Grant Basile will visit VT as transfer (update: he commits to the good guys)

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Looks like a good get for some front court help

Niceee he would be an awesome addition to the team. Can never have enough bigs who can score!

Can never have enough bigs who can score!

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Crossing fingers.

Welcome to The Burg, Mr. Basile

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Niiiiiiiice! So he'd have what, 2 years of eligibility left? Looks like he maybe could have redshirted his freshman year and then got the extra covid year.

This pleases me

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Super nice get. While Reid would have been nice for different reasons, Basile is more polished as a ready to go plug and play contributor. And he's got some years of eligibility left.

Dream now would be for Mutts to come back or get Osun Osunniyi (heavy competition for him). That would put us in contender status for sure imo.

Mike Young and company reloading- i like it

There are worse things than reloading Aluma with Basile. I think this will help him too - going somewhere where he can excel with this game without being the best player on the court all the time. Take some focus off him.

TBH I don't know much about Basile. I'm assuming at 6-9 in our system he would primarily play the "big guy" role like Keve did. Is that an accurate take?

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It'll depend on how the final roster shakes out. There's some other center types out there in the portal. If we get them, Basile will likely play the majority of his minutes as a 4. If not, he'll likely play more as a 5

He's got almost exactly the same skillset as Aluma. Should be able to step right in at the 5. Might not be as quick/athletic as we'd want at the 4. Mutts could switch off on anyone except maybe a slashing PG. Basile can't really handle guards.

Here's to hoping he can help keep the program in the

right state

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So as far as his NIL deal goes the price was Wright

Looking at some of Wright State's games against "tougher" competition:

  • third game of the season Purdue held him to 7 points on 3 of 14 shooting
  • dropped 23-16-4 @ NC State
  • scored a game high 21 against Arizona in the tournament

Also dropped 37 on Marshall.

stick it in, stick it in, stick it in!

So we're gonna lose the acc-big ten challenge but destroy the rest of the ACC, I'll take it.

This dude is going to be great in Youngs system.

Awesome, reload not rebuild. Hopefully the young talent can step up at the guard spots and put us in the tourney again.

I am not sure what to do with my hands now

I have higher expectations for our guards than our big men tbh

I want as many guys that can drop 20 in a night as we can get

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