Penn State Players Forming a Players Association

And college football continues it's steady march to being nothing more than a minor league for the NFL. Nothing matters besides the almighty dollar.

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college football continues it's steady march to being nothing more than a minor league for the NFL

  1. It's been a minor league since the draft was invented
  2. Who cares if it's a minor league? You go to college to prepare yourself for the professional world. Why should it be any different for athletes?

Overall, I am yet to see how players getting money/health insurance hurts the sport. College football is made great by whacky, one of a kind traditions. Players (past) inability to earn money did nothing to make the sport better.

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The argument isn't about "inability to earn money" making the sport better.

It's that monetary incentives may distort the sport and make it worse.

Monetary incentives have been driving the sport for decades now and yet somehow college football is still chugging right along with more popularity and profitability than ever. With as much money as big time college football makes, it is a good thing that some of that revenue gets shared with the workers.

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I don't know if adding $ millions to the value has made it all that much better.

Just different.

But if someone is going to make millions, then I'm OK with sharing it with the workers. I'd rather see it done in a more equitable way than "every man for himself".

Originally(30s, 40s and 50s) the football players were basically independent contractors. They didn't even have to attend class or be enrolled in the school. They were paid nominal amounts by the school to play football - the sport was obviously not the revenue source it is today.
It wasn't until the 50s that the term "student athlete" was coined. It was to avoid paying workers comp to the widow of a player who died during a game. And the concept of a student who receives a scholarship to attend school, rather than a paid employee of the school.
I'd encourage everyone to watch the documentary $chooled - The Price of College Sports.

So far, all of the money that has 'distorted' the sport isn't going to the players; it's going to the conferences/schools.

Allowing players to earn money (via NIL or other means) won't hurt the sport any more than Disney/Fox already have.

Let's go back to the '80s when SMU had players on a pay role. Look how much more balanced the sport was then.

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Do you think the recent changes in TV deals will help the sport to become more balanced, or less balanced for most of the players?

Is it OK if high school students also get NIL deals? What does that do to most of the players of the sports? The best outcome may not be completely obvious.

TV money will make sport less balanced. NiL will make it more balanced (eventually) but not enough so to make up for TV money.

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The NIL thing is going to take a few years to reach stasis. Right now it is kind of the Wild West where lots of people are throwing money around. Once we have a few years of it for the people or companies with the money to see how to best "invest" their funds, it will calm down a bit and there won't be quite so many extreme examples.

"Sooner or later, if man is ever to be worthy of his destiny, we must fill our heart with tolerance."
-Stan Lee

"Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing."
-Ron Swanson

"11-0, bro"
-Hunter Carpenter (probably)

Totally agree - even without regulation, it will take 3-5 years for the market to normalize.

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The NIL money is going to follow the TV money and make the game and recruiting more unbalanced not less.

This would be my guess.

If you wanted any kind of parity, it needed to be inserted BEFORE they opened up the rules, not after.

But this certainly works in favor of the current football powers. The NCAA lost control of this a long time ago. They probably never had all that much control.

It's gonna be a repeat of many parts of US History.

No holds-barred craziness until the right person, usually somebody high up, gets screwed over by somebody who shouldn't have the money/power, then you'll see a heavy-handed approach to legislate and moderate the flow of resources (recruits).

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This is where I disagree. NIL money and TV money come from different places. NIL money could convince a 4-star Qb to come be a starter at VT instead of a backup at Bama.

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(Consults the history of backup QBs for Ohio State and Alabama)

Well, maybe, but I'm not sure that's how it's going to work.

Nothing matters besides the almighty dollar.

I like how we have simultaneousactive threads about fans needing to donate more or we will suck, and players needing to stop asking for more money.

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Nothing matters besides the almighty dollar.

I had to make this meme in response to this.

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good for them!

between this and Pry, PSU is inching dangerously close to tolerable/likable

Pry was just a loaner

I sent this news flash to a PSU die hard. He balked.

Two minutes later he was like, "Hmm. Yeah I guess we are"

Teeheehee I love watching people confront their beliefs in themselves

Hold up, these players who participate in a multi-billion dollar industry think they deserve a cut? A medical care? It's not like they put their bodies on the line or anything. 95% of them will be millionaires in the NFL anyways, they can afford to buy their own healthcare

the nerve.

s/ should not be necessary

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