OT: 2022 TV/Movie Discussion

Welp, its that time of year again. We've gotten past the Spring Practices and we settle in for what is expected to be a summer filled of good movies and TV. So why not continue the annual tradition and keep this thread going again.

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And what better way to get this thread going with a hot off the presses first look at the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder

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All I needed was that short little teaser to tell this is a top tier Marvel movie

more Thor / Quill banter!!!!

New Trailer.... GORR to the GOD BUTCHER!!!!

I have never been a big comic book guy, but Thor Ragnarok is easily my favorite MCU movie, and honestly a movie I could watch any time. I'm very excited for this one. I had no idea Christian Bale was going to be in this

"You flicked too hard dammit!"

May Chris Hemsworth never retire as Thor. Give that man (and Taika Waititi) unlimited monies to keep making these movies.

I think I have to second this. Taika Waititi has done a masterful job getting the comic feel right, especially the humor.

Oh but not to be outdone, I come to you with a punch to the face of Stranger Things Season 4, which debuts on May 27th

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I'm a fan of any movie/tv show that takes me back to the 80's.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

I am hyped up for a lot of stuff coming out this year, but this is at the top of the list for me. It's crazy to think the last season came out in 2019!

My wife and I just had the same discussion over the weekend. I really need to rewatch Season 3. I remember that the visuals were incredible, and I obviously remember how it ended, but I have forgotten most of the details.

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Haha same here, I remember the final episode but not much else. I thought season 4 would be the final one, but I looked it up after watching the trailer and seems like the showrunners have said it will go at least 5 seasons.

Can only go so many more years tbh, these kids are now young adults. Going much more than 5 seasons would make it a show set in the 90's with all the characters in their 20's (which honestly I would still watch)

A spinoff has already been ordered.

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

Just spent the last few days rewatching Season 3 and it was much better than I remember. Looking back, I struggled a bit with the fact that the characters weren't kids anymore and weren't playing up the DnD themes and all that. Given a couple years off and watching again, it was a good standalone story on its own, and should set the table for a really good Season 4.

Early reviews say its pretty good. Good story with an "enormous budget". I'll be honest, I'm very much looking forward to catching the first few episodes starting tomorrow night!

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$30M per episode, which is crazy.

I've read a number of spoiler free reviews for the season and to a one they have all been positive. Heading that Sadie Sink, who plays Max, puts in a fantastic performance this season

I'm much more cynical on the direction of the show. I think all three seasons were good, but neither captured the magic of the first season until the ending of S3... the significance of which is undone with the silly Marvel post-credit scene. So it rocks for like 10 minutes until you have it completely ruined.

Additionally, it's been reported that ST is Netflix's most valuable original IP, in whatever largely secretive ways they value that stuff, which makes me think they will drag this on for as long as it takes, particularly when faced with their current downward trend in terms of subscriber base and other issues. I fully expect the show to be thoroughly ruined before it officially ends. That's the thing about shows though, and it happens to a lot of them. It won't ruin how special the first season was.

It would be great if we could finally get some Top Gun action. Believe it's been delayed 5 times, was originally supposed to come out July 2019. By the time its in the theatre Goose will have a grandson in Top Gun.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

Prepare for a buzzing of the tower on May 27th

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That's what I've read but I'll believe it when I see it ๐Ÿคฃ Memorial Day weekend too, seems like a great time to splurge on a $12 popcorn and $11 soda.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

The first 3 episodes of Moon Night have been pretty good.

I also just started Outer Range on Prime Video this weekend (two episodes so far) and so far is pretty good.

Oh yeah Moon Night has been really good so far. I really like the ancient Egypt culture it is introducing, and it makes me appreciate that Marvel is now bringing in multiple cultures into the fold with the next iteration of the brand. Its making every show and movie feel fresh in a space that very easily would have been stale otherwise.

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moon knight is hlela fun af so far -- oscar isaac snapping back and forth between personalities is incredible to watch, he's killing it

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

The last segment of Episode 4 is a bit of a mindjob, and if I am not mistaken, they teased something right before the very end of the episode

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It was pretty weird, but I enjoyed the first season. I heard Isaac said he didn't want to do a second season, but if they did one I would definitely watch it.

The 6th and final season of Better Call Saul is supposed to hit Netflix today. I've loved this series, hate to see it end.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

AMC released a 10 minute American Greed "episode" about James McGill, and it is hilarious. (Also a fantastic way to do a series recap)


Fantastic send up of that show. You know you have a great show when the silly stuff you put out in advance of the season is also better than 99% of what's on television these days.

Excited for the last season, sad to see it end. I think I honestly like BCS more than Breaking Bad.

Thanks for sharing.

I agree, Breaking Bad was great from start to finish but there's just something about Better Call Saul that I've liked a little more. Maybe its the deeper dive into the characters (Mike, Jimmy, Gus) but I've been pleasantly surprised.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

I never got into Breaking Bad during its initial run. Never watched it until about a month ago when we decided to start watching at night after the kids went to bed. Last night we just finished Season 3, and you better believe that Better Call Saul is up next after we're done.

As an aside, is El Camino something we'll need to watch at a specific point, or can it wait til the very end?

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I'd watch it after Breaking Bad. It picks up pretty much after BB ends.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

Watch El Camino once you finish Breaking Bad. I won't spoil anything, but it literally starts right as the BB finale ends.

To this point, the entirety of Better Call Saul has taken place before the events of Breaking Bad, but it's clear the 6th and final season they will start to overlap. Nothing in El Camino would spoil your BCS viewing.

The best compliment I could give BCS is that it would be a fantastic show whether or not Breaking Bad was a thing. But to see the development in depth of a number of the characters like Mike for example, it all just works so well. I'd almost recommend watching in this order:

Breaking Bad (in full)
El Camino
Better Call Saul (in full)
Breaking Bad again

Season 6 won't be on US Netflix for a while. You'll need cable or AMC+ (or other methods) to watch it as it comes out. I think season 5 hit Netflix a few weeks ago.

You're right, came here to post the correction. And now I'm sad.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

It looks like it might be on some international Netlfixes, so maybe you can do some VPN shenanigans.

One other thing. Star Trek Discovery was absolute ass this past season. Its really lost its way badly the last couple seasons and I could easily see it buried and canceled if they put up another stinker in the next one. At this point, it seems like every episode deals with some existential inner conflict that can only be dealt with by crying it out and a captain who, despite being Vulcan, shoots from the hip with emotional decisions at every moment rather than working toward a logical conclusion. And god help me I am so done with Burnham whispering all her lines to show emotion.

To contrast that, Picard has been awesome this season. Each episode has been on point and aside from a couple moments here and there, the whole thing has been great.

Which brings me to Strange New Worlds that is scheduled to start streaming on May 5th. It looks like it could be really good, but given its a Discovery spinoff, I do have my reservations.

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I really got into peacemaker. I don't know who to describe it other than enjoyable with a bit of absurdity mixed in.

so at first, I thought it was dumb as fuck, including the intro video/music. The more I watched it and understood it was catering to sarcastic and crude humor (which is right up my alley), I couldn't stop watching/laughing. I now love the intro video/music, especially after knowing all the characters more. Can't wait for season 2

Bleeding burnt orange and chicago maroon

The first time I watched the intro I was like WTF, the second time I was all in. It's the best some how. I love peacemakers dad dancing (forget the actors name)

I'm really looking forward to the second half of Ozark, Season 4, and Better Call Saul.

Ozark is good if you can handle some pretty dark themes, lots of the F word, and indiscriminate violence. It's not for everyone, but the plot and acting is excellent. Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, and Julia Garner are all great.

Better Call Saul has been better than expected, and I've really been looking forward to the new season.

Will binge both when available.

Ozark is great. Really interested in how they are going to wrap the show up.

Maybe a controversial opinion but I did not enjoy the first half of Season 4. Some of the characters were just so poorly written this season (Darlene, Javi) that it just took some enjoyment out. Felt like Julia Garner didn't really shine like usual until the final episode and she will probably win another Emmy because of that episode.

I just been waiting for somebody to kill Darlene since season 2. The actress did a great job in making that character unlikable and playing flat out crazy.

Darlene was scarier than Wendy, and that's really saying something.

Wendy is calculating and ruthless. Darlene was unpredictable and ruthless. Unpredictable is definitely scarier.

Ozark has taken a similar journey as breaking bad where you essentially hate watch the majority of the characters (or is that just me?). I do sort of feel the cartel crazy nephew angle they sort of stole from Better Call Saul with Lalo though.....still excited to see how they wrap things up.

Currently watching Better Call Saul Season 5. Season 6 episodes are being released on AMC.

If you're a Breaking Bad fan (or Better Call Saul), it's a must see.

Breaking Bad was Mr. Chips becomes the Godfather. Better Call Saul is the lawyer's parallel.

Vince Gilligan is a genius, and you can see Better Call Saul slowly merging into Breaking Bad. Many of the old gang are making appearances.

I had to go back and rewatch some of season four to regain a grasp on what was happening.

It's tight, TIGHT.

Edit: The second part of the final season has lived up to expectations.

any horror movie fans on here?

I used to be really into horror movies but haven't watched many over the last 5 years or so! Anything good out lately?

the last few good ones ive watched recently that are new is: the witch, midsommar (lead actress is Florence Pugh from Black Widow), host, hell house LLC, Revenge (only on Shudder i think**), trick r treat, the taking of deborah logan (takes place in VA), and then of course the conjuring/insidious/ and sinister stuff.

people love Hereditary but I wasnt too high on it.

Hereditary was way messed up (Midsommar was Ari Asters follow up after making this movie).

I went into Hereditary knows about "the telephone pole" scene, thinking that was going to be the most effed up part of the movie. Boy was I wrong, the ending of that was for sure a Holy Shit moment.

I really need to re-watch this. The first time i watched it i new literally nothing about it and just thought it was extremely boring. Whereas when i watched The Witch and Midsommar- I knew they were slow burns so I was ready for it. Hopefully a re-watch will do it more justice. If you look into all the Reddit horror movie threads, almost everyone has this listed in their top 5 scariest movies they've ever seen.

This is my favorite horror movie in a long time. I remember feeling very uncomfortable after watching it the first time. The best part is catching all the subtle little hidden things throughout the movie the second time you watch it.

Bob: What would ya say ya do here?

Brad: I already told you! I iron out the minutiae so Justin doesn't have to. I have people skills dammit! What the hell is wrong with you people?

I did see The Witch, and thought it was really good. It was definitely my type of horror movie -- a slow burn with suspense buildup that doesn't rely on a lot of cheap jump scares (my personal pet peeve when it comes to horror movies lol). Midsommar looked good too but I haven't seen it yet.

IMO, Midsommar has one of the single most awkward scenes I've personally ever witnessed lol. I thoroughly enjoyed it though; loved the completely different and uniqueness of it.

The Witch is great. Definitely a slow burn but with enough unnerving imagery and settings to keep you feeling uneasy. I can't say how my wife feels about it without spoiling it. Hah.

Eggers does a phenomenal job of building an environment/setting with his film making. The clearing and nearby woods the family lives on is creepy as hell.

Bob: What would ya say ya do here?

Brad: I already told you! I iron out the minutiae so Justin doesn't have to. I have people skills dammit! What the hell is wrong with you people?

Also looking forward to Jordan Peele's latest "Nope" out on July 22nd

Shudder subscriber checking in.

I got really into the French Extremity subgenre recently and wasn't disappointed. I tried saving Martyr's for last; sort of work my way up to it after Raw, Frontier(s), Sheitan (didnt care for this one at ALL), Revenge, the newer one on Shudder "Among the Living", and a few others......shew, Martyr's was a TRIP.

Oooh, that's a path I haven't gone down deeply yet. I've watched a LOT of Giallo in the past two years. That and lots of body horror stuff (really love Stuart Gordon's stuff, among others).

I havent seen much-if any of those, thanks for the info! Always looking for something new.

But yeah, the French ones were all really good- outside of Sheitan. I left off a few other good ones: High Tension, Them (Ils in French, pretty sure this one inspired "The Strangers"), as well as "Incident in a Ghostland" (same director as Martyr's but with 1/1,000,000th of the amount of blood and gore, psychological horror, very very good), and Eden Lake (British horror, Beth Dutton actress plays the lead).

There are a TON of great Giallo directors, but a good introduction with high quality cuts on Shudder would be looking into Dario Argento, Lucio Fulci, and Mario Bava's films.

I'm going to put your suggestions on my watchlist right now haha.

One thing I love about the foreign films I've seen is that their story's seem so much better or more developed than a lot of the American movies. Even though in some of the more graphic ones (Frontiers, Martyr's, Raw, Eden Lake, High Tension, and Among the Living), theres still a very heavy emphasis on the flow of the story line where the focus isnt just on the graphic gore.

I won't spoil much but Malignant is one of the most entertaining movies I've seen in a long time. It's not 100% horror though as it blends a few different styles throughout.

It's basically a B-movie made with James Wan production value and budget.

Not recent, but It Follows is back on Netflix. One of my favorites.

I really enjoyed Midnight Mass, which is Mike Flanagan's latest Netflix series (Haunting of Hill House, Haunting of Bly Manor -- didn't care too much for Bly Manor). The last few episodes of MM get pretty nuts.

I thought Malignant was super weird.

Midnight Mass was pretty good. I was a fan of Haunting of Hill House. I still get willies from the tall floating ghost and the crooked neck ghost.

Just seems like they don't make scary movies like they used to. Other than the Nun and Conjuring series there's not been much lately that are true scary movies.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

the first five episodes of Hill House were outstanding

I started watching Pachinko on AppleTV+ recently. It's about 3 generations of a Korean family living in Japan since the 1930's. The show takes place in 1989 as "present day" with flashbacks to the 30's and 70s. Not really sure what the endgame of it is, but it's really good so far. The dialogue is in Korean 60% of the time, Japanese 30%, and English 10%

I started watching Severance (AppleTV) last night. Pretty interesting premise and I can tell it's going to be one of those shows that leads me down crazy rabbit holes thinking about what's going to happen next. About to watch episode 2 now.

Just finished up watching The Batman on HBO and... Wow, that was a good movie. The scene where they introduce the Batmobile has to be one of the coolest, yet intimidating and terrifying scenes that's been filmed in a while. Just so good.

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It took me a bit to accept Bruce Wayne because animated series Bruce Wayne is really who I think about when I think Bruce, but it made since for him to not be this out going public figure for where he was at, but I loved every batman scene from the get go.

My wife made a comment after the movie that she was surprised that I didn't hate the angsty Bruce Wayne that Pattinson played, but.... I mean it was perfect for the character.

I also loved that it was more of a detective mystery leveraging the Batman character and universe rather than trying to be a super hero movie that tried to shoehorn in some detective story lines, which is what they usually are. I also love that the movie just assumed you already knew how his parents died, and didn't go into a replay of it like every franchise has before. It really just threw you into the universe, expected you to figure it all out on your own, and just told the story. So good.

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...the angsty Bruce Wayne that Pattinson played...

So, he's playing Edward Cullen again?

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

Watched the Batman last night, I thought it was amazing. No issue with how Pattison played it, thought it was perfect for the character. One of the better Batman films ever made, up there with Dark Knight IMHO.

I watched some of the extras on HBO Max and it is cool how they filmed it with the LED screens vs using the blue screen, you can tell the look was 100x better. Also, that deleted scene in Arkham was awesome, I wish they kept it in instead of just having that bit at the end.

That was a great deleted scene, but I understand why it was cut from the film. The movie was already pushing 3 hours, and that scene didn't really advance the plot all that much. Still, it was a fun Hannibal Lecter-style interrogation scene that I'm hoping will be further explored in the sequel.

You mean calendar man style interrogation as that's the batman lore

Ah yes, the Calendar Man! The man who once dressed up as a flower during the spring, a leaf during the fall and a snowman during the winter (complete with ice skates!). If not for Kite Man and Crazy Quilt, Calendar Man may have gone down as one of the lamest villains in Batman history. I'm glad they turned him into a more menacing character in The Long Halloween and Dark Victory, but I always laughed at his Silver Age stunts.

you forgot condiment king

Me and my wife, late to the show yet again, started watching The Boys about a month ago. Through about half of season two right now. Very fun and interesting take.

Amateur superstar and idiot extraordinaire.

After watching the 2 episode premiere for the last season of Better Call Saul, I am reminded of one thing and have realized another:

Vince Gilligan writes some amazing/complex characters.

And Kim Wexler might be his best one yet.

And Vince is a Virginian!

went and saw the latest Fantastic Beasts movie and that was a mess. Lots of it was just disconnected from the rest and served no real purpose story-wise. It took place in a number of different countries and everybody spoke english all the time with no real hint at any other speaking going on and it was full of shots of actors starting off at nothing meaningfully. Jude Law's accent was all over the place.

I feel like this series still isn't sure what it wants to do and WB has just committed to making movies without any kind of real plan for how they should work. I think this can be said for most of the properties they are associated with.

On the positive side, Dan Folger remains the best part of the franchise as Jacob Kowalski. Also, the fleshed out relationship between the Dumbledore brothers was a nice bit of story-telling, not much else to justify not waiting for streaming.

edit: i had hoped they might right the ship after the mess of number 2 since 1 was kind of fun, but no such luck.

I will always know Dan Folger as dude from Balls of Fury. Can't believe this is the only gif I could find on giphy for this movie....

I understand that they have basically moved on from Newt and his friends as the main characters. Heck, I understand Newt's girlfriend the Auror is basically just a cameo?

Credence should have been in the first movie only. His presence in the second wasn't a big addition to me, and the fact that they kept him around for third?

The whole thing feels like it was written by multiple teams of writers who never talked to one another. Not across the franchise, just in this movie. No continuity, no flow, no connection.

"let's put in this thing."
"But how does it relate to the rest of the movie?"
"Umm... Magic or something. Ok, now to the next thing."

And yes, the American auror is just a cameo.

You can definitely feel the conflict between the multiple factions at the movie studio...the first movie was made as a "Harry Potter universe"-based film, but they have gone full-on Harry Potter prequel mode now lol. Which isn't bad, but I think the series definitely wasn't intended to start that way! It definitely is a mess though.

RIP, Robert Morse

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I've been watching "Tokyo Vice"

It's okay.

VT '10--US Citizen; (804) Virginian By Birth; (210) Texan By the Grace of God.

Rick Monday... You Made a Great Play...

I also root for: The Keydets, TexAggies, NY Giants, NY Rangers, and Braves.

The Northman has intrigued me as I love viking and scandanavian stuff but I'm seeing mixed reviews some saying its more of a mind trip than an action film anyone have any thoughts?

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

It's Robert Eggers (the Lighthouse, the VVitch, among others) so it's probably going to align with his elevated artistic style. He didn't get final cut (a disgracefully common thing in modern Hollywood), so it might not be as artsy as some of his earlier work. I haven't seen it yet, but I've heard some positive things about it visually.

The vibe I'm getting is considerably more "inner looking" than straight action flick. Given the directors other work, that seems to fit. The trailers give me a very Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice vibe (which is an AMAZING XBox game if you ever have the chance to play it on Gamepass)

I will probably see it just because I'm a big fan of Skarsgard, and his interview last night with Colbert was pretty good about the movie

Omg the last episode of Severance made 40 minutes feel like 5

Can't wait for the next season

Caught Sonic 2 with the kid the other day. Not terrible.

Been watching Manifest on Netflix...the story hooked me in, but the acting is awful. Coulda really been a dope show with some decent acting.

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

I enjoyed the first season, it started to get weirder the second season with the new guy and as far as I can tell it jumped the shark in the third season. I stopped watching.

Yeah we basically quit watching after a couple seasons. It went from phenomena to just straight making unnecessary plot lines and characters

Better Call Saul continues to roll along as some of the best viewing on television.

I won't spoil anything for those that have not watched last night's episode, but one of the more heartbreaking episodes of any show i've seen in a long while. This final season said "screw it" to a slow burn, and big things are happening.

I'm really not sure what to think of this.

"From the mind of Mike Myers..."

And it's already playing on Netflix. Didn't see it yesterday, but it's popping up today.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

I might have to check this out. I always loved the Stuart MacKenzie character in So I Married an Axe Murder.

"The Queen, The Vatican, The Gettys, The Rothschilds, *and* Colonel Sanders before he went tits up. Oh, I hated the Colonel with is wee *beady* eyes, and that smug look on his face. "Oh, you're gonna buy my chicken! Ohhhhh!"

Bob: What would ya say ya do here?

Brad: I already told you! I iron out the minutiae so Justin doesn't have to. I have people skills dammit! What the hell is wrong with you people?

Wife and I have been watching this. It is odd but funny. You have to be a Mike Myers fan to enjoy it since he plays half the cast but it is pretty entertaining.

"I'm too drunk to taste this chicken" - Colonel Sanders via Ricky Bobby

Someone tell me how to feel

Now Daniel Radcliffe has moved from minor acting to the roll of his life, Weird Al. Cautiously optimistic. I have always loved Weird Al.

Every shot I have seen looks like Daniel Radcliffe wearing a wig. Could they not hire better makeup people.

If Weird Al is involved, are we sure that's not intentional?

Bob: What would ya say ya do here?

Brad: I already told you! I iron out the minutiae so Justin doesn't have to. I have people skills dammit! What the hell is wrong with you people?

At this point, I'm expecting Weird Al to show up in a cameo as Daniel Radcliffe with a wig on.

Or maybe a movie poster in the background with Weird Al as Harry Potter?

The guy is a genius, honestly, so I'm looking forward to it. Off to watch UHF now...

Season 3 of Atlanta. Brilliant.

Season 2 of Undone.. tbd, still gotta watch.

Season 3 of Barry - tbd, still gotta watch

Moon Knight - just wrapped up, was really neat. Made me want to get into the comics.

The Batman - saw in theaters a few weeks back, the best intro to a Batman movie, best bat mobile intro ever.

Honestly I thought Ozark's final season (both parts) was a hot mess. The writers did a good job creating highlight reels for Julia Garner (Ruth) and Laura Linney (Wendy), but otherwise the writing and plotlines of the final season were not great.

We finished last night. I was very eh. Jonah hadn't called Wendy mom to her face in like 1.5 seasons but suddenly has a huge change of heart. Just another incredibly well written show that the writers kinda "meh"d their way through tying up the story

Jonah: I think I'm going to go clean
Jonah 10 minutes later: *nevermind*

Ruth: I think I'm going to go clean
Ruth 10 minutes later: *nevermind*

I think they forgot it was only supposed to go four seasons. They kept trying to go bigger and bigger. They could have wrapped up a bunch of things much earlier.

I was kind of amazed Wendy finally realized she was nuts and tried to get help. Not enough, but started.


It still felt like a guilt trip to get her kids back but oh well. And yeah they kept going bigger, I'm no cartel expert but it was getting somewhat unbelievable a money launderer went from almost execution to filling in for the head of the largest Mexican drug cartel. But idk I was entertained throughout

It was never an attempt to get help and was 100% a manipulative attempt to get the kids back. The ONLY reason they came back was because Ruth was a boss and managed to outmaneuver grandpa and show the kids that he was a total piece of shit and that their mom really was looking out for them. If Ruth hadn't done that, the kids would NEVER have come back.

Wendy is a sociopath. She may not have started out as one, but by the end of the show, she's a raging narcissist who only cares about getting what she wants. Marty's almost sole focus the entirety of the series after episode
1 has been on keeping his family safe and getting away from the cartel. Yes, he's had some slip ups, but most of those can be attributed to Wendy.

Almost quit watching due to Wendy. 100% agree on her sociopath only after what she wants and can't consider that anybody would disagree with her decisions. I really wanted her to get a comeuppance.

[Spoiler Alert (well maybe not...)]

The show kind of paid homage to that perspective in their last scene. The whole "they should get what they deserve" possibility of an ending.

yea I agree season 4 was kinda whatever.

Put it in my veins!

Bob: What would ya say ya do here?

Brad: I already told you! I iron out the minutiae so Justin doesn't have to. I have people skills dammit! What the hell is wrong with you people?

Ugh. Haven't watched it, but after the way GoT ended, I'm not sure I can get excited about a spin-off.

That's where I've been. Not sure I want much to do with GoT anymore. Maybe I'll read the next book, if it ever comes out, and if the buzz makes it sound like there's a different direction than the series went. Otherwise, too much other stuff to read/watch.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

It used to be a bit I thought but the longer this goes on the more I'm convinced Martin will actually drop dead before he finishes the last book. I'll give the new show a chance but my skeptical levels will be high after the shit ending GOT got.

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

I will give it a shot and hope HBO learned their lesson about trying to do too much with too little. I agree the ending of GoT was a total dud.

Bob: What would ya say ya do here?

Brad: I already told you! I iron out the minutiae so Justin doesn't have to. I have people skills dammit! What the hell is wrong with you people?

Starting Moon Knight today on my lunch break! I always wait for the whole thing to be released so I can just burn through it lol.

I started this week and I'm halfway through it. It's been surprisingly good so far. I admit I'm getting Superhero fatigue with Marvel though. I've watched every movie since the first Iron Man and it's just getting hard to keep up with it all adding these Disney Plus shows.

It's true, I think Marvel really peaked with Infinity War & Endgame near the end of their Phase 3. The new stuff is still good but I think a lot of people are in the same boat as you and are getting a bit tired of things.

Spiderman is the exception to the rule, as he is one of the biggest and most recognizable Marvel franchise pieces. If you look at the other three films that Marvel released in 2021 (Black Widow, Shang-Chi, and Eternals), they fell well short in box office power from the precedent established by earlier Marvel flicks. Your standard Marvel movie usually 4x's its production costs, with the good ones going up to like 8x-10x. Black Widow didn't even make double its budget back, and Eternals barely did. The last time that happened was The Incredible Hulk lol. Shang-Chi did better but couldn't even 3x.

Maybe it was Covid, maybe it was just a bad year, or maybe people are getting bored with Marvel. I'm a fan (going to see the new Dr. Strange this weekend lol) but that data tho. They've got some big hitters coming up though so hopefully they can get back to historical levels.

Black Widow really doesn't count. They released it to Disney+ not the theater.

It still got released in theaters at the same time, and wasn't free when it debuted on Disney+ either.

For some reason I had never watched Barry until a couple weeks ago when Season 3 started. Decided to watch 1 & 2 and was kicking myself for not tuning in sooner. Hader is a fave anyway and he is great.

Also, I watched my first episode of Bob's Burgers the other day and I can't get enough. Right up my alley with the type of humor

Bob's Burger movie coming out Memorial Day Weekend!

I checked out Strange New Worlds today and it was... meh.

The whole thing felt rushed. They tried to put too many things all together in the episode. Too many backstories, too many callbacks, too much going on. Oh, and yay, another rehash of Spock.

And it was a little too preachy even for Trek. I don't necessarily mind the preachiness, that was Rodenberry's thing, but this felt a little too ham handed.

I'll give the next episode a chance, but so far, I am not very impressed.

Also, just gonna leave this here:

Loved the original Japanese show. None of the American versions have quite compared.

I don't know. Love the Chairman. "BEEEEERR!!!"

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

Oh, I enjoyed some of the remakes and the American "Chairman" is a highlight. But the original was the first and in some ways still the best.

I am a big fan of Alton Brown and think he brings a good bit to the show as well.

Update: This was really enjoyable. Me and Mrs MattBoard binged all of it pretty quickly. I wasn't a huge fan of the overarching competition as opposed to just the individual episodes, but it didn't really take away from my enjoyment too much.

Also, Kristen Kish asking "Alton, want to be best friends?" while bringing caviar from the cooking floor to booth was the perfect addition to this show.

Saw Dr Strange and the Multiverse of Madness this morning. Had really low expectations but thought it was pretty decent actually.

It's basically a PG-13 Sam Raimi movie that happens to be about some super heroes. We're probably a few deleted scenes away from an R-rating if this wasn't a Disney film.

I bet a lot of people go into it expecting happy super heroes, but there are a lot of Sam Raimi horror elements in this one.

Really liked Dr. Strange. There's no spoiler tags on here (that I know of) so I'll just say there's a couple of really awesome appearances that I loved. I hope one of them is a sign of things to come.

Also a warning for those out there with young kids, this isn't your typical MCU movie. It is NOT kid friendly. There's way more gore and images that some kids under 10 could have a hard time with. Not telling you how to parent, you know your children the best, just giving yall a heads up to plan accordingly.

Agreed, when you see Sam Rami think Evil Dead not Spiderman when you choose to watch it.

Speaking of, Evil Dead fans you want to stick to the very end of the credits

This one wasn't my favorite Marvel movie. It wasn't a bad movie just missed some of the cheekiness that other movies had that I really enjoy. I definitely appreciated the 2 hour run time instead of close to 3 that seems to be the standard.

I also thought that this was one that its helpful to have seen the movies and the shows for context.

Tried to watch Black Summer on Netflix. Started out great. All the aspects of a great apoplectic show. Deserted streets, marshal law, jets flying over neighborhoods, a family separated and an unknown cause. Turned out to be just another zombie series. Same old same old.

Even when you get skunked; fishing never lets you down. ๐ŸŽฃ

Would you say the disappointment has you extremely enraged?

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

No spoilers, but I saw the new Doctor Strange movie on Saturday. I'd personally give it like a 6.5 out of 10. Definitely not my favorite Marvel film, because it had a ton of awesome stuff but the pacing was a bit too relentless for me. I think they easily could have extended it to a 2.5 hour movie, and I'm not really sure why they didn't.

I agree with this. I felt the first act needed a little breathing room.

That said, I loved everything about the music sequence.

So this just dropped today. Not sure what to think, it has been so long since the first one came out.

Still not sure how they had a sequel. Didn't the colonial marines just take off and nuke the site from orbit at the end of the first one? It was the only way to be sure.

I really wish that was the ending...I saw this trailer when I saw Doctor Strange and rolled my eyes. It's like Ferngully only with aliens and a few guns.

The first one was Star Wars meets Dances with Wolves.

This one is going to be Waterworld meets ?

meets Battlefield Earth.

20 bucks this is the Empire strikes back stage of the trilogy where big baddie corporations go full death star scorched earth on the ewok people.

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

A sequel? Well better exterminatus it like the first one should've been.

"Oi! What's a Horkie"
"I am ya Grot!"

"Horkies were made for two fings foighten' and winnen'" - Horkie Warboss

"That Gritty git doesn't exactly look like a Horkie, but by Gork and Mork it acts like one!"-Random Horkie Boy

To keep it short and sweet, if you're a fan of classic Sam Raimi movies of a certain genre, you'll love Dr. Strange (as I did). Otherwise, the feedback everyone is giving is pretty accurate.

"The Big Ten is always using excuses to cancel games with us. First Wisconsin. Then Wisconsin. After that, Wisconsin. The subsequent cancellation with Wisconsin comes to mind too. Now Penn State. What's next? Wisconsin?" -HorseOnATreadmill

Continued thoughts on Better Call Saul's final season...what a masterclass in television and writing.

I can't think of a better example of a prequel (for movie or television) getting things so right. Such compelling television even though we already know what happens to the biggest players. Lalo Salamanca and Kim Wexler are such good characters that I'm as invested in them as Saul, Gus, etc. Maybe even more so in the case of Kim.

I've heard great things about this, and having seen Breaking Bad I'm interested to watch through it. However I've also heard people say it is kind of boring and that not much happens for long stretches in term of plot development lol. I think one reviewer said it could be 1 or 2 seasons in a "normal" show. I'm sure I'll get around to it eventually though!

If you liked Breaking Bad, you will like BCS, simple as that.

Saul does have some more "character building" episodes, but over 6 seasons I don't think boring would be a word I would use to describe any stretch of the show.

It actually enhances watching Breaking Bad. A great example is you get a chance to see how much of a badass Mike actually is. Makes it even more entertaining to think about Walter trying to go toe to toe with him throughout BB

  • Ran through Lost in Space and absolutely loved it. Great series with some good character development and a timeline that they stuck to.
  • Just finished Ozark. Thought the 2nd half was good but the final episode was a stinker
  • Gonna watch the final season of Better Call Saul. It's been brilliant up til now and I can't wait to see how they end it.

Hell of a spoiler you threw in there. No spoiler tags on this thread, blew it up for me so may want to edit before anyone else reads that unexpectedly


Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Mrs MattBoard and I enjoyed Lost in Space. I was surprised because after the first two episodes, I had my doubts, but it really grew on me

All I remembered was the 90s movie and I was avoiding it. I was pleasantly surprised by how good the series turned out and the fact that they didn't try to drag it out.

Just finished lost in space last night and I loved season 3. First two seasons were solid but the last was very well done and its nice that they didnt drag it out like some shows tend to. Very well done story and compelling character development.

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it


If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

I am legitimately shocked that Top Gun Maverick is currently sitting at 96% on Rotten Tomatoes after 57 reviews. One quote I saw from a reviewer says:

"Unquestionably the best studio action film to have been released since 2015's Mad Max: Fury Road"

I guess I need to see this now.

The real question is, will French give this one a shot?

LOL, about as likely as French having a grilled cheese sandwich with Mac and cheese on the side for dinner tonight.

VTCC '86 Delta Company, Hokie in Peru, Former Naval Aviator, Former FBISA, Forever married to my VT87 girl. Go VT!

Damn that sounds good. Just add a little slice or two of some good ham on the grilled cheese and I'm in paradise.

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

I saw it last night and was pleasantly surprised. The action sequences were really good, and the storyline was much better than I anticipated. Some good callbacks to the original, and the fact that they were able to find a way to have Val Kilmer involved was really touching. Even had a few good laughs in it.

I'm here for the memes, I just stay for the football.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Peaky Blinders Season 6 and the The Boys Season 3 both coming out within a month. Buckle up!

Watched "Our Father" on Netflix. Yes folks, check it out and learn that its NOT illegal to inseminate women with your own sperm as a doctor without their consent. Yeah, that's legal apparently. Blows my mind. Many couples went in thinking it was the husbands sperm, only to find out the doctor used his own sperm that he "produced" moments before. That's legal. Yes.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Well he's a doctor so must have good genes right? /s

That is probably what he thought... Can you imagine child support lawsuits...

Just stumbled on this - had no idea it was even being made. Given the history of this franchise every since Alien vs. Predator my expectations are low... but still, it has my attention now.

Haha wow! I'm sure it will be a dumpster fire but that is an interesting twist. I enjoyed 2010's Predators but other than that and the original film the franchise has been really bad.

Started watching Yellowstone and so far I'm intrigued. Who doesn't love a rich, dysfunctional family that owns enough land to be considered a state and have enough power they can do almost whatever they want?

Why does that sound somewhat familiar?
Dallas Staffel 1 Episode 4 Das Fest - J. R. Unhappymake tv GIFs like this at MakeaGif" />

It's a great show, I really enjoy it. Don't forget about 1883 and later 1932 which are prequels to Yellowstone and how the current Dutton family came to be.

"War was always here. Before man was, war waited for him. The ultimate trade awaiting its ultimate practitioner.โ€~~Judge Holden


1932 has actually been renamed to 1923 and is said to now touch on the end of WWI and prohibition. It is scheduled for release in December. I cannot wait.

"That's it guys. Let's get out of here. That cold drink's waitin' on us, let's go." - Mike Young after win no. 300.

Caught up on Better Call Saul this week. Been a good season so far (not my favorite but good) and I'm interested to see how they wrap everything up. Next week's episode is shaping up to be a good one.

I've enjoyed this last season of BCS, but I have heard numerous "complaints" if you will that it has been too slow or too many character focused episodes with not much action happening. I do think next weeks midseason finale will be a good one.

As I was thinking about it the other day, I think its quite fascinating that the writing team has pulled off something that I don't think anyone expected. People went into the show to watch Saul Goodman "breaking bad".

But we already knew what he had become. You could tell from the very first episode how Jimmy McGill could become Saul. The point of the show was never really to show us how that happened. To me the focus of the show has become Kim. And Rhea Seehorn is an amazing actress to pull it off.

People went into the show to watch Jimmy McGill [Saul Goodman] "breaking bad".

In a sense, this is what the show is.

What makes it a decent show is that it's a lot different from Walter White's story. McGill had the character flaw from the beginning. Chuck McGill saw it, and ironically contributed to what it ultimately became. Kim Wexler is also a major contributor to what ultimately becomes of Saul.

Kim and Lalo are definitely the most intriguing characters. The more I see of Kim the more concerned I am about her ultimate destiny in this show. And yes, Rhea Seehorn is incredible and definitely has not gotten enough credit or recognition for her acting in this role.

Well, we KNOW she didn't make it to Breaking Bad.

We know she isn't in BB, not that she doesn't make it necessarily.

The Saul in BB doesn't have the attitude and optimism of a guy who's had the love of his life recently killed due to him getting her involved in criminal activity, so it will be interesting to see where she ends up as the series wraps up.

Oh, I didn't mean she didn't live. I meant she didn't make it to that show.

Anyone watch The Northman yet? Not entirely what I expected but I still really enjoyed it. I won't share any details on what wasn't expected since there is no spoiler warning here but in hindsight I should have expected it.

Bob: What would ya say ya do here?

Brad: I already told you! I iron out the minutiae so Justin doesn't have to. I have people skills dammit! What the hell is wrong with you people?

Started watching an older show, The Fall. It's intense but really well done.

Looked interesting. I'm down for some Amazonian snu-snu

The spirit is willing but the flesh, spongy and bruised

If you want to see the strangest thing on Netflix watch Oats Studios. Try to keep up brother.

Even when you get skunked; fishing never lets you down. ๐ŸŽฃ

every time i see this all i can think of are the Knights Who Say "Ni"

Anyon watch outer range on Amazon yet? 8 episode season, dark sci fi type show centered around a ranch in Wyoming

I took it as sci fi Yellow Stone. I quit after episode 4.

Even when you get skunked; fishing never lets you down. ๐ŸŽฃ

I finished it, definitely an odd show. Obviously setting up another season since they did not really wrap much up in the season finale, only left more questions.

Did anyone else watch Winning Time? While the opening episodes were funny, I thought the show turned a corner and became compelling by the last couple of episodes. What a performance by Wood Harris as Spencer Haywood (a really fascinating person in the history of the development of the NBA.)

Also, while I am sure Jerry West wasn't pleased, Jason Clarke's portrayal of Jerry West was dead on after it marineted for a couple of episodes.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

I enjoyed it even though they took significant liberties with some of the stories and how they played out (for example; Jerry's mom died before he ever bought the team and Jeanie wasn't around until the mid to late 80s). The whole Jerry West thing is somewhat comical to me. I get why he's pissed because his character is cartoonish in the first two episodes, but it definitely skews closer to the actual Jerry West as the series progresses based on stuff I've read about him over the years, including West's own biography.

Jerry West is the reason I kept watching. Adrian Brody was also killing it.

Is Better Call Saul going to do what Breaking Bad did and only show me half of the last season now and then make me wait till fall or some shit to see the end? Seems like they are building to a mid season cliffhanger and not the finale.

Also, can't stand Discovery and Picard breaks too much TNG Canon for me to be considered good. And I love Q but they did not need this story line. All Good Things was a perfect parting for Q and Picard.

If you like Trek, though, check out Strange New Worlds. Only 3 episodes in so far but much more like an actual Star Trek show (although still breaks their old rules alot).

ESPN. The coverage is excellent, you'd be surprised at how much you can pick up.

BCS mid season finale is next week, but the second half will be back on in July

The Better Call Saul mid-season finale...BRUH.

Those final few minutes are just...mindblowing.

Hmmm...think I'll wait until the entire season is out before binging it.

I only wish I had your self-control...

I had a feeling that result was coming. Maybe not that way, but definitely thought it was possibly how the half season would end.

Expected a twist but was still surprised. Gotta love a good cliffhanger.

I've been on a science / sci-fi kick lately. Electric Dreams on Amazon Prime has been very much a mind trip every episode so far. 1000% recommend Chernobyl on HBO. Finally I'm trying to stay away from previews for Kenobi, but someone told me that it appears that Fallen Order is somehow tied into this, and that pleases me greatly. I guess we will find out in a couple days.

I found TKP after two rails from TOTS then walking back to my apartment and re-watching the 2012 Sugar Bowl. I woke up the next day with this username.

Second the recommendation for Chernobyl for anyone that missed it when it came out. It was REALLY good.

I have not checked out Electric Dreams yet. Is that the one based on Phillip K. Dick short stories?

I have not read anything on Kenobi either, but the tie in makes sense as all the teasers feature the Inquisitors a good bit that we're the central antagonists of Fallen Order. (Not those specific Inquisitors, but the order in general)

Chernobyl might be the scariest show I've watched in a long time, and the explanation of how a nuclear reactor works was a fantastic scene (one of many)

My favorite 2022 films I've seen so far:

RRR - S. S. Rajamouli (This is on Netflix now... but dubbed in a different Indian language than it's original Telugu release that I saw in theaters... which is very upsetting).

Dark Glasses (Occhiali Neri) - Dario Argento

Ambulance - Michael Bay

Ambulance was one of Bay's more thoughtful and touching movies, more akin to Armageddon.

edit: Crimes of the Future - David Cronenberg

Crimes of the Future - David Cronenberg

Is this as fucked up as everyone says it is? I heard multiple people walked out on this one because it was so disturbing.

It's a "thing" for people to walk out of Cronenberg films. It's generally a sign that it's going to be awesome. Someone walked out of the theater in my showing, but it was before anything worth walking out happened. I think it was moreso someone was confused about what they were getting into. I personally thought the film was great.


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Well, the Hokies are now Star Wars canon

So..."Invent the Long Time Ago" should be the new school motto?

Invent the far far away.

#Let's Go - Hokies

I have been binge watching "New Tricks" on hulu. Not a new show but great.

Have not seen this posted yet.... looks awesome. Going to dig into Kenobi this weekend so have to avoid the spoilers thread.

Though it was released late last year, did anyone else watch "Dopesick" on Hulu? Excellent cast about the tragedy of the Opioid Epidemic, and much of the show took place in the Coal Country of SW Va.

VT and the Hokies are referenced in a few scenes. Some scenes of the corporate office were clearly filmed in RVA, as a stand-in for Connecticut.


VT '10--US Citizen; (804) Virginian By Birth; (210) Texan By the Grace of God.

Rick Monday... You Made a Great Play...

I also root for: The Keydets, TexAggies, NY Giants, NY Rangers, and Braves.

Besides the VT references, Dopesick is a great show. Couldn't recommend it enough to others... As you kinda alluded to it already, a very eye opening (but kinda not surprising) on how we got to the opiod epidemic

Bleeding burnt orange and chicago maroon

For any Cronenberg fans out there, Crimes of the Future was awesome. I got to see my first "Cronenberg walk out" happen while watching, which was also a cool experience. Their loss.

Just started Only Murders in the Building Season 2

If you didn't catch season 1, it's on Hulu and worth your time. I don't know who pitched Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez, but it works so well in a way I would not have believed before checking it out.

yeah, very good, entertaining show. not sure why, but i thought martin short and steve martin developed it together. we'll be starting season 2 any day now.

I have not watched the show but Martin Short and Steve Martin are national treasures IMO. I read something about this show where one of the younger stars on the show said that during breaks in filming on the show all the younger stars were on their phones, and Martin and Steve would be playing board games.

love this season so far, last season was great too. Has some really cool background music too!

Has anyone else been watching "The Old Man" on FX/Hulu.

I've really loved it so far, Jeff Bridges and John Lithgow are both amazing in this series. I also think the guy that does the young John Lithgow really nails the voice.

Yes, I've been watching it. So refreshing to see a show in this genre that will take you through some mental gymnastics with it's plot twist's. I was expecting a traditional shoot 'em up type of show.

"War was always here. Before man was, war waited for him. The ultimate trade awaiting its ultimate practitioner.โ€~~Judge Holden

It's one of 3 shows I am watching with they boys and only murders in the building being g the others

Finally watched the new "Top Gun," last week ๐Ÿ‘

"The Terminal List" was also very good on Prime. As was their first "Jack Reacher" series

VT '10--US Citizen; (804) Virginian By Birth; (210) Texan By the Grace of God.

Rick Monday... You Made a Great Play...

I also root for: The Keydets, TexAggies, NY Giants, NY Rangers, and Braves.

Hmm I don't remember talking Reacher here ... was great! So good, Alan Ritchson knocked it out of the park.

Just wrapped up terminal list. Very well done. Engaging and they keep you on your toes up to the very end.

May try Reacher next. Can't be worse than the movies (a 5'7" Cruise playing what's supposed to be a 6'5" Reacher?)

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Was surprised reacher had not been mentioned yet. That show was awesome

"That's it guys. Let's get out of here. That cold drink's waitin' on us, let's go." - Mike Young after win no. 300.

Thor Love and Thunder sitting at 71% on RottenTomatoes right now. I think I'm going to skip the theaters for this one and wait for it on D+.

I think I'm at a point where there's just too much Marvel out there for me. I still haven't watched Moon Knight or Ms. Marvel.

I finally got around to watching Doctor Strange 2 this past weekend.

Not even sure if I am going to watch Ms Marvel.

Moon Knight is worth the watch IMO, I really liked it.

I have also been hearing that Love and Thunder does not live up to Rangorak as the best Thor movie, as many had hoped.

If L&T is 80% of Ragnarok, it will still be one of the better Marvel movies. They captured lightning in a bottle for Ragnarok.

Still my favorite Thor movie

I'm here for the memes, I just stay for the football.

FWIW, Ms. Marvel has been very good so far imo. Unless they blow the ending, I'd put it up there with Loki as best of the Marvel shows so far. It has its own unique and fun vibe to it that's a bit different from most superhero origin stories. The artwork and visuals are also distinct and eye catching. I was only vaguely familiar with the source material and I had no real expectations either way going in, but I've thoroughly enjoyed it so far (thru 4 episodes)

I like it because she is us, the fans, the kids that grew up reading comics and pretending to be the xmen or or avengers or whatever with friends.

The actress does a great job at geeking out (which from what I read isn't acting). It's fun and makes you think about being a kid again.

I was starting to get some Marvel fatigue and Moon Knight just didn't really do it for me. But I'm really enjoying Ms. Marvel. It's a fun origin story with a different feel than most of the other Disney+ shows IMO.

When "The Marvels" comes out next year I'll be more interested Kamala than Carol or Monica.

Unless they blow the ending

Update on this, after episode 5, I think they might be blowing it. That damn Disney+ 6 episode series cut off deal they're doing is hurting quite a few shows. They rushed a lot of stuff in the most recent episode and with one episode remaining, it feels like we're gonna some odd conclusion rather than a satisfying one. That said, I'd still rank it as one of the better shows they've had so far. But this was definitely a series that should be like 10 episodes, not 6, based on how things are going

Update to the update.

Crisis averted. They stuck the landing! I really enjoyed Ms. Marvel. I'd put it right up there with Loki and Wandavision as the best MCU shows so far

I really enjoyed the ending to this. I agree completely, it felt like things were losing steam in episode 5, but the finale pulled it back together well.

I was kind of hoping for Tom Holland cameo when she was looking across the river, but the post credits scene was a better tie-in and setup going forward.

now I can't wait till tomorrow when I cam watch it.

I have also been hearing that Love and Thunder does not live up to Rangorak as the best Thor movie, as many had hoped.

Completely subjective as far as which side of the fence anyone will fall. Saw it yesterday and loved it, but whether it's better or worse than Ragnarok depends on what specific parts of each I'm focusing on. Very similar to where I fall with Infinity War vs. End Game, Winter Soldier vs. Civil War, or a bunch of other pairs of movies that both wrap up previous stories and set up the next ones.

Honestly I'm just happy that these movies either keep knocking it out of the park or at least score the runner on second consistently. It's such a good string of movies to enjoy with my three boys while they are still young enough to want to go to the movies with me.

2022 Season Challenge: Wrasslin'
Previous Challenges: Star Wars (2019), Marvel (2020), Batman (2021)

Oh no it doesn't improve on one of the most fun movies in the MCU. Still going to see it tomorrow.

Nice! Saw it a second time over the weekend and still enjoyed it immensely.

2022 Season Challenge: Wrasslin'
Previous Challenges: Star Wars (2019), Marvel (2020), Batman (2021)

Thor Love and Thunder sitting at 71% on RottenTomatoes right now. I think I'm going to skip the theaters for this one and wait for it on D+.

Ignore some of the lower critic scores, Love and Thunder is pretty darn good. It's not as good as Ragnarok, but it's still a good time. If it struggles with anything, I think it could actually stand to be a bit longer (run time is 2 hrs). Felt like we should have had some more gore Gorr. There's a surprising lack of god butchering.

They could have cut out 20% of the jokes (the limit time joke was just not right for the scene) but it was still the 2nd best thor by a long shot. Agree with too much off screen butchering.

The ending was ok, but some times you need movies like that in the MCU.

I feel like it was pretty okay. it leaned a little too much into the absurdity for me, but I still had a good time watching it

Better Call Saul

The last six episodes start next week.

One of my favorites. Loved Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul might be a tad better.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

I'm one of those weird people who waits for a whole series to be done before watching it, so I just finished up watching Ozark from start to finish over the past month or so. It was really good, probably the closest thing to Breaking Bad that I've found. Even though I read a massive spoiler on here about it before I started, it was still a great series.

Ok so I had never heard of this show and only really started watching it because it is always playing in my house in the evening. Has anyone seen this Hulu show A Handmaidens Tail? This show is fucked up but now I'm finding it hard to stop watching.

ESPN. The coverage is excellent, you'd be surprised at how much you can pick up.

I watched one episode. I like Elizabeth Moss, but I couldn't see any redeeming value in that show. I found the premise pretty depressing.

Knowing Elizabeth Moss is a scientologist certainly makes it interesting that she's the lead on HMT

This is my school
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They value success, and she's successful.

They value her money!

Even when you get skunked; fishing never lets you down. ๐ŸŽฃ

Perhaps, but disregarding her activism in politics and religion, she's a good actress.

The first season is really, really great but it goes downhill fast after that.

I listened to the book on audible (it was free). Kind of horrified at the entire premise and that somebody thought it would make a good series. How close is the first season to the book?

I don't know if it's been mentioned, but i quite enjoyed "The Last Duel".

Though it pushes a bit hard on the "contemporary me, too standards meets 14th century France" theme, I thought it was a well-done film. If you're a history buff, it's based on a true event.

Goes through the events from three perspectives, so some might find it a bit tedious, but if medieval duel in France is your thing, you'll enjoy it for the cinematography and the medieval touches. Also, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon with bad haircuts.

Just finished The Terminal List with Chris Pratt. I was expecting a standard Jack Ryan type story but this was way darker and Pratt's character almost has an anti-hero vibe like Bronson in Death Wish or Eastwood in Dirty Harry. Not a groundbreaking show but I thought it was well done and definitely gave me some surprises that I wasn't expecting.

The books are even more darker, and violent. Jack Carr (former SEAL) just released his 5th James Reece book if you're interested in following his "adventures".

"War was always here. Before man was, war waited for him. The ultimate trade awaiting its ultimate practitioner.โ€~~Judge Holden

Finally got around to watching Top Gun this weekend. While it was a good movie, I don't understand all the hype it got and the amazing reviews as I thought it was a solid B movie. The flying scenes were great, but the acting was, at times, HORRENDOUS, and there were so many plot lines in it that made no sense and didn't add anything to the overall story.

Rewatching Silicon Valley and I can't recommend it enough to anyone who's just a bit geeky/nerdy. The writing is phenomenal and the characters are great.

There's too much to watch and not enough time to watch it all.

I thought Top Gun was very good. Mainly because it was a feel good movie in a time when we really need it, the 80's soundtrack, touching on the whole Goose storyline without overdoing it, the air scenes, Tom Cruise seeming like a normal person and Jennifer Connelly is still HOT as hell. What I didn't like was that last song, WTF, Lady Gaga? Should've kept the 80's music theme, especially for the ending.

+1 on Silicon Valley and I'm not a nerd. I'm not a big fan of TJ Miller but he's not that bad on this show and the guy that plays Jared is freaking hilarious. IMO, he makes Silicon Valley worth the watch.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

I really enjoyed the first three season of Silicon Valley, but after the 4th season I just couldn't take any more of the main character who quickly become very unlikable. But the remainder of the cast was awesome and I would highly recommend watching at least the first couple seasons.

I started watching the new season of Stranger Things last night. Netflix produces a ton of mediocre shows/movies but man they really hit it out of the park with Stranger Things. I find it especially interesting how they went and got mainly unknown actors and actresses and created something so special. This new season definitely seems more horror-based than the last few, but I dig it.

Season 4 blew the other seasons away imo. Loved the 80's horror references throughout. The writer's channeled Hellraiser, Freddy and Halloween and it was definitely darker. I was reading the significance of "4" throughout season 4 and it was pretty interesting. The last two episodes were very well done. The only part that was a bit slow for me were the Hopper and Joyce scenes.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

Better Call Saul is a better show than Breaking Bad.

There, I said it. The return from the midseason break last night was phenomenal television.

It's kind of funny that episodes 7 and 8 weren't meant to be separated like they were. They just had to stop production due to Bob Odenkirk having a heart attack while they were filming episode 8. This show is incredible.

I don't know if I can go along with "better".

Just different. And part of the charm are the references to Breaking Bad.

Still, it's an excellent series.

I think BCS suffers a bit because of the Mike and Gus fan service in later seasons IMO. We all know they survive into BB so the drama just isn't there for me. Maybe I'm just a grinch because viewers clearly love Gus and Mike. Lalo is great but we know he isn't in BB.

If it was a show that was more focused on Jimmy and Kim, it would be even better. I can't remember the exact episode, but some episode in Season 6 Part 1 was entirely Jimmy and Kim in the first half and it was riveting. Then it did a flip to Gus/Mike and my interest went way down. Chuck was a fantastic character and I wish he would've been around for longer.

Anybody else feeling kind of Marvel'ed out? There's been so much content since early last year and I think it's made me care less about the universe overall (except for Spider Man because he's the best).

Yeah, I never even finished Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and never started Hawkeye, Loki, or Ms Marvel. I mean to to start them just never get around to it.

I kept up with things up through Moon Knight but haven't seen Dr Strange, Thor, or Ms Marvel. I'll probably eventually get to them, it just feels like overload now in my opinion.

I think the weekly release hurts this cause you can't binge them and get everything out of the way. It just drags it out.

Yes and no. I think the D+ shows have been mostly average, the exceptions being Wandavision and Loki. Although I do like the fact that even in his titular show, Hawkeye was not the star. Very much on brand.

Spiderman was a great movie. Dr. Strange and Thor were good movies. I just think that Endgame was such a good climax and conclusion, it's difficult to get it back up and excited again. Plus, the introduction of less popular characters makes it more difficult to draw in the excitement like the traditional Cap. Am., Iron Man, and Avenger movies.

Black Panther will be weird without Boseman. Ant-man will likely be on par with Thor. Guardians I'm hoping goes out with a bang. But, I think F4 is when Marvel really springs back into being the highly anticipated MCU movie.

All that said, I'll be trying my best to get into Hall H for the Marvel panel at Comic-con. Geeks gonna geek out.

๐Ÿฆƒ ๐Ÿฆƒ ๐Ÿฆƒ

The movies also aren't leading anywhere that we know if yet. For the sequels like Dr strange, Spiderman and Thor, whats the over arching story? There was a minor tie-in from spiderman to strange, but what's the next threat, why do we need the avengers (as a team). Shang Chi was really enjoyable and it tied to Wong, but why? After the first few movies of phase 1 we knew Fury wanted a team. The infinity stones started popping up and it build fantastically to end game. Now we're back at the beginning, but the fans aren't, we know way more of the universe now so going back to square one is tough. We need our over arching baddie soon.

I agree and it seems like the Marvel movies are getting a little "too political". Some of the scenes are just blatant and very much forced. I started noticing it during End Game. Just put out a good movie and leave out the other stuff...I think this is why Top Gun was so well received.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

This isn't Marvel-specific, but I think D+ gets away with a lot of crap content/episodes simply because of the brand, and I think this makes us feel "Marvel-ed out." I'm halfway through the Obi-Wan show and the acting is cringe and the plot is dragging. Yet it still has average to good reviews simply because it is Star Wars and Disney. I think you could say the same about a lot of their Marvel shows as well. I didn't notice bad acting in those as much, but they sure like to drag the plot for the first 2-3 episodes. If the shows were actually good and they were concentrating on quality over quantity, then I don't think we would feel the same way.

I am not sure they should be married to the 6 episode model. Some are fine in that, some need more story and feel crammed in there.

Yeah, I knew Kenobi did feel drawn out at times. I read where the series was pretty much based on a movie script that was written for it to be the next Star Wars spin off movie, before they cancelled everything after Solo bombed at the box office.

Fan Edit of Kenobi makes it a two hour movie

Movies - no. I've seen all of the recent releases opening weekend and have enjoyed them all. They've all been solid additions, even with Spiderman being probably the only one I'd consider in the A tier of Marvel movies.

Shows - yes. I'm enjoying them all when I watch them, but wouldn't consider them "must watch" at this point. I think one issue is the weekly release format. We're basically getting a movie broken out into 35 minute chunks which makes it hard to tell a well-paced story and get invested in the characters. I may try to start saving them and binging it all once it's done and see if that changes my opinion.

With regards to the MCU overall, it is a little frustrating that we don't really know where any of this is going. Contrasted with phase 1 where it was very clear that each solo character would show up in an Avengers movie. Dr. Strange and Eternals both ended on pretty big cliffhangers and we don't really have any idea where or how that will be addressed. I'm all for telling individual stories and not making everything a cameo-fest, but it would be nice to have an idea of how it all fits together.

With regards to the MCU overall, it is a little frustrating that we don't really know where any of this is going. Contrasted with phase 1 where it was very clear that each solo character would show up in an Avengers movie. Dr. Strange and Eternals both ended on pretty big cliffhangers and we don't really have any idea where or how that will be addressed. I'm all for telling individual stories and not making everything a cameo-fest, but it would be nice to have an idea of how it all fits together.

I mean yes and no. The post credit scenes were the only reason we knew that and even then it was very much in a 'man I hope they let us do this' kind of way. It wasn't until we were into the sequels until it became a reality and they really started building to it. That said, it still took about 10 years to get to that point from the beginning stages of it being hinted at in the original Iron Man.

As for the original question, yeah feeling a little Marveled out. They could afford a break for a couple months without any Marvel content just to give us a break. I loved Loki, I thought Falcon and Winter Soldier was very hit and miss (the rewrites significantly hurt the story), Wandavision took a little too long to get the story moving, and once it did it did feel rushed. Hawkeye was good but not overly memorable. I did like the aesthetic change of pace for Ms Marvel, but I think it was hurt by the 6 episode limit. The change of pace from the first 3 to the last 3 really hurt it, and it could have benefitted from a slower burn. On top of that, Shang-Chi was meh, Dr Strange 2 was decent but probably could have used a little more polishing with everything it had going on, but at least Spider-Man was excellent. All of that came out in the last, what, 18 months?

I feel like we're at a point where Marvel has too many good people working on their own thing and its diluting the pool. Going bigger isn't exactly helping them get better.

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Yes. Loki was terrific though, and Wanda Vision was pretty good. But since then I've just been meh. Saw Spider-Man and it just felt like more of the same, Falcon and Winter Soldier was one I forced myself to finish and it just went nowhere, haven't watched Ms. Marvel (and probably wont just because I'm out of Marvel energy)... Just feels like everything since End Game has been a let down

Anybody watched the Terminal List? 4 Episodes in and really enjoying it. It doesn't pull any punches, but it's so well done.


Show is good, books are better. As to be expected the show got Hollywood-ized and it lost some things but big Jack Carr fan so happy to see his work brought to the big screen

Makes sense. Very rare that Hollywood improves on the source materials, but definitely going to give the author a try.


Finished the first three novels and am several chapters into The Devil's Hand. So, so good. Thanks for the recommend!


Speaking of Marvel, there are a lot of rumors swirling right now that Spielberg might be lined up to direct Marvel's first Fantastic Four movie.

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They need somebody similar to try and save that franchise. Will Chris Evans be back as Johnny Storm? He is done being Captain America!

I've found the past 5-6 years that I'm less and less concerned about who directs, acts, etc... and far more concerned about the writing. Hope they do Marvel's first family right.


anyone else watching The Bear on Hulu/FX?

It's good!

As someone who has worked in the restaurant industry, this show triggered me and why I would get those restaurant nightmares. But it's a really great show! Looking forward to season 2

it looks so stressful! I read Anthony Bourdain's kitchen confidential a while ago and thought the same thing, but actually seeing it in a show makes it that much more wild to me

If you like food books check out Heat by Bill Buford, its a really fun read about an amateurs journey through some professional kitchens in NY and Italy and some of the debauchery behind the scenes. Its got some laugh out loud moments in it.

The wife and I liked it. If you're a food fan and like some dysfunctional drama, its got good acting and dialogue, some characters you love to hate (cousin). And the episodes are short. The only thing I didn't like was the sometimes weird mental flashes. But that is pretty minimal.

dysfunctional drama is part of the everyday life of working in the food industry. It's really amazing that they really hit on what it's really like to work back of the house of a restaurant

Finally caught up on Umbrella Academy. I thought the first two episodes weren't paced that well, but from three on it was much better.

Overall an enjoyable season, even if neither 2 or 3 has been as good as the first. Though the "we're dysfunctional we'll all do our own thing every time" bit is wearing a little thin. Not because it isn't believable so much as it is repetitive.

Anyone else find themselves watching Reaident Evil on Netflix?

It's not half bad. Cheesy like the games at parts, and some characters make bad decisions left and right.

But overall, the world building and plot have been better than any of the movies, and the female lead is compelling. Also, I'd watch Lance Reddick in anything.

Just saw Thor Love and Thunder really enjoyed the light hearted nature and jokes. Action was so so. Really interested in the teasers in the credit scenes.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

Join us in the Key Players Club

Kids and I caught it yesterday and had a great time. I thought some of the jokes tried a little too hard, but overall it was exactly what I wanted from a Thor movie (with the expectations that Ragnarok set). Kids loved it.

almost the same take here... Kids loved it, and I felt it was OK. I also told myself going in that it would be impossible for L&T to live up to Ragnarok, so I really wasn't disappointed. Just left wondering why certain aspects were emphasized and other were just thrown out there without ANY explanation (e.g., Sif).

If you are into end of the world content, check out WORLD W4R. It is on Tubi now. Possible scenarios, study of personal relationships, filmed well to weird you out.


Even when you get skunked; fishing never lets you down. ๐ŸŽฃ

The lower stakes heist in "Nippy" is just as good and thrilling as any other in Better Call Saul or Breaking Bad. BCS is a simply a masterpiece.

I'm enjoying the hell how they are doing these last few episodes. Not dragging it out him becoming Saul till the end, but actually building to some kind of ending for him post BB. Can't wait to see what sort of resolution for Kim there is.

ESPN. The coverage is excellent, you'd be surprised at how much you can pick up.

Also Jerry Gurgrich

ESPN. The coverage is excellent, you'd be surprised at how much you can pick up.

He even managed to Gary up security!

I agree that I love the direction of these last episodes. Get some big shit taken care of quickly. Now we need to see what happens with Kim and then Saul's ultimate "end".

Carol Burnett is in more than one episode, so Gene isn't done with Jeffrey just yet I have a feeling.

Edit: and just a little reminder of how incredible the writing on this show is...when Gene says "I know it's awkward, but you don't have to call me dad yet."

Such a throwaway line on a lesser show, but so in character for Saul Goodman

great follow-up to his Japan series

VT '10--US Citizen; (804) Virginian By Birth; (210) Texan By the Grace of God.

Rick Monday... You Made a Great Play...

I also root for: The Keydets, TexAggies, NY Giants, NY Rangers, and Braves.

This show is so good. My wife and I went to Italy on our honeymoon about a decade ago, and he's been hitting up some of the places that we did when we were there. We just finished up the Tuscany episode last night where he went to the Galileo Museum, which was a museum I absolutely loved when we visited and highly recommend for anyone who gets a chance to visit Florence.

As an aside, that honeymoon is when I realized how global the Hokie brand is, because I got at least one 'Go Hokies' while wearing a VT track jacket in literally every location we went (Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre, and Venice).

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Haven't seen this yet, will check it out. If you haven't watched Clarkson's farm, its hilarious.

Leg for Clarkson's Farm. Can't wait for it to come back

I love the tickle of Dickel in my belly

My favorite James May work is still his part in Home Alone 2

ESPN. The coverage is excellent, you'd be surprised at how much you can pick up.

If you haven't checked out his Toy Stories series on amazon do as well. He actually holds some world records from that series.

New Andor trailer. This has the potential to be the best of all the D+ SW shows.

This could end up being the best series Disney has produced. Not the best Star Wars series, but the best Disney series which would include all the new Marvel material done over the last couple years.

Y'all, BCS is a very good show. And this week's episode is a very good episode.

ESPN. The coverage is excellent, you'd be surprised at how much you can pick up.

What's funny is that someone says this every week.

Just a little late to the party. Started watching The Wire with my wife. Season 1 has been fantastic.

Best TV show ever.

Went to see Nope on Sunday. That's also my feedback for the movie - "should i go see this?" "Nope"

Lacked any cohesiveness, the characters felt forced and one dimensional, the parallel story lines were not great, lots of "why" moments that were never really tied up and just overall randomness. The good reviews I looked at after all point to a deeper story that hardly exists. I've liked ever Peele movie up to this point this one was disappointing.

(add if applicable) /s

The ads made me say "Nope"

LOL (Last One Laughing): Canada on Amazon Prime. If you want to giggle for a few hours straight, this one slaps.

Imagine locking 10 of Canada's funniest people in a room for 6 hours with the only rule being they can't laugh, or even smile really, until the last one is standing.

Colin Mochrie, Tom Green, Trevor K Wilson, Jon Lajoie, Mae Martin, Dave Foley, and some lesser known comics.

I love the tickle of Dickel in my belly

This piqued my interest enough that I immediately added it to my watchlist.

Achievement unlocked: All of the Fullers

"Sam Rogers is a college football icon" SB Nation

Thanks Frank!

I watched it two weeks ago and I'm still thinking about it. It's so absurd and hilarious, and sometimes cringe. It's perfect!

Would love for them to do a US version.

I love the tickle of Dickel in my belly

I too enjoy delicious cheese sandwiches. Tom and Colin steal the show as expected.

This final season of Better Call Saul is fucking amazing. It's crazy how great this show is when you already know the ending/connection to Breaking Bad. The writing and acting is 2nd to none.

Bleeding burnt orange and chicago maroon

I love how different thematically BCS is from Breaking Bad here as it comes to the end.

Where as BB kept getting bigger and bigger in scope as it wrapped up (more with the cartel, Neo-Nazi, etc), Saul is narrowing in scope until we get to what will probably be a somewhat "underwhelming" and unremarkable end. Not that it will be a disappointing ending, but I fully expect that there is no grand "life is gonna be great" ending coming for our friend Slippin Jimmy. His life has become small and unimportant, and his end I think will be small too.

That's the thing, not sure we really do know the ending. They also are alluding to the whole series of events in BB being Saul's fault which I thought was awesome.

ESPN. The coverage is excellent, you'd be surprised at how much you can pick up.

events in BB being Saul's fault which I thought was awesome

That's been the theme. Jimmy/Saul/and it looks like Gene is always the architect of his own demise.

He had a shot to be a legit lawyer, and gave it up.

His actions got Howard killed/led to his split with Kim.

Mike warned him to stay away from WW and Jesse. He couldn't. Ended his time as Saul

Gene could have just kept on keeping on. But he couldn't leave it alone (the life). His break in to close this episode portends his next downfall.

Question is, will it be his last?

I've started Netflix's Sandman and this is a mind trip. The comic is by and large what got me into graphic novels in the first place and it legitimized the medium for me. I never thought we would get a legit series from it because the source material is so out there and abstract, but I'll be damned if they didn't get the visuals right. Also inserting Corinthian into the story a bit early sets up his character well and helps with the exposition.

It looks like the internet is grumbly about some casting choices, but Charles Dance as Burgess was perfect and I could watch an entire Hellblazer series with Jenna Coleman as Johanna Constantine

I found TKP after two rails from TOTS then walking back to my apartment and re-watching the 2012 Sugar Bowl. I woke up the next day with this username.

The casting grumblings are so stupid. I'm so happy to have Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer over shoehorning the revived cable network show character and Kirby Howell-Baptiste nails Death. The characters in Sandman are all manifestations of existential planes, idk how people can have an opinion on their appearance.

If you feel the leather in your hand let it rip.

Absolutely agree. Gwendoline Christie looks identical to Lucifer in the comics. I've seen grumbling that "She's not terrifying enough to be Lucifer" and I'm thinking that these people clearly have no idea that the Lucifer was based on David Bowie.

Anyway, I just finished the series and I loved it but idk if I can recommend to everyone because of just how out there it is. So if you think that you can get into a show featuring anthropomorphic personifications of abstract ideas then yes, I'll recommended this 100%.

I found TKP after two rails from TOTS then walking back to my apartment and re-watching the 2012 Sugar Bowl. I woke up the next day with this username.

I haven't quite finished the series, but from what I have seen they have done a great job retelling the story and replicating the tone of the comics. Maybe so much so that I think the show could be off-putting to an audience that is unfamiliar with the source material. I hope I'm wrong though, I would love to see more of the dream realm on TV.

Thank goodness Sandman and Good Omens got adapted well after the absolute fuster cluck that American Gods was.

If you feel the leather in your hand let it rip.

I just watched Prey and thought it was really great. I expected another Predator movie to be terrible but this one surprised me! Great scenery, excellent camera work, and an intense score.

If you have Hulu or sail the seven seas, I'd recommend it. It's only 1h37m long so it's also short and sweet. I'm getting tired of all these 2.5 hour++ movies these days.

We just watched Prey last night and I second everything here. Much better than I expected and was a fun, quick watch.

Same. Just watched it last night, and it is for probably the best Predator movie since the original.

Just finished! I liked it, the wife liked it.

It's criminal that Rhea Seehorn hasn't even been nominated for an Emmy yet

Whether or not she gets nominated for an Emmy, that was a brilliant performance.

She is perfect for that role.

Last night's episode of Better Call Saul. My goodness, what a show.


It's been on for a few seasons now (currently airing its 4th on FX), but if you're looking for a comedy, you gotta watch What We Do In The Shadows. It's fantastic.

The movie with Jemaine and Murray (present!) and Taiki Waititi is also very funny, but the show is even better.

Finally got to see Jackass Forever last night as my wife snoozed on the couch. I woke her up multiple times lol-ing. It's hard to appreciate comedy by yourself vs with a crowd...I was genuinely laughing my ass off.

Glad to see they realize they need to start handing the torch off to a younger group at this point. Also didn't occur to me that Jackass 3D was 10yrs ago. Time needs to slow down a bit.

Amateur superstar and idiot extraordinaire.

If you ever get the chance watch that documentary that Johnny Knoxville made like 10-12 year ago called "The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia". It is something else. I think it may be free on Prime Video right now, not sure.


ESPN. The coverage is excellent, you'd be surprised at how much you can pick up.

"The name's McGill. I'm James McGill"

And with that, he re-won the respect of Kim.

I guess he'll have a long time to think about it.


It's pronounced "Jimmy".

Loved the Better Call Saul finale. Really didn't know how they'd ultimately end things but I'm satisfied with the decision of the showrunners. Hard to believe we're done with the Breaking Bad universe now. I still don't know which show I liked better between the two, both were incredible in their own way. Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould are masters of their craft and I'm excited to see what they do next.

Was a brilliant ending.

Like you said, Saul gone.

It's incredible to think that Gilligan and Gould are both on record as saying Kim was never meant to be a major character. She was written originally "just for there to be a woman in Jimmy's life" (Gould's words). Not that I needed any more evidence that they are two of the best in the business, but to me the show was as much about her, at least in terms of my interest in their development and conclusion.

Yeah, Kim was a great character and Rhea Seehorn is an incredible actor. Really hoping she gets her Emmy finally this year. I think Bob deserves one too for this performance. Glad we got to see an end for Kim as well in this one.

They also planned to kill of Jesse Pinkman at the end of BB season 1, yet Aaron Paul went on to win 3 Emmys in the role.

Saul Goodman was originally going to be in 4 episodes of BB season 2.

I thought the last 3 episodes of Saul were a little disappointing. Too much crammed in, and some forced flashbacks. The finale plot of Jimmy trying to sham his prison sentence was certainly on brand. The final scene with Kim confirming he got 87 years instead was fitting.

I disagree on the flashbacks. I thought the ones in the finale in particular were very telling and on point for the characters.

In particular, the look on Chuck's face when Jimmy says he will help him because they are brothers...really amazing moment imo.

Chuck is the biggest asshole screened on TV. Won't let the fact that his brother didn't graduate from Yale law fucking die. Ever. Chuck is that guy. He is your friend that reminds you that, yeah you graduated from VT and have a good life, but you didn't major in engineering. EVERY fucking time he sees you. Chuck is that guy. Despite Jimmy helping to take care of him. Jimmy is a plain loser because his law degree is not a good one. Great brother there.

Like I said...amazing moment. The show was about who Jimmy was. We all know who Saul was. But all the characters this universe incorporated were made to be actual people. Chuck was not a nice guy, but he was a brother. Jimmy "was always" Slippin Jimmy, but he still cared about people. Mike did a lot of bad things to a lot of folks and justified it, but at his most honest moment he knew it and was thinking about others.

Sometimes people that are jerks aren't all bad. I can't think of anyone on this forum that applies to however. But the show presented us these characters and made it clear their bad deeds, and at the end we still wanted things to be OK for them. That's just good work.

You're looking at Chuck through Jimmy's eyes.

The last episodes tried to clean that up a little.

Chuck saw Slippin' Jimmy as a danger to himself and to others. The series proved this to be a correct assessment. Walter White saw this, too, with the comment. "So, you were ALWAYS like this."

Sure, there is a qualitative difference between American Samoa Law School and Yale. But this wasn't the real problem with Jimmy's law practice. It was his propensity to take short cuts, and to use technicalities the law for his own ends. Jimmy couldn't win by Chuck's rules. So he began to hate the Chucks and Harry Hamlins of the world. He was too busy "winning" to see the problem with his shortcuts. He changed his name to Saul Goodman as a direct statement that the end justifies the means. The results were disastrous. In the last season of BCS, we realize that Walter White was his direct creation.

This is all further demonstrated with the wheeling and dealing for a 7 year plea deal. However, with Kim in danger, Jimmy reverts to James McGill. He saves Kim (and his own soul) by coming clean. A bit too trite, but they got the plane landed.

Part of the show was realizing that Chuck got it at least partially right. Not by looking down on Jimmy because of his online law degree, but by recognizing Jimmy had at an early age learned the wrong lesson with regard to scammers and suckers as a matter of practicality. Jimmy's fatal flaw was ignoring the ethical component of his choices.

OK, so this doesn't disprove that Chuck was a condescending, judgmental asshole. He was. He had none of Jimmy's empathy. He won by all the conventional rules, so why would he bend those for anyone else? The system works for him, so he supports the system. He revels in it. The irony was thick in Jimmy's statement "You'd do the same for me." Yeah, no.

Both characters were fatally flawed.

Getting caught up on some movies I missed out on, and totally enjoyed Nobody ("You brought a lot of shotguns. Well, you brought a lot of Russians."), Christopher LLoyd was brilliant, and The Northman. Enjoying myself.


I started Nobody last week and enjoyed Lloyd and Odenkirk's performances, but I just couldn't get into the movie. I ended up kinda just fast-forwarding through the slow parts lol.

Fair enough. I couldn't help myself - I had a blast (no pun intended).


Late to the party as usual, but I've been watching The Outsider on HBO this week and it's really good if you're into dark mystery stuff with a bit of suspense and lingering dread. It's based on a Stephen King novel which I haven't read. I heard it falls off a bit in the later episodes, but I'm 5 episodes in and enjoying it. It's a miniseries I believe, so just one season.

Just finished watching Reacher. That was a lot more fun than I anticipated. Some good plot twists and really enjoyed the character dynamic between Reacher, Findlay and Conklin mature throughout the series.


I was so happy to see Thad finally became a productive member of society. And a total badass.

VT '10--US Citizen; (804) Virginian By Birth; (210) Texan By the Grace of God.

Rick Monday... You Made a Great Play...

I also root for: The Keydets, TexAggies, NY Giants, NY Rangers, and Braves.

He already saved the world from evil, twice.

House of the Dragon was...fine. *shrug*

Yeah, well, it has dragons, an iron throne, and platinum blondes.

So far, not much more.

I thought the reveal about Aegon's dream "The Song of Ice and Fire" being the real reason the Targaryans conquered Westeros was pretty interesting.

I agree it was a little meh, but it was enough to draw me in to watch the rest of the series. Wondering if we we should start a new thread.

Agree with you. Felt a little underwhelmed with the production compared to GoT. Thought the acting and writing were a little light, CGI felt pretty corny at times. But I enjoyed the pacing of the episode and the story points I found interesting and want to learn more

If you can't handle my shit posts, you don't deserve my memes

Matt Smith is an unsurprising bright spot for the show through the first episode. I thought the whole 'Song of Ice and Fire' reveal at the end was probably a little too much of a heavy handed approach to tying this to GoT.

The first 5 mins or so with the spoken monologue over the flashback ceremony was so much like Galadriel's monologue at the beginning of Lord of the Rings that I looked up when that show starts on Amazon and saw its next week. These two show airing simultaneously is definitely going to be interesting to watch. By the end of each season I have a feeling you'll see the same fan battle lines drawn that you saw between Star Wars and Star Trek 50 years ago.

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Honestly I'm excited for both of them and am looking forward to watching both season.

I also love both both Star Trek and Star Wars but I get what you mean about fandom. I have a buddy who is a huge Star Trek fan and he refuses to even watch any Star Wars content, so those people certainly do exist.

Right before HOTD premiered last night they did have a little trailer for all the upcoming shows on HBO, and we get our first look at The Last of Us starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey (Lyanna Mormont in GoT). The Last of Us first looks start at about 1:40.

I saw that too, but it was a shorter trailer that didn't show Pedro Pascal that clearly and then I saw the one short clip of Nick Offerman's face and I thought he was going to be Joel lol

Watched House of the Dragon last night, I'm all in.

My analysis:

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

Same. I'm ready to be hurt again.

Also... Otto Hightower

Don't sleep on Viserys

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

House of the Dragon is a prequel, so wouldn't it be more like the Dooley years?

While I appreciate the effort, I'm not sure the analogy fits perfectly.

It's perfect, from a fan perspective.

1. Great
2. Shit
3. Hype

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

Beamer's last two seasons (apart from beating Ohio State and Virginia) definitely were not great from a fan perspective.

And while I can certainly see losing to Virginia as being a contender for the "Daenerys shits the bed" episode, the analogy fails because House of the Dragon is a prequel.

Seems to me that Dooley getting sanctioned by the NCAA and getting fired by Tech is more like the Daenerys fail. Dooley looked like a hero and the King of the Seven Kingdoms right up until his epic fail, and then his shine was gone.

Honestly, it's too early to be dealing with such nitpickiness.

But my point was, overall as a fan I was really into GOT seasons 1-7, even though it started going down hill around season 4-5 (much like Beamer's last couple of seasons were not great)

Season 8, was awful, but I watched it all because I had been so invested for so long.

HOTD, has re-energized me as a fan and got me excited to be back in Westeros

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

Sorry 'bout that.

HOTD is similar to Pry in that the jury is still out. But I'm hoping the Pry show finds it's legs, is original, and gets renewed on it's own merits.

House of the Dragon checked a lot of boxes for me. It was fun to be back in Westeros.

There were some parts where the production could use some work, but overall it was what I was hoping for.

I think it's focus being tighter than GoT will serve it well. And Matt Smith is just an actor I enjoy watching, along with Paddy. I think he made Viserys really compelling. A Targaryen king that dare I say...felt bad for?

Coming September 16th

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Can't wait

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Rick Monday... You Made a Great Play...

I also root for: The Keydets, TexAggies, NY Giants, NY Rangers, and Braves.

That looks Epic.

So I started watching The Sandman the other night, knowing literally nothing about the source material.

Really really liking the show...and then Episode 5 came along...and holy crap! What an hour of TV. Looking forward to finishing this season and then however many more come along.

Is anyone else pumped for this as much as I am? I'm already seeing good reviews.

Excited yes, terrified yes. Amazon butchered the Wheel of Time series to the point it was unrecognizable next to the books.

Yeah Wheel of Time lost me halfway through that first season, and I did read the books.

Rings of Power certainly looks awesome, and after spending 467 million on season 1 it should. Most of what I have been reading on the reviews is that LOTR fans are going to love it, so I am hopeful.

It was my understanding they spent 100 million on season 1 of wheel, so I also had high hopes. I was able to stomach the first 4 episodes before I realized they had no intention of following the book.

Rings of Power trailers look good, but there is a part of me wondering if we are seeing Amazon Prime price increases because they have fallen into the Netflix problem of overpaying to produce their own content that has a limited audience.

I'm on book 5 now slowly working my way through the series. They definitely took some big liberties but based on what I've read so far I wouldn't say they completely butchered it!

Yeah, i was really disappointed in the back half of WoT. Some of the changes I disliked but was willing to deal with because adaptations require change, some of them I was willing to deal with because of COVID, some of them I was willing to deal with because of the dramatic casting change, but the weight of all of them together was too much.

That said, I am willing to give season two a chance for course correction. It doesn't seem likely, but it wouldn't be the first show to improve after some missteps in the first season. I am not super hopeful though.

I am refusing to get excited for this series though. I'll check it out, but my expectations are low. I love LotR and the Hobbit source material but have never gotten big into all the other works so I'm not super concerned about lore changes like some other are, but the overall quality, pacing, writing, dialogue, etc. need to be better than we got with WoT season 1.

I loved the LotR triology. I never made it through the Hobbit - felt like that really should have been 1 movie not 3. I have lower expectations for this series but I will give it a chance.

I did not have as much of an issue with WoT. I read the first 3 books of the series a long time ago, felt like the story was redundant and quit reading them. I thought the series was fine, even if it didn't follow the books.

Was only able to catch the first episode last night, but I very much enjoyed it. We'll see where it goes, but it seems to be written well, and the acting is good enough.

Also, the actress they got for Galadriel definitely has the look for the character.

This is my school
This is home

I started Better Call Saul last night after having my friend tell me like 3 times to watch it lol. Back when season 1 came out I remember watching the first couple episodes and being kinda meh about it because I think it was too soon after Breaking Bad at the time. I enjoyed S1E1 yesterday though!

It's really a fantastic show. Won't spoil anything for you, just know that the story is worth watching and ends in a satisfying way.


Edit: Looks like it is age restricted. Trailer is Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey

My wife told me about this a couple months back and I couldn't believe Disney would let someone make this. Well, that got me down a 2+ hour rabbit hole reading about Winniethe Pooh IP law. It's a wild ride.

If you feel the leather in your hand let it rip.

Not positive it isn't been mentioned in this thread, but Bullet Train is fucking outstanding. When I first saw trailers I thought it'd be a fun couple hours while drinking once it's free. It's so much better than expectations. It's like Guy Ritchie and Tarantino decided to mash together the Magnificent Seven and Scott Pilgrim.

I just watched the movie "Fall"

Overall pretty entertaining movie with good tension, but at the same time the characters make some absurd mistakes that people with zero climbing experience would never do. Some insanely bad dialogue. The movie is similar in many ways to Frozen (2010, not the Disney movies) where a group of people get stuck on a ski lift.

Going to see Barbarian tomorrow.