That Team Made Me Proud.

"DAH-NY COALE! DAH-NY COALE! DAH-NY COALE!" All the Hokies chanting, high-fiving and hugging me thought he made the catch. I didn't. Not because it din't look like a catch, it did, I saw it on replay. It looked good. It looked like a game winning catch. One of those big catches that's featured on SportsCenter and bootlegged onto YouTube. Everyone's sharing that video the next morning in the office. Your coworkers are huddled behind you ohhh-ing and ahhh-ing watching it while they sip their morning's coffee. I knew it seemed too good to be true.

That team made me proud.

No we didn't win. I'm sure a lot of y'all are pissed about some play calls. I am. More carries for Logan. More carries for Logan. More carries for Logan. More carries for Logan, especially on short yardage situations. But this wasn't the Orange Bowl last year. We didn't get our balls beat in. We didn't get throttled. We didn't get out-coached. We didn't get out-played. No one punched us in the throat... And that's why it hurts.

I have an ache in my chest right now too painful for words to describe. We came sooooooooo close, but failed. That's a strong word, but it's accurate--we failed. We came to play. We came to fucking play this game.

Someone has to lose though. That's football. That's why we love this fucking game. That's why I love this fucking game. I love beating UVA 38-0. I love winning ACC Championships. But the thing that makes all those wins fun, is the chance you can lose. The fear that you can lose. The pride that you can lose, and win. Those feelings of missed opportunities, regret and disappointment. Every game my soul places a bet on the Hokies, and it's painful when my chips get raked in. But when I hit, when I put my pride, joy and love for Virginia Tech on double-zero and it hits... Well, you know the feeling... It's Miami in 2003. It's Tyrod-to-Coale against Nebraska.

I love this team. I love what those kids did tonight. They played hard. They played really fucking hard. Lanier, who I've given more shit to over the last four years and essentially called out after the Orange Bowl last year, played his ass off. David Wilson played his ass off. Our young defense did what no Big Ten team did and stuck it to Michigan. We moved the ball from the get go on offense. Myer, kicked better than anyone could have imagined. I have no complaints.

I guess I'm getting into the habit of writing eulogies at the end of the season. We lost our teeth in the Orange Bowl last year. Our hearts got broken tonight. I'd rather be pissed than crestfallen.

This team won 11 games. The seniors have never lost to Virginia. They've won 3 ACC Championships. We'll be pleasantly reminded of that in Lane until we'll too old, too fat, too dead to go to games. This year however, we didn't beat Clemson, we didn't beat Clemson and we didn't beat Michigan.

I love this team. I love that they finished strong. I love that they contended. I loved that they did more than was expected. I love that the core will be back next year. I love that they broke my heart.

I do. Really. The day I don't care, is the day I'm not a Hokie. That day was not today.


effin eh right

Nothing to add.

Love it

Absolutely Love it.

Logan 3:16

proud of the heart the defense and LT3

So proud of the young defense and the heart they showed tonight. They were hungry and showed up in a big way. I couldn't help but feel like it was the ACCCG all over again. EVERY CALL THEY REVIEWED GETTING REVERSED! I've never watched a Hokie game before and felt more robbed of a W! And I'm sorry, but DC19 caught that f#%$ing ball! That is all.....

In these here parts we got a thing called the Missouri boat ride

Right on

Joe you are awesome! I was so heartbroken at the end, but I'm stoked that it was a game. Tough to see that one slip away.

I just read HD's blog post on ESPN and I knew I shouldn't have. She's awful and I can't stand to read it anymore.

Blue can't say they beat us

We outplayed them. They got lucky. We made enough mistakes to let them win. But we did come to play and did with a lot of heart. It was a great season and a tough way to end. I think anyone that says we didn't belong in this game can stuff it.

#Let's Go - Hokies

Can anyone tell me why we were still trying to establish the run in overtime?

The players didn't deserve this. The coaches let them down.

It's a great day to be a Hokie!

Loss is squarely on the coaches

I disagreed with virtually every one of Beamer's 4th down decisions this game, and the special teams play was atrocious. Being forced to listen to clueless commentators drone on about "beamerball" and how brilliant VT usually is on special teams made it all the more painful. The decision to go after the punt late in the first half while we had all of the momentum proved to be a turning point. The fake punt, and timeout used to decide on it, was possibly the single dumbest decision I've seen from this team.

All in all I don't think this a game where either team should feel good about. A terrific senior class leaves on a sour note thanks to terrible coaching and a weaselly-looking ref botching a call that we shouldn't have even been in position to need.

Michigan takes home the trophy, but consider me thoroughly unimpressed. Their defense was bend but not break early, but really stiffened up. Denard Robinson reminds me of a 10-year old playing Madden, just running around wildly and heaving up hail mary floaters off his back foot. They weren't winners but the beneficiary of our own incompetence.

Looking back...

Usually after a loss I'll come downstairs and my wife won't say anything. She'll take whatever attitude I dish out in stride and let me sleep it off. I suppose those are the benefits of being married to a psychologist. I don't ever know if she watched the game or if she can just see it on my face but she knows to let it be. Not last night...I must have said something or done something that changed our delicate dynamic.

Before I even made it up the stairs she stopped me and gave me a glass of water and a tiny yellow pill (apparently another benefit of being married to a psychologist). I laid down in bed and I wondered what moved her to do that. It could have been a cumulative effect of these similar experiences. Maybe she heard me cursing the football gods 2 floors away. It could be she did in fact watch the game and knew this one was different. I planned to ask her when she came in what was different but that's the last thing I remember.

This morning I woke up because my youngest son was crying out for me. I figured I would get him first and let my wife get a few extra minutes of sleep. He was wearing his Hokie Bird PJs and I realized 30 years from now he would have one of these moments. A moment where he will look down at his kid and apologize for knowingly creating a fan. Its borderline child abuse...and I thank my grandfather every day for having the stones to do it to me.

It's just a game played by people that I will always know better than they will ever know me. As long as they continue to fight, as long as they continue to play like Hokies...I'm OK with that.

Aye, sir.


"You know when the Hokies say 'We are Virginia Tech' they're going to mean it."- Lee Corso

the silver lining

This was a heartbreaker to watch. Watching this was worse than the asskicking that we took from Stanford last year .. VT was clearly the better team and got robbed of some calls but their red zone offense was pathetic and a FEW bad calls and questionable adjustments to offensive game plan is what cost them the game.

1. Beamer probably needs to go ahead and turn over special teams to someone else. It's obvious over the last few years that beamerball is no more, unless Shane takes the special teams helm.

2. VT needs to quit making silly mistakes, penalties and fumbles have cost them games. Coaching cost them this game. It seems now that every BIG game that VT loses has at least one stupid roughing the kicker call and a stupid pass interference.

-- The silver lining --

1. DEFENSE: Either UM's offense was WAY overrated or VT's defense looked stout and fast as hell ... and without 3 of the season's original starters. We lose Jayron and Cris Hill .. but the injuries and the depth that this season created may have been a blessing in disguise. I look for next season's defenses to be one of VT's best .. EVER .. maybe top 5

2. NOT BEING TOO CONSERVATIVE: I questioned a few of the stupid calls (fake punt but apparently it was a punt-pass-run option to Coale) and the continued attempts to run the ball and the lack of trying to throwing the ball downfield .. but we Hokie fans are usually complaining about the coaches being TOO conservative .. 4th and 1 in UM's red zone .. Why wouldn't we give it to LT on a sneak? It's worked for us all season. He is 250 lbs, ya know? They just didn't execute. If they had made it, the coaches would've been the shit. I'll commend the coaching staff for playing to win instead of their typical conservative, playing-not-to-lose bullshit.

3. LOGAN THOMAS: It's easy to forget that Logan Thomas is a FIRST YEAR STARTER. Other than the silly INT, was he fucking clutch or what?? I think that Tyrod Taylor was a special quarterback, but think that because of his poise, size, power, accuracy as an underclassman, that LT3 has the biggest IT factor of a VT quarterback since Mike Vick. The coaches need to run LT more next season ... ala Tebow time .. It will make up for the loss of DMFW and Boykin/Coale

4. TEAM INTENSITY: VT came to play in this game ... unlike MANY other games when they've started slow, flat -- they came out and knocked UM in their fucking mouths .. The only drawback to that is that they sometimes seem a little too high strung and make stupid mistakes/penalties .. You can be intense and focused at the same time. From what I've read, this was a business trip and the coaches had the team ready.

I'm looking forward to next season personally .. We need some players to step up .. If my prayers are answered and DW returns, I think that we get over the hump next season .. FSU and Clemson are our last two games next season .. For the first time I can remember, our strongest opponents are at the end .. Anything is possible


Boyking and Coale are irreplaceable; however, Coles and Davis have performed well in the last bunch of games and I think they will develop more in the offseason to assist LT3's running.

It's a great day to be a Hokie!


Dyrell Roberts will also be back next year. With him, Davis, and Coles, and an experienced LT3, I think we all have something to look forward to for 2012.

Did anyone hear Foster mention Michael Holmes after the game (as the next in line for RB)? Assuming DW4 is gone (and he will be), then the difference between another 10-win season and something even better may rest in his hands. We also have a few stud's coming in at RB in the 2012 class, so let's hope someone can step up.

Schedule isn't set yet

Hokiesports just lists the rotating teams in the Atlantic last. The schedule won't come out for at least a couple months.

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Well said Sir

I will go to my grave believing that Danny Coale caught that ball.....That call ranks right up there with the phantom penalty in the USC game. I feel so bad that Danny Coale will remember that shaft as the last play of his career at Tech. He deserved better.

That being said, I admit I had the same thought as sparko regarding Beamer giving up special teams. Every play that hurt us last night (save for the LT interception) was a special teams play. Change any one of them, and we likely are bringing that trophy to a case in Blacksburg.

We had no business loosing that game last night. We outplayed Michigan. Games like that reach into your soul and rip the life out of you. But I agree, I'd rather loose a game like that than the way we lost to Stanford last year. This year I felt like I'd lost a fight, not like the new "girlfriend" in Cell Block B for some guy named Guido, which is kinda how I felt last year.

Games always turn on a handful of key plays. I just hate it when they are the result of bad decisions (ie: Hey, maybe a fake punt would work!), not the bouncing of that lovely oblong ball we all love.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

well shizz

i totally forgot about Marcus Davis .. hell yeah -- has anyone heard whether Dyrell will pursue a medical redshirt or is he done?

Dyrell was not introduced on Senior Day with the rest of the Seniors, so I think he's coming back. And his tweets lead one to believe he is coming back...

I tweeted him about it and he told me he was coming back.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Medical Redshirt

Dyrell did pursue and was granted a medical redshirt for this past season. He's coming back :)

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I'm still angry

The football gods were not with VT last night. Sometimes there is nothing that can be done. I still want to punch things over and over again though which can't be healthy.

The absolute worst part

about last night was seeing Danny Coale's face as he waited for the call and after the call. I knew they were going to overturn it. I was already heartbroken, but the look on his face made it hurt so much more. He made the play of his life and it didn't stand. He deserved better. BUT I am sort of glad it happened to him. He handled it with so much dignity. And that's why we all love him, because he's so much more than a great football player. He will go down as one of greatest Hokies of all time.
And can I just say how awesome Justin Myer is? Loved his performance. He played fantastic last night, especially with so much responsibility. He deserves a lot of credit.
All in all, I think it was a great outing by the players. There were a few play calls that I questioned, but other than that every thing was good.
I love this Senior class and they will be terribly missed next year. I just hate that they couldn't go out on a win.

He looked helpless

I think that image is going to stick with me for a long time. That's 2 years in a row I have had to watch two men who represented the university so well, who were the definition of what it means to be a Hokie stand on the sideline and look helpless. They deserved better.


Next time anyone asks what it means to be a Hokie, just point them to Danny Coale. The effort, the determination, the drive, the heartbreak.



he won't, he is to good of a writer.

"I don't know what a Hokie is, but God is one of them.' So I'm going with God. I'm going with Virginia Tech." Lee Corso Aug 23, 2000

Thank you, VT Seniors! You will truly be missed.

Heartbreaking loss for VT, but not unexpected.

Congrats to Michigan.

Hokie until I die, Tech, Tech, V-P-I!

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As I noted in my blog posting, Beamer can go fuck himself for throwing Coale under the bus during the postgame interview. Even if it was Coale's option, you are the head coach. Accept the blame instead of inadvertantly making it sound like the kid made the wrong read. He was already devestated. Beamer skirting the blame only made it worse.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN


As I said on Twitter French +100,000,000,000 and as many zeroes collectively fit in this text box. Of all the crap that happened in that game, that single comment pissed me off the most. Period. Truly gutless on the part of Beamer to not at least take the heat off an emotionally devastated player who gave his heart to the program for four years.

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First off, as a Michigan fan I was very impressed with you guys on both sides of the ball. Your players are top notch. I watched the replay and have read all the analysis of the Danny Coale catch and I think it was a reception. In fact, during the review I was hoping it was called a touchdown because I can't stand field goals. Winning on a field goal after putting up less than 200 yards offense feels cheap. I wanted Michigan to have to score a touchdown for a victory. It should be said that you guys did an excellent job in putting your critics to rest. We scored more points and played a shitty game yet won. I have some friends who have already deleted this from their DVR because it is pretty painful to watch. If I want to remember this game later, I will watch a YouTube clip of Junior Hemingway crying during his MVP speech, or laugh at our long snapper catching a pass deflected off a defender. I certainly don't want to relive our offense or our non existant defense on 3rd and 4th down. I too, share your pain even though the score says that I shouldn't.

With that said I do think that we were missing our best player on offense last night. David Molk. Even though he was on the field, he was not the All American Michigan fans have seen all year. I'm not trying to make excuses, I don't think we would have produced 500 yards of offense with him healthy, but we would have done slightly better. He is an incredible reach blocker and we would have had a few more plays break for 10-15 yards with him healthy.

As for Denard - Denard is what he is. He is as exciting as he is excitable. He is as rewarding as he is punishing. There are times that many Michigan fans would settle for a large consistent passer like Logan Thomas. On Michigan blogs and even in the stands there were cries for a 6'4" pocket passing Devin Gardner this year after our first loss. In the end our love for Denard blinds us to his faults. He can be shut down. He can throw like a spastic 6 year old. He fumbles trying for an extra 1/4 yard on first down. Denard is the zenith and the nadir. He is victory and defeat all rolled into a 200 pound frame. He wasn't himself last night. I wrote it up mostly to your solid run defense and our loss of Molk. It was also mentioned that he had an ankle problem. I'm not sure if that is just a rumor or not, because our coach is super quiet about injuries and calls them boo-boos when asked what they are. However, as spastic as he was last night I don't think that it was ankle problems, but it might have bothered him (who knows). I also understand that injuries are part of football though, and you play through them like every team has to. I know you guys were missing some key players as well.

As for Virginia Tech, I welcome a rematch any day of the season with your program. Your fans are fantastic. You athletes are elite. Your coach is a legend. Your school has tradition. You don't write "Fuck Michigan" on signs and hold them up for the busses when they arive at the stadium (okay only people who shit in coolers at a football game do that - stay classy Ohio State Seriously though, I told my wife that win or lose, it felt good to play a quality opponent. I too share Joe's sentiment that the thing that makes winning so great is the risk of losing. I will blatently steal that quote about what makes it great because the entire piece is an excellent write up on what it means to be passionate about a football program. I wish you guys the best of luck next year and thank you for your kindness on this blog.

Classy Fans

All the Michigan fans I talked to on Bourbon Street and in New Orleans were friendly and knowledgeable.

I'd love for there to be a VT-Michigan home-and-home. It'd be fun to have an excuse to visit the Big House, and I think you guys would love the gameday atmosphere in Blacksburg.

Thank you (and that goes for all Michigan fans) for a great game, and for sharing your insights here!

Matchup Irony

The Sugar Bowl matchup was quite ironic for me, as I had taken a good friend of mine for his first trip to Blacksburg for the BC game back in October. He is from Michigan, was raised going to the Big House, recently moved to NC (where I live), and is a diehard "Go Blue" guy.

He loved the town, the atsmosphere, and was overall thoroughly impressed. After one trip, he wanted to make B'burg an annual outing and basically adopt us as his "other" team. I know that one person does not make a sample size, but I think it's safe to say that Michigan fans are first class. I would be more than glad to pencil them in on our schedule.


Let me start off by saying that I greatly appreciate mgoblue's comments about our classy fans. A michigan fan on Bourbon Street said the same thing and I thanked her as well. However, I must follow it up with my deep regret for not having the same experience joe seemed to have. I have never been yelled at or cussed at more by fans of any other school in my entire life (and I've attended Miami, FSU, UVA, and BC games). Sure I came across a few fans and stopped to shoot the shit with them (some who even apologized for the behavior that they saw coming from their fellow fans, directed at my group), but my jaw was left hanging wide open at some of the things people did and said to me. I had the astonishing displeasure of sitting behind one particular fan, heckling me throughout literally the duration of the game, despite being told to stop. I can assure you that this is not an exaggeration. One kid next to me, who wore both jerseys and swapped throughout, was appalled by the behavior of that fan behind me. I was sincerely depressed by what I saw because I was truly hoping for another Nebraska experience. I wish I had been wherever joe was. I'm very interested in playing Michigan State/ohio state to see if their fans are any better/worse...and I can't stand ohio state.

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Very sorry that you got stuck next to people "like that." I think if every fan is honest, they will admit that each fan base has people "like that." I pride myself on being respectful and engaging in conversation with opposing fans, because I feel it sets me apart from "that guy." For what it's worth, Michigan fans don't all act that way, just some of our worst - see this guy

Several blogs ripped him and you can tell that the general nature of the comments was that it was unappreciated. Some fan bases pride themselves on being jerks, I have never felt that Michigan is one of those fan bases.

Bottom Line

Bottom line is our players were the reason we were even in this game. They overcame shitty playcalling. O line was outstanding, fosters children were fucking on point. We left 30 points out on the field. Thats the problem right there. I can understand beamer going for it, but at least in the first half take the points on the field goal. Bottom line somethings gotta gives. The acc and vt look fucking wack right now. Even though we showed up and played and dominated, we still get flack for losing. Big game beamer needs to get his mind right, I dont see foster staying much longer, im surprised he is still here after all the losses because our offense cant do shit.

Next I cant be mad at the players for this one, except for whitleys dumbass dropping interceptions, and not going for the hit on the td play. Logan Thomas is the fucking man, and he will bring us to the national title game sooner or later, im hoping on sooner, as in next season. I think we got great talent and always have, but nobody knows what to do w it except foster. Im glad this season is over finally, we fucking underachieved once again.

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Looking forward

to whom Shane Beamer can get to come to Tech. He personally turned the USC program around with his recruiting, pulled mad talent away from of the other $EC schools. Plus, Hite has turned Blacksburg into a tailback producing town.
Now, if Frank can only find a kicker or two....

To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
@BuryHokie #ThanksFrank


The future is bright and I cannot wait for next year. In the past I was worried by the unknowns. Now I am somewhat excited by them particularly since Shane has aided the growth of recruiting to such a degree.

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Next Year

This game hurt and I'm not sure if I will ever get over it. The effort put forth by our guys was incredible and will be overshadowed by controversial calls and coaching blunders. But next year our team will be stacked. Our recruiting class is awesome, our D which was riddled with injuries will finish just outside the top 10 in total D will 10x better, and our offense will still be led by a 6'6" giant.

Do we need a change in our O philosophy? Maybe, but every year we always say we need a change. Our receiver corps will be led my Marcus Davis & DJ Coles and whoever we put next to LT will be the next great RB stud at VT. If DW comes back we will be sick on O, but if he doesn't, we will still be ok.

Our D will be one of the best in the country. Jayron & Whitley leaving will hurt, but we are DBU for a reason and they will be replaced. Don't be surprised if our D leads the country in total D next year.

What we really need is more constancy on special teams. We will have an "unproven" kicker again, but for the past several years we have had pretty damn good "unproven" kickers. Our punters will have another year under their belt, our KO coverage will be more experienced, and teams will still create new punt packages to run against us to keep us from blocking punts.

Next year we will be ranked top 15, still be favored to win the coastal, be favorites to win the ACC (along with Klempsun & FSU), and win 10+ games again. We will play in Miami in January, so book your hotels early.

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Agreed one hundred percent and more.

Joe- great write up as usual: caught the emotion and spirit of the night incredibly well in this article. I agree with all points. This team reminded me so much of the 2004 team and oddly enough ended their season in the same place and, unfortunately, on a similar note in New Orleans. Minus the Clemson games, this team never stopped fighting and played hard until the end and those final gut wrenching moments in overtime. The future is bright and I cannot wait; however, this loss still stings for so many reasons. To echo the sentiments of everyone I am not ashamed to say I felt so terrible for Danny Coale and the shaft job he got from Beamer. The catch was debatable, but that is a break of the game and the mantra of $h@% happens applies there. When your coach essentially throws you under the bus after what you've given the program over four or five years, that's where I have taken great issue.

That being said, the coaching showed its true colors again. I will say what I said last year: bring in a REAL OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR WHO HAD SUCCESS EITHER ON THE COLLEGIATE OR NFL LEVEL. Steinspring and O'Cain are o.k. position coaches and recruiters (in the case of Stiney) but neither can manage a game effectively or have great difficulty at effectively reading defenses. Foster, on the other hand, reaffirmed my belief in him with such an amazing game plan, play calling, and player execution. It's a shame he's burdened with such issues on the other side of the ball (minus the passing game two nights ago). Overall this team has a bright future but will continue to hit a ceiling with the current makeup of offensive coaches. Once again we sit at the same place as after the disaster known as last year's Orange Bowl: facing the unknown. However, I feel more confident in the team moving forward then I did everyday until our opener this season. Thanks for a great year boys and girls. Looking forward to this again!

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After listening to all the talk about Logan Thomas before this season started, I told a few of my friends, "Logan Thomas will lead Virginia Tech to a national championship win." After the Clemson loss in the regular season, I put a bit of an asterisk on that claim: "Logan Thomas will lead Virginia Tech to a national championship win.*
*But not if Brian Stinespring is within a thousand yards of Blacksburg."
I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiment that we need a real offensive coordinator. Brian is a cancer to the Hokies. With Shane doing so well on the recruiting side, I think the team could take that hit with losing Brian. It'd be worth it. I know Frank is tied to him, but he needs to choose: hurting his friend's feelings, or truly helping this team.

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So I just got back from a vacation outside the country and avoided all sports news so that i wouldn't know the outcome of our game. I watched it yesterday morning for the first time...still depressed. We played such a great game but coming up short hurts. I really hate how we can't seem to win the big games. I was so stoked after Coale's OT catch and was numb after it was overturned and the missed FG, you knew it was over. So many things during the game could've meant a win. I know people say that for every game, but seriously. I have no idea why Beamer would give Coale the option to keep the ball in the first place (even so why didn't he just rugby that sucker earlier?). If you want to go for it, let your giant QB punch it through!! I told me wife i wanted to punch that ref right in the neck, she doesn't quite understand but is awesome enough to just let it go. It made me feel better reading that the ACC's director of officials stated that after reviewing that OT catch that he didn't see enough evidence to overturn that call. However, reading Heather Dinich's retarded comments after the game just spooled me up again (why do I read that stuff??).

BUT, it was a good showing and i can't wait to see how some of these recruits will fit in with the team next year.
Hokies for life!!