State of Virginia NIL Bill falls behind other states.

Not having a NIL bill is going to be a major issue in the state. Even if this written bill passes it's start date being 2024 is a head scratcher. I wish Tech and UVA would do what Florida schools did and start a PR campaign to get it passed ASAP and effective ASAP.

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Totally agree. There's no reason this should not be effective July 1, 2021. This will just put us further behind the 8 ball when we were actually positioned quite well with this NIL deal.

So now we can use politicians as a scapegoat for poor recruiting? /s

So to be fair, I believe HB300 was a 2020 bill, so a new one would have to be introduced. The 2024 inactment language isn't surprising for Virginia, but was also not necessarily as out of step with where the state of play was over a year ago when really only 1 or 2 states were starting to pass relevant legislation.

I imagine the enactment date would/will be modified if/when a new piece of legislation on this issue is introduced.

According to The Athletic, only 7 of the 19 states that have signed NIL legislation have start dates in 2021. Four states are starting 2022, seven in 2023 (with two having the ability to start ASAP on an individual basis if the schools meet certain criteria), and one (New Jersey) in 2025.

I'd like to see VA push it up to at least 2022, with the ability to start early like Oklahoma and Nebraska. It sounds like some of the hold-ups are smaller schools, especially non-D1 schools, aren't sure how to properly implement NIL programs. This seems fairly likely because the recent weed legalization law wasn't going to take effect until 2024 - now it's going to start in two weeks.

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I think this is the names, images and likeness issue that would allow college athletes to be paid for the use of their NIL.