Justin Fuente on Tech Sideline


More longform interviews like this please, he takes at least 30 minutes just to comfortable most times.

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Yeah interactions like this can only help Fu right now. This was a solid hour of decent insight into the team and showing how personable he is. He is 100x better at these longer Q/A interviews than post game stuff.

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Yea, the exercise of doing media is something he should do more of, hopefully this sort of thing sticks in the long run.

These pretzels are making me thirsty.

Very good interview.

I wanna see him take a hit like Musk. Actually, I bet whichever programs openly support cannabis use have a similar advantage to NIL

Removing features to get people to sign up for your service is something EA would would do.

You are not wrong about having an advantage, but isn't testing a NCAA thing?

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It is but Oregon has gotten around it some how, so its possible.

He gave two insightful interviews to Mike Niziolek for the Roanoke Times. One about Devon Hunter and about Etute's arrest.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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linky link? plz fireman.

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He seems so much more chill in this setting versus his press conferences.

Also, I find it hilarious that a large, vocal subsection of TKP clamors for more coach/fan interaction and the two posts about this and the JHam interview have less than 10 comments combined.

I think 95% of the interaction desired is just more open practice but I agree with you

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Still never understood the need to sit in on open practice. Do you really want to spend your Tuesday afternoon watching Knox throw against the scout team defense? I don't, I have shit to do.

Not really but I did enjoy reading about it

"A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it." - K

I also have shit to do!

Holy TMI!, but I took one after breakfast, so should be good for a while....

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My coffee on the ride in gets the pipes flowing so I like to time it out so I get to get paid to poop.

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Andy Bitter has talked a lot about how Fuente has always been waaaaaayy more comfortable in the one on one interviews than he has been in press conferences. I think he said the closest he ever got to that was after the UVA game cause that was just pure relief from a crazy season.

(Sorry, I was fishing)

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

He needs to do more of this. I went in with very low expectations and came away pleasantly surprised.

Overall a pretty good interview; he needs to let his personality shine. It felt like he was in hiding the last 5 years

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But this is year one....? Or is it two...?

Warning- Filter lost.

"Look at this... This is just spectacular.... These people are losing their minds"

I was pretty surprised at how well this went. Hopefully this kind of thing persists.

I really do like Fuente. He seems like some one I could catch a movie with.

He seems like some one I could catch a movie with.

Someone you'd sit in a dark room with and not talk to for 2 hours?

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I've always liked his voice. Sounds like a guy who after a couple hours in a bar would really let some shit off his chest (Larry Fedora...look out, bro).

Amateur superstar and idiot extraordinaire.

I can't tell if this is a joke like you wouldn't want to talk to him or you mean "grab a beer" with.

Either way I love it

100% would hang out with him, but I stopped drinking beer years ago and I do love movies ... SPOILER: as does Fuente

Hats off to Will Stewart and crew. Really well done interview. Fuente and his staff need more of these opportunities to show the fan base what they are like. I thought Fuentes did well. Well spoken, just enough meat to make it interesting, a few food anecdotes. Just right.

Oh, and players report in two weeks. Let's play some football!

I was pleasantly surprised by how Fuente closed up the interview saying he would love to come on sometime and just shoot the shit too, doesn't always have to be about football. Which seems to me that he is willing to open himself up more. Hopefully that comes to fruition (along with a winning season, obviously)

Alot of his image problems go away if he beats UNC, Miami, UVA, and ND this year. He could run for mayor after that.

Oh I agree completely. As has been said, winning solves all problems. I was just surprised from my preconceived ideas about him that he was not only willing but sounded genuinely interested in coming back on to more or less shoot the shit. If he can do that AND win ball games I think he would endear himself to a lot of fans

Which seems to me that he is willing to open himself up more.

A TKPC AMA where Joe asks the questions submitted by TKPC members

Preferably, non-football related questions

I want to know about his cake or pie preferences. We may finally find out.

And cheese.

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Unfortunately we already the answer to his cake v. Pie same with Bud and they both have let us down. So disappointed in their answers.

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I recall Joe doing an interview with Fuente wherein CJF was asked my classic "what's the most almost arrested you've ever been" and the answer was that he might have gotten a speeding ticket

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Not sure where Fu was when that happened, but I have been told that over 100 in a work zone on I-81 will get you into cuffs by the state highway patrol in VA, so you can get almost arrested by a speeding ticket, and I'd call 3 MPH pretty close....

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I think the most unintentionally funny part of the podcast is the end when Will says something about having Fuente on again and quickly following with "looking at you, Pete Moris."

This pretty much is what every Tech Talk Live is like with Fuente. Those that are complaining about Fuentes personality I don't know if you listen to those or not. I've never found his personality to be bad. I think he's much more guarded at press conferences for good reason though.

There's certainly a lot of things he can and has done to help fans be connected to the program but honestly I think for a lot of us it's just go win ball games.


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I've met him and I have said it before. He is a nice genuine guy. He is very friendly in certain settings. He's not loud or talkative, but he is a nice guy. a class guy.


I was thinking the exact same thing as I was reading all of the posts stating surprise at how personable he seemed.

I've never understood this narrative that he isn't personable because it didn't fit at all with what I hear on TTL. But my sense is most of it is just some people need to find something to blame when their world is in some measure of disorder.

Agreed, Fuente has been a good interview from the beginning. I actually think he's always been pretty open too, as far as providing real insight and not falling back on coach speak.

As the losses started piling up though, I guess the personality attacks were an inevitable part of human nature. Its easier to call for someone's head if you can convince yourself they aren't a likeable person.

I've always enjoyed listening to him talk, however there are some times that I think "hey, he sounds like me". And well I shouldn't be giving press conferences and would need a PR person.

But on these one on one interviews I think there is more back and forth so the questions and the intent are more clear and better.

Agreed Fuente seems more in his element with one-on-one type interviews. This interview and the one he did with SOS come to mind.

I really enjoyed this interview. I don't know about doing these weekly but I feel like monthly or so would be great. I will also add if they are wanting to do it weekly, there are more coaches than Fuente on staff. They could also interview players, if the players want to do that. Probably be hard to do during the season but before or after camp would be a good time.

I think we'll see it more. JHam on Sons of Saturday, Fuente on TSL. I don't think that was by accident. I think this if coming from Whit to be more out in front.

So does this mean Joe get's Corny ?

It'll be a pretty corny interview, I don't think he'll let the husk off in regards to our offense, maybe let the harvest do the talking for him....

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If we don't stalk him, someone will.

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We might get a kernel or two of good information if Joe bends his ear right and butters him up.

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Thank you for that silky smooth delivery that just pops off the page.

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Great interview. Best part for me was hearing CJF talk about some of the players. That to me is the biggest thing missing from their overall PR last 5 years. With no coverage of practices anymore, no spring games, no open scrimmages, no detailed info about how players are performing, no depth charts, and no assistant coaches talking about how their players performed in scrimmages - that is what has been missing the most. You don't have to give Charley Wiles-level details about the players, but if practices are all closed off for competitive reasons (which I'm fine with), then it's reasonable to expect the coaches to provide some positive feedback on their players to the fans that support VT, as that helps keep fans interested and wanting to support VT. It was nice to hear CJF talk specifically about Pene, Jones, Lofton, OLs, RBs, etc. IMO everyone should already know by now that CJF is a super nice dude, and he's probably a little harsher than Beamer about some things, but really his biggest issue is to just win (as many others have noted above). But very enjoyable interview.


Agreed, and fwiw, he's stated a few times that the reason for closed scrimmages isn't so much fear of giving away plays and schemes, but wanting to create a closed/private environment for the kids to feel comfortable making mistakes, learning, and growing. I think he even said something about it in this interview where if a corner for example has a clip posted of them getting burned in practice, it can negatively impact how much they're willing to take chances and focus on the lessons they're learning. Whether that's overly sensitive, or not in line with "practice like you play" in terms of constant pressure, idk. Im sure there are plenty of differing opinions. But the closed practices are definitely a conscious, player-first/team-first decision.

I wish the spring games were televised, cause I can't get up to bburg very often and Im fiending for some actual content in the spring, but I imagine the reason for not doing so is in-line with the above.

I can agree with that logic, but why do other teams have open practices? Wouldn't those coaches be worried about the same thing happening to their players?

I'm curious how much of the decision was the players? Did the coaches ask the players if they wanted closed off practices? IF so, and the players responded saying they wanted that privacy then I can't really complain about it. I have my doubts, though. The trouble with coddling your players too much is that they get soft. If we're over coddling (I'm not saying we are or we aren't) we're never going to be the tough team we want to be.

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Winning teams don't coddle their players. I respect the players ability to speak up and help make decisions. But if they are afraid of being embarrassed during practice that doesn't say much about how they will actually be embarrassed during games which are much more widely viewed.

yeah, exactly

It's always darkest before the dawn ~ Thomas Fuller

All fair criticisms. No idea if its the right thing/best thing for success in the long run. But the lack of access isn't apathy, or laziness, or lack of interest in fan engagement. Its a calculated strategy.

perhaps a mis-calculated strategy


It's always darkest before the dawn ~ Thomas Fuller

I think there is probably room to have it both ways to some degree. I mean the coddling ends now on game day when the player gets judged based on his on field performance. I think they could close off most of the early camp stuff to allow the players time to make their stupid mistakes and then open up when the product becomes more polished. At the end of the day though, a D1 player needs to learn very quickly to have thick skin. Protecting them from criticism becomes removing accountability at some point.

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Its a great question. I don't really follow anyone else close enough to know.

It is fair to say that social media is still very new, and evolving though. Im sure there is a whole slew of different tactics coaches across the country have taken to manage/control its impact. We're just familiar with the fall-out of our own coaches similarly new tactics. Gotta try something. Maybe in the long run this strategy isn't worth it. But Im pretty confident if there was conclusive evidence the program was losing donor support or viewership as a result of closed scrimmages/ non-televised spring game, Whit would step in.

I don't think most people (including myself) care about the practices, etc. I am more concerned that if it truly is a decision to save the team from embarrassment then we have bigger issues, i.e., the on-field performance is embarrassing enough.

I get what you're saying. Its closed scrimmages one day, and then participation trophies the next.

Mental fortitude is definitely a component of this, but it might also just be about distraction. Like if you're worried about getting some views and some likes during practice, maybe you're not focusing on the lessons as much as you could be.

This kind of approach is a positive managerial move.

Discipline your employees in private. Teach them in private. Not doing so risks alienating yourself from your team and other teammates from each other. When in public view, people's general defensiveness interferes with their ability to accept responsibility, learn, and grow.

So there is merit to this style of management... if it is in fact guiding public access.

Also, I think plenty of mental toughness can be cultivated with just the jury of your peers and coaches. Like all the people on the practice field are probably enough of a crowd to make you embarrassed/ want to work harder if you don't make a play. Thats probably 90% of what you care about in a game too even in front of a big crowd. Being comfortable in front of a live audience and worrying about social media presence are probably fairly different things in terms of mindset as well.

Just as long as they leave out the forced-feeling "Fun With Fu" segment.

Agreed. It's nice to hear him let his guard down, but I could do with fewer "movie night" and "trick or treat" stories.