Fields to anOSU

Fields looks to be transferring to Ohio State. Weird pick since they have Martell waiting in the wings. He could have been heir apparent to McSorely or Patterson.

I wonder if Martell now transfers or if this has any down the stream affects.... the QB wheel continues to turn.

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and suddenly urban is ready to coach again.

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And for those not familiar and don't want to click the link, Fields is a QB transferring from UGA.

Don't forget you have another UGA transfer, Jacob Eason, most likely starting for Washington next year too

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How funny it would be if Martell wins the starting job.

Come to Blacksburg and see what the Hokie Pokie is really all about

Idk what's going to happen, but there's going to be some bad blood at the end of it.

Martell appears to be ready for the challenge.

Is it basketball season yet?

That's some legit shade right there

That's some legit shade shad right there

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Since this was dated two weeks ago, the only way this applies to Fields transferring is if he knew about it way back when. Otherwise, this could be about anything.

Come to Blacksburg and see what the Hokie Pokie is really all about

This tweet was in response to the first articles linking tOSU as a possible frontrunner back then.

Not gonna be seeing this kind of camaraderie on the sidelines inside the Horseshoe next year...

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Is Martell a relative of the guy who lost his job to Shane Falco?

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It says he is applying for a hardship waiver. What was his hardship? He wasn't good enough?


Come to Blacksburg and see what the Hokie Pokie is really all about

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A Georgia baseball player called him the N word from the stands or something, something along the lines of yelling, "put the N word back in!" (he was promptly kicked out of school once identified).

His hardship waiver will be based on him fearing for his life/safety.

Well that certainly changes things. Still not sure why he'd go to OSU where he knows there'd be sides to pick for his new teammates.

Fearing for his life/safety? The baseball player wanted him to play OVER the white qb. Please don't take this for advocating for what was said, but if this sole incident is the basis, "fearing for your life is a stretch".

Depends on whether said baseball player's buddies take exception to him being kicked out of school for it and blaming the QB. I could see it happening.

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It's apparently not that cut-and-dry. From what I read earlier in the week, in order to make his hardship waiver viable they likely need to add more depth to it. Apparently that layer may end up being that Fields "was interested" in playing baseball at Georgia (wink wink), but no longer feels safe after a player was kicked out because of an action towards Fields. The reason being that an easy counterpoint to a claim that he felt unsafe is: "Then why did you stay in school until the end of the season? What's changed since the incident earlier in the semester?"

I'm no lawyer, so I'm not going to even begin to wade into the soundness of it — just wanted to include what I had read.

Of course, I was just stating the basis of what angle he was going for. There is also another wrinkle in this because his sister, Jaiden Fields is committed to play softball and is enrolling/recently enrolled to UGA so on some level the family isn't actually that worried about it. So that might work against him or it might have no effect on it at all, I don't know how these things work.

Good luck proving that he is lying about not feeling safe because his sister isn't or other kids on the team don't...

I'm not claiming to know what will and won't help his case, I have little knowledge of how likely it is he will get a hardship waiver or what information will or won't be considered material. I was just stating what I've heard from my Georgia friends.

proving that he is lying about not feeling safe

Why would anyone prove that?

I don't really know how a hardship waiver works, but I'm sure the burden is on the applicant to prove he is in fact experiencing a hardship. If the Examiner of the hardship waiver asks him something along the lines of "do you think your sister is threatened by attending UGA?" he better have a good answer.

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I can't wait to enroll in that Urban Meyer leadership class. /s

Then why did you stay in school until the end of the season?

In a somewhat analogous scenario, a similar reasoning was used to discredit hardships suffered by battered wives.
"If he truly battered you for years, why didn't you leave the first time he hit you?" There are millions of legitimate reasons to stay in a relationship in spite of the hardship, just as there are millions of legitimate reasons to stay in a semester at school until the season ended. This line of thought is no longer acceptable to discredit a battered woman's claim. I have no idea how it would be viewed in regards to this scenario.

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Article says JF is going to apply to the NCAA for a 'hardship' waiver in order to be eligible for 2019. Can anyone out there explain: A. is this a joke? and B. how the hardship waiver process works when a program and player is what appears to be good standing all around...?

GTFOH with your ''hardship" of not winning the starting job. Not getting the starting job or PT you were promised as a recruit is signer beware, not a "hardship". F-ing ridiculous.

Having a conversation with you is like a Martian talking to a Fungo.


Yeah idk, even if the hardship is family related he's choosing to go to school away from where he went to high school (so safe assumption it's further from family).

This is better than a TV drama, I kinda want Martell to transfer and beat Fields in the future.

I saw before that his "hardship" was actually the incident where a Georgia fan shouted a racial slur at/about him earlier this year at a game.

If that's the case I think it will be tough for the NCAA to not rule in his favor, even if everybody and their mother knows he's really just transferring for playing time and not because he feels threatened at UGA. It was a well-documented incident that isn't really in question.

Sitting out due to transferring is a BS rule anyway that only protects coaches and hurts players. More power to him.

I probably agree, but the rule is what it is. If I get pulled over for speeding I can't just say that is a bs law that really is just extra money for the state and get my way. Rules are rules and it's not fair to let someone by with breaking them just because they wine a little.

Laws and rules aren't equal. Speeding penalties exist to protect the other drivers on the road, who have no control over your actions behind the wheel. Transfer restrictions protect the interest of the coaches and programs that already have control, while harming those with very little control

I wasn't saying both rules were equal or even that it's a good rule. I was just saying that it's not right have a rule and let certain people by with it and not others.

I don't think facts are in question about the incident. The issue is whether he is truly experiencing a hardship due to the incident.

As pointed out, there is also the overarching issue of whether anyone should sit out for transferring. Perhaps leniency is given just to support players rights. Probably not, but maybe.

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Jeez that quarterback room at UGA was totally stocked. Was.

Just like aTm's a couple years back.

Good point. Sometimes the situation seems great and doesn't work out. I'd just hate for that to happen to Penn State's RB room.

...and not to happen to our LB room.

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

/s on the Penn St RB room?

Looks like Fields was granted a waiver to play immediately

You know, cause anOSU.

Wow. Damned if you if do, damned if you don't kinda situation the NCAA had on their hands.

Amateur superstar and idiot extraordinaire.

Yea, honestly I'm not a fan of the transfer rule personally, so I don't mind Fields gaming the system, but it sucks for everyone else that has to sit out a year to transfer. I think the rule should be you're granted one transfer without sitting out, BUT if you want to transfer again, then you should be forced to sit out.

I'm of the opinion that you should limit the number of transfers a school can accept, but let them all play the next season.

If you're reading the above post and thinking, "is this guy serious?!?," you can safely assume I'm not.

I hope this means Savoy gets a waiver. He more than deserves it!

It would be #TOTALLYNCAA to not grant his.

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Seemed like the best place to put it. Tate Martell has been cleared by the NCAA to play immediately at Miami. Welcome to Free Agency in college football. The NCAA is a joke.

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Seemed like the best place to put it.

It's preferable to start a new thread rather than digging up an old one that's tangentially related.

Didn't know if it was worthy of a thread and this was the first one I could find that talked about him leaving Ohio State so I ran with it. I'll be able to TKP one day

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Worth a thread? Absolutely. It's been too long since we've had a shit on the NCAA decisions thread.

(add if applicable) /s

Worst case scenario is it's not and it simply falls off the tracker. (That's not a big deal at all.)

Feel free to go for it.