ACC Championship Observationa

- That was the best game, either as a Hokie student or graduate, that I've been to. The team stepped up, didn't fold against a talented opponent, and controlled the game. Absolutely worth the 12 hour round trip and freezing my ass off.

- I got to watch the highlights today and the first thing Tyrod does when the clock hits 0:00 is go and shake hands with Jimbo Fisher. If that doesn't say everything about who Tyrod is, then I don't know what will. We have been spoiled with his high-caliber play and character the last 4 years.

- Also interesting (confounding) to see the commentators talk about how Govia SR was the most instinctive player they'd seen and how it is is apparent with Jeron GW. They haven't called a game of ours yet this season, right? In all seriousness, props for being in the right place at the right time.

- Along those lines, what about giving some thought to a heavy defensive package next year with three traditional linebackers? Basically scrapping the whip position and playing three athletic run-stoppers. You could counter it by subbing in the nickel or 30 package. I only say this because our whip play has been weak this year and we will have substantial depth at inside and middle backer with Tyler, Rivers, Taylor, Gibson, Edwards, and Chase Williams. Maybe Lorenzo Williams comes off the injury to take the spot.

- Jack Tyler was as good as advertised (new Cody Grimm). Real nose for the football.

- Still wish we would run two-back sets to get two of the three horsemen on the field at any given time.

- Maybe it was the speed of the FSU defense, but I don't remember seeing any QB-designed runs or options. I guess if Tyrod is tearing you apart through the air and the backs are getting it done, don't risk him taking the hits.

- I probably misinterpreted this, but everyone in the stadiums near me felt like the coaches were exhanging big F### you's during the last five minutes of the game. Going for it on four and 1 (and passing), FSU calling the time outs, getting their quick-huddle pass game going, spiking the ball, etc. I understand not wanting to go down without a fight, but the game was well in hand when all this started.

- I've grown to like how we are distributing carries to the backs. Not only is taking a series the fairest way for the players, but each of them has enough of a broad skill set so Wilson can play the power game and Darren can go to afterburners.

- I was near the sideline for the post game and almost felt bad for Heather Dinich. She was getting ripped apart (not necessarily unfairly) by Hokie fans while taping her interviews. That's got to be fun to listen to after the fact. Though clearly VT would not win 10 games this year and Miami winning the ACC was 100% bankable.

- Now let's improve that abysmal 1-216 record vs. top-5 teams (estimated figure)

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More Thoughts

I noticed that too, Tyrod is just all class, and he's the best leader I've seen play. I hope Logan Thomas has been watching and learning.

That's an interesting thought about the heavy package, and I don't know if Bud would totally abandon a scheme that's been extremely successful, but the point stands we need better whip play. Even though we were uber concerned with stopping the run I think if Rock was healthy we would have seen a lot more nickel and Fuller at whip.

Maybe it was the speed of the FSU defense, but I don't remember seeing any QB-designed runs or options. I guess if Tyrod is tearing you apart through the air and the backs are getting it done, don't risk him taking the hits.

I think we ran a couple of zone reads but Tyrod didn't keep the ball on either of them.

2 and 216 here we go baby!

ACC Record

- We've now won 12 straight ACC games
-Over the last 4 years (my 4 years at Tech) we have a winning record over every ACC school in football. No ties. The only way we could have done that this year was by beating GT, UNC, Miami, Wake, NC State, BC AND hope FSU won the Atlantic so we could then beat them there. If we had a lost a single one of these games, we would have had a tied or losing record against them. Records are as follows:
Boston College: 4-2
Duke: 4-0
Florida State: 2-1
Georgia Tech: 3-1
Maryland: 2-0
Miami: 3-1
NC State: 2-0
North Carolina: 3-1
Virginia: 4-0
Wake Forest:1-0
-It doesn't matter what city the ACCCG has been held in, we've one in all of them.
-I'm proud to say I was here for the entirety of the Tyrod era.

boom, roasted.


*I can only wonder if Tyrod could have been this good last year, if he was actually able to RS his freshman year and learn the system (Sean Glennon's last laugh).

*I was seriously impressed in how David Wilson has improved his power running game this season. I remember one play were he literally carried several defenders about 5 yards.

*It was about time that JGW actually did something right while being out of position. Was seriously impressed with the backup linebackers. Like Josh said, Jack Tyler is very impressive as a RS he's even more awesome for going to my high school.

*Glad Stiney has finally decided to use Danny Coale and hope we see more passes to him next year.

*Hoping that Logan Thomas' crucial 3rd down conversion at Miami wasn't a fluke and can take a hold of the reigns next year.