RB Marco Lee, S Da'Shawn Elder, and Jabari Parker have entered the transfer portal

Here comes the portal entries we knew were coming. Although Parker might be a PWO

Sims removed name

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We knew it was coming. Good luck fellas, go get that PT.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

this is expected as we need to trim the roster down.

a little bummed about about Parker, Richmond guy and walk on who turned down offers elsewhere (iirc incl UVA) to be here. If he can get a free education elsewhere, good for him

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Best of luck elsewhere to all.

Damn I expected D'Shawn Elder to be pretty good. But he did come in with a loaded db class including Harvey, Stroman and Nyke Johnson. Plus db was already our position with the most depth

A bummer for sure. Good luck out there dudes!

Anybody have an idea what our current scholarship count is?

Doesn't mean we are done by any means, but it is nice to be under the limit with a spot available for a known incoming player in Payne.

Thanks for your hard work, guys. It's never fun to have to take your talents elsewhere. Hope they all get to places that let them shine and maximize their potentials!

.... this is the most perfectly written thing I've ever seen on this site

Good luck to everyone.

Hail Portal.

More coming, too. We need to make room for transfers.

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Praise Portal

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Man, I really thought Lee was going to be an impact player when he got here.

More evidence that I know nothing, jon snow.

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Glad Sims pulled his name back out, I think he can be a player.

I am not sure what to do with my hands now

When we get a player back from the Portal:

.... this is the most perfectly written thing I've ever seen on this site

The portal giveth, the portal taketh, and sometimes the portal even returneth lol

Portal DGAF

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The portal always has a plan, even when it is unknown to us.

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Down with portal! Long live portal!

So basically everyone portaling out is stepping down a level... more evidence of how shitty our recruiting was under Fu.

Good luck to Marco though!

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Or they just want to play without having to battle for a spot. This might be it for football for a few of these kids, G5, or FCS. If they know it, they'll want an opportunity to play right away and enjoy the last year or 2 of eligibility.

Lee is a prime example. He can be on a FBS roster, but competition is tight. He had 2 years of Juco and 2 at VT. Take that extra COVID year and get on the field. If the talent is there, he'll show out.

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Nice. A buddy of mine I used to compete against in Quiz Bowl graduated from there. I mean, he graduated back in '94 at the age of 10, but he was still in the collegiate quiz bowl world 11+ years later.

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