WR Marcell Baylor has committed to the Hokies!

It looks like he didn't get his own thread yet, so posting this here for additional discussion about him

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Nice! Was kinda wondering what was taking him so long

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Got to watch his tape this morning. His receiving clips are mostly him being open, catching the ball, and scoring. The film didn't show him doing anything that is exciting, just what an open receiver does. His QB clips show some shiftiness, and decent vision. In general, his offensive clips show him as being one of the better players on the field against some less stellar competition. Defensive clips were limited. But the ones I saw showed some nice aggressiveness. We need more tacklers with that mentality.
In general, his ranking could go up with some different film. Show more defense and change his position to that. I don't know that his wide receiver ranking is going to go up based on film. Looks like the qb is slow to read, but does manage to throw some deep balls. His best chance at improving receiver ranking is probably via camps.

Glad to have another one in the boat. It looks like the coaches have probably worked to set up a string of commitments and build some hype. Hopefully it works.

looks like a very nice safety prospect to me

Just watched his junior film and I agree with your analysis. Level of competition seems pretty suspect so it's hard to know if his speed and elusiveness will hold up against P5 competition. He's an all-around good athlete who could fit at safety or WR, but we'll just have wait and see which of his positive traits shine through against better opponents. Safety is what I'd bet on, but WR could be it if against P5 competition we're still saying "why can't anyone tackle him?" and "is he really *that* fast?". Feels like the ATH tag would fit better on him than it does on DB Dante Lovett.

Welcome home, Marcell! Happy to have you join the Hokie fam!

He's 6-3 and the coaches have probably seen him play/practice/train a lot. He's either a future contributor or a culture building guy. Or maybe both.

Outside it's night time, but inside it's LeDay

FWIW Pierson helped coach him his Freshman year so lots of hands on experience directly with him

Welcome Home!

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Great get!! Locking down the Commonwealth. Keep building the foundation CBP and staff. Recruit and develop. Go Hokies.

Seemed like one we've been expecting to happen for awhile. The run of commits continues! Welcome aboard, Marcell!

there is a Baylor2VT joke somewhere in here, I'm sure of it.

Fuente had it right the whole time

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Wired: Baylor2VT

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You just made it. ;)

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This is great news. My uncle was just telling me yesterday how he'd been pushing this kid to sign with Tech before it was too late. Ironic timing. Let's hope his career turns out as well as some of the other Radford stars over the years.

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Based on what I've read and heard, this was an easy one. No drama, just needed to be sold on the new staff.

Lots of 24 and 25 offers this past week. Makes me believe Pry wants the no drama commits for 23, and the staff will be going all in on the 24 and 25 class recruiting battles.

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Loving all the Virginians we are signing. These kids want to represent the state.

Awesome and welcome home.

I like the experience at QB. That will go a long way to help him in whatever position he ends up in, having experience as a decision maker and having vision across the field should help him read the game pretty well.

While the competition seems to be very low, he can make up for it with his abilities, experience and you can't match-up easily against 6'3.....Let's go.....keep them coming

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Never hurts to have a WR who's good for a trick play... although I suppose it's unclear what side of the ball he'll actually play. Who knows, could be the next Caleb Farley.

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