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Hey Gobble, I think these should be seasonal not monthly for bball. So this one would be Spring thread. I don't think there's enough bball recruiting news for a new thread each month.

Outside it's night time, but inside it's LeDay

Noted and updated! thanks for the feedback

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Outside it's night time, but inside it's LeDay

Reid to Gonzaga. Ward to LSU. In case anyone was wondering.

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Really hope we can lock down Grant Basile. I'm sure CMY has contingencies, but we desperately could use another big man from the portal.

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Just watched this guys highlights. I see a lot of similarities between him and Aluma. Seems like a very reasonable pitch to point to the development of Aluma and use that to bring Basile here.

CMY: I took an unheralded recruit with your build and style of play and made him one of the top forwards in the nation. Come to Tech and, with a few years' hard work and determination, you could earn yourself quite the NBA contract.
The other guys' recruiters:

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Talk in Notre Dame and Iowa St circles is transfer center Grant Basile will commit this week. They don't know (yet) which way he's leaning, just that his decision is coming. Fingers crossed he likes orange and maroon.


Grant Basile, Wright State: 6-9, r-Sr.*, Pewaukee, Wis.
Osun Osunniyi, St. Bonaventure: 6-10, Gr.*, Pleasantville, N.J.
Morris Udeze, Wichita State: 6-8, Sr.*, Houston, Texas
Mylyjael Poteat, Rice: 6-9, Jr.*, Reidsville, N.C.
Mo Njie, Eastern Michigan: 6-10, So., Centerville, Ohio
Gabe Dorsey, Vanderbilt: 6-6, So., Westminster, Md.

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Lots of smoke signals up on twitter this morning on a quick glance maybe some good news coming today?

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If it's Basile, we might have found our replacement for Aluma's scoring production for next season.....

Hopes are officially up.

Lots of smoke around Mylyjael Poteat potentially transferring to the good guys after visiting last week. Final 3 of VT, UMass, and Pitt. Averaged 7.7 points and 4.2 rebounds last year at Rice.

Little Bobby Tables told me my signature was false

Hoping to get some good news. Saw where we lost out to William and Mary on a transfer we were interested in.

Gotta hope that was a special circumstance or our interest waned as other options became available.

That's what our 3rd 6'9 transfer in? NICE

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This is a solid pick up that'll add some front court depth. Should be able to be in the rotation from the get go as a 5 off the bench. He's got good size so he should be able to bang around with teams that have more physical front courts. That's an element we haven't really had in a couple of years. Rebounding numbers could be a little higher for my taste for a guy his size, but he also didn't play a ton of minutes at Rice either. Roughly 7pts and 4 rebounds in low teens minutes isn't bad. If we can get that same thing from him off the bench, that's a good contribution and if he develops more its a huge win

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Great pick up by young. This guy should be able to bang with bacott from UNC, which should be the top pick again

Those poor ACC Network announcers

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

Kenny Brooks is working offseason magic

2 All-Americans (including ACC player of the year)
1 additional All-ACC player
a career .400 3 pt shooter that has an adjusted ATO of greater than 2-1
1 (Traylor) that averaged 10 ppg

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

That's it, all aboard the national championship hype train! Kenny Brooks has been doing WORK.

Still a chance DNG comes back

Coach Webster commented on his instagram post and just said "Bluffin'" which made me laugh.

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Interesting, thanks for posting! I wonder if he is keeping VT in the loop since a possible return by Mutts is still up in the air. The deadline for Mutts to withdraw from the NBA draft is June 1 so things should be pretty set by then.

I'm pretty sure it all depends on if mutts stays or not

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Or NIL shopping. Probably more your take, but I would also look for $$$$ if I had the platform to shop myself.

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