Pass the Salt, Pat

Pitt head coach Pat Narduzzi was unhappy with officiating in a 39-36 loss to Virginia Tech.


"A life of frustration is inevitable for any coach whose main enjoyment is winning." — Chuck Noll

Editor's note: Kudos to VT_Warthog for the clown Narduzzi photo. And please hammer the heck out of the Facebook share button below. Bill spent all day on this masterpiece."


That is glorious!!!!! Very well done

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..


Not to be that guy.....

...but how bad were our DBs on their WRs? Were we all over them equally? I don't think we were, but I can't say for sure.


Semper Fi

Let's Go


If we weren't playing just as aggressively as Pitt's DBs, we were making a terrible mistake. If the officials are allowing contact downfield, we do it. The difference is, we don't whine line a little bitch when we get called or they don't.

"I mean, you know, fuck them, but good for them." -Too Druck to Funk


Shared. Great job, even though the refs really handed this video to ya

that is art

The chyron edits were especially choice. So well done.

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Hahaha this is great. This should find its way to Narduzzi's twitter

This is the best thing I've seen on TKP all season.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

That was great, thanks.

Narduzzi=King Shitlord! Awesome Job!

"...When we step on that field, they bleed like we bleed and we're gonna show the world."
-Corey Marshall

Loved seeing the "supposed" offsides call. I missed it during the game. Still puzzled, Pat?

Great work on the video!

Fuck Pat Narduzzi.

"I mean, you know, fuck them, but good for them." -Too Druck to Funk

And Matt Ryan

Pitt might want to consider amending Narduzzi's contract to make him pay for any equipment broken by him while protesting "phantom" calls, that seems like it could add up really fast

And now it's time to show the world
That victory is ours tonight

Am I wrong in thinking that Pitt's AD should maybe force an apology out of Nardouchie? His behavior, halftime and postgame comments are a really shitty look for that program.

"...When we step on that field, they bleed like we bleed and we're gonna show the world."
-Corey Marshall

Maybe, though I've never loved the obviously forced PR apologies, no point in apologizing if you don't really mean it in my opinion. I would much rather see the Pitt AD publicly condemn that kind of behavior and commit to holding the program and the staff to a higher standard then that.

And now it's time to show the world
That victory is ours tonight

I only say it because I think it would be genuinely hilarious to have him forced to apologize like a child. Seeing as how he behaved like a spoiled little baby all night, I think it would fit pretty well.

"...When we step on that field, they bleed like we bleed and we're gonna show the world."
-Corey Marshall

Here, here!

Don't hold your breath waiting on an apology, this is Pitt. Just be happy that this classless piece of crap does not represent your University.


Like I said, I don't really care for or need an apology. I just think it would be hilarious for him to have to apologize like the child he is.

"...When we step on that field, they bleed like we bleed and we're gonna show the world."
-Corey Marshall

I'd much rather see him get fined.

An apology would show a modicum of class, which I'm not expecting.

"...When we step on that field, they bleed like we bleed and we're gonna show the world."
-Corey Marshall

Thank you that was excellent!!

A new hope

I'm sitting here about to lose it at work. That was a perfect video Billdozer. Thank you for putting in all the effort!
This is one of the many reasons to join TKP! Within 18 hours of the game being over, the staff puts up this hysterical video. If you haven't yet, think about joining The Key Players' Club so that we can continue get more of this excellent content in the future from this great staff!

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i totally agree. I've shared and have mentioned to some friends that joining TKP has been one of the best moves I've made. The work put in by the staff is unparalleled. But equally important are the members and others who post here every day. I wish I were as witty as most of you.

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Nevermind, you figured it out.

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Leg for Dr. Steve Brule

Both of these posts are fantastic

It's quality videos like this that make me put you at number 5 on the list of people I want to be my Dad behind only:

1. Macho Man Randy Savage
2. My actual living Dad who's a really good guy.
3.Frank Beamer
4. Joe Maddon and the 2016 Cubs
5. BilldozerVT, that's you. Good job!

"Hokie religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid." Han Solo

My feelings on Pat Narduzzi

It's Time to go to Work

Instant leg

Hilarious ! And wow that hold on Bucky from behind was redic

As far as takedown videos go, this one's...a doozy.

Damnit, take your leg

Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate, and hetzers gonna hetz

this one's...a doozy.

95% of what I say is sarcastic. The other 5% is usually taken out of context.

I hope the twitter verse snags this like a Pitt DB on a Hokie jersey.

Or maybe I want them to catch it like Ford on a fade. It's so hard to choose.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

I said it on twitter- to ANYONE who defends how Narduzzi acted, ask yourself what he would have done if one of his players had acted like that to an official even once. He would have yanked him to the sideline and chewed him out. He would have yammered about the need for discipline. Oh, and the player would have received an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. There is a paternalistic double standard in sports. I don't mind if coaches communicate with the officials. But, that was grandstanding to try to sway calls directly around the style of play they teach their corners and it teaches the wrong lessons (use noise and the threat of anger to manipulate the behavior of others, specifically.)

The call on Stroman was the correct call. The call on Edmunds was the correct one. Every PI that Pitt got flagged for was the correct call. What wasn't correct were the 5-10 odd non-calls where jerseys were clearly being held, arms being barred, etc. It was egregious, and Pitt got those calls because of the gong show happening on the sidelines. Fortunately for VT, the Hokies receivers made plays despite being mugged.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

Well put.

The commentator was being polite by calling Narduzzi's behavior a "meltdown" (a legitimate loss of emotional control), and not a "tantrum" (an emotional display for the sake of attention; specifically the refs).

He planned to put two green and unprepared freshman corners in man coverage on receivers that will be playing on Sundays. Then he has the audacity to blame the refs for that unbalanced matchup.

He's a bad coach. And he should feel bad.

I said it in another thread, but I was fine with Narduzzi's antics on the field; you need to give your team every advantage they can - putting a ref in a difficult spot is a pretty smart move. Honestly, I was a little disappointed that Fuente/Foster weren't doing the same thing.

When Narduzzi took it into the post game meeting, that's where I thought he crossed the line. At that point, the game was over, and he was just being a sore loser.

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And the refs should have littered the field with unsportsmanlike yellow flags every time he ran out onto the field.

I agree. But as Jeff van Gundy says, in every game there's three teams: You, your opponent, and the refs. If the refs aren't performing at their peak, you need to find a way to exploit them, just like you would your opponent. Narduzzi intimidated them, and we were lucky it didn't cost us the game. Brilliant move on his part.

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Narduzzi intimidated them, and we were lucky it didn't cost us the game.

I don't think the outcome of a game should ever be determined by officiating. You never want that to be the case. The shear fact that Doozi had to stoop so low and berate the officials into calling the game his way is a horrible look for Pitt. He refused to change his defensive scheme and would rather throw his DBs under the bus and say the officiating was one sided is not a "brilliant" move by a head coach of a P5 program.

Watched the replay last night and it's somewhat stunning how Pitt
was blatantly grabbing jerseys every play.

I don't think the outcome of a game should ever be determined by officiating.

It shouldn't be, but sometimes it is. This was a very weak officiating crew. They did a poor job, missing calls and let themselves get bullied by Narduzzi. IMO they deserve FAR more criticism than Narduzzi.

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I completely disagree.
I don't want to see the VT coaches berating officials to try and influence games to give their team a possible advantage. Narduzzi's acted like a spoiled kid for several hours on national TV, completely embarrassing himself and their football program. No thank you.

"When you're green, you're growing. When you're ripe, you rot." -Ray Kroc

We're all familiar with the antics of coaches like Jim Harbaugh. He'll catch a close play on the field, lawyer up and throw a fit to get a call he has no business getting. A man with his personality can make use of it and benefit from his personal "moral indifference". That's a legitimate strategy used only when an opportunity presents itself, but that's still coaching.

Bud Foster has managed to gain a reputation for having talented cornerbacks. But man coverage is not his default, even with the DB's we have and the nickname we've given his penchant for getting DBs to become hard-hitting, tight-covering badasses. We used man a lot in the previous seasons due to weaknesses closer to the line, but because our corners are effective, we use man coverage when we want to because we're fortunate to have that as a legitimate option. That's coaching.

Narduzzi takes underwhelming cornerbacks and puts them in man coverage, exclusively.

He proceeds to occupy the referees the entire game to have THEM cover our receivers because he can't be bothered to scheme for it himself. He actively seeks to break the rules of the game (using referees to counter our WR strength against his CB weakness). That's not coaching.

That's fucking cheating.

He was the weaker coach, with lesser players. He has to find a way to win. I guess I just don't see this as immoral in any way.

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This isn't about morals. It's about football rules. From the latest NCAA Football Rules guide:

When an official imposes a penalty or makes a decision, he simply is
doing his duty as he sees it. He is on the field to uphold the integrity of the
game of football, and his decisions are final and conclusive and should be
accepted by players and coaches.
The AFCA Code of Ethics states:
a. On- and off-the-record criticism of officials to players or to the
public shall be considered unethical.
b. For a coach to address, or permit anyone on his bench to address,
uncomplimentary remarks to any official during the progress
of a game, or to indulge in conduct that might incite players or
spectators against the officials, is a violation of the rules of the game
and must likewise be considered conduct unworthy of a member of
the coaching profession

In the section on "Unsportsmanlike Conduct Fouls"

No player, substitute, coach or other person subject to the rules
shall use abusive, threatening or obscene language or gestures, or
engage in such acts that provoke ill will or are demeaning to an
opponent, to game officials or to the image of the game, including
but not limited to [list]

This. The coach has rules to follow like everyone else. Another one was the missed PI and consistency argument. The consistency should be by following the rules. Some rules are tough to call, I get it, but many cases this game were clearly within the criteria listed in the rules to warrant flags.

These officials jobs are to follow the rules of play to the best of their abilities. It can be extremely difficult sometimes, but it can become impossible if they allow bias of "fairness" or irate coaches get to them.

Our 5-2 ACC Coastal opponent, Pittsburgh, maintained 9 very capable young men in the box. They benefit a lot by doing this; they kept our run game in check, and our QB pressured on passes. Some of those 9 players would have been better utilized in zone coverage or double teaming.

Pitt poorly used 2 freshman CBs (they, admittedly would be much less likely to see the field here this season) and the referees (call it a weakness or a bias toward "fairness") to defend our passing game. That's stupid, but technically constitutes a strategy.

The referees allowed an obscene amount of interference and holding because of the "unfair" matchup Narduzzi created. Still, shady as hell but within the now bent "rules". At this point I'd be willing to call Nardz a really bad coach and leave it at that.

By continually interacting with the referees, Narduzzi is now affecting the already loose rules. He expects the officials to call it easy on his kids (in this case, he could have just shut up because they already likely will). He generated the illusion of unfairness by berating the officials and acting like a toddler.

He should have received penalties to negate this, obviously that never happened (the officials were clearly part of the issue, lacking an abysmal amount of confidence). Still, he affects the outcome of the game outside of the "rules"; the man is now actively cheating.

If we were playing Liberty, your logic works with me, too. We weren't.

I disagree with you on the Stroman call, ONLY based on the circumstances that the refs created with the personality of this game.

It's true that how Stroman played that ball could have been construed as PI according to the letter of the law. That was not egregious interference, however. In my opinion, I believe the most important aspect of sports officiating is consistency. I've got no problem with the refs letting the boys play, OR calling ticky-tack. But it has to go both ways. By that point in the game, the refs had let so much go, the Stroman play was clearly a swallow your whistle moment.

Leonard. Duh.

Glad to see that everyone saw how humongous of a douche he was last night.

"...When we step on that field, they bleed like we bleed and we're gonna show the world."
-Corey Marshall


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You finally responded to this thread... now I can LEG the hell outta you!

FOSTERS: Australian for defense

in that case

Hyping up Hokie Nation one video at a time.

That was worth legging twice. I'll even drink for you or with you. Salute.

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now I can LEG the hell outta you!

My dog does this sometimes, always good for a laugh

Can the ACC not fine him for criticizing officials the way the NBA or NFL would? Serious question

My understanding is that they could. There could be reprimands or fines if the conference officials thought it egregious enough. I suspect they might. It's one thing for a losing coach to be a little bitter and make an offhand remark, but coupled with his on-field behavior, which should have drawn a flag (or several), the pattern of behavior might be working against him.

Heard papa smurf was looking for you narduzzi

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The subtle genius of the '1-7* and 0-2*' on the ESPN graphic put this over the top for me. Glorious.

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This is an amazing video. Made the night!

Hey Pat, acting salty?

when i try to play the video, i get: 'this video is restricted. it must be approved for you to play it'.......

any ideas anybody? i've never had any issue like this site or any other.........

My wife takes the kids and leaves the house while I watch my Hokie games.........nuff said

are you on mobile or desktop? unfortunately I don't control any weird restrictions based on copyright claims. It's a shame because I don't monetize or make a cent off of these videos.

Hyping up Hokie Nation one video at a time.

I was so confused when I clicked a Reddit link and was brought here.

Well done vid billdozer

Let's Go


I saw what you did there!

Has any ACC coach been fined for something like this? I feel like if it was ever going to happen, it would be now.

I know that many of you refuse to read any of the espn acc blog (regardless of columnist), but yesterdays article quotes Narduzzi as perhaps foreshadowing a literal reference about covering the Hokie receivers. "What we've got to do is hang on and cover Ford and Hodges..."

I read this whole thread before I watched the video. I can't tell you I've been happier. :)

Also, if I ever meet Dozer or Warthog beers are on me. Either of you going to South Bend?

I am in Minneapolis and considering the trip.

Hyping up Hokie Nation one video at a time.

Keep me posted.

No I'm poor lmao.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Paul Johnson > Pat Narduzzi?

Narduzzi was a complete embarrassment last night.

I can't lie. I'm still angry thinking about last night's game and Nard's absolute debasement of the rules, both in action and in coaching.

At least PJ paints the lines.

'Douche obliterated the lines, browbeat the feckless refs into calling about 20% of the penalties his guys flagrantly committed, and then cried like a bitch when he lost in spite of it all.

So currently, 'Douche is by far the worst in my book.

Get back to me after GT this year for an update.

Yeah, PJ's system sucks to play against and his chop blocks are bad. But Nard took it to another level. Stacking the box and then telling your corners to pass interfere all game is straight cheating. Then blowing up at every call to intimidate the refs into not calling it is something else.

The post game interview is the diarrhea on the shit cake.

You know what Narduzzi likes the most? Cake farts. (I would recommend against googling that if you don't get the reference especially at work)

Also, what high school did you go to? I graduated from Tuscarora in '11.

"Hokie religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid." Han Solo

TJ in '09. I own a home now off 7th St. You never escape Frederick.

If you ever did Marching Band we probably walked past each other a number of times.

Also, I did escape, but I'm not originally from Fredrick, my family moved there while I was in middle school. I'm currently in NE Indiana and about to move back to VA. My parents are in the process of selling their house in Adamstown and moving to Floyd County VA. It's weird though. I didn't fall in love in the area, but it will suck that I won't have free housing any time I want in the area. Definitely a few things in the area that I will miss, and I'm still pretty close with some of my friends from high school. Gonna be a lot tougher to meet up during the holidays to play Catan.

"Hokie religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid." Han Solo

Nah, I played football and baseball. I love Frederick though. You can walk anywhere yet it still feels like a small town. Just today my gf and I walked to the bowling alley, played a few games, walked back to the liqour store, then walked to pick up a pizza.

Pretty hard to beat that. I lived in DC for 3 years and couldn't stand it.

I'm not far from you guys! Live in Arlington now (moving back to Gaithersburg in a few months), but I'm originally from Damascus/ Mt. Airy area. Played hockey at the Frederick ice rink and half of my family is in the Lake Liganore/Monrovia areas.

I'd love to live in Frederick but I wouldn't be able to do the commute down to McLean every day.

I work in Herndon, but I work from home most of the time. My gf works in Rockville and her commute is about an hour. I think to McLean it would take you between 5-10 years to get to work.

My gf went to Damascus though. She graduated in '04 I believe.

Awesome. haha my sister graduated DHS in '04. I was class of '08.

No joke; my dad vanpools to work (works for the Government at Ft. Belvoir just north of Woodbridge) everyday with people that live in Frederick and all the way up 15 near Gettysburg, PA. He already leaves the house at 4:30 to make it to work by 6:30am, and then leaves the office at 2:30 to get home by 5pm, and he lives in Damascus.. I can't imagine the other guys commutes..

I probably would have played football at T-Ro if our program didn't have problems like the coach's wife embezzling money from the boosters, or that time we had a knife fight when playing Frederick.

I'm glad you like the area. It always felt like there were too many people in a small space to me, and Frederick is constantly growing. I would probably die if I had to live in a large city like DC.

"Hokie religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid." Han Solo

LOL I totally forgot about that knife fight.

I think Frederick is the perfect size. It never has real traffic. I don't drive much anyway. It's a big small town. MoCo is insanely congested though and DC is insane. I was just mad all the time for no reason.

This is outstanding.

I seem to remember my other fave spoiled brat D1 coach (Bo Pelini) received an unsportsmanlike penalty for the same behavior when we played them last time on the road (prior to the tyrod-danny coals finish here the following year). That 15 yard penalty on Bo contributed mightily to us scoring and winning the game. As much as I couldn't stand him, his behavior pales in comparison to Nar-douche-i. If the ACC doesn't do something for this behavior, they'll just enable him to continue the spoiled bratiness.


I honestly don't understand why the ref didn't flag him. I've seen coaches get sideline warnings & flags for less.

Pat Nardouchy is literally an entitled baby

Actually this is quite sad. What is he teaching his team?

Every push off he complained about also had his player with ahandful of Hokie jersey.

Grow up coach!

Narduzzi the morning after...

I would like to see us vs Pitt be a real rivalry. It has potential.

The attendance of LolUVA spring games and my GPA correlate closely.

If you mean rivalry in the sense that UVA is a rivalry (where we intensely dislike them and beat them every year) then yes, I too am hoping for a rivalry.

I vote for this version.

That last part is my favorite. Funny he could only find one unique image of Fuente.


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This one's for Pat

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

That show was absolutely hilarious

Here lies It's a Stroman Jersey I Swear, surpassed in life by no one because he intercepted it.

So I apologize if this has already been posted but Jimbo just took the salty post game interview to a whole new level (for legitimate reasons however).

Jimbo's post game interview

Sometimes I like to leave off the /s just to mess with people.

That interview is worth $20,000 or 0.4% of his salary.

And his antics during the game, which paled in comparison to Nard's (excepting what might have been said) drew a 15 yard penalty.

I think the biggest difference is that Jimbo never once blamed the players (his or the opposition) and he kept his ire on the refs.

Run to Win. Pass To Score

My new background!

Lol, that's nothing really.

Yup, he probably has that much in the seat cushions or console of his car.

New to the site. Had to comment on this one. I watched Narduzzi's behavior the other night and was so thankful that Frank Beamer left behind a program with class, and one where we would never hire someone that would represent Virginia Tech the way Narduzzi represented Pitt. Thanks Coach Beamer!

Can we get an "Amen!"

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I'm DYING for some more write ups today! I feel a void in my daily TKP consumption. Also, Eat Shit Pitt!

It's OK - I'm half asian

Still jobless :( Still pledged to join once that is rectified

It's OK - I'm half asian

Another white bronco? The first one didn't go too far.


Keep em coming coach.

The Dude Abides

"...When we step on that field, they bleed like we bleed and we're gonna show the world."
-Corey Marshall

He's deluded. He's seeing what he wants to see. I mean, for the love of god, Jessie Palmer was complaining about the lack of interference calls in the game. He's just nailing into place how much of an absolute doucher he is. Who cares. Fuck him.

"...When we step on that field, they bleed like we bleed and we're gonna show the world."
-Corey Marshall

So, Pitt's OC Matt Canada, a big reason why they were good on offense this year (Narduzzi is defensive coach) is apparently close to becoming the LSU OC. This means Pitt is about to lose their QB, star RB, and OC. Better hope those DBs grow up real soon, Pat.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

That's a good choice for LSU. They can still feature Guice at tailback but can sell a more open offense. And end-arounds, I'm sure LSU has a swift little dude to run end-arounds.

Even as inept as the LSU offense was under Les Miles I don't think selling the program was ever a problem. It's absolutely nuts how much talent they pulled in while still being so bad at scoring points. I mean they had OBJ and Jarvis Landry and were still scoring like 14 points a game.

When was the last time they had a good-to-great QB? Honestly I have never really paid that much attention to LSU, but it seems like they always have serviceable-to-good QB play leading them to running the ball 8348294 times a game.

Matt Flynn was pretty solid for them back in '08

Mettenberger's game against Georgia in 2012/2013 (can't remember, I think 2013) was one the best performances by a college QB I have ever seen. Was ripping lasers into double and triple coverage on the money to Landry and OBJ, not really sure why he didn't pan out, he had big time arm talent.

He was a tough SOB too. Watching him crawl off the field vs. Bama after they sacked him 4 straight plays waas painful.

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Very Brewer-esque toughness. I just watched a draft film of all of his dropbacks against Georgia in 2013 and in the 4th quarter he makes, maybe the best throw I've ever seen a college QB make, and completes like 3 or 4 3rd and very longs in traffic. Crazy arm, I understand why NFL teams took a chance on him.

Mettenberger had a lot of personal motivation to be at his best for UGA.

LSU had Franks committed and on campus for almost 18 months before he switched to Florida at the last minute. He would have been the LSU starter this season most likely. This probably was one of the final straws in Miles being let go this year.

Jamarcus Russel put up some pretty good numbers at LSU

He put up some pretty good numbers on the scale too.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.


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Yep, they've always recruited well, even WR's who only block (looking at you, OBJ).

They had mentioned this numerous times over the fall, that they wanted a coach that could demonstrate a modern offense.

This is good and bad for tech. Schools like Pitt (and UNC, Miami) need to get their acts together as programs so they can keep coaching talent for more than one or two years. Elsewise the coastal will remain an extremely light and inconsistent division which isn't just boring, but does little to create lasting rivalries or prepare tech for the ACCCG/playoffs.

Pitt really was dangerous with him as their OC. Seems like this won't
help them in the ACC pecking order.

*With James Conner, a rhinoceros masquerading as a half back.

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I'm wondering if the cancer treatments also included using the last of the Captain America serum and Vita-Rays.

Is Canada leaving more because of SEC or because he wants out from under the Duzzi?
Hard to build a good program if people don't like working for you. See Greenberg vs Beamer.
I'm asking because all I really know about Duzzi is the way he came across in our game.

Sometimes we live no particular way but our own

Pat may be a douche, but going to LSU is 100% because its an upgrade from Pitt in every possible way.

Pittsburgh > Baton Rouge but I otherwise agree

Perusing the panther-lair forum the Pitt fans are wringing their hands. They are hoping that his (seemingly pre-existing) relationship with fuckpat is worth more than money.

They are shouting for Pitt to pay whatever it takes to keep him, but that is unreasonable as LSU pays their coaches top salaries. I think the DC is making $1.8M, almost as much as fuckpat.

Personally I think Pitt is intended as a stepping stone for both of them.


I never met a project that couldn't justify a new tool.

Isn't LSU going to a spread scheme? Canada did great with the traditional pro-set O for Pitt. I wonder if he'll transition well being a spread O coordinator.

The big thing was money, almost certainly. Canada was criminally underpaid this year in relation to the offense he produced. LSU has the highest assistant salary budget in the country, they will pay him handsomely in addition to LSU being a better job in every other possible perspective.

LSU has the highest assistant salary budget in the country...

All while the state of Louisiana is having trouble keeping the school open. But hey, at least the people who support the school have their priorities straight!

Is it football season yet?

Just heard a comment on a local talk show that LSU tripled his salary at Pitt.

Doesn't matter if it's cake or pie as long as it's chocolate.

Honest to god, I thought they'd quadruple the number I saw last for what Pitt was paying him.

Pitt to their next OC candidate:

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Obligatory Fuck Pat Narduzzi

"For those who have passed, for those to come, reach for excellence."

Screw , Nerdussi !


Suckit, Narduzzi!

I got you, fam.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Good look fam

This gem of a post needs a bump. Happy Monday!

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I'll give a leg for that!