Thomas Williams Commits to the Hokies - ATH, 3***

Here is the link to 247

On offense, the 5-foot 10-inch, 180-pound prospect is a productive high school running back and could suit up as either a running back or slot receiver in college after recording over 1,400-yards on the ground and a combined 24 touchdowns rushing and receiving. On defense, he can line up as a cornerback or safety.

A multi-sport athlete, Williams runs track for Powdersville and has clocked a personal best 11.16 100m. He also plays basketball at Powdersville.

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Fantastic! Let's go!


I'm assuming he'll be a DB since Jones was recruiting him?

This might be more indicative of each coach's out of state recruiting territories. I think I've seen Jones post on twitter that SC is his territory. Believe his mom lives down there so he's posted about being able to see her

Yeah, we seem to be recruiting height at pretty much every position on defense. He's pretty short for a corner (& pretty light for a safety). Looks like a perfect fit at the slot - especially since he's a track guy too.

Like his tape a lot. Has vision and patience as a runner. Does a good job of letting downfield blocks develop and finding holes - essential for a slot receiver/pass-catching back. Nice forward lean, finishes runs. Needs to get stronger (which he will) but doesn't seem like a guy that can pack on a lot of weight. Seems to play bigger than his measurements indicate. Which, at 5'10"/180, prob works better as a scat back/slot guy than anywhere on D.

Seems a logical candidate for some return game work as well.


the numbers dont lie and they spell disaster

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From the 247 article

"I chose Virginia Tech because I wanted to be a part of a family that will push me to become a better man in life and a family that I know will be by my side all the way through the process of development."

I haven't even met the guy and brent pry has me ready to run through a brick wall lol

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Sounds good so far.

Another one! This staff is landing their guys, hell of a streak to start the '23 Class.

I am not sure what to do with my hands now

He sounds like one heck of an athlete. Great get!

Build is more receiver/DB than RB, but a college weight room could change that. My guess based on looking at him is he ends up at WR or DB. Nice get from between my home town and where I currently live. Powdersville HS splintered off from Wren HS as the Powdersville area grew due to the rapid growth of nearby Greenville.

How's the competition down there? Pretty unfamiliar with that area tbh

the numbers dont lie and they spell disaster

South Carolina HS football is pretty solid, but not as good as it was in the 2000's. I'm not familiar with who Powdersville actually plays, because that high school didn't exist when I was in HS. I do know they are 3A though which is 2 levels off the top (5A). For reference, it appears Powdersville HS has just under 1k enrollment. The high school I went to in the highest division had almost 2k kids.

Pry is a stud on the recruiting trail. This guy closes deals and I'm really excited to see where he can take our program.

Start sending bags of coffee to Merryman. They might be all confused until someone from the staff tweets about it and they get flooded with this gif

I am not sure what to do with my hands now

Leaked footage of the previous staff at the office with coffee

Low-key one of the better analogies I've ever seen for the FuCorn Era

the numbers dont lie and they spell disaster

This may be the perfect visual metaphor for the Fu era

Yes. A thousand adjustments that just never added up to the improvement we expected.

This reminded me of this:

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Go Hokies!


The competition is good down there, its about an hour and half south of Charlotte, NC. We have a chance to recruit in that area, its about 4.5 hours away from VT.

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Thomas Williams will apparently play safety, Tralon Mitchell will play RB, I am curious what they see Durrell Robinson or Peyton Jones playing. Hard to imagine 3 or 4 RB's in 1 class. I think they view these guys as possible RB, WR, CB, or S. Much like King and Black they can play multiple spots so it helps the team. Definitely better to get 3 star guys that can play multiple positions than 3 stars who can only play one position. I'm not opposed to 4 and 5 stars who can only play 1 spot though haha


Thomas Williams will apparently play safety, Tralon Mitchell will play RB,

I think that will eventually flip.

Hard to imagine 3 or 4 RB's in 1 class.

I dunno, I was kinda getting used to it. (Too soon?)