Trevon Hill issues a statement (must read)

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Takes guts to admit a mistake like that, maybe Fu and co give him another shot

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Reading that, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't want to play for them anymore. I'm sensing a lot of bad blood between him and the current coaches. Wouldn't surprise me to see him end up on the roster of someone we play next year

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I might be reading too much into it but he thanked 4 coaches and none of them were Fuente

No don't think you are. But it's not the end of the world either. There was no shortage of hard feelings between Buzz and soon to be former players in his first few years either (Trevor Thompson being the most prominent and vocal example). Many people were upset about how Buzz handled that at the time but it's worked out fine. (Also we should consider that it's inherently far easier to turn over a basketball roster and change the culture than football)

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Yeah. My thing with Fuente is that we waited til Buzz actually changed the culture (it took only 2 years but like you said you can turn over a basketball team quickly) before we gave him a big extension. But we gave Fuente the extension after 1 successful year where he didn't even have his players incorporated yet.

Buzz already had us by the balls with his contract anyway. Part of giving Fuente an extension after one season is to show confidence in the program and coach to help sell the vision and stability on the recruiting trail (and probably had benefits related to Drive for 25 too). Don't forget that many were concerned about Fuente leaving for FSU after last season either and his contract extension would serve as somewhat of a deterrent for other programs to hire him (that's probably highly debatable though).

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The basketball team has improved every year. The football team has not. Buzz also had a system that was proven to work at a high level of basketball before he came here. Fuente's system worked at Memphis, but this isn't G5.

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There are also a lot less moving pieces in basketball

Also a lot easier to rebuild in basketball with only 5 players on the court at once and a roster of about 13 as opposed to a football roster of around 90 and 22 starters. One big get in basketball goes much further than one big get in football.

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Also, I know I 'm in the minority, but I'm waiting to celebrate our rise in basketball until we get out of the first round.

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I agree. What would you believe the football equivalent would be to getting out of the first round in the NCAA tournament?

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Being competitive in the ACC Championship game.

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I mean, there are only 10 teams that go to championship games in P5. There are 32 teams that win the first round. It's probably more like get to 9 ish wins.

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There's also a hundred and some teams in FBS football, and, what, 300+ in basketball? So percentage-wise, it seems comparable. Top 10%ish.

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Thanks Frank!

What reason does he have to be thankful of him?

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Because if he doesn't, it's clearly a snub?

Fuente was his head coach for a while.

So? I've had teachers and coaches I've been thankful of, I've had ones that were meh, and I've had ones I hated. Why is it expected for him to pretend to be thankful of Fuente if he really hasn't helped him out?

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He doesn't have to be thankful to Fuente, but in the context of claiming that he's learned something, a little humility would go a long way. By pointedly thanking his other coaches and leaving off Fuente, it shows that he may not have learned the lesson he's claiming to have learned. He needs to take responsibility for his actions and the results, not blame someone else.

He contributed at Virginia Tech, and I hope he succeeds. To do that, he'll have to show that his perspective has grown.

Fair enough

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On another note, even after his various and sundry missteps in Summer 18, Fuente allowed him to suit up. I'm sure there was a discussion that went something like: "Trevon, you're on really thin ice here, I'm not sure about this" and Trevon responded with "Yep, I've got this. Straight as an arrow, that's me." So yeah, a little humility would not be a terrible thing.

It's not a huge secret that Fuente didn't see eye to eye with several Beamer players from the day he got the job. The backup type young guys were politely asked to find another place to play and the good players like House, Mook, and Tre - Fuente actually gave longer leashes to. Hill used up a very, very , very long leash IIWII

Edit: I was being mean

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What are you trying to say, and what justification do you have for saying it?

...and one of them was Stinespring. I don't think there's any chance you're reading too much into it. That's a pretty obvious jab at Fu.

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Stiney might have been his primary recruiter.

I don't think he would give them another.
Thanked every coach but Fuente

I am no longer active here, nor will suggest people visit here. The majority of my interaction with Joe on here has been negative, and I was impressively, unimpressed at the tailgate.

I know this was the last straw and everything with Hill, but this certainly could have been handled better. I know it won't happen, but I'd be interested in a statement from Fuente.

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I think the statement from Fuente was when he was dismissed from the team. If he disrespected a coach, that was the end of the line.

There won't be one, nor should there be. Best to just let it go.

I disagree. When you kick your best defensive lineman off the team for reasons that aren't legal or academic and he thanks current coaches and former coaches but not the current head coach, I think it's important to hear what happened. You've got a bunch of fans speculating what happened, and a lot of it isn't good. There's already a big lack of transparency with this program for worse, and this doesn't help.

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If you didn't already now this, let me clue you in on a little secret. There is a lot that goes on in Blacksburg, Va. in the offseason or off weeks or summer sessions involving scholarship athletes in all sports that Andy Bitter and the Blacksburg/VT Police do not hear or know about. Issues happen and VT's coaches deal with it before the media and police hear about it- or ever hear about it. Let's just say that when a player is involved in such issues the head football coaches patience is directly proportional. Trevon Hill left Justin Fuente no choice - none in this matter. If Fuente simply suspends Hill- 84 other players lose a ton of respect for him and how he is going to run the show. Not to mention, by allowing Hill to stay, you just gave 100 other guys longer leashes. No choice in this matter.

To further this point, Fuente said at a presser after ODU that he had conversations with Trevon and his family and "those conversations will remain private."

This is management 101 - praise in public, criticize in private

Agree. The public doesn't need to know every single mistake a kid makes while they're at school. Not fair to the kid. For a D1 coach to let his best defensive player go during a year where defense is clearly an issue should let you know it had been an issue for a while and there was finally a breaking point. He's not doing it unless he has to. There's probably a reason you don't see Trevon giving out details either.

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There is a lot that goes on in Blacksburg, Va....that Andy Bitter and the Blacksburg/VT Police do not hear or know about.

I wouldn't be surprised that Andy Bitter did know about some of these things, and chose not to report on them. (In fact, I would be shocked if he *didn't* know about some of those things.) Knowing about something and being able to report on it are two different things. I, for one, would appreciate the fact that Andy wouldn't report something that was hearsay.

Let's just say that when a player is involved in such issues the head football coaches patience is directly proportional.

I would say the coach's patience is inversely proportional. ;^)

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

While most of the points you made were solid, I'm not sure keeping Trevon Hill would have lost Fuente any respect. Especially after the insight Mr. Reynolds gave down below.

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How do you come to this conclusion? Every account has Trevon's issues as cumulative and well documented. You can guarantee that many players on the team were judging the coaches' leadership on how this situation was handled. Trevon gave the coaches zero choice here. His issues were cumulative and egregious. I agree with DCWilson.

I want the kid to be successful and learn from the situation he put himself in for the record.

How do you come to this conclusion?

Because I have played on plenty of sports teams. The players stick together. And, judging by some tweets by former and current players alike, it's not as wild of a conclusion as you're making it out to be.

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Because I have played on plenty of sports teams. The players stick together.

So have I, and maybe different for you, but I can remember guys that always caused a problem for the team with how they acted. Do players stick together most if not all the time? Probably, but not always.

I don't think that one or two players (maybe more I can't remember) coming to his defense in some fashion means the entire team was behind him. Even House's tweet was more "pray for my man he needs to get stuff worked out" than " I can't believe we just got rid of the best player on defense and a guy the entire team rally's behind as a leader". What's the likelihood is actions were causing a rift with the team as a whole and maybe even certain players on the defense? Couple that with previous incidents and it's pretty simple what Fu had to do.

I've played and I've coached. I've seen good meh players lift other players and the team to things that they shouldn't have been able to do by being a leader. I've seen great athletes drag a team thru the mud because they moped, complained, lollygagged, and b*tched their way thru practices and games. Agreed, the team seems to stick together with a collective attitude. But when there is a huge negative force, its horrific for the team. Practices are terrible and game results suffer.

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Wrong. If they are "transparent" and in any way appear to talk negatively or defame, they are open to a lawsuit, however spurious. Lawyers circle and keep a gag order on everyone to let it go.

I'll be a "transparent"

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Not really sure what you consider "Better." There were issues, and the relationship was ended. If by "better" you mean that you were given more information, then that's not really "better." If by "better" you mean Hill should have been given more chances to improve, my understanding is he used up all his credit and that "better" wasn't going to work for the coaching staff and the good of the team.

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For sure...we'd all be interested in a statement from Fuente. Would make for a good news story. Fortunately in college sports (a program where young adults learn life lessons first and foremost) matters like this can be kept out of the puplic eye. It's the job of the head coach to decide what is and isn't appropriate to share - in the best interest of the student athlete.


LOL Fuente will give a statement on this...right after the 2023 starters are announced.

Certainly a shame.

When you're an adult, you can lose control in a situation and it has real world consequences. I never heard the details of what happened, but I assume it must have been pretty bad to get him dismissed.

Some of the preceding incidents were pretty bad. FWIH, what happened on gameday, while bad enough, was the straw.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

To add to context, he also posted this while Dabo was being interviewed postgame

This isn't the first comment I've seen from a former player tonight speaking of Dabo glowingly while comparing to our current staff....

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It's also their perspective, which could mean anything. None of us are in that locker room and I don't think any of us should be throwing that kind of shade one way or the other.

Clarification: Just because those two may think he doesn't care doesn't mean others think that nor does it mean their opinion is accurate or inaccurate. Quite honestly, we don't know and unless we become part of that locker room we'll never know.

The keyword there is "former".

I know Fuente cares about his players. At the same time, I think that if you have a disagreement with him, you'll know it.

I read nothing into it only being former players. Current players will never speak out, even in the most toxic situations because the coaches control who plays and snitches get benches. That's important for guys thinking with next level aspirations.

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You're making assumptions.

And intentionally or not, you are stirring the pot here.

If you know something, spill it. If not, please stop.

He's not stirring the pot, not with that comment at least. He's stating truths about situations like this. Remove VT from this situation and think of any college program. Current players will rarely speak out. It's not like pros, where they are paid and have more leverage to stand on their own. College players are less likely to speak out while they are still with a program for blatantly obvious reasons. That's just how it works with college sports. All the stuff comes out from "former" players or after a coach gets axed. That's reality whether you like it or not.

And we have already had a relative of another former player come on earlier this season to TKP outright saying the coaches have told him to keep his mouth shut or they'll bar the player from taking part in the VT Pro Day...

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Honestly it seems pretty reasonable to me that Mook wouldn't be allowed to take part in the VT Pro Day if he and his family couldn't refrain from publicly badmouthing the VT staff/program. Why would you invite someone vocally bitter to be around the facilities and current players, potentially poisoning the well?

Obviously the family took whatever was said as a threat, but the coaches are giving an opportunity to a former player whom was dismissed because of a felony arrest. The coaches had nothing to do with that and don't have to give him an opportunity considering his actions hurt the team. I get that many of his father's posts were funny and well received and there's nothing wrong with a parent defending his son, but it seems like the family has assumed a bit of a victim mentality in the wake of some poor decisions (e.g. I recall a post explaining the arrest as being unreasonable/unfair in addition to posts/tweets throwing shade on the coaching staff).

Edit: I wanted to add that based on the posts in this thread, it looks like time has allowed for reflection and honest conversation and healed some wounds. It's especially great to hear that Mook is planning to get his degree and I hope he gets his shot in the NFL.

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There is discontent in just about every organization. Ask anyone who has been dismissed or asked to leave an organization. They're probably not going to be happy about it and accept full- or even part- responsibility. So when someone is abruptly dismissed, even if justified, I'd expect a little resentment.

It also doesn't surprise me that after a change of head coach that some players might have difficulty with the transition. That would be considered normal. Normal or not, I have no problem with it being a topic of discussion.

Where you lose me is in the generalization of available facts, and the implication that it's more than what we have facts to support. If it's a fact, state it. Show me the money. There's nobody here who needs the generic concept of "snitch" or "toxic locker room" explained.

Making comments like "he's not the only player to tweet that tonight", and using terms like "toxic" is, in my opinion, stirring the pot, unless there is some information you have that hasn't been mentioned here. Don't assume that there is more to a story than you actually know.

Show your work

Edit: so, one other guy?

You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.

yeah and the "one" other guy was also dismissed from the team.

to say "a player will run through a brick wall when his coach cares about him" speaking of dabo, is all good but it implies that no other coach cares? like saban just recruited a bunch of 5 stars and sent them out there he doesn't care about them as much as dabo. I KNOW Frank cared about every single one of his players, and they would have ran through brick walls for him. that doesn't equate to winning. I hate the perception that Clemson won because Dabo cares more about his players, Clemson won because they were more prepared, made less mistakes, made plays when they opportunities presented themselves and sometimes when they didn't.

this isn't directed at you bubba. just couldn't really find the correct spot to reply in the thread.

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this isn't directed at you bubba.



You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.

I just figured since you misspelled drunk and f*ck in your name ////ssss

leg back fam!

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Frank Beamer did win a lot of games. As a VT fan you should know this.

Saban has also won a lot of games. As a human you should know this.

So these are two very bad examples of your point that caring doesn't equate to wins.

Easy to say glowing things and you'd run through a wall for someone when you're winning. We need people who won't turn on teammates and coaches when their backs are against the wall. Sidenote: You don't see Kelly Bryant giving 5 star reviews for Dabo and Clemson nowadays.

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That's a shit subtweet and shows me he's got a ways to go in learning. That's childish crap like when your kid mumbles something under his/her breath while they're leaving the room.

So the only rumor he didn't address was the making fun of Hilgart's kid? I wonder if he was using that comparison to disparage a teammates effort in a passionate tirade and the wrong person overheard?

Either way. It's a tough way to go out and I feel for the kid, good luck to wherever he ends up.

First let me add some clarity... If you don't understand the language some of these kids speak then you will never fully understand their intent. For example, when Clemson was getting their trophy to night, you heard the DT say " Recruits, If you wanna play for a coach that won't be dancing in the locker room, come to death valley". Most would not know that he was referring to Suge Night when his record label Death Row (West Coast) Disrespted Bad Boy records (East Coast)during the BET awards. The fued that ending in the deaths of both Biggie Smalls and Tupac. Now, if you dont listen and follow the news of hip hop you would never know that. That being said, kids speak ebonics. Has more to do with the folk you communicate with than where you're from. This entire issue was a big misunderstanding fueled by all parties being super emotional about a heart breaking loss. When a kids say's "I put that on....." it is not a statement of disreapect! For example here's how it would go. If Inqas emphatically telling my kid that there is nothing in life I wouldn't do for her... In ebonics, I would say I will always rock with you and I put that on my dead mama! Meaning that my love for my dead grandmother should tell you the sincerity of my statement. If she continued to not believe this I one then make the same statement but use "I put that on....." to someone I know she has deep love for.... In this situation a strenth coach approached Tre when he was very emotional after a tough loss. Hell, the coach was probably very emotional as well. I dont put the blame on Fu because his decision was based on the information he had. I give him a pass. Most don't understand how difficult it is to not only manage the X's and O's but also the Tom and Joe's, who may be from totally different backgrounds and 19 years old! I wont even mention the tremendous pressure of a fan base that wants results now!!! Its tough! But I like the foundation Dabo built. He said he "Serve's their hearts not their talent! Once they know you care about them as a person, You can build a program on that level of loyalty. Fu will get there. He's young to the head coaching world. It took Dabo a minute too. Tre, I pray, will be fine. Lets just step back and devlope some lessons learned. We can be as good as we want to be but the team must have one heart beat. None more important than any other. Thats from the the HC to the janitor! If we lose, lets lose going a 100 mph! Lets ball this season up and turn the page! Onward and upward. Give the team time and stay committed like we want our recruits to do.....VTπŸ’ͺπŸ½πŸ’―πŸ”₯ All I know is that as VT fans we have a role to play too and it will either Expedite or delay our successπŸ’ͺ🏽

bet, sounds like he said something along the lines of, "on the dead homie"

If true, that clears up a lot for me since I had literally zero idea of what was said in the locker room.

This. I don't speak ebonics and I don't listen to rap. But this explanation lines up well with what I heard of the situation.

Situation could, and in my opinion, should have been handled better by the coaches.

Thank you for sharing that. I wasn't in the locker room so I have no clue what was actually said, but its interesting to hear these interpretations.

I also wholeheartedly believe that the coaches not only want to develop these players as athletes, but as men. While speech can be misunderstood, I think that there is a lesson here, which is say what you mean and mean what you say. While the coaches and players need to respect differences in upbringing and culture, they also have to strive to make sure that what what is said clearly reflects what they want to communicate.

It is always on the one speaking the words to make sure they are understood.

I'm a product of a public school system where, as a white kid, I was definitely a minority, and where our senior song was Craig Mack, "Flava' in Ya' Ear." So I'm confident my ability to interpret "ebonics" and recall hip-hop history is better than passing. But for the life of me I can't make heads or tails of that Suge Knight reference. I'm pretty sure he wasn't talking about Frank Beamer though.


At the first Source Awards, it was peak season of (at least the shit-talking portion of) the east/west rap beef. It obviously devolved into something MUCH darker and bloodier.

I thiiink(?) Snoop had just won an award (I thiiink it was for the Above The Rim soundtrack) and he, his crew, and Suge Knight came up to, ostensibly, accept the award.

Suge took the mic. (I looked up the quote.)

"Any artist out there that want to be an artist and want to stay a star, and don't have to worry about the executive producer trying to be all in the videos, all on the record, dancing... come to Death Row!

The awards ceremony was in NYC, and a loooot of people took exception - it was a direct bullseye shot at Puff who, it should be noted, was "all in the videos, all on the record" etc. Then Snoop angrily clapped back at the crowd, berating them for not showing love.

It was basically the feud we'd all heard was happening behind closed doors, dragged out on stage. And we all know how it ended.

With Snoop running and coaching in a pee-wee football league.πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.

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LoL... Are the MSNBC Analyst glasses supposed to make him look like less of a sociopath?

Ah yes... I recall this event... still seems like a bit of a vague reference but the logic holds.

No love for Death Row.

lol no way that's what they were talking about. They're too young to care about 90s rap beef.

Recruit Prosim

Hate to break it to you, but that's precisely what they're referencing.

They're using the exact cadence Suge uses in the original vid from 1996, using the same phraseology. At the end they replace "Come to Death Row (Records)" with "Come to Death Valley".

A dozen sportswriters are saying as much. Watch both clips. Could not be more obvious.

You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.


Recruit Prosim

The original:

The shout-out:

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

Yeah, that is pretty damn obvious right there. Definitely a reference to Suge.

It was also covered in the movie "Straight Outta Compton" a few years back, so not entirely as old as the 90s

Whatever. It was one bad year.

Seasonal Brew means High ABV for football season and standard the rest of the year.

Came to say this. Between Straight Outta Compton, The HBO series 'The Defiant Ones', the Tupac BioEpic, and other places, Suge Knight is still someone who 'kids these days' know about.

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So we need a Mike Vick movie?

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Sometimes you gotta move on from your home to make a change. Good luck T.Hill.

Sorry if this has been verified or not, didn't he tell a coach he wishes his disabled son would die?

Best of luck to Trevon Hill. Keep working hard and making good choices and you will do well. Would still love to see Trevon in O&M, but wish him the absolute best wherever he may land.

Are Trevon Hill and former Tech Player Brendan Hill related?

That's a hill of an assumption to make.

Trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill

Let's Go


Wasn't Mook expelled from school because of the arrest with felony charges? If so, his dismissal wasn't up to the coaches anyway.

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If that were the case everywhere, then it wouldn't be a factor in who won because everyone would be doing it. All that caring would just cancel out. *shrug emoji*

Mook apparently still doesn't recognize that holding people accountable = caring about those people.

He does reconize that. My error as a father was to tell him to ask someone for a ride and I would send him some gas money the next day. I should have sent him to Bburg with some money but he had just rented a new place and I wanted him to learn that if an apartment was going to take all yoir money you need a smaller place but he was more concerned with having a place for his dog. That was my error. Mook has never nor will he ever sell drugs. He grew up in an area where if that is what he was going to do, it would have happened long before now. I busted my butt to finish school and move him into a better situation. He would NEVER sell drugs. If you only knew what his young eyes have seen! But hiw can you, all you really care about is the final score. For gods sake these are human beings that deal with issues the same way you do, minus the forum to talk about your life's mistakes (Think about it) For clarity, he was also found not guilty by the honor court. Please temper your comments when you dont have the facts. At some point he will teturn to BBurg and take his final 3 classes. He has been through a tough time and has took full responsibility for my actions! As a father the lesson I tried to teach went horribly wrong and I have to deal with it while looking at my son who holds no hard feelings against his father! His statements were not about his situation but about a friend he went to war with on Saturday's. It will all be sorted out soon. Go VTπŸ’ͺ🏽

Thank you for providing some insight on these incidents - it sure helps tamp down the negative speculation. The social media world is a difficult one to navigate and to have to deal with that nonsense along with the real world can be overwhelming. Hokie Nation loves our team and loves our players. I'm bummed to hear these tragic elements for all parties involved - a little for us fans, more for the team and coaches, and a lot for the players and families. As a father myself, I pray for an inordinate amount of great moments with your son in life to offset the pain y'all have had this season.

Appreciate your take on the situation. Thank you for setting it all out there. I admit it is easy to read too much into a narrow peek at what is on people's minds with twitter, etc. as a fan hundreds of miles from Blacksburg. That's my mistake.

And for your sake, don't beat yourself up too much for trying to do right by your son. Your heart is in the right place and sometimes shit happens. Your son is someone who will always have respect and love from the Hokie community.

I appreciate that. Its been a tough year for everybody. We just got snake bit this year. Everbody is ready to jump ship and all. They have to remember Dabo was 6 and 7 in his 3rd year. But it took them 8 years for the full turn around. Just relax. Imma a fan for life. Good or bad, if not for VT we wouldn't have met some incredible people. Five it some time. Tre's balling and we have some more kids in the area as well. Things are never as bad as they seem. Oh, by the way Hilgart isnt the coach and of course I only have one side and wasn't there in person but it is what it is. That loss was a crazy one. But is better to lose the battle than the war! Keep chopping! #HOKIES

Thank you for the insight and providing clarity!

I would love for Mook to graduate from Virginia Tech. He is and will always be a Hokie. Any one that wishes ill against a VT player shouldn't call themselves a Hokie. I wish the best for all. Some times mistakes are made in life, but to not want fellow hokies to overcome adversity is just stupid. I wish Mook the best.

I don't know, I gave up on rooting for Marcus Vick long ago.

Rip his freaking head off!

rooting for and wishing ill will aren't the same thing. i think you more less stop expecting a change rather than rooting for a good one. i would hope.

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I still wish the best for Marcus I hope he figures out what he can and be happy with where he gets to in life. Expectations are a different story.

Mook's tweet seems to imply that Fuente doesn't take care of his players. Does Mook really feel that way about Fuente?

I ask because Mook's situation seems very distinguishable from Trevon's--Fuente didn't seem to have any choice but to dismiss Mook because of the pending legal charges. But, if Mook also felt, separate and apart from the legal stuff, that Fuente didn't have his back or cared for him, as Trevon appears to feel, then that's disconcerting.

Re-read the next to last sentence in the comment you're responding to.

If that sentence is referencing Mook's tweet above, then gotcha--wasn't clear to me those were the statements jreynolds was referring to. I hope Mook's tweet wasn't a personal reflection of his feelings toward Fuente. But, it's hard to ignore the implication. To a casual observer, the tweet seems to fan the Twitter smoke last night from Trevon Hill and Brenden Hill that Fuente doesn't care for his players (at least not to the degree necessary to create a winning culture). Everything taken together just struck me as a bad look for Fuente. I hope the current roster disagrees with those Twitter implications.

Getting kicked off the team has got to sting a lot, and it's very difficult to take full responsibility for that, particularly at that age, when people think they know a lot more than they really do. They have a limited perspective.

Fuente has a bigger responsibility than these individuals. I know he loves his players. He's a fairly reserved guy, but he's said as much. But part of his job is to set the rules and to enforce them, for the good of the team. I haven't seen any indication that he's not fair.

For the record, Swinney has also dismissed players. I haven't read their tweets, but I'm guessing they weren't happy about it, either.

Did Clemson's starting WHIP, WHIP Linebacker, Nickel DB at times.. NOT ROVER get busted for weed? I missed it if he did?

Wait Reggie got charged with weed too? How did I miss that? I mean I know he's our rover!!! Boundry side! I mean thats where I watched him play all year. Did I miss something? Man, I have to pay closer attention to my team. Especially since I'm so opinionated. Hope no one notices that I really dont know what the heck I'm talking aboutβ™Ÿ. Let me see, the qb is the one who throws the ball right?😎


If you gonna throw shit around about stuff on the field you don't know shit about, don't throw shit around about stuff off the field you don't know shit about.

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That wasn't the issue. He took issue with me labeling Mook a Rover.

I'm not saying you're wrong... but read the room, dude

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You should know that is impossible for him.

I don't give out many downvotes, but here, have one.

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

All this did was REALLY make me miss Trevon & Mook.

Cliff Notes: Please some decent P5 team take me, please.... So much more to this story.

I think he said it the best way he could. He did his best to try and explain his actions. Keep the details in house. Set himself up for an opportunity somewhere else. At the end of the day though coaches talk. If im a coach and im considering bringing Trevon on the first person im calling is Fuente to find out what really happen and if he believes that this is going to happen again. I think fuente is professional enough that he wouldn't directly do anything to Travon to derail his future, it just didn't work out at VT and like you said above he has 80+ other kids to worry about too. Most coaches want to see Kids be successful that's part of why they start coaching in the first place. Yes they love football but if you don't love the kids just as much you will not be a very successful coach for very long. I hope travon does get on somewhere else and is successful. I hope he gets to the NFL. and i hope all of this is a big learning experience for trevon.

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Agree.. and I don't think its out of the realm of possibility that at least a good G5 program gives him a shot. P5 might be a stretch given numbers, timing, etc. Kid can play.

So is this confirmation that Trevon Hill reads TKP, or just VT message boards in general?

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Jet Sweep

i mean he obviously has and uses twitter

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

big, if true.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

This is tough. A heated exchange by itself is not enough to warrant a dismissal so we know there has to be more to the story or the content of that exchange. We heard multiple rumors before this game that he was not in good standings with the coaches (even leading to the FSU game). I think that there is more blame on both sides that will remain unknown with how it was handled and what Hill could have done better to keep himself out of this kind of position.
I have a feeling Fuente felt he was a person who could have negatively influenced the culture in the locker room in a time where the culture needed to stay strong. Fuente knew the youth would catch up to them and be a tough season so he made an example out of Hill to show "you are all in or not at all" kind of deal. This is my speculation.
I hated to see Hill be gone and wish him success wherever he goes, but I also can't point a finger at the staff without knowing what goes on day to day in the program/locker room.

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I think that was the straw that broke the camels back..... I dont think Fu is a one strike guy but what may be a ball to some is a strike to otherwise hers. Just got to get a quicker feel for how the ump calls the game. The ump sets the strike zone and the batters need to make sure they know it is all.....

That is the way I see it too. I think Travon had worked his way onto the thin ice and finally broke through. His statement makes it sound like he thinks he was dismissed unfairly, but I get the feeling (from all the various sources) that he ran out of second chances.

Whatever. It was one bad year.

Seasonal Brew means High ABV for football season and standard the rest of the year.

That's a great way of looking at the whole "change of culture" thing, isn't it? There may have been words or phrases or even attitudes that were acceptable to Coach Beamer that were not acceptable to Coach Fuente. To say "Trevon fit well in Beamer culture but didn't make the transition to Fuente culture" doesn't necessarily mean any of the three of them did anything wrong. Maybe everyone agreed that three strikes is an out and four balls is a walk, but Beamer called the low-and-away curve a ball, and Fuente called it a strike.

Either way, I'm sorry they couldn't sort it out before Trevon went farther than Fuente was willing to go. I hope Trevon lands on his feet and I hope the Hokies can field a respectable defense next year.

"Our job as coaches is to influence young people's lives for the better in terms of fundamental skills, work ethic, and doing the right thing. Every now and again, a player actually has that effect on the coaching staff." Justin Fuente on Sam Rogers

Guy left out a ton of information about the situation to make himself sound like a he was just being compassionate and in the heat of the moment.

Wish him luck in where ever he goes but I have a bad taste in my mouth based on the facts of the chances he did have and what he did.

Really getting tired of the coaches didn't treat me well comments that coming out of players that were constantly a headache to players and coaches. There is a reason we have zero leadership on this current group. If you spoke out of turn, you got shut down quick by certain players.

"Welcome to the Terror Dome." -- Corey Moore

Also not to dive too much into this but he said the incident happened at halftime of the ODU game. While if that is the case why did he play the second half?

You would think that if what he did was so bad to get dismissed then he wouldn't have made it out of the locker room for the second half.

"Welcome to the Terror Dome." -- Corey Moore

I agree 100%. I read it and it felt like he was deflecting everything on the premise of passion. I couldn't figure out the way to express that but you nailed it.

"I'm too drunk to taste this chicken" - Colonel Sanders via Ricky Bobby

Fuente added on TTL before the Cinci game that all of those negative personalities were off the team now. He seemed optimistic about the heart and leadership of the team moving forward

"Go Hokies!" - Thomas Jefferson

Unfortunately it seems like a lot of those 'negative personalities' were dogs who also had a level of toughness this team, especially on defense, seems to lack. I hope he can find a balance.

I'm not advocating we keep criminals or distractions on the team, but there needs to be a balance. Fuente isn't going to find 100 guys who are lock step in-tune with him that are also capable of playing for ACC championships.

I 100% agree. If you are going to own your mistake - name it. If not definitely don't spin it as that just makes it worse as it is just repeating the problem.

I hope Trevon lands on his feet and does well. One mistake or even a series of them for a young man shouldn't define them.

However, to claim coaches don't care and act like Dabo's situation is comparable is just ridiculous. Dabo cares and so does Fuente. Dabo is in a honeymoon phase with a team that literally just won the national title. Nobody else is in that situation.

To get here he dismissed and disciplined players, he pushed kids to play harder, he yelled in their faces, he hugged them, he warned them and did any number of things all in the vein of making them and his organization/team better.

One lesson I would suggest. Measuring the moment is always flawed. Measure how Dabo got there, how much discipline was enforced, how many tough and or compassionate decisions were made. Finally, measure how much work was put in knowing that one mistake could take it away and how many times he couldn't act selfishly in order to build his team and make them better. That is how you win.

Everyone shows up at the ribbon-cutting ceremony and wants a piece of the action. If Trevon and others want it so bad show you are willing to put in the work AND control yourself which is a part of sacrifice.

Passion and self-control/sacrifice can coexist.

Just feel like this entire situation could've been avoided if Trevon wasn't a giant dick


Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

Reads like a man who isn't quiiiiiiiite ready to take full responsibility for his own actions, but is really, really trying.

Best of luck, T. Hill

"I liked you guys a lot better when everybody told you you were terrible." -Justin Fuente

this pretty much nails it. He says it would be a disservice to himself, his family and support group if he didn't speak the truth about the events but then leaves the truth short at "words were said and a heated exchange took place."

He doesn't owe it to me or anyone to do so, but if you actually want to "speak the truth" then do so, otherwise a nice thank you to the coaches and program would have been enough.

anyway, hope he finds the right place and he makes it to Sundays. Good luck.

Joey Freshwater transformed FAU into the Rich Man's Last Chance U. If he doesn't give Hill a chance, I don't think any major program will.

Hill knows he's in a tough predicament and is trying to change his narrative. 0% chance he ends up back in Blacksburg. Probably 0% he ends up in the ACC.

Good luck to him but it sounds like he played himself. Fuente said Hill was "hanging on by a thread" before the season started. Hill didn't take Fuente's concern seriously and now he's paying the price. I believe in second chances so hopefully this is a learning experience and he can finish his education somewhere else. But from our standpoint, it's good riddance and next man up.

From a depth standpoint, we have some great young talent coming off the edge for us. We won't miss Hill on the field in 2019.

IMO, this statement, his tweet last night on Clemson and video he put out last month just seem to muddy the waters more, and do little to help him find his way back on to the football field. His on the field tape speaks for itself, any school below the P5 level with an immediate need at DE would be stupid not to give him a look. Talk about the VT dismissal behind closed doors with potential future coaches, not on social media.

Given social media was part of what landed him in hot water, you would think he might do what all Clemson football players do during the football season and take an extended hiatus from social media. I still hope he finds his way back on to the field, and gets his shot at the NFL, but to me it just doesn't seem like he fully gets it.

My hope is that Fu and staff put a new policy in place for no social media during the season next year. Focus on football.

To you from failing hands we throw
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@BuryHokie #ThanksFrank

god no, make the policy clear and be done with it. banning social media is a fool's errand in this day and age

Not to mention completely impractical. Fuente is their coach not their babysitter. These are kids learning to be adults. You can't hold their hands all of the time and expect them to learn how to operate in the real world.

Yeah cause nothing says "the real world" quite like social media. LMAO.

Maybe that's the problem to begin with. If he had/has something to say to Fuente to begin he should learn to have a face to face conversation like an adult would. How many people on here air their grievances about their bosses on Twitter and expect their career to ascend?

I said nothing about the real world being social media so stop with that ignorant stuff. All I was saying is that we can't (and shouldn't) expect Fuente to control all aspects of the players' lives. Social media like everything else is just a tool to be used (and most use it terribly) but learning how and when to do things is what it means to be an adult.

I agree with you in that Hill should have kept this between him and Fuente and I don't understand the point of him putting all of this out there at this point in time. Nothing about Hill doing this makes any sense to me. What was he trying to accomplish? Does he think this helps him get the attention of other coaches? I can't imagine this helps him in his transfer.

I agree with your points as well. My bad if I misinterpreted what you stated...It just read very much that way to me but anything typed can easily be mistakes.

I just don't know how social media is helping these kids become and act more like adults. It seems to be more of a hindrance. Although with the struggle to reach top talent in recruiting that's probably a battle Fuente couldn't win if he wanted to cut it out.

If T Hill is still causing this much drama for our program all these months after being dismissed from our locker room....I cannot imagine the drama and cancer he was when he was in the locker room.

using social media is teaching them to be adults? Wut? Dabo doesn't allow it...and I was simply saying maybe we should follow lead. Never said to babysit. Just put it away for a few months and play ball. I mean, the team that just went 15-0 has that policy, so it must be terrible right? I mean former players of other coaches are even tweeting their "support" for Dabo.

To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
@BuryHokie #ThanksFrank

I mean Dabo bans it during the season...

I'm not saying we have to do the same thing but they haven't had any issues with it.

Using /s is for cowards.

And the players still seem to like him...

But by that age, people do need to know how to use (and not use) social media.

Just to be clear, no he doesn't. Before each season, the senior class votes to implement the ban. Obviously, it's strongly encouraged by the staff and at this point it's precedent; no incoming senior class is going to vote opposite when every other senior class for the last decade give or take has voted no social media. I'm not a fan of Dabo for other reasons, but it's not like he's dropping the iron hammer with this one.

Agreed. The young folk are going to use it. Pay telephones no longer exist. It's 2019 for the love of mayonaise. My parenting policy for my 22 year old daughter was always "If it won't look good on a billboard on I-95 with a picture of your face, then don't put it up on social media". Seemed to work....


That will have the 18 year old kids clamoring to come to Tech

Recruit Prosim

I say good riddance. Fuente isnt dumb and he knew that they lacked depth on the DL when he released Hill and that should speak volumes, to a rational person, why Hill was removed.

I said this back in 2005 after Marcus Vick that I would rather have a mediocre team than a winning team full of delinquents and malcontents.

I wish Hill the best and hope he grows up into a responsible adult.

So Dabo is the football coach version of Suge Knight? And that's a good thing?

They're conveniently forgetting that he went bankrupt about 10 years later, and just went to jail for 28 years.

Other than that, I guess it makes sense.

Isnt he in jail for road rage? I mean all the other shit he has done and road rage got him locked up, it's like Capone and taxes. Well except the road rage was still attempted murder.

Was a hit and run that killed someone. He allegedly followed two people to a parking lot after an argument and ran over them and then drove away. One of them died.

Ruh Roh, looks like it is getting muddier. From TSL, via an article by Mike Barber from the RTD, discussions Hill's dismissal post-ODU, "You can ask Justin about why, cause I'm still confused. It was a lot of confusion when talking to me and my parents. He was being wishy-washy. And I lost a lot of respect for somebody I had a lot of respect for. Even though I didn't like him much, I had respect for him. But I completely lost all my respect for that man.". The rest of the article is behind a paywall, but I cant see how this helps Hill or Fu much at all....

He's confused because he's not agreeing with the outcome. He can try and throw shade all he wants, but there are consequences to actions. Maybe he got away with some antics in high school because he was the big big big fish. But not anymore. Best of luck Trevon. Please close the door behind you.

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@BuryHokie #ThanksFrank

The problem as I understand it is that the proverbial last straw was a misunderstanding of what Hill said in the heat of a horrendous performance by many of his team by a coach who then raised the issue to 11 instead of being the adult in the room.

I think it's fair to be confused and angry if this is true. On probation, supposedly trying to be better, only to be kicked off the team over an incident where your side of the story is ignored.

Yeah, I'm not buying that.

Particularly as he's even now saying he never liked Fuente. After this amount of time, he's still not taking responsibility for his own actions. If anything, his current commentary is demonstrating why he's gone.

Looks like to me he said some things he shouldn't have said, and then tried to pretend that they were actually terms of endearment. Even after this amount of time, he's trying to be divisive.

The problem with last straws is that they aren't the first, or third, or even fifteenth sometimes. This was NOT a one and done.

To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
@BuryHokie #ThanksFrank

I can't believe I need to explain whether I thought this was a "one and done". I mean, the term "last straw" is used to tell the reader that there were preceding factors. It is both historically and colloquially obvious what the term means.

I understand what it means.
My point was whether it was a misunderstanding that was the last straw, there was an issue. And if Hill didn't do thing to alter his approach, where things could be perceived in a manner consistent with past behaviors, then that's on Hill; whether real or misperceived.

To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
@BuryHokie #ThanksFrank

Hill has come out the other side of this week looking worse than he started as far as I'm concerned. Everything about this article and his statement reads extremely one sided and childish for someone who undoubtedly knew he was on his last chance.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

Exactly. Again, best of luck to him as we should all celebrate him if he bounces back with success.

In this situation he is at a crossroads where he needs to swallow the pride (as he will learn in life pride pays no bills) and accept the consequences of his immaturity and make the changes in the future. The bottom-line is like it or not you always have bosses/people in authority and unless they are immoral you have to have a certain code of conduct with consistency. He didn't get it done and was warned and still didn't listen and even after severe consequences isn't getting it. This just shows he would have caused more issues if he had stayed due to a lack of accountability.

I hope he does and believe he can make the changes. If not, his childish attitude will follow him as others will recognize this in football and outside of football. We wish you the best Trevon, but it's time to move on.

Yeah, this hurts Trevon a lot more than Fu in the long run. Dude just keeps digging his own grave.


I just came here to upvote jreynolds06

Is coronavirus over yet?

I hate that inanimate object more than I should.

Amateur superstar and idiot extraordinaire.

For me, it's a novelty that has now gotten a little stale. Sort of fits their team.

We'll see how it works out for them, but were they ever really better at creating turnovers than anyone else?

Doesn't really bother me, but I'd really like to deny them opportunities of wearing it when we play them.

There's some rumors on Miami forums that Hill is going to transfer there. I'm still shocked Diaz brought back Jeff Thomas after he was dismissed from the team before the season had ended. Perhaps Diaz is considering this a second chance for talented players and will hold them accountable from here out, but it seems to me that he's potentially sending a message that poor behavior will be overlooked for talented players. It's not hard to imagine that program getting out of control and turning toxic in short order.

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Honestly I Thinks diaz is outnof his deprhnbeing Out of his depth being the HC at Miami right now in his career.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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outnof his deprhnbeing

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I was much better at blind typing with T9 than I am with this standard keyboard.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Ahhh...add it to the TKP glossary!!!

"Take care of the little things and the big things will come."

Deprhnbeing is my new favorite curse word.

Trying to use in a sentence. "He's out of his deprhnbeing mind!", or "Mother-Deprhnbeing!"

so like...I deprhnbeing hated our defense last season or Don't deny yourself deprhnbeing touchdowns!

"Take care of the little things and the big things will come."

Those deprhnbeing UNC refs!

poor behavior will be overlooked for talented players.

Isn't that when Miami is best, historically?

VT Class of '12 (MSE), MVBone, Go Hokies!

So..,he's going to sit for 2 years to play? He's not a graduate transfer and played last year.

We put the K in Kwality

This article seems to insinuate that he will be able to play right away.

Hill To The "U"

Is coronavirus over yet?

I would think after we dismiss him he's allowed to play right away wherever he wants

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So, bak to the status quo for An U.

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Great landing spot for him.

didn't he do a celebration against them last year where he ripped the "chain" off of a teammate?

VT '17

He put an imaginary chain on Reggie Floyd but yes. I didn't have any luck finding the gif of it.

I'm gonna miss him

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