise.

"It might be dark outside, but it's LeDay in here." - Jay Bilas

I have to hope that BC can't put up the freak 3 pt performance in another game and we handily win in the library.

we handily in the library.

ooo kinky

Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate, and hetzers gonna hetz

Stupid phone. Fixed.

Not to go unnoticed, we also have to hope our best defender is suiting up that game in Chris Clarke. Would be nice to hear an update on him today since ya know, we do play again tomorrow night.

"It might be dark outside, but it's LeDay in here." - Jay Bilas

I originally thought that they would evaluate his knee today while they left for Pitt and have him stay at home regardless of the results as a precaution. I think the fact they're waiting for the evaluation before flying out might be a sign that the staff thinks he can play tomorrow if nothing serious is found.

Or it could be like that time where Beamer had Logan put his helmet back on and join the huddle later in the game against UCLA...

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

That was one of the hidden memories of 2013. I remember everyone around me exclaiming how tough he was as they thought LT3 was going to give it a go. I was trying to temper expectations while giving a nod to the craftinezs of our staff at the time. When i saw logans arm lock...I knew it was the last time we were going to see him play a down in a hokie uni. Then I cursed Zumwalt for a few months. That was such a shameful hit/ no-call. I'm realizing i am mad again, as I write this... Thanks a lot lol.

"This is really a lovely horse, I once rode her mother." - Ted Walsh

Can someone explain to me how Clemson is 3-9 in the ACC but currently IN the tournament projections and like 20ish rankings higher than us depending on which one?

Quality losses


Clemson might be the most unlucky every team I've ever seen. 13-11 with 8 losses by like 5 points or less. For the most part, they've only lost to teams ranked higher than them (I think us and GT are the only exceptions but I'm not positive). Things like Kenpom usually don't punish you too hard for losing to better teams. RPI wise their OOC was brilliant which is how they're still in tournament consideration

That Pitt game gets a lot tougher if either/both Sy or Clarke miss it. On the road on a quick turnaround AND you have to shorten your already short rotation even more? Yikes.

If Clarke can't play tomorrow I feel comfortable picking us to lose. Artis and Young can really go and Clarke is our best matchup for them. If Clarke isn't 100% I say sit him against Louisville and make sure he's ready to go for that stretch run. Like you pointed out its tougher than people think. Such is life in the ACC

I'm your huckleberry

*Huckle bearer

Though I guess the quote is up for debate.

Oh, dear god not this again.

The script says "huckleberry." All of the official shirts/merchandise says "huckleberry."

Even though "huckle bearer" is the correct term, in the movie he says "huckleberry" though with the accent Val Kilmer uses I can very easily see hearing either or.

Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate, and hetzers gonna hetz

Perrantes fell apart down the stretch. He was clanging long shots all over the place that allowed us to get into our transition offense. He was effective getting to the rim, but his long misses let us back into it.

Come to Blacksburg and see what the Hokie Pokie is really all about

Their poor FT shooting down the stretch let us back into it too. Seems like no one is talking about that but they were just over 50% from the line for the game. Pretty bad, even for a road game.

"It might be dark outside, but it's LeDay in here." - Jay Bilas

I love Seth Allen so much!

Seth Allen >>>>>> Perrentes
Buzz >>>>>>> Bennett


"It's a miracle in Blacksburg, TYROD DID IT MIKEY, TYROD DID IT!"

So glad we played our hearts out and showed who is the better team. Go Hokies.

The only disappointing thing is we didn't get to see Kyle guy get LeDunked on.

Everytime I see man-bun boy, I can't help but think of this:

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

I'd just like to point out we were wearing maroon on maroon in this victory... #allmaroonerrething

There are wolves and there are sheep, I am the sheep dog

Why were we wearing maroon at home?

Tyrod did it, Mikey!

Because AME clearly has divine powers


Ask me no questions, and I'll tell you no lies

Easily one the best sporting events I've ever attended and I'm so hype it happened my senior year. There is no one I would rather beat any given night than the Boo Hoos. Cry me a river with that "see us come basketball season" BS we've put up with in the past.

"It might be dark outside, but it's LeDay in here." - Jay Bilas

Here's the post game interview with Buzz. It speaks volumes to his class and integrity as a coach and person.

Link here

VB born, class of '14

He makes a great point about how we're only playing with 8 players.

Take the "D-League" that he mentions, throw in NAW and Wabissa, and man.... next year looks even better.

The 9-12 minute mark in this interview gives me a lot of hope for the future

NAW's mixtapes have me straight giddy for the future

I love this guy. Whit better do everything he can to keep Buzz around. You want to see a great coach, watch from the 2:32 mark to about 5:15. You'll see why Buzz Williams is one of the best coaches in the country, and I don't care what sport you're talking about.

And I'm joining the Hokie Club today to help that out!

Promise kept!

I finally got around to watching the interview. No wonder we see so much fight from these players. Not just that these players are "OKG," but every time I watch Buzz talk, I'm ready to run through a brick wall for him. He shows so much love and compassion, provides inspiration, and fantastic teaching moments along with bringing some needed toughness to the team. And his awareness is through the roof. How many coaches would have chewed Bibbs out for calling that time out when the shot clock was at 7 seconds? But Buzz didn't because he realized that it was an honest mistake. What a great human being to represent this university.

"That move was slicker than a peeled onion in a bowl of snot." -Mike Burnop

Great comeback after a really sloppy close to first half. Team showed a lot of heart with Clarke hurt, leday fouling out and then sy getting hurt. Played extremely small in both OTs and still got it done. Need to close out strong down the stretch, but this win should make a big difference in tourney selection.

Anyone with knowledge on Clarke's injury, please let us know. I saw ice and then no ice. Just praying that it is not serious as it looked. Swelling may have gone down, so no ice. Pieces always looking for silver linings.

US Navy Vet

MRI today supposedly. You only ice for so long. After he iced it they put a compression sleeve on it.

He was playing with a sleeve on that knee.

Looking at the remaining schedule we could realistically go 5-1 or 4-2 down the stretch. One or 2 wins in the ACC tourney should have us dancing...

I can imagine no more rewarding a career. And any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction:
“I served in the United States Navy"


We gotta really hope the Clarke injury is nothing serious... without him it could make 4-2 pretty difficult.

Pitt's improved in the last two weeks, tough road game on short notice.
Louisville is better than we are.
Clemson has Blossomgame, but we should win that one.
Playing in front of 359 fans in Chestnut Hill has caused us a lot of problems over the years.
Miami is very skilled and well coached.
Wake is surprising and has one of the better players in the conference.

5-1 is a possibility, 2-4 is as well.

Step 1, beat Pitt.

359? Come on... now that the Pats season is over, all of the Boston sports market will get behind BC and go to the games. That's why they got into the ACC after all.

The Cassell is back!
Watching the crowd response in that last clip gave me goose bumps.
Thanks Buzz, team!
Thanks Hokie fans!

Go Hokies.

I was really glad to see that our switch off when guarding Perrentes didn't cost us the game. Having Sy guard London was questionable in all regards; and the fact that no one moved to help was equally troubling.


seth had foul trouble and on one he was the closest

I'm not sure why everyone is so hard on Sy. I watched a good bit of the game, and a lot of the problems weren't all him. Passes weren't great.
The weird part, every time he'd make a shot or two, and get rolling, Williams would pull him. If the kid is going to develop, he needs to play when he's hot.

He has stone hands. He fumbled literally every single pass thrown his way, and he rebounds would reflect off of him. Liability to have someone with such little ball control in the game.

This in regards to his hands. He really struggles catching the ball. He moves so well it's a shame because he's open quite often coming off screens, but I don't think his teammates trust him.

So, he's a normal VT big guy.

That's why I never get the "we need to get bigger!" crowd. Look a the bigs VT has been able to recruit from Jimmy Carruth to Khadim Sy. I would much prefer to play with a skilled 6'7" post guy than a 6'11" guy who can't catch the ball.

KJB is an anomaly because he was a 6'8" wing with a sketchy jump shot when we he committed, he grew 2-3" and he's got a chance to be the best post player at VT in 25 years if he gets healthy.

I disagree a little bit (or at least i'll play devil's advocate a bit).

We are 273rd in the nation in rebounding. Against UNC a few games back, there was one point in the first half alone where they had accumulated 13 offensive rebounds. Meeks was a big reason for that, as we had nobody who could match up with him effectively. I'm sure doing a better job boxing out and crashing the boards could improve our rebounding a fair amount, but some of that is just being outsized and outmuscled inside by the other ACC bigs. I don't know if "getting bigger" is an answer in itself, but we definitely need more than just Leday and Clarke out there. Sy at times has provided that, but he's a freshman and hasn't provided it consistently.

Secondly, I think you are being a bit unfair to Sy. The guy is a true freshman and will have plenty of time to grow and develop. I don't think i'd write him off just because he has shown a few flaws. Granted it also doesn't necessarily mean he will develop (look at Satchel Pierce for example). But i think Sy has shown flashes this year and could be a very good big for us. Hopefully in the offseason he works on his hands and does a better job next year in that area. I am excited about KJB, hopefully he can recover from this surgery and get back into the fold.

Lastly, even if you prefer the skilled 6'7 post guy, we aren't exactly deep in that area either (at least this year. Leday and arguably Clarke fit that mold, but that's really it. A lot of that is due to injuries and external factors, but we just are very thin in the frontcourt right now.

That being said, i do think people need to stop looking at the game like the old school nba. We don't need to be throwing out a 7'0 footer and a 6'10 power forward. I don't think we need 4 6'10+ guys who can bang it down low. Frankly I'd rather stay small and play guys like Clark, Outlaw, etc at the 4. But I do think our frontcourt situation is hurting us a bit right now and i understand where people are coming from when they say "we need to get bigger". Hopefully down the road KJB and Sy will provide what we need down low, though both are question marks at this point.

That's why I never get the "we need to get bigger!" crowd. Look a the bigs VT has been able to recruit from Jimmy Carruth to Khadim Sy. I would much prefer to play with a skilled 6'7" post guy than a 6'11" guy who can't catch the ball.

All I will say about this post is that it is extremely short sighted to write Sy off as a bust because of his true freshman season. A season in which he's only getting minutes out of necessity rather than desire.

Oh, and this push about getting bigger? Its not coming from the fans, its coming from the coaching staff, and primarily Buzz.

"Some days you’re a horse and some days you’re a horse’s ass. I’ve been a horse’s ass for a little while." - Roy Halladay

I don't think Sy is a bust at all, I just think he's a guy. He's a lot better than Hamilton and Pierce. And as a freshman, Sy has a great opportunity to grow into something greater.

Did Buzz say something about height? Something that wasn't specifically related to KJB's injury? I'm sure Buzz would love to get mobile 7 footers, but his history and current recruiting demonstrates a preference for Zach LeDay's.

He's a true freshman playing minutes the coaching staff didn't want him to play this year but we don't have a choice with Blackshear's injury. And the team seems to play better when he's on the court, because defensively we can guard the paint.

The minutes he's getting this year will only help him be that much better in the future. Sure he doesn't have the best hands right now, but that will come around and when it does, after a year or two of collegiate weight training.... the kid is going to be a beast.

"Some days you’re a horse and some days you’re a horse’s ass. I’ve been a horse’s ass for a little while." - Roy Halladay

Even Victor "denied by the rim more than anyone I've ever seen" Davila became a pretty reliable player by the end of his tenure. I think Sy is gonna be a good player soon.

VT Class of '12 (MSE), MVBone, Go Hokies!

Honestly, I didn't expect Sy to play anything more than garbage minutes coming into this year. But he has thoroughly impressed me in his still limited minutes. Bigs take a few years to develop, look around the country and your good big men are either upperclassmen or were highly rated coming into school and likely will leave early for the NBA. Sy is neither. However, he has shown a good touch around the rim, great footwork, improvement on pick-and-roll throughout this year, good rebounding and shotblocking ability, and a a nice mid-range shot that I think will be devastating in a few years. His hands definitely need to improve, but Clarke and Robinson whip passes into the post so I don't get upset at him fumbling those at the moment.

We were spoiled by Blackshear last year and are spoiled by the great freshman bigs that make national news. Sy is not Blackshear in style of play or talent-wise. KJ is a great rebounder and incredible rolling to the basket and making off balance layups. Sy is about where KJ was last year on post-up moves. I expected big things out of KJ this year and those expectations increase for next year. As for Sy, I never expected anything until his junior year, which is how I approach expectations for most bigs until they show me different. I don't have a great comparison for Sy other than maybe Jeff Withey a few years ago at Kansas. I have high expectations for him, but it's hard to rationalize being angry at a player who's not even supposed to be playing right now.

Outside its night time, but inside its LeDay

Great game last night, slept like a baby. Any word on Clarke?


Check out Seth Allen's help defense and rebounding presence on that #ledgie clip.

You live by the Seth Allen, you die by the Seth Allen.

I'm actually ok with him holding off on the help defensively, cannot afford for him to rack up fouls and there's not much you can do from that position. The rebounding reason a guy that outmatched size wise isn't throwing his body around and boxing out aggressively.

Just watch UVA play help defense. There is a ton you can do from that position if you have the want-to.

I really enjoyed the two man help defense on Allen's layup attempt at the end of regulation. Left the whole backside of the rim wide open for an Outlaw tip. Help defense usually leaves a man open, sometimes you have to just let the on ball defender make a play.

Come to Blacksburg and see what the Hokie Pokie is really all about

So awesome! FAM!

That moment when the ball stopped on the rim, my son turned to me and said "Even the ball hates UVA".

My job as a parent is complete.

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Anyone have any video/comments on the HokieLights app thing they used during the pre-game? I tuned in late so I'm not sure if ESPN showed it but I was curious how it worked and looked.

There was a bit of it on ESPN, it might have been a replay coming back from a media timeoout. To be honest, the little bit they showed looked liked only about 25% were participating, so it was kinda lame on TV.

one of the tech facebook pages (hokiesports maybe?) put up a 360 video of it earlier today. Edit: found it

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They apparently only showed the first 2-3 seconds of that clip on ESPN.

I believe you are correct. Regardless if the rim was level or not both teams shot at that basket during the game.

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No, no, no. It was only unlevel when the Hoos shot at it.

And it only rains when UNC is on offense.

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He might be a UNcheat grad with fake classes or LOLUVA grad with subpar classes.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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During halftime, Justin Bibbs said during his "Hokie Hot Seat" interview that he wished he had telekinesis. UVA fans should be much more skeptical of that than a rim that wasn't level.

Sidenote: And now there's a complaint that the paint is chipping off our rims. Taking pettiness to a whole new level. Then again, I really don't expect anything less.

Credit where it is due, at least one of their fans about 3/4 into that whine fest did acknowledge that both teams shot pretty poorly on that end.

Clearly an issue with the rim in general, as they were working on it before the game. But both teams took shots at it.

Just glad we defended it in the first half.

Seriously though as long as it isn't moving or the circle isn't bent/distorted I can't see it having an impact.

Apparently it broke off, so VT staff had to put a new one on there right before the game. So it was brand new. Hours old. Literally couldn't ask for a better rim to shoot at.

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He apparently is flying with the team to Pitt. No idea of his injury status though.

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I think him and JRob are friends

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Tony Bennett is such a nice guy and an excellent coach. LOLuva does not deserve him.

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