2018 Virginia Tech Confidence Picks With Two Deep

πŸŽ™ Block off an hour and twenty minutes and listen.

Bring your confidence. Picks that is. On Wednesday night I strapped it up with Robbie and Pete. We discussed 60 Minutes' worth of news and notes, defensive tackle depth, HilGAINS, a loaded week one, and Virginia Tech's 2018 schedule.

The bulk of the episode centers around confidence picks. Each of us provided a win confidence level, 1 (least confident)–12 (most confident), across the Hokies' schedule. Play along at home in the comments.

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My picks in order of most confident to least confident are:

12. Williams & Mary
11. East Carolina
10. at Old Dominion
9. Virginia
8. at North Carolina
7. at Duke
6. Boston College
5. at Pittsburgh
4. Georgia Tech
3. Miami
2. Notre Dame
1. at Florida State

Thanks for posting - this will get me through some of the afternoon.

Good stuff, Joe. Honestly, I feel more confident about FSU than I do about Miami or ND. I feel like these young guys are going to be absolutely pumped for that game and the fact that FSU has installed an entirely new system on both sides will hopefully have left less time for specific game-planning by week 1.

Well shit. I guess I have to pour a bourbon and listen to this now.

Joe - Cheers to the Maker's Mark.

Pete's picks:
12. Williams & Mary
11. East Carolina
10. at Old Dominion
9. Virginia
8. at North Carolina
7. Boston College
6. Georgia Tech
5. at Pittsburgh
4. at Duke
3. at Florida State
2. Miami
1. Notre Dame

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12. William and Mary
11. East Carolina
10. at Old Dominion
9. Virginia
8. at North Carolina
7. at Pitt
6. at Duke
5. Boston College
4. Georgia Tech
3. Notre Dame
2. at FSU
1. Miami

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I love that the first 5 picks are the same only because it includes UVA and UNC

Taylor, looking desperately throws it deep..HAS A MAN OPEN DANNY COALE WITH A CATCH ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE FIVE!!!!....hes still open

12. loluva (5000+ days)
11. Bill and Mary (Slight worry since so short after FSU but I have confidence this coaching staff will have them on point)
10. ODU (still in transition)
9. North Carolina (hot garbage)
8. Duke (roundball school, no more excuses)
7. East Carolina (hot garbage recently but also given us fits in the past)
6. BC (that running game scares me with our line and lb corps)
5. Pitt (curse broken?)
4. GiT (Damn monkey needs to go sit on someone elses back)
3. FSU (first game of the season, both teams in transition, should be a nail biter)
2. Notre Dame (have not followed much but lots of pundits high on them)
1. Miami (game should be for all the division marbles and the have talent and a decent coach finally, sadly da U might be bak)

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Listened to this on my way home from work yesterday. I always enjoy the podcast, and glad they have a good working relationship with the TKP crew!

12. William and Mary
12. Old Dominion
12. East Carolina
12. UVA
12. UNC
12. Duke
12. PITT
12. BC
12. GT
12. FSU
12. ND
12. Miami

You heard me.

1. Doesn't
2. Matter.
3. We
4. Need
5. to
6. Focus
7. on
8. Being
9. 1-0
10. every
11. week

Looking forward to listening to Two Deep - always a fun podcast.

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Can anyone help me understand why ND is so high on everyone's list? I know they are very talented, but I think that BudFu is far superior to Brian Kelly.

Is it basketball season yet?

Returning QB scored 30 TDs (14 rush), huge dangerous receivers, quality OL, 9 starters back on D, 2 SR DTs, and a lot of depth in the secondary

What do you consider high? Because I don't see how they couldn't be considered Top 4 unless you are really drinking the BC juice.

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

Serious question, which game(s) would you put above them? By sheer talent level, they may be our toughest opponent this season, and while Brian Kelly is by no means an elite coach he has generally been at least adequate.

Personally I could understand putting GT ahead of them purely based on the fact that Fu hasn't found a way to beat Coach Chinballs yet, but I don't see another game on the schedule that is even remotely in the same category as ND, Miami, and FSU.

I'm with you, brother. ND is getting too much love and respect from you all. We beat them away, so why we going to lose to them at home? They started well last year, but didn't finish well, and from a talent standpoint, aren't much different from the team we beat two years ago. Fuck the pundits, I don't get it, and I don't live in a cave.......except on Gameday!

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Robbie's picks from the episode:
12. ECU
11. ODU
10. W&M
9. UNC
7. UVA
5. GT
4. BC
3. MIA
2. FSU
1. ND


I don't think Ecu will be nearly as bad. They also had us 17-7 at the end of the 1st quarter in Greenville. We'll win but it'll be a lot closer this year

What makes you think this? Their starting QB transferred and the defense might be the worst in the country. I think the gap between the programs is getting bigger, not smaller. VT has too much talent for this game to be close.

Ruffin McNeil is smiling somewhere.

Hokie fan | W&M grad

And by "somewhere" you mean Norman, Oklahoma, where he is Lincoln Riley's assistant head coach.

They had a ton of young guys last year who now have a year of experience.

Also they switched defensive schemes right before our game going from DC Kenwick Thompson (actual competent defensive mind) to Robert Prunty who's more old school and has never fielded a very good defense wherever he's been. They ended up with one of the worst defenses in college football. This year they hired a former Pirate who won best FCS defensive coordinator multiple times. With a decent defense they'll be an entirely different team.

They switched defensive coordinators because the defense was fixing to be awful regardless of scheme and Montgomery needed a fall guy. Stack the box and they would get burned outside. Back off and they couldn't stop the run and would give up out routes and hitches all day. The problem wasn't the scheme- they didn't have the jimmys and the joes. David Blackwell is really good, but Bill Connelly has them as 93rd in defensive production returning and I don't see a great deal of talent on the horizon. We shall see, I suppose.

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12. William and Mary
11. East Carolina
10. at Old Dominion
9. Virginia
8. at North Carolina
7. at Duke
6. at Pitt
5. Boston College
4. @FSU
3. Miami
2. Notre Dame
1. GT

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^^This guy gets it^^

Is it basketball season yet?

*grumble* ineffective passing offense *grumble*

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*grumble* ineffective inefficient passing offense *grumble*


12. William and Mary
11. East Carolina
10. at Old Dominion
9. Virginia
8. at Duke
7. at Pitt
6. at North Carolina
5. Boston College
4. GT
3. @FSU
2. Notre Dame
1. Miami

I'm more confident about beating UVA than I am about beating ODU and ECU is that bad

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FYI. Jimmye Laycock, the head coach for William & Mary, has announced his retirement at the end of this season after 39 years at the helm. Laycock is the Frank Beamer of W&M, so his players may play their hearts out for his last season. Coach Laycock is, in fact, a close personal friend of Frank's. I'm not saying that the Tribe will winβ€”just that they may be a tad better than...say LOLUVA....

If only the boohoos had to play W&M this year....

I've gotta say, I know that he's shown flashes, but the hype for Daniel Jones confuses me. He has been a well-below average ACC QB thus far in his career. I know the players around him have struggled, but at what point is he just mediocre?

His career stats thus far:
Sophomore: #10 in ACC in QBR (52.8), #8 in ACC in EPA (expected points added, basically how much he adds to the offense), #8 in ACC in YPG, #12 in ACC in QB rating, #12 in ACC in YPA, #10 in ACC in completion percentage (all behind Josh Jackson)

Freshman: #11 in ACC in QBR (62.8), #8 in ACC in EPA, #10 in ACC in YPA, #10 in ACC in QB rating, #8 in ACC in YPG, #5 in ACC in completion percentage

Between the Baylor and Georgia Tech games last year he had 4 TDs to 7 Ints.

Allow me to clarify: Jones potentially being the "best QB we will face this year" has less to do with him being good, and more to do with the other QBs being mediocre or bad.

You are not wrong, he has not really improved upon his initial success. It's always been about upside with him, and he still has it, but it may never come to be. Blackman/Francois, Wimbush, Rosier, and Marshall all have a case to be the best QB on our schedule, but most are far better runners than passers. So even with his unrealized potential, Jones is probably the best passing QB we face, and since he's a decent runner as well, the best overall QB we face.

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ECU Defense, "Hold my beer..."

1-Virginia (LOL)
2-ECU (No Ruff, no fuss)
3-UNC (IDK, it might rain, probably)
4-Old Dominion (shouldn't struggle)
5-William & Mary (short week, not a gimme)
6-FSU (first game, new coach)
7-Duke (respect Cutcliffe)
8-Norte Dame (over rated but talented)
9-BC (this feels like a trap)
10-Miami (good talent, good coach)
11-Pitt (fucking Pitt)
12-GT (the option is Fuente's kryptonite and until he actually beats an option team I will never believe that he can)

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William and Mary has been a pretty bad FCS team and they have a new QB. Old Dominion is supposed to have a much improved defense. I think they return a bunch of starters and it's a home game for them.

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See JMU, 2010

If a tree falls in Scott Stadium does it make a sound?

Using the exception to the rule as the basis for your argument is unconvincing. I laid out legitimate reasons why ODU is a tougher win than William and Mary and your response is "Well it happened once" like that increases the odds of it happening again. It was a fluke. Virginia Tech played on of their worst games in recent memory and was still better in everything except the score board.

It's Time to go to Work

You should learn how to read. "it happened before so it'll happen again" wasn't my only argument. I also said in the original post that the w&m game is on a short week. And besides, this isn't about which teams I think are better, it's about which teams I'm more confident in beating. Honestly I think unc and uva are both better teams than odu and w&m but I have more confidence in beating them because I'm a VT fan. This is supposed to be a fun exercise. Why do you have to spoil all the fun by taking it too seriously?

And I honestly don't care about turkey legs but just to make my point that you're nothing but a sorry fun-sucker, who the hell down votes a comment like "see JMU 2010"? I mean, seriously, what is offensive about that? If you're still upset about a loss that happened 8 years ago you might have a problem requiring professional help.

If a tree falls in Scott Stadium does it make a sound?

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I have confidence in confidence alone

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Thanks, Maria.

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