Virginia Tech Spring Game, Post-Game Interviews

Video of Hokies players and coaches discussing Tech's spring game.

[Mark Umansky]

Justin Fuente, Bud Foster, Josh Jackson, Brandon Facyson, A.J. Bush, Cam Phillips, and Herndon Hooker all fielded questions from the media after Virginia Tech's spring game.


Sounds like Bud has accepted his fate, Farley's gonna be a receiver.

Yeah, sounds like he'll be a receiver, but I wouldn't rule out him eventually being a two-way guy, if he's as talented as it appears. Perhaps our version of the next Charles Woodson, assuming he can tackle. If not, maybe the next Dion....haha. Only difference could be he'll be primarily an offense guy, and a situational defensive weapon. I like the sounds of all of this. We haven't had anyone come in as a freshmen with this kind of skill set in a while.

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My main take away from the interviews: Everyone gives professional, "business as usual" answers until Farley's name is mentioned. Then eyes light up and it's smiles all through the comments. Next question, back to professional. The non-verbal tells me all I need to know

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It was even more obvious in the post-game radio broadcast. I could hear Bud's eyes light up, same with Corn. I hate heaping expectations on a true freshman, but something is going on there.

I saw Farley in person. And my oh my oh my after seeing the first ball thrown to him.

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Very cool

Bud made some interesting comments on the radio post game about Deon Newsome and Anthony Shegog. It sounds like Shegog and Newsome will be in a battle for that bandit linebacker role because of Newsome's ability to cover. I didn't focus much on Newsome today, and Shegog did a good job once he got a series in at backer. But, he is stuck behind Tremaine Edmunds, so...

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

Hooker is just as calm as can be up on the podium. Wish I made it down to watch the game - the forecast was a complete bust.

I love how Fuente addressed the Farley position thing before he even got to questions. He knew that would have been one of the first questions the media guys would have asked him.

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