Virginia Tech Goes 2-0 in the self-admitted "Biggest Week" of Buzz Williams' Tenure

Buzzketball did not suffer any letdowns.

Prior to Virginia Tech's back-to-back Power 5 contests, Buzz Williams made it known the games against Iowa and at Ole Miss were important. In fact, he cited the week as the program's biggest since he took it over.

And the Hokies delivered two wins. Buzzketball crushed Iowa 79-55 in the Big Ten-ACC Challenge and battled back on the road from an early 16-point, second-half deficit against the Rebels to win 83-80.

The Ole Miss win will be broken down in due time. Until then, enjoy Justin Robinson throwing an overtime dart.


The St. Louis loss was awful but Buzz was right in that it could end up being a huge learning lesson.

This game was similar to that one in many respects, we trailed mostly all of the game in a game we were expected to win, but this time we made enough plays down the stretch to pull out the W, and on the road.

Hopefully we are no worse than 11-2 going into ACC play.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

Wow just looked up St Louis and they have turned out to be worse than I expected and I wasn't too impressed with them that night either. They haven't won since the VT game and lost to Detroit Mercy.

That loss will likely really hurt us come March... unless we can offset it with a win at Kentucky. I think the team will be much more up for that road game, I think we have a shot.

Teams have bad losses. The Saint Louis one might be a bad loss but at least they're in a reputable conference. It won't come near to defining our resume when March rolls around; what we do in the ACC will say far more.

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Yeah the St. Louis loss will be in the "bad losses" column on our resume, but it is night and day compared to the Alabama St. loss in 2015

Outside its night time, but inside its LeDay

To me, the difference has been the full court press. Seems like something we should be doing more.

We will have a lot of close games this year, and the team needs to know who needs the ball when we need one play. It's funny how I felt like we would come back the whole time, even down big in the second. Did not feel that way against St. Lo. I think it may be the teams attitude reflecting through their posture to me. But I felt a little tight again closing out. Hopefully we will learn confidence in closing out in tight games from this.

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Feels like the culture is (mostly) changing for hoops in that the team is defeating opponents they're supposed to beat, as well as nabbing those cross conference games (Iowa & Miss St), whereas in the past, we would most likely drop 1 or BOTH of those games. Now we just need that culture and mentality to spillover into football.

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9-3 ain't chopped liver, and yes we lost one game we shouldn't have to a team that beats people they shouldn't sometimes. I'm mellowing on my disappointment, granted, but all in all, I'm ok with our football season.
As for basketball, I feel pretty good about these guys this year. I think we'll be seasoned enough to make a splash in the ACC, and we are intriguing enough to keep the interest up when selection time comes around. I also think we could win 12 games in the ACC, so maybe I'm just delusional.

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{Excuse me as I redirect this basketball thread with a full football post}

The big hump for Fuente is winning the marquee games. Rivalry game? Yep. Better at Lane? Absolutely. Neutral Site? Much better. But 8pm ABC game (thank you for getting us some in the first place)? Those haven't gone great.

But....remember....."clemsoning?" Seems like forever ago, but that was Dabo. It was more about losing games they shouldn't, but it was also losing by 45 to FSU at home when Clemson was ranked 5th. Now......Clemson just straight up murders people when it's a marquee game.

That's why I'm excited we drew Okie St, even if we don't win. A game against Purdue or Arizona St may have led to us being ranked at the end of the season with 10 wins. But this Okie St is considered one of the marquee games not in the CFP/NY6 set. People will be watching (even though it is nonsensically a 5:15 kick). This is our chance to step up, like we did vs. WVU, when everyone is watching. We need to continue to get better.

This title is a little misleading. We play in the ACC, we've had much bigger weeks than this in Buzz's tenure. His quote was that it's the biggest week in out of conference play which I would say is fairly accurate. Glad we went 2-0 but to say we haven't had any weeks bigger than this in the ACC the past couple years would be a very large overexaggeration

Pretty sure that's why those words are in quotations. Not misleading at all IMO

They are in quotes because Buzz said them on several occasions (Tech Talk Live, Iowa post game interview).

Yes. And I suspect Joe put them in quotations in the title to this post for precisely that reason. Therefore the title is not misleading at all.

That is a great clip but notice CC just stand under the basket and watch the shot. Shouldn't he be boxing out number 12 and trying to get in position to get a board on low percentage shot? For sone reason this caught my attention.

I saw that during the game. But him celebrating before the ball even went in was great too

Rip his freaking head off!

As for offensive rebounding position, where CC was standing is not a horrible place. He could easily sneak in from either side and pull one or even get a tap in/out. Sometimes CC appears a little lackadaisical, but he is one of those rare athletes that "glides" into great positions with good instincts and he has some seriously quick reflexes and true ups.

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I love Chris Clarke.

I had the same thought watching that clip

Outside its night time, but inside its LeDay

Is it crazy to think that we could be ranked going into the UVA game? If we put up a good fight against Kentucky and win our other games, most importantly Syracuse, then I don't see why not.

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Somehow we are pretty close to being ranked in the Coach's Poll and still not receiving a single vote in the AP Poll.

32nd in the USA Today Coach's Poll but as noted above not a single AP vote. Even Towson has a vote at 8-1 with a loss to ODU and no P5 wins. This puts us at least in 49th place or farther back based on other receiving votes.

Not to worry. WHEN we beat Kentucky, all this will work out.

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I know its improbable, but that Kentucky game will be hype. It will also be a great measuring stick for the program. Cannot wait.

Before I make the trek back to southeastern West Virginia from Huntington for Christmas break, I have to go 2 hours in the opposite direction to get my sister from the University of Kentucky so she can come home as well. She bought me a student ticket to the Virginia Tech-Kentucky game for $5 for the trouble of adding an extra 4 hours to my trip, so, if you have a look at the UK student section during the game and see one person in maroon, that will be me.

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give her the $5 back and tell her if she wants in the car then she needs to wear O&M as well.

Hahaha she would have no problem with the that. She's a Hokie as well. She's getting in-state tuition at UK though versus paying 40,000 plus at Tech. Same reason I'm at Marshall (and because I refuse to go to Morganhole).

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Wait... I know both states have hollers but when did Kentucky and WV merge to allow you both in-state tuition?

A lot of states have agreements with adjacent states to provide in-state tuition to people from border counties, or for people who can't get their chosen major from a school in their state.

Wow. Been away too long. Thx for info on that

She gets in state tuition because they don't have her major at any in state schools. Tech used to offer in state tuition to out of state kids pursuing a major not offered in their home state, but they don't anymore.

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Common Market grad here. WV native who wanted to major in MSE, hello in-state tuition at VT. Big selling point for me.

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I ended up being an econonomics major anyway which is probably offered at every university in the United States. My sister is doing mathematical economics which apparently isn't offered at any in state schools.

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40k at VT for OOS? A year? Crazy.