TIL: Nebraska is 0-6

How is Nebraska 0-6? And UCF is still 6-0. Maybe Scott Frost isn't very good.

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maybe Nebraska is very bad and will take more than one year to fix, and frost left a very talented team that he recruited for huepel.

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Side note UCF coach spells his last name wrong.

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Imagine leaving a National Championship winning team for a dumpster fire in Lincoln.

Well I guess if anyone can turn around a winless team it would be Frost.

Imagine leaving a National Championship winning team

Oh, I'm imagining it all right.

And so is anyone else who thinks UCF won a natty last season.

You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.

If UCF goes undefeated again I am ok with them getting in as the 4 seed (assumimg there is not 4 undefeated P5+ND teams). It has to be incredibly frustrating to them that their P5 games have been cancelled 2 years in a row.

I agree with everything you said. Wholeheartedly.

But you can't just make everybody rings and have a rally and say "yep, we're champions!" Did they think everyone was gonna say "oh, well, I mean, look! - they have rings and t-shirts and they had a parade and made a banner, so πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ sounds legit"?

I am as unsatisfied with the current playoff system as the next guy (yet I consider it an upgrade from the BCS), but that's kind of the cruel beauty of it: some team (& fan base) is sooo close to the show, but doesn't make it. It happened before the CFP, it happened before the BCS. And we'll all say "Remember that '17 UCF team? Man, they got screwed."

But what I won't say is "But it's cool because the school just started calling themselves Champs and had rings made and sold t-shirts and had a parade, so I guess they are champs after all."


You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.

Don't tell Bama they can't.

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In defense of 'bama, ND, and others, the way "championships" were awarded decades ago was vastly different. For example, until the late 60s (AP) or early 70s (UPI), champions were declared before bowl games. This led to some interesting results, such as in 1973, when both Alabama (11-0) and Notre Dame (10-0) ended the season undefeated. The UPI named 'bama champions, while the AP awarded the title to Notre Dame; 'bama went on to lose to ND in the Sugar Bowl.

Saturday Down South did a pretty good article on this a few years ago.

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And Colley Matrix, which is considered a "major poll" crowned UCF. So they have as much right to that title as Bama and any other number of teams claiming theirs in years past.

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except now we have a playoff, computer rankings like the Colley Matrix and the polls like the AP merely tools to select the playoff contenders and do not determine champions

Oh and to hit on something again... the Colley Matrix is a computer formula. A formula that is wins-losses only, with a win-loss based strength of schedule. I don't know about you, but I don't recognize a computer poll's final #1 team as a champion of anything.

No, we don't have a playoff. It's 4 teams and not every conference is involved. In fact, Division I-A football is:

a. the only sport without a playoff that gives automatic bids to every conference (some choose not to participate in the other tournaments, such as the Ivy League)

b. the only sport whose champion officially recognized by the NCAA

c. lets teams claim titles based on polls so long as the poll is a recognized "major selector".

In fact, the NCAA even recognizes UCF's claim in their record books so... *shrug*

If this was true them why didnt the NCAA change the rule book to say that only the winner of the "playoff" could claim the national title? This isnt something made up, this is UCF following the rulebook.

Because the CFP isn't managed by the NCAA. I think FBS football is the only sport where the NCAA doesn't hold an official championship event.

Yes, you are correct, but the point is the NCAA could change the rule book to say the CFP winner is the champion, but they don't. They don't run any of the polls either. They still list all the polls, thus UCF is just following the rule book.

On top of it, Alabama can legitimately claim one in 2016 if they so choose as the Colley Matrix ranked them #1 at the end of the season despite Clemson beating them in the CFP championship game.

Then they should expand to 8

Yes, P5 champs plus 3 at large. Personally I would prefer a 16 team playoff like D-1AA.

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I am ok with 8 if the auto-bids are the P5 champs, the highest rated G5 team + 2 at larges. This format makes the conference championship week "round 1" so it is very close to a 16 team format.

The one question I have is when to play the extra week and where. I love the idea of having the highest rated team hosting the opening round but I think there is just too much money involved to not have that played at a neutral site. I don't think you'd want to extend the season any more which would mean that the 1st round would likely have to be played just before X-mas.

Easy... move 2 of the NY6 games and the title game back a week or so. Put the P12 and B1G champs in the Rose Bowl, put the other 6 in the other 3 QF games based on seeding, and winners play in the semis the next week.

Except they didn't just start calling themselves champions. The NCAA has criteria for how FBS/I-A teams can claim a national championship since the only championship they sanction for Division I is the FCS/I-AA champion. Central Florida met that criteria by being ranked #1 in the Colley Matrix at the end of last year - a ranking system the NCAA recognizes as a "major selector", which is the only criteria needed to claim a MNC (which, btw, includes the CFP championship).

Alabama retroactively claimed one from a season where they finished 20th in the AP poll because a "major selector" ranked them #1 so why should UCF catch any flak for playing within the rules?

What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

USA Today ran a story about Frost's $26 million buyout and got trashed by the rest of the college football media world for it, so I guess it looks like he'll be on for year two in spite of producing the worst season in school history.

But if Nebraska drops one to Bethune-Cookman there's no telling what will go down.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

Mike Riley is a really bad coach. The players that he brought in have no discipline and the entire program just needs a culture change. I didn't think they would be this bad, but Frost is starting from scratch. He'll have them playing better in a few years.

But still, Nebraska has never gone 0-6. Gotta be tough to be a Husker fan.

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This right here. Mike Riley was a terrible and puzzling hire at the time.

Bo Palleni was insane, but he could recruit and get something out his team, even it wasn't up to par.

If Frost inherited Bo's talent, I think he would be doing allot better, but he didn't so this the end result of crappy Mike Riley recruits.


I think firing Bo was a huge mistake

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But it brought us Faux Pelini, and that is all that matters.


Faux Pelini was around well before Bo was fired.

Good clarification.


Bo was a great coach but not so good on the PR side of being a head coach.

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Bo Pelini tanked Bud's chances of ever being a head coach, convince me I am wrong.

Whatever. It was one bad year.

Come to Blacksburg and see what the Hokie Pokie is really all about

Bud is not a head coach because he's intense/a screamer like Pelini. There are several factors, not the least of which is that he didn't really pursue a G5/lesser job. He wanted a p5 job as his first gig.

Muschamp is a screamer

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Looking back the Mike Riley, Gary Andersen swap was probably the worst possible move for all parties involved except Wisconsin who remained good despite hiring a dweeb as coach.

Also it gave us the Nardouche...

I don't even want to think about how our fan base would behave if 0-6!

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I keep waiting for the rest of that gif where someone climbs out of the porta john.

Is that Morgantown?

I don't see any couches or flames, so probably not.

Could be, just not a game day...

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A surfing competition so no.

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Miami seems more realistic

Probably something like this, only in the bad way

While all the die-on-the-hill-of-burning-shit apologists & defenders act something like this

EDIT: Alright, well that last description may have gone over a bit, but you get the general idea.

UVA is a great place to take a dump.

Based on twitter and game threads...

we would cease to exist as a program, maybe even a university.

Not much different IMHO. There would still be a large enough segment of fans to point out that we are young, a few plays away, injuries, etc. to offset any serious dumpster fire... for a while at least.

I believe this would fall under are you a pre-Vick or post-Vick follower of the program. IMHO pre-vick followers have a much more leveled-headed understanding of who/what VT football is/can be.

Edit: But who am I, but an old guy that remembers when there was no North end zone for students to cram into...them corners were filled. lol

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Ron Mexico agrees.

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To the edit...also remember when they would bring in high-school type bleachers for the south end zone for visitors...like WVU. Just to keep them out of our stands.

1996: Black Friday loluva game. showing the NEZ

And I believe these were built in 1998 or so...in the SEZ

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I miss those end zones.

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I still have a piece of the one from the BC game in 1999.

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Nebraska has years of mishandling, culture issues, and losing mentality to overcome. 0-6 is certainly unexpected by Scott Frost, but they have to be patient if they want to see if he can right the ship and change a poor culture of mediocrity.

UCF is veteran-laden team that plays a joke G5 schedule just like last year, not so surprising they are 6-0. They really should have lost to Memphis this past weekend. They got bailed out on a holding call on what would have been the game winning TD.

Yeah Memphis is not a joke, and neither is Houston who they will face, we should probably take it easy as a team that lost to ODU who would get throttled by their most of their conference.


They play in the best G5 conference by a mile and schedule multiple P5 teams every year, not sure what else they can do...

Maybe Scott Frost isn't very good

lol ok this is like saying Peyton Manning wasn't very good after winning the Heisman but then starting his NFL career with 28 interceptions

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I love Payton in those Heisman House commercials.

[Edit -- fair point too off topic].

Heres my negative nancy for this thread edit -- I sure hope we arent having this conversation about the back half of our season, but think its possible :(

Sadly unless the sky falls in for UVA, they should be bowl qualified long before our game. Will be hard to ruin their season.

there is no place for this in this thread. we talk about Nebraska's dome and gloom to avoid talking about our own.

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hello wrong thread

I just sit on my couch and b*tch. - HokieChemE2016

You really think we could finish the season 0-6?

I just sit on my couch and b*tch. - HokieChemE2016

How is Nebraska 0-6? And UCF is still 6-0. Maybe Scott Frost isn't very good.

I think this may be indicative of how good he actually is and just how terrible Nebraska has been.

Is it basketball season yet?

Not to mention the best team that UCF has played is 4-3 Memphis. Everybody else has a losing record.

Memphis should really be 6-1, considering that they dominated Navy in practically every way except turnovers, which they lost 4-1 and are typically fairly random, and it took a series of heroics for UCF to come back to beat them this week.

Also, FAU is 3-3, not a losing record, and 2 of their 3 losses are to top-10 teams.

Point is, their lack of strong schedule is hardly their fault, and they are doing what they can to overcome it. They are trying to schedule good teams out of conference, but there's only so much you can do.

I don't know why, but I've watched kind of a lot of Nebraska this year. I wouldn't categorize them as "bad" in the sense that, like, Boston College was bad a few years ago. Nebraska move the ball and try hard, but still manage perplexing ways to lose. There's buy-in from the players, but the talent and/or execution (I don't know which) just isn't there. Then there are all the considerations of installing a new system or whatever, which I'm sure plays a role.

I just wonder if they're going to be allowed to lay low for a couple years and rebuild the program, or if the college football universe will do the "IS NEBRASKA BACK???" stuff at the first sign of success.

Maybe Scott Frost isn't very good.

This post will not age well.

thank God we cheer for a team that never has to worry about being historically bad. We've already hit the low water mark multiple times in our history and can always say at least it's not that bad.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Yep. We even started 0-6 three times in a row once, way back in 1948-50, finishing 0-8-1, 1-7-2, and 0-10 in those three seasons. We followed that up by winning our first game in 1951 (but still finishing only 2-8).

Hopefully we're never that bad again.

This too shall pass, like corn through your stool.

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I like Nebraska. Their fans stick by them no matter what and their Chancellor is a Hokie

As I watched their lead against NW crumble in spectacular fashion, I couldn't help, but think that they had losing imprinted into their minds. It's like they expected it. And once things started to go NW's way just a little bit there at the end they just accepted it as fate. I don't necessarily think they are a terrible team talent-wise, but they seem like they are in their own heads. Frost has to fix that as well as everything else.

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Which was interesting to watch the exact opposite happen with Willis on the last drive...

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Yep. I commented on the other games thread that Nebraska snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Glad we did the opposite.

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Nebraska had a game against Akron cancelled due to weather. Maybe one of those two teams would like to add a 12th game to their season (assuming they choose not to reschedule that game for December 1st).

Nebraska @ VT if we're not in the ACCCG.


If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

Hell yeah!!! Guaranteed W. /S

Edit: Oops, left off the /s.

"How the ass pocket will be used, I do not know. Alls I know is, the ass pocket will be used."
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*Whispers three words*

Old Dominion University

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The last time they visited was an epic finish. I'll take it.

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Nebraska's starting QB is out. Not to mention they don't have the personnel (yet) for Frost's system. I'll wager that Nebraska makes a B10 title game within 4 years.

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Well, that's certainly the division to do it in.

If you're reading the above post and thinking, "is this guy serious?!?," you can safely assume I'm not.

Nebraska got Martinez back a couple of weeks ago. They're just bad no matter who's under center.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

I still dont know how good a coach Frost is. Every one talks about how UCF was 0-12 the year before he came. But the year before 0-12 was 9-4 with a conference championship and 12-1 the year before that. In the last 9 years UCF has had 7 bowl games, 4 conference titles and 5 division titles. Frost was there for 2 of those years.

I didnt pay attention to the 0-12 season because well they are UCF. But there has been winning and talent there for a decade. Frost has had 2.5 years of head coaching. He is 19-13. I wish him the best, but to small a sample size.

Fun fact OLeary was winless his first and last season at UCF.

Like others have pointed out here, the issue is not Coach Frost -- it is the culture and mentality of the players that were left behind from the previous regime. It was on the news that some Nebraska players were dancing to music on the sidelines while they were getting beat. That didn't sit well with Coach Frost and I personally wouldn't tolerate that either. Seems like some of those players need to adjust their attitude, because whatever they have is contagiouuuusssss bruh!

I really think they've been cursed since they fired Frank Solich. How do you fire someone after a 9-3 regular season. He didn't even get to coach their damn bowl game that year. His record was 58-19 in 6 seasons. They finished every year in the top 25.

Not only did they fire their coach after a 9-3 regular season, but they turned around and did it again 11 years later.

It's hard enough to find one good coach, but they got lucky and found a second (even though he was a bit abrasive with the media, school officials, and boosters) and proceeded to shitcan him once it was clear that 4 losses was both his ceiling and his floor in Lincoln (no, seriously, go look it up, he was their coach for 7 seasons and they finished either 9-4 or 10-4 in each of the 7 years).

a bit abrasive

that's one way to put it

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

I understand why they fired Frank, I dont agree with it. I understand why they fired Bo. What I dont understand is how do you fire a 9-3 coach and replace them with Bill Callahan and Mike Riley. Especially when they could have had Bo instead of Bill.

Ralph Friegen with Randy Edsell
Phil Fulmer with Dooley?
I'm sure there are many more like this.

Let's just say their expectations are a little "different" there than a UVA or MD. for example. Nebraska wanted to compete for national championships- not to win 9 games and the Alamo Bowl. Not saying what they did was fair to Solich, but they wanted to win the national title. If Beamer was serious about that, he would have replaced his offensive staff after 3 consecutive years finishing near 100 in total offense. He would have replaced the non-recruiters on staff earlier than he did, etc. It's a different mindset. Oklahoma lost 1 game and fired their long time DC- why? because their aspirations are the playoff, not the Gator bowl.

I think this is just a classic case of Mike Reilly being 1. A players coach, and 2. Not a very good recruiter- a horrible mix for Frost to deal with- mediocre, soft players. That's the bottom line. He inherited a team that ran the asylum and happened to all be 2-3 star players. He is trying to compete in the B1G with that- not easy. So instead of Fuente's approach- keep the defensive staff, find a good Juco QB, embrace the traditions, empower Beamer's players to be the leaders... Frost is just blowing it up fast- ripping the bandaid off, and weeding out Riley's soft players that don't know how to compete and win. In 2-3 years, they will be back on track. I think Frost is a pretty good coach and knows the real winning Nebraska "culture".

This...the argument has been made a few times that Fuente is changing the culture by getting rid of a few "knuckleheads," but doing it in a slower way over a few years that allows for some wins without dropping off the cliff. I tend to believe this is true.

Frost does not have that luxury...I'm not sure he completely understood what he was getting into until he showed up, but he is completing his process on a much more aggressive timeline.

All this lRiley left 2 and 3 stars only isn't looking at the recruiting sites for his two classes. In 2015 his class was ranked 30th (one behind VT), with 4 four star players. In 2016 they moved up to a class ranked 26th with 5 four star players ( VT was 42nd with 1).

If Frost truly only wins one game this year (makeup game against Bethune Cookman) then there really should be some minor concerns there. This team was good enough to win 4 games last year including 3 in BIG play.

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IMO a coach shouldn't be judged off of their negative results in their first year. The results are a lot more of a reflection of the mental strength of the returning players than of the coach's ability. I don't know the extent of Frost's overhaul, but a lot of times, new head coaches will bring in new tutors, new nutritionists, new S&C coaches, new chaplains, etc. They want to control every aspect of the players lives', all the way down to when they study and when they eat their meals. For most of these guys, it's essentially like going to a completely new school. Everyone that is essentially scheduling their lives is someone that they have never met before, and they are being told that every routine and habit they had under the old staff was the wrong way of doing things. The only people that they are familiar with are their teammates, who have the same bad habits as them. Think back to how stubborn you were when you were a college student, and then think about how tough it is for 80+ kids to make these widespread changes to their daily lives, on top of learning new schemes, terminology, etc.

It's really unfair to judge a coach for the general direction of the program until year 3 or 4, IMO. If you want to criticize individual decisions, then that's fine, but these types of changes can't really show their worth until a few years in. That's part of the reason why I have been much more vocally critical of Fuente this year. He has consistently made both small and large-scale decisions that are very alarming to me, and to me, the level progress has not been nearly as evident as I hope it would have been. He had a smoother transition than most with a good amount of the program's infrastructure already in place, and the on-field product is now directly a result of his leadership, as nearly every contributor on the field has only played for Fuente.

This Nebraska team is only a handful of plays away from being 3-3 rather than 0-6.

As some others have said who've watched their games, they play hard but don't always execute and have a penchant for clamming up when they need to make a play.

I think Frost will wind up being a good coach for them, it's just going to take a couple years for him to get this team molded the way he wants them to play.

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BREAKING: now 1-6

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So you're say Nebraska is back?