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I've asked some questions on this in other threads before, but was hoping to get things consolidated on one thread here. I've never gotten season tickets before, but I'm seriously considering getting some this year and I need advice. I've heard the rules have changed this year with the Hokie Club restructuring and whatnot, so hopefully this thread will help other potential season ticket holders this year as well. Just bear with me as I unload stream-of-consciousness style here.

So I thought this was just a Early-Bird Renewal period (just ended, I know), but it certainly seems to be letting me submit an application anyway. Am I wasting my time since it's still a renewal period, or will mine just pend until I'm actually allowed to submit an application?

Before I hit "Add to Application" it gives me the option to select seat preference. Is this the only opportunity I'll have to note my seat preference? Reading through season ticket threads of years past, it looks like there used to be a later window when you could apply for specific seats; is that not still the case?

Also, what are the L's and the R's on the seating chart? I can't find the legend/key anywhere or I'm not trying hard enough

Is it better to get a parking pass now, or wait on it/not get one at all and just find parking passes as needed throughout the season?

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I will try to answer a few questions that you mentioned above.

The renewal process has begun. The "early bird" timeframe was just to receive the 125th anniversary blanket as a freebie. If you renew now (you still can), you just won't receive the blanket.

The seat preference is simply a way to inform them where you would like to sit. L and R refer to the sides of the section, I think. For example, my season tickets have been in the middle of a row. One seat is Sec 2 and the seat right beside it is Sec 4. The sec 2 seat is on the right (R) because the rest of sec 2 is another section of seats separated by steps. Same with our sec 4 seat. It is on the left (L) of the section of seats in sec 4. Hope that clears it up some.

The next big event for football season ticket holders is March 31. This is the day when your Hokie Club donation is due in order to count toward the new priority system. Even if you gave an amount by Dec 31, 2016, you still owe the same amount by March 31, 2017.

After the giving deadline (not sure of date, April maybe), there will be a system wide reseating for everyone based on the new priority system rankings.

Beginning in May, the opportunity to select your actual seats will begin. Those at the highest point total will be allowed to keep their seats, let them go, upgrade, etc. This will move down the ladder until every HC member has had an opportunity to select seats. I'm very low on priority, so I will get to select sometime in June. Last year I selected in June.

Go for parking now if you want it. Only first 6k eligible for it will get parking.

The next big event for football season ticket holders is March 31. This is the day when your Hokie Club donation is due in order to count toward the new priority system. Even if you gave an amount by Dec 31, 2016, you still owe the same amount by March 31, 2017.

I'm not entirely following you here, but I think as long as you made a donation in 2016 or before March 31st, 2017 it counts towards the 2017 season. My understanding is that they have pushed back the final date of giving from Dec. 31st to March 31st. Giving in the year prior counts towards HC membership and level (i.e. 2015 giving = 2016 seats), but now it just has a later deadline and in the same year.

Edit: I found this from the Hokie Club:

Gifts can be made to the Hokie Club at any point during the year. However, for consideration for 2017-18 benefits (including tickets and parking), gifts MUST be received between January 1, 2016 and March 31, 2017.

Yep - basically you get an extra 3 months this year to get your donation in. Going forward, March 31 will be the donation due date.

But I am looking foward to these blankets. Like, can you play movies on them?

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Missed the blanket deadline. It sucks having to wait on that tax refund.

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I, for one, look forward to receiving my greenscreen blanket soon.

If you're reading the above post and thinking, "is this guy serious?!?," you can safely assume I'm not.

This brings me to the most important question of the thread: How do we feel about the goatee?

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Thanks for correction, but I was under impression that 2016 deadline was December 31 and this year's deadline was March 31. I'm kind of confused now lol.

Beaver, I think this may be a typo by HC.
Edit: Not a typo, but still not clear on HC's part. I think I need another town hall meeting lol.
I received this email from the HC just a few minutes ago:

Thank you for your past generous support of Hokie student-athletes through your giving to the Hokie Club! As a 2016 Hokie Club member, you supported over 550 Hokie student-athletes as they excelled in the classroom, succeeded in competition, and served the Blacksburg community in the spirit of Ut Prosim!

Our records currently show that you have not yet made your gift to the Hokie Scholarship Fund for 2017 benefits (including football seating and parking). In order to qualify for 2017-18 benefits and activate your priority point ranking for reseating of Lane Stadium and Cassell Coliseum, a gift of at least $100 to the Hokie Scholarship must be received in the Hokie Club offices by March 31, 2017. All giving to the Hokie Scholarship Fund goes toward your Hokie Club membership level for 2017-18.

Additionally, I made sure I was up to date in late December 2016 because I could not remember making a payment to HC. Interested to hear others' experiences.

I just made my 2nd annual donation to the Hokie club (14 months after my first donation) and bought season tickets.

Curious to see what kind of availability I have when it's my turn to select seats in May/June. I'm pretty far down the point priority list but donated enough to get seats in the $100 section. If I can stay in the same area (around midfield, even with the upper portals, east side) I'll be happy, but I'm wondering how the required donations will shake out. Might open some better seats for me, or I might get pushed up the stands.

I actually saw your twitter conversation with the HC and I was very confused by their responses. I really doubt they want people to pay in 2016 and then pay again just a few months later.

I got this email earlier this year and it makes me think donations from 1/1/16 - 3/31/17 will count.

As 2016 comes to a close, we wanted to provide a friendly reminder about the Hokie Club giving deadline and December 31, 2016. The deadline to give a gift to the Hokie Club for 2016 tax purposes is December 31, 2016. If you are planning to make your gift via credit card, please consider donating online at https://hokieclub.donornetpac.com. For tax purposes, all donations must be postmarked by the end of the year. We encourage you to consult your tax advisor with any questions you may have regarding your giving to Virginia Tech Athletics and tax implications.

Please note that the NEW benefit giving deadline for gifts to the Hokie Scholarship Fund is March 31, 2017. ONLY gifts to the Hokie Scholarship Fund count toward scholarship seating and parking benefits.

If I were you I would check with the Hokie Club - there might be an issue with your account or something if you got that email. I gave after Dec. 31st because my account was messed up and never got the email that you mentioned.

When I logged into the donorpac thing, it had my 2016 giving listed. When you go to donate (pledge) now there is a pull down menu. You can select a number of things, but most importantly is Scholarship Fund.

I think that is part of the misunderstanding/confusion, at least for me. No matter what you gave in 2016, for it to count this year for football, it has to be earmarked specifically for the Scholarship Fund. Correct me if I'm wrong.

I almost think HC wants people to think they have to give twice to get more funds. I never received a confirmation that what you posted above was incorrect. They only reinforced the March 31 deadline as all encompassing. I feel there is a losing side to this for someone.

I almost think HC wants people to think they have to give twice to get more funds. I never received a confirmation that what you posted above was incorrect.

Maybe they just didn't understand, but I got the exact same impression - it seemed kinda strange.

They definitely need to come out and clarify it all.

With the publications focus on the March deadline and seeming to ignore any contributions made in 2016, I skipped my normal renewal date of December and just contributed in January and Feb. That means I don't have a tax deduction for 2016, oh well. I would rather my sorting be correct.

I think unfortunately, there will be people that don't get sorted like they want. I think there will be a some fans that are very upset from this reorganization. Some people have been sitting on great tickets because their family has donated a small amount over a very long time. Unfortunately, those are the people that are going to lose their tickets because of the new mandatory seat price.

I know to keep my tickets I would have needed to increase my donation by 20% something that wasn't going to happen with a new job in this economy. Instead, I decreased my giving by 10% and dropped from 4 tickets to three. I can still keep my same spot hopefully.

I recently joined the Hokie Club and made a donation so that I can purchase season tickets. Will the Hokie Club reach out to me when it is time to purchase football season tickets or do I have to do it online?

So the Hokie Club doesn't sell season tickets or run the process. Your best bet is to follow Hokie tickets and hokiesports and Hokie football on social media. Or visit this site.


Or sign up for emails here:


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Season ticket renewals are happening right now...new season ticket holders you'd probably be best off calling the ticket office and seeing how your donation lines up with the pecking order.

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I ordered my season tickets about 2 weeks ago. That being said, I don't get to pick their location until May most likely.

Same. But I loved the payment plan option this year. Whole lot easier than dropping that kinda cash in a click (it's not A LOT of cash, but certainly enough).

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Right. That shit saved my season. Usually, I pay for ours out of our tax return. Difficult to do when you wind up owing.

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Did anyone buy seasons last year with the plan to sell off a couple of the games? If so, how successful were you in selling some? Did you break even?

Whatever. It was one bad year.

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Ultimately I lost a few bucks per ticket on Stubhub fees or simply the fees associated with season ticket purchase but I as able to sell most of my tickets to close to what I paid for them. (less than face value) In the end I came out even or a little ahead vs just buying tickets on Stubhub for the games I attended: Clemson, Duke & Pitt (Clemson tickets were selling for $$$) I'm expecting similar 'value' this year from Notre Dame.

I'd say if you're planning on going to at least 3 home games it's worth getting season tickets.

Yes, I have to since I can't make every game. I sold all but Clemson for less than what I paid but usually just by a buck or two. Only game I couldn't give away was Delaware's.

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