The Big Eleventy: 2016 season

Last season I came up with the idea of the Big Eleventy; mostly by flipping through Phil Steele's team history pages and wondering how many teams are ranked more than half the time. These team pages track the past 20 years of results from each Division 1 football team. The result is an imaginary conference of the top teams of the past 20 years and how they compare statistically (in some very general results comparisons) to each other.

This was likely an impulse of optimism following the collapse of the 10-year win streak. After coach Fuente's successful first season as head coach, I still had the urge to sit on a couch with a calculator and highlighters for a few hours and figure this out all over again.

Shortly after doing this last winter, Phil Steele put up a paywall to use his team pages. Seeing how he's based in Cleveland and I live a half hour east, I consider it supporting my local business.

I found a pretty significant error from last year - Wisconsin should have been included in the results. I would have missed Tennessee as well if it weren't for some immediate feedback; so I went back a little further and created a qualifying chart to determine by quick math who was likely to be included and who was out.

19 teams were included last season. This year, Notre Dame and Kansas State have dropped below the 50% threshold. (I like to think we helped just a little with the former ;) ). The only "new" team was Wisconsin, which should have made the Big Eleventy 20 teams strong last year.

Tennessee and Auburn are currently at risk of dropping out next season. TCU and Notre Dame are potentially in next year.

I present to you the 2016 Big Eleventy conference; 18 members strong:

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback.

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Awesome look

Wow impressive work.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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It would definitely be nitpicking, but @VT_Football periodically tweets out stat categories that VT has led or been top 3-5 in since 199x (like sacks or INTs). Maybe you could cherry pick some more categories for the Big Eleventy that favor VT? I know those aren't related to poll rankings, but once this conference is formed, who might lead in the various statistical categories (historically)?


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Ease of access to a lot of this info will only get better over the years. For example, Phil Steele's sheets start adding the O/U win losses as well; in a few years there will be 20 seasons of data available right on those team sheets.

I would love to get into more statistics crunching with offense and defense statistics some day, but that would likely be its own separate project.

Funny I created the same conference in NCAA just by going off of the big names that are always talked about by the polls.


The stat that jumps out to me is that of the Top 20 listed here, 15 teams have played in the national championship game with a W/L total of 39 out of 40 possible appearances. so my quick math says that only 16 teams in the past 20 years have played for a national title. Shows how top heavy college football has become and how hard it is to win a Natty. It will be interesting to see the 20 years before and after the implementation of the playoff and if there is a statistically significant shift in the numbers.

Also the Pareto principle almost applies here, with a little under 20% of all of the participants in college football accounting for 80% of the major outcomes (big bowls, rankings, etc.)

Whatever. It was one bad year.

Seasonal Brew means High ABV for football season and standard the rest of the year.

The only outlier in the NC games is Notre Dame (who dropped out last year and is likely to come back with a few weeks ranked next season)

In the past 20 seasons, 4 of the top 5 teams are (on average) on this list.

What a great perspective. Great Jorb.

What does eleventy mean? Asking for a friend.

‘Boy, wake up, we’re going over the mountain,’ and that was code for we’re going to watch Virginia Tech play football today,'

I figured the number of "conference" teams would fluctuate, so I used a fake one. Eleventy has a better ring and sounds less pompous than Zillion.

The logo copies the old Big 10 logo, which hid an 11 in the typeface after they added PSU. I put a square root of -1 in the "Big". Believe it or not I made an alternate one that simply adds a cursive "i" in a different font. Spent a lot of quality time with MS Paint on those.

I'm really just making fun of the Big 10 and the Big 12, who stubbornly refuse to math.

and appropriate to model after the B1G since they are the best conference in football evar.

‘Boy, wake up, we’re going over the mountain,’ and that was code for we’re going to watch Virginia Tech play football today,'

What does eleventy mean?

I had to google it and found this lovely definition:

number, informal
a large but unspecified number or quantity (often used in combination with another large number).
"an eleventy billion dollar contract"

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Or you could go full on nerd - Bilbo Baggins celebrates his Eleventy first birthday (111 years old) in Fellowship of the Ring.

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The only thing I have thought of every time I've read "Eleventy"

I found a glaring error in your round-robin table. I refuse to recognize the validity of any publication stating that the Hokies are 0-1 against Michigan.

“You got one guy going boom, one guy going whack, and one guy not getting in the endzone.”
― John Madden (describing VT's offense?)

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I noticed an error on the round robin table. Under Mechicken, it says 0-1. It should be 1-0. At worst, there should be an asterisk by the record. Danny Coale caught that damn ball. We won that game, no matter what those worthless POS PAC-12 replay officials thought.

I think subconsciously you read the remarks above...and then rewrote them.


‘Boy, wake up, we’re going over the mountain,’ and that was code for we’re going to watch Virginia Tech play football today,'