2022 Football Seat Selection

Just a heads up to everyone, the seat selection e-mails were sent out a little while ago. Check your times because according to this e-mail, my seat selection time is 6/6/2022 at 3:22 AM. I e-mailed HokieTix to let them know that they may have a computer problem. Or at least I hope it is a computer problem.

HokieTix sent out another e-mail correcting my time. I am now selecting on 6/6/2022 at 3:22 PM. So yeah, it was a computer bug.

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Just got mine. Looks like I'm logging on at 1:19am.

I found TKP after two rails from TOTS then walking back to my apartment and re-watching the 2012 Sugar Bowl. I woke up the next day with this username.

Thanks for the heads up. Mine's in the AM as well but at least it's 9:52AM on 6/13.

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Mine's on 6/9...

Somebody hit that softball, come on...

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Pays to live right, I guess.

Looks like we're sharing 6/9, bud.

I mean... Wait, no...

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Have not received my slot, but related, My Hokie Donor account page (with active HC ranking) is still not updated to reflect my March donation. Is anyone else having similar issues? I spoke to someone second week of April and they blamed it on being bombarded with last minute donations (good problem to have). I'm no IT guy, but 35 days to re-run the calculation seems to be an acceptable expectation.

It might be worth reaching out again. For all the improvements they've made, their backend software must still suck. I upped my donation by 10% this year and made payments in installments. I got a letter a while back that said my donation level had dropped and I was in danger of losing benefits and my seats. It's because they were looking at the amount currently donated, not what was pledged. A quick email to the HC got it cleared up but clearly their ability to track donations, status, etc is still lacking.

Yeah will do, My points are right in some spots, wrong in others. Its great having a real time look at where you rank (would maybe encourage people to up their donation seeing real time results of ranking increase) but only works if it updates!

How do we find the ranking page? I'm in my account right now but can only find my yearly donations and pledges.

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I had to go to HokieSports, log in to my account, click manage my account, and then click Hokie Club Donor Central. Why this isn't all one site is beyond me.

Sound alike something I need to do not on my phone.

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So it says I'm 6036.

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June 13th 9:44am

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June 2nd, 11:26 AM. Weren't these in May last time?

Jesus I thought I had really moved up but comparing these dates to mine I went down.

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I thought I had moved down significantly based on the June date, but instead I probably have stayed about the same. I am a silver hokie but 17 years of giving has helped with the longevity factor.

6/1 @1:38p - I almost made May!!!

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06/13/22 at 1:24 PM - the switch from my parents ticket account to the wife and I's account hurts more than anticipated. But better to start building up cred on ours.

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May 16 12:39 PM

We bow in awe...

We're not going the General Admission route this year?

Outside of the north end zone for the students, Lane has never been general admission. Why would they start now?