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So Xfinity recently added the Amazon Prime App to their available features, which I had never really utilized before as part of my Amazon Prime benefits. Looking for recommendation on available movies, shows etc that others that use Prime already would recommend.

I already binge watched Tom Clancy Jack Ryan and Homecoming over the Holidays. Any other advice would be great. Some background on the recommendation would be even better.


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Man in the high Castle, the Americans

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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I second Man In the High Castle, its an alternate reality show where the Axis beat the Allies in WWII. Set in the 1960s. Could give more details but might be spoilers.


Man in the high castle starts slow (every episode and season are like this) ... but the last half is always worth it. Each season is better than the last.

Danny is always open

I watched the first season of MitHC and liked it but it moved sooo slowly. I've seen another season came around but haven't taken the time to re-invest in it.

I was starting to get bored with season 1, but the twist at the end was interesting. However, i haven't had the time or motivation to go back and watch the other two seasons.

I'm really enjoying the 3rd (newest) season. We're about 4 or 5 episodes in, and the pacing has noticeably increased. I believe there is a new show-runner for the latest season, and there appears to be a concerted effort to develop the larger mythology/sci-fi aspect(s) of the overarching storyline.

After seeing this thread, I restarted watching this show at the beginning of season 2, my jump off point was the end of season 1. Still slow but I'm willing to plow through. Trade Minister is my spirit animal

im on season 5 of the americans im enjoying it.

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the Americans is so good, one of my favorite shows in a long time

I enjoyed Sneaky Pete, it's about a con artist taking on the identity of his prison cell mate when gets released.

Seconded. A Bryan Cranston production.

πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ

And Cranston acts in it. I don't think his is the best performance on the show either, and that's not a knock on him, just about how impressed I am with the rest of the cast. Incredibly enjoyable show.

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Second for sneaky Pete, grand tour has to be recommended as well.

Grand Tour has been nice, though I binged the heck out of Top Gear when it became available for free on Prime a year or two ago and loved it. GT was supposed to be the 'same' show but it's a bit different. I also binged on The Wire because it was free on Prime video and it was AWESOME.

I think the early seasons of Grand Tour are a middle ground between the old Top Gear and the next evolution of what Grand Tour will be - and though I haven't seen the new stuff yet, those guys are good entertainment. If you haven't seen it, it's two old guys and a middle aged guy f^cking with each other and driving cars. It's fun.

Though I'm concerned that it took a Comcast (boo) product to get you to use Prime video, just get a Fire TV or Fire TV Stick (40$), they're worth it.

I liked the Last Tycoon, a period piece about old Hollywood based on a story by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Only 9 or 10 episodes, and all of the major plotlines were wrapped up. Stars Matt Bomer and Kelsey Grammer.

But I mostly use Prime to watch Bob Ross.

Bosch and Homecoming are really good...even though I thought Julia Roberts was kinda overrated in this role...

Homecoming was hard to watch for a variety of reasons, including having been where the characters have been and have my own memories swirling around while I watched

Sorry about that man...i think it did a good job of addressing some of those things though...The Punisher was another show that I think did a great job speaking on something that gets passed over all too often, the mental health of our soldiers..

I really hope that Bezos finds a way to make a deal with Marvel now that their relationship with Netflix has crashed to an end with the cancellations of Punisher and Jessica Jones. I doubt it will happen with Marvel having Disney money behind it but it would be a solid way to bring about a ton of new shows in that Universe.

Naw that will never happen, the only reason that whole deal fell apart really is because of Disney launching their own streaming service. If it is going to go anywhere it will be there.

ESPN. The coverage is excellent, you'd be surprised at how much you can pick up.

I just dont trust Disney to do it right. Hopefully they just cut checks and get out of the way but I cant see that happening

I guess it depends if it is branded as a Disney show officially or if they use some Tombstone Pictures or whatever the spin-off production company will be that officially produces the next Deadpool.

... why wouldn't it be produced by Marvel Television, the same Disney subsidiary that produced all of the Netflix shows?

I keep hearing the same thing too. People think Disney is going to ruin Marvel streaming television. But yea, Disney has been producing all the Netflix shows already. It would make 0 sense for them to mollify their shows now because they'll have their own streaming service.

πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ

The Disney streaming service is rumored to be kid friendly, so no Netflix like marvel shows.

what rumors?

πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ

Netflix is kid-friendly too. They have an entire section meant for kids.

I can't imagine Disney would pass up on targeting a larger audience, given the opportunity. Much easier to justify an extra $10/month if it's something the entire family can enjoy.

Disney is having 5 new Marvel shows on Hulu, including MODOK and Howard the Duck. They won't use their streaming venue exclusively (at least not yet).

πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ

Welp guess I wont be watching those shows. Not going to add Hulu just for that content.

Just read that the four shows they are picking up are all going to be Animated Series, which outside of Howard the Duck, I wouldn't imagine enjoying. Havent really liked the animated series prior to this

yea, it's interesting move. I want to watch, but I don't want to pay for Hulu. we'll see.

πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ

I was annoyed they didn't use the podcast actors: Catherine Keneer, Oscar Isaacs, David Shwimmer, David Cross and Amy Sedaris.

The voice cast was better than the video cast.

Which show was a podcast first?


Homecoming was an excellent podcast.

I agree with bosch! great series. also whats the show with billy bob thorton as the drunk lawyer? EDIT: saw it mentioned below. goliath is what its called. its pretty good.

Hand of god - ron Pearlman was good too

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Hearing they are making a second season of Homecoming. Not really sure if I understand what direction they are going to take. It really did seem to close up the majority of the storylines and I cant imagine there being that level of twist in any future episode as the end of season 1.

Well at the end, you can see the guy recognize Julia Roberts so maybe they are going to do something about them living their life together now...who knows?

Bosch is a great show - especially if you are into season long crime/mystery shows.

For a lighter note, I highly suggest Red Oaks.

+1 for Bosch.

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Red Oaks is amazing.

I'm on the last few episodes of Red Oaks. If you grew up in the 80's, you cant help but like it. Has a Caddyshack vibe at times....Nash the tennis pro and Barry the photographer are hilarious...i recommend it.


The marvelous Mrs. Maisel is by far the best quality thing they've produced so far.

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Yes don't let the look of it fool you. Daughter of a semi-high class Jewish family who does explicit filled comedy. Definitely worth the watch!


Yeah, my wife and I love this show. It's won a slew of awards too.

I heard my brother in law recommend this over the holidays. The problem is that he's a remarkable idiot so I'm having a tough time ignoring his recommendation.

Best thing on TV I've seen in a very long time. Constant laugh out loud moments and characters I've come to care about.

"Don't go to, go through"

My wife loves this show. she also loved Gilmore Girls with a passion, so I'm pretty sure she would love anything from Amy sherman-palladino.

It is definitely a good show, but I'm not a fan of the overly conversational writing style of Sherman-Palladino. ( I prefer less talk, more action). That said, it is a good comedy.

πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ

Love this show! Agree on the writing style. Sometimes I love it because it comes across very real, but in quite a few scenes it is overdone to the point that it isn't real while trying too hard to be real. I mean her characters are always so quick-witted, and no one is really that quick-witted all the time.

Either way, great show!

Seconded. Great show. Very broadway, but inescapably charming.

River Monsters with Jeremy Wade every episode no commercials!!


Now we're talking

the Expanse

Also, some older shows on Prime worth your time.

  • Psych
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Chuck

Second the Expanse. First two season are free. Third season is still pay, but hopefully it goes to free soon.

Best science fiction show since probably Battlestar Galactica. The books are great too, btw. Very glad Amazon saved this show.

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I am on book 4 right now, although I am having trouble getting into it. Book 3 started slow for me as well (but really picked up about half way through.)

I'm trying to think back, I believe I may have listened to 3 and 4 through audible which would have pushed me through a slow start. It's how I did the middle books in the Wheel of Time series. I drive a lot and burn through audiobooks at a pretty good rate, and it has the advantage of pushing you through those slow starts and stalled storylines that are challenging to read.

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Also, the narration of Wheel of Time is fantastic, so that made the audio even more enjoyable.

Related: if you like Kate Redding and Michael Kramer, they also narrate Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archive books (Kramer does Mistborn as well) and they are well worth your time in audio.

Oh yes, Stormlight is my favorite series currently, and I agree... I love Kramer and Redding.

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Seriously, when are they going to release Season 3 of The Expense for free on Prime? It has to be any day now, right?

If you want to watch something really funny along these lines, check out The Orville, it is really well done comedy in space

I watched the first two episodes when it launched and couldn't get it, but I have heard several comments like this. I may have to give it another try.

The first few episodes they seem to be finding their niche and they come across as more fart jokes than sci-fi. They get better and the series takes on a real TNG vibe.

Maybe I should just treat it like ST:TNG and skip the first season altogether.

I've seen speculation that they could have re-negotiated the streaming rights to line up with a Prime release at the same time it goes international, which could be March. My guess is definitely by March 15.

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I love MITHC and Bosch, still working my way through both. I really enjoyed Goliath with Billy Bob Thornton as well.


Best series I've watched in years. Season 1 is a can't stop watching type.

We put the K in Kwality

Not sure if it's Prime original, but there's a move on Prime right now called "Life Itself" that I really enjoyed. The first part is a mind-fuck, then the rest is a bunch of stories that all come together at the end.

The Night Manager
All or Nothing: New Zealand All Blacks

Word World.
Dinosaur Train.
Thomas the Train.
Click Clack Moo Christmas special...over and over and over and...

I didn't know there were shows for grown-ups on AP.

If you're a fan of war documentaries/war movies, they have a shitton.

I've watched 1939: Battle of Westerplatte, a documentary about the Hood vs the Bismarck, and a good series on World War I.

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I'm going through a series on the civil war right now...pretty good so far

no idea if it's on Prime or not, but Counterpart with JK Simmons has been an excellent find. highly recommend

It's on Starz...but you're right...that show is excellent...and Quayles wife is fiiiiine...


I do not watch much tv and I do not binge watch tv at all but I binge watch this show.

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I second, third, and fourth this post. We loved it, have watched all episodes three times, and even bought the complete series so we can watch it again when we're ready. Fantastic characters, adult humor and razor sharp quirky dialogue and wittiness define the show, despite the violence inherent in the show's focus. The music alone is worth tuning in.

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The dialogue between Raylan and Boyd could be written as poetry. It's amazing.

And Natalie Zea, wow, I don't care that she's ten years older, I would marry that woman in a heartbeat.

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

"We dug coal".

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

I watched every season from the beginning on FX channel, was sad when they closed it down but it had jumped the track a bit once they started involving the cartels and other city bosses. If you love the main character, make sure you check out the Hitman movies as well.

Most of the shows Amazon makes aren't that good. They put in a lot of money, hype, and big time actors but can't figure out how to make quality shows like Netlix does. I pretty much ignore all their original series at this point. They have a decent library of shows and movies, though. If you're into medieval stuff, Wolf Hall is good.

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Bosch is excellent tv...kinda reminds of The Shield..except Bosch isn't a psychopath like vic mackey was..

And the books are better.

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I've read a lot of the Bosch series and had put the show on my watchlist. This thread got me interested in watching it. Just watched the first episode of Season 1.


One of the things I like about Amazon Prime Video is that about once a month their Big Data engine will spit out something as a recommendation that I would never have seen otherwise, even if it's not new. They've just got me hooked on "Corner Gas", which can be described as "Seinfeld set in rural Saskatchewan", and had its run in the late 2000's.

It's written by a Canadian comedian whose real name is Brent Butt, so there's that too.


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The one major thing I am waiting to see how Amazon does is where they go with the production rights for any future JRR Tolkien related content now that Bezos negotiated that deal with the Tolkien family

There was a rumor that there might be an "Aragorn pre-ring saga" story in the works.

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which, just, yes please

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Vikings is my favorite one ive seen so far.

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Try Norsemen.

This is going to be great for the ACC.

Red Oaks, kind of gimmicky but funny imo

Red Oaks is funny as hell, especially if you were that age during that time.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is absolutely hillarious. Really well written and keeps you laughing throughout.

The Man in the High Castle seems like a good concept, but I found it to be pretty awful sitting through Season 1. Won't be checking out Season 2 for that reason.

The MMM is outstanding.
Her Dad is one of the best dry comedians currently working.

This is going to be great for the ACC.

Season 1 - this show is awesome I can't wait to finish binge-watching it.
End of Season 1 - what the hell just happened? I guess I'll watch Season 2 to find out.
Season 2 - oookaayyy? This is still really weird and less and less engrossing.
End of Season 2 - ok, guess I'll wait til Season 3 comes out and see if they can right the ship and make it worth watching again
Season 3 comes out - nah, not even gonna watch that

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

The Good Place.
Ted Danson is funny in this.

Person dies, goes to sort of heaven, chaos ensues.

This is going to be great for the ACC.

Great show, but it's on Netflix, not Amazon Prime.

Mrs ShagVT and I very much enjoyed Victoria. They play a little loose with historical fact, but it is beautiful show.

I like Man in the High Castle although I feel like season 3 went in a totally different direction from the first two. The story and even the production of the show just felt entirely different.

If you enjoy Tom Clancy books, Jack Ryan was pretty well done. I was really impressed with the quality of plot twists and the reality of how often the terrorists seem to be several steps ahead of the government agencies trying to counter them.

The Jack Ryan series I watched the first episode and proceeded to stay up until 430 am watching six more episodes.

I tried really really hard to get into jack ryan. the show is well written and I enjoyed it for the most part but I for the life of me wish they would have gotten ANY one else to be the lead actor. I just cannot see this man as anything other than Jim from the office. His personality from that doesn't transfer over to other roles well.

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I never really watched the office like that, but I did enjoy him in Jack Ryan. My man Wendell Pierce is good too...

I just started watching Jack Ryan and when I saw Pierce playing Greer, my first thought was 'Bunk!'

Season 3 of Victoria will be airing on PBS shortly!

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Thanks Frank!

They are not Amazon Originals, but they do have a lot of past HBO shows on there. You cannot go wrong with The Sopranos or Eastbound and Down.

Patriot is the best show that no one has heard of. If you like dark comedy / Coen brothers style you'll love it.

Started watching Patriot. Logged in to make this exact comment.
It's incredible if you love fast moving dark (and I mean DARK) comedy. Have a feeling it won't be long before this thing has a cult following.

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Slight tangent. I was trying to compare Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video. For what I can tell, the content they both offer essentially is the same, save for the Netflix-specific content vs Amazon-specific. Is that the general gist? What would make one person favor one over the other?

It's pretty much the same as HBO vs. Showtime.

Except that Prime gives you free "two-day" shipping from Amazon.

"free" is dubious if the product you're buying costs more.

In the past when I had Prime, and whenever I wanted to buy something that had "free" two day shipping, the product always cost more than a product that did not have two day shipping available. In essence, the cost was a wash, so I never felt like I was actually getting a perk at all.

There is a big reason behind this. If you want to qualify to be a prime program item, your item has to be Fulfilled by Amazon or you have to have built a track record with Amazon to qualify for Prime Fulfilled by Merchant. The Prime Fulfilled by Merchant is relatively new so has not gained much traction in the sellers community because it puts the onus of shipping same day with overnight shipping costs on the merchant.

Fulfilled by Amazon means that for a percentage of your sale Amazon handles all the customer service aspects of the sale, including shipping and returns while also storing your items in their warehouses which costs you additional funds. Between shipping and their FBA fees, Amazon gets about 50% of each of sale roughly, which means when pricing items, taking into account costs and their cut and still make a profit.

So sure - that's how Amazon makes money, but I still don't see why it makes financial sense to pay for Amazon Prime then? If i'm still paying for the privilege for 2-day shipping / same-day shipping via a more expensive product AND a yearly subscription, then I don't see the benefit? Am I missing something here?

I wasn't arguing for you to invest in Prime, just making it clear why prime products tend to cost more than others listed in the same product/category. Its how Amazon makes money but its also the only way the actual seller makes a decent return as well. That and so many people are just enamored with Prime that they hardly look at all the offers on Amazon to see if its actually the cheapest.

If you are just looking at it as tv/movie entertainment and not for the other perks Amazon provides, then Netflix is much better in my opinion. It offers better movie selections and, for now, Disney movies for the kids.

Amazons interface for streaming is awful compared to Netflix.

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The gap is closing though. The autoplay previews on Netflix are driving me up a wall, and I'm having to scroll way too far to find my "continue watching" or my List these days.

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I agree, the auto play is beyond annoying! I'm hoping it can be turned of in the settings but have never taken the time to check.

My problems are when I'm done with one season the next should just start. Better organization of prime shows versus ones I need to rent or buy and finally separate "libraries" for my kids shows and the ones my wife and I watch.

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I *detest* that it saves things by season, rather than show. Like, why would I only care about season 2 of Victoria, for example? Why do I have 5 versions of Outlander in my watchlist? Why do I apparently only watch period dramas? lol

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Thanks Frank!

This is improving but Amazon refusing to add a native chrome cast option is frustrating as fuck. In my room I have no cable box and a dumb TV with a Chromecast dongle. Just recently got prime to add with my Netflix went to watch TV.... Can't cast it unless I mirror my screen which makes it unwatchable.

(add if applicable) /s

Blu-ray players with streaming capabilities are relatively cheap. That is how I stream Amazon on all of my TVs. I use Chromecasts for everything else (YouTubeTV, Netflix, Movies Anywhere, etc.).

Plus, obviously, it gives you the option to play DVDs/blu-ray discs (useful for movies from Redbox that aren't available for streaming yet) instead of being only a streaming device. With the Samsungs I have, it sometimes takes a few seconds for the stream to clear up to HD quality even with two of them hard-wired to the router. Other than that, they have worked well for me. It's a two birds with one stone option that I use since Amazon and Google decided that they didn't want to play nicely together anymore.

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Amazon and Google have been at odds for a while. I'm not surprised that they initially didn't support each others' devices, though my Chromebook can now cast to my Fire TV, so it looks like either Google is raising the stakes or there is a thaw coming. Last time I checked, there wasn't any native Google apps supported on my Kindle Fire, which I would definitely like to use more on my Kindle Fire than on my Android phone, and the default mail client on the Kindle is not what I want to use. I also don't really like Silk but at least now I can have Firefox.

It's pretty easy to add Google Play Store to your Fire and then put whatever Google apps you want on it.


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I had the same frustrations for a while. I picked up a fire stick for $25 on black Friday and haven't used chromecast for Netflix or prime since then. It buffers better and has a voice remote that untied me from my phone or whatever I was streaming from.

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See I have a collection of Firesticks and Rokus somewhere in my house.

Pro Tip: Check the back of hotel TVs. You'll score a bunch of forgotten fire sticks. (Now I'll probably never get another one)

(add if applicable) /s

If you are into science fiction, then I would recommend The Expanse.

Go Hokies!

Season 3 is now free on Amazon Prime.

Yeah just crossed into Season 3. Really have gotten hooked on this show.

If you're so inclined, give the books a shot too. The show is a great representation since the authors I believe show-run as well, but the books are amazing. As much as I LOVE Chrisjen in the TV series, she's even better in the books. And Bobbie Draper is waaaay better in the books (probably my only major complaint about the show is how some of her plot lines are handled).

That being said I feel like they just nailed the casting for the Roci crew, Miller, and Chrisjen.

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The two role's I think benefit moving to Amazon from TV outside of Draper are Holden and Camina Drummer. Both of those characters having the freedom to go bat S will be fun in future seasons.

Oh I love Drummer. She'd be my favorite character except I just adore Avasarala. She has the best dynamic with Amos.

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I'm on book 4 right now although I've put it down for the moment while I watch season 3. What's kinda thrown me off is that the books and seasons are not lining up. Season three wrapped up book 2 and started book 3 and I am guessing will go about 2/3 the way through book 3 (I am on episode 8 or 9 right now.)

Means more TV revenue by not making each book only one season. Got to make that money.

Also some books offer more content than others when it comes to what needs to be put on screen. I can't remember which it is, but book 4 or 5 will probably not span a full season if I had to guess.

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Only thing that makes me sad is that they intend to end the series with the 9th book. That could mean in five or six years we will have to rely on television writers to keep it going. Then things will definitely go off the rail guns in space.

They have some really good shows.

My favorites are (in order but it's so close): Bosch, Goliath, Sneaky Pete.

I tried to get into Sneaky Pete and Goliath but just not my thing. Kind of like how I could never get into Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad.

I haven't tried Bosch yet, as I have been getting through The Expanse. Unfortunately almost done with Season 3 there and will have to pause on that until Season 4 is available.

Network shows have also been keeping my attention as well. Hope this weekend to watch the Pilot episode for Whiskey Cavalier, a new show on ABC. Lethal Weapon, SWAT, Gold Rush, MacGyver, all three NCIS, Criminal Minds, The Magicians, and Gold Rush White Water are other shows that I either watch regularly or just when I can.

I just finally got around to canceling my DirectTV and going with YoutubeTV. I have a Google Home and 2 minis along with 3 Chromecasts for the master/family room/kids playroom TVs and it works like a charm. I don't know how I ever lived without just telling Google what channel or streaming service to watch,

Agree with streaming Prime TV, as the kids have to use the main family room and the XBox to watch Wild Kratts and some other shows.

Recently switched to YouTubeTV myself. It's been great so far. I'm still nervous about streaming the biggest games like national championships and such, but it worked fine at my friends house for the Super Bowl this year.

Honestly, YouTubeTV is probably just a drop in the bucket bandwidth-wise compared to all of the other YouTube streaming that happens. I imagine that if anyone can handle the ebb and flow of television streaming, it's Google. Especially since more people watching live TV means less people watching YouTube videos.

I've had great quality so far, but to your point I havn't had the chance to watch any high profile events yet. I'v seen nothing but good things about the service, and the experience so far has been very good (not to mention saving about $70 a month)

I've had YouTubeTv for a month now and I agree with you it's been great. Save some decent change each month. Watched Daytona and Atlanta races and looked just as good as the cable feed. Unlimited DVR - told it to record all VT basketball games and other tv series that we watch and so far no problems. Also all of our local channels come in as well. Wife travelled to Martinsville and on her phone she picked up their local channels while she watched there and it didn't interfere with the local stuff I was watching from our home in the 757 area. Channel guide is a plus.

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Heads up the unlimited dvr will remove stuff you have not watched in 9 months. Literally the only issue I have had with YouTube tv that is their fault.

Other issue is those fucking Espn noncommercial commericals with the same damn 8 second tune and the espn logo plastered across the screen. But I know that's espns fault

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Anyone watch The Widow yet? I am almost done and while the first two episodes were kind of slow and hard to follow, it really picks up and has some surprising twists that make it a great show. Definitely a bit of Homecoming in how this one was made. Would recommend watching. Anything with Kate Beckinsdale is a bonus anyway

I'm all for Kate Beckinsale...not sure why she's not the TKP mascot instead of Emma Watson, but whatever...

I'm watching this documentary on the Civil War right now...its pretty good..After Reading the book "A Savage War", the Civil War has become my favorite war to study.

Thanks for the recommendation..I'll be checking it out...still trying to catch up on "Into the Badlands"

I watched Into the Badlands on network. Definitely would have preferred binge watching that one

The recently announced that Into the Badlands was cancelled and the final 8 episodes start on March 24.

Not surprised with how this last season played out. Kind of jumped the rails on just battle and swordplay.

Wow...any recommendations for something similar on TV?

Although its in a modern setting, the new show on TV that I have been getting my dueling weapon fights on is Deadly Class on the SyFy channel. I have it set to DVR but I think its a Wednesday 10PM show.

Not sure if it's on Amazon but check out Gods and Generals if you haven't already. Outside of the Revolutionary War the Civil War is my favorite to read/watch up on.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

Just ignore the accents that make everyone from the south sound like they're from Southside VA.

For real:

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Smoke show. Make this a thread and let's vote between the teo


Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

Is anyone aware that she is now dating Pete Davidson from SNL? The same guy that was just recently engaged to Ariana Grande, and both of them are definetely sugar mommas.

Just goes to show you, being funny is a KEY quality.

This was nice. Then the nose scrunch happened. It got better.

I'm watching season 1 of Jack Ryan now. I'm really digging it.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

yeah I was done in less than three days. Did a great job of bringing Clancy to the little screen and on par with most other Clancy movies.

I loved Jack Ryan. I was interested once I saw who was cast because I thought it was perfect for what I always imagined the character when reading.

My problem is that he'll always be typecast in my mind as this...

Using /s is for cowards.

Have you watched Jack Ryan? Or A Quiet Place?

Seeing people in other roles help to break you from perceptions. For instance, it was difficult at first to see the kids of Harry Potter as anything else, but they've each become so much more. Chris Pratt was the chubby funny guy from Parks and Rec and now he's essentially an action star.

Krasinski also played a somewhat similar role in 13 hours.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

I thought Jack Ryan was a great show, and look forward to season 2.

As for Krasinski, I agree he was perfect for that character. I believed him as someone that was a great analyst, but also able to hold his own when shit hit the fan. My expectation of him changed after watching A Quiet Place (so he is also a great director apparently). It was not jarring to see him in an action roll as opposed to "being goofy Jim"

Also props IRL because I find Emily Blunt to be extremely attractive.

extremely attractive qualified


Absolutely...I first saw her in "The Adjustment Bureau" and she was excellent..

From a network broadcast standpoint, I was fully prepared for FOX's "The Passage" to be hot garbage. The first book was one of my favorite reads in years (surpassing most of the GoT novels, if I'm being honest). The 2nd was lackluster, and the 3rd was really good. I just had no faith that a network could build this into a quality television watch.

It remains to be seen how they handle the shit really hitting the fan, but I will admit I have enjoyed the 1st season so far.

The Passage
The Twelve
The City of Mirrors

Those are the 3 novels, and the first one is incredible if you enjoy a good supernatural thriller

The show was good. Ratings were borderline though. The show is in danger of not being renewed. I wonder if they could wrap up the story with one more season? The books have a lot of filler. I felt the story was great but Cronin is not the best storyteller.

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Is Black Sails on Amazon? It might be Starz or something. It is the prequel to Treasure Island and just grand fun...and brutal, at times. Great actors.

Black Sails is Starz.

Hey y'all. I held true on The Expanse and watched through some slowness.

I just hit: "if the middle can't see eros, they can't hit it"

Y'all were right this show fucking rocks

Been binging expanse. Almost done with season 3. So good. It's like a less funny, more intense version of firefly. Though firefly never really got to the point of creating a running story arc and the expanse ha been able to do that.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

I have too. I'm at like season 2 episode 10.

There are two story arcs that have been raised that I want to see more of - the protomolecule and there was a mention of the guy who couldn't stop his 'yacht' from accelerating. I want the acceleration technology to be explained more and I want to see what is happening on venus after Miller and Julie...landed...there.

IIRC the guy who couldn't get his yacht to stop accelerating is back story for how long distance space travel came about. All the ships now have that technology.

That's my understanding too. But i want to know what he did to make it happen!
It's a small detail in the overall scene but it piqued my curiosity

Prepare to be disappointed

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Ugh, they just left it without a resolution. Last I saw of the guy he had dropped his phone and was still speeding off into space.

Oh well. Just finished season 2 last night. Onward!

IIRC, go read Larry Niven for that story.

This is going to be great for the ACC.

Just finished season 3 of the expanse. looking forward to season 4 later this year

The new show Hanna is awesome. Not quite along the lines of the movie but similar. Only regret is that there are only eight episodes so far.

Just a quick update as we have been discussing streaming services here. For anyone that is looking to cut the cord, I have been using YouTubeTV now for a couple of months and I absolutely love it. Not only is it saving me $75+ per month over DirectTV, but the service itself is everything you would expect from a something backed by Google.

Excellent stream quality
Super intuitive UI
Unlimited cloud DVR
Can watch all of my shows live or recorded on my phone or Surface at any time
Probably the best default sports package of channels out there

The only negative I have is that it doesn't have Food Network at the moment. But honestly it just means I watch less TV, which is a good thing.

Add on Philo TV to get all the Scripps Networks. Only $16 a month.

Interface and guide is not quite as intuitive, and it's a slight pain having to switch apps, but I like having those 2 better than I did just having PSVue.

Wait, what?

If you dig food, just grab yourself an antenna and point it towards the most local PBS.

America's Test Kitchen is on frequently and it's as good as it gets. You can get some Lidia Bastianich and some Kevin whatshisname New Orleans cooking as well as some of that Patti's Mexican Table and Julie Taboolie, who is talented, and occasionally Martha Stewart and the rare Julia Child, with some doses of the ever honorable Jacques Pepin.

Also, This Old House, which is always a good watch. Maybe Antiques Roadshow too, if that's your thing.

A 35$ antenna pointed in the right direction gets you all this for free forever. Enjoy

We just noticed while watching youtube live this afternoon we got a pop up message saying that our core plan price will be going up to $49.99/mo after May 13 but it will include Food Network, HGTV, Discovery and more. Meh, let us keep the $120/yr and continue watching the free cooking shows on the PBS create channel via antennae (walmart $8.88).

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Found another show that I binged the entire season of, The Kettering Incident. Its a BBC product set in Tasmania but this show will keep you guessing as to where its going and what to expect next. Never knew what each episode would bring which is always a plus for me with shows.

Watched the first 2 episodes with the wife. Definitely an interesting show, has me intrigued

Wife and I binged Kettering over a few nights.


Talk about a show that makes you put the pieces together yourself. I loved the quick passing reference to the Dylatov Pass incident (which is a real thing, Wikipedia it its a creepy read).

I know next to nothing about Tasmania, so that was cool enough in its own right between the visuals and the general sense of culture there, but the creepy factor was up to 11 by that finale. Loved the scene with Dutch and the night vision goggles

Yeah, I just never knew what was coming next. Between the creepy moths, the creeping moss, the crazy tree hugger, the guilty adult males, the drug dealing connection, the weird stuff floating out in the waves, the plane crash underwater they never explained, the crazy lights, the weird buzzing sounds, the cancer, the nose bleeds, the murdered girl, the crazy house on the mountain, and on and on and on.....just never knew what twist or totally new freaky thing was going to become part of the show.

And I had looked that Dylatov Pass Incident stuff up. Totally ready for an X-file movie on that one. Especially the bit about how they exhumed one of the bodies in 2018 and reviewed injuries but also did a DNA test. The DNA test came back as not a match to any of his known living relatives

On 12 April 2018 the remains of Semyon Zolotarev were exhumed upon the initiative of journalists of the Russian tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda. Contradictory results were obtained: one of the experts stated that the character of the injuries resembled a person knocked down by a car, and the DNA analysis did not reveal any similarity to the DNA of living relatives. In addition, it turned out that the name of Semyon Zolotarev is not on the list of buried at the Ivanovskoye cemetery. Nevertheless, the reconstruction of the face from the exhumed skull agrees with the post-war photographs of Semyon, although journalists express suspicions that another person was hiding under the name of Semyon Zolotarev after the war

The plane crash in the water was a great example of how the show just expected you to put it together without spoon feeding and just kept moving forward and adding to the "Is this real or not? feeling of the show. Anna obviously was hearing an old distress call (similar to when she heard the radio tuning itself). No one had record of any plane going down, but there it was and my guess being it had been there awhile.

I remember reading about Dylatov several years ago. The whole story is bonkers. My feeling is it was something military related and covered up, but there is enough weird stuff there to come up with all sorts of theories.

I just read up on the Wiki entry on the Dylatov Incident and.... man, that's nuts. I'm surprised there hasn't already been a movie made about it, either centering on the more realistic explanations or in the X-Files slant.

If you're telling me that the Kettering Incident show touches on weird crap like that, I have to watch. I'm a big fan of the X-Files and Fringe, so if its anything like that, I'm down.

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Kettering is almost another step beyond...as for the plane crash, i had thought the distress call she heard was for the boat that the sheriff found a piece of unless they crashed together. There were however several radio sequences so maybe they covered both.

Not sure that it adds much but one of the recent episodes of Expedition Unknown was completely focused on the Dylatov Incident. Didn't really reveal anything new but there were a couple new pieces of information that are kind of creepy in the episode.


Also unfortunately heard that the second season of The Kettering Incident was not picked up by the network so we are left with our questions.

If you like podcasts, the astonishing legends podcast did a great ep. on this incident

Hokie Club member since 2017

Yeah my wife and I caught those when they first aired. Major props to you for pointing me in that direction a while back because it was one of the few times I actually knew what that show was talking about during the episode.

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You guys have piqued my curiosity. Is this show comparable to anything else you think? I might check this out

There's confirmation from Amazon that the Lord of the Rings show will be based in the 2nd Age of Tolkein's world. This likely means we'll be seeing a lot of Sauron in the flesh, and very few other characters from the films (perhaps Galadriel and Elrond to note a couple).

VT Class of '12 (MSE), MVBone, Go Hokies!

Should be a good watch. That time period covers the founding of Gondor and Arnor, and should give some insight to Aragorn's lineage. The first appearance of the Nazgul. Also the Last Alliance of Elves and Men and the battle to defeat Sauron the first time.

I'll geek out to that

As someone who has read the Silmarillion and a lot of other Tolkien works/books/materials...

You won't be the only one.

If anyone is looking for something on Netflix, check out Russian Doll. Lightweight, but clever.

You'll know after one episode. If you like the first episode, you'll like the entire season.


New season of Bosch is out. Titus Welliver(sp?) should win an award for this show.

Way to wreck any chance of me being productive this weekend.

IS this a good show? I've seen it on the landing page on amazon tv a lot but never tried it out.

one of the best crime dramas I have ever seen. Characters do an amazing job. Storylines ade fresh each season with some personality conflitcs overlapping.

I just started watching Jean Claude Van Johnson on Prime. It's kind of amazing. Not for everyone though.

I finished that about a year ago and I'm still not sure if I loved it or hated it.

Using /s is for cowards.

That's why its kind of amazing. But I could not stop laughing at the car race.

Binge watched both seasons of Stargate Universe. What a let down on where that was left hanging. Almost wish they would do like Deadwood is doing and do a Ten Years later movie or another season.

Get the free 7 day HBO trial and check out the show Barry. It's a dark comedy about a Hitman that wants to get out of the Hitman world, and become an actor. Written by and starring Bill Hader who does a phenomenal job, and Hiro Murai directs a couple episodes (he directs Atlanta, which is my favorite show)

This show is so much win and a quick watch. Episodes are only 30 minutes.

Exactly. I was able to breeze through season one in a morning on one of my off days.

IDK what I've been doing with my time. I took a work from home day yesterday and proceeded to watch Chernobyl, Jack Ryan, and threw in some episodes of Entourage when I was actually working.

Jack Ryan is sweet and I'm only an episode in. Chernobyl is going to be intense.

(add if applicable) /s

Really enjoyed Jack Ryan as a stand alone show. Honestly, they could've quite after the first season and I'd be fine with it. Not because it was bad, but stood on its own just fine.

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Yeah I'll probably enjoy it Tom Clancy books are the only books that can ever keep my attention more than a chapter.

(add if applicable) /s

The first episode of Chernobyl was excellent. Looking forward to the series, the acting and production values are high level


May is going to have a ton of new stuff showing up on Amazon Prime. The list for Memorial Day weekend is pretty extensive. Hopefully that's long term and not just a holiday list.

Looking forward to The Punisher and Punisher War Zone. Interesting to see that all the Friday the 13th movies are being added. Not sure what F/X and F/X2 means on this list. If its all of their programming then that will be awesome as they typically have some pretty solid shows. Definitely going to watch Reservoir Dogs.

That makes more sense. Thanks

Oh man, my mom bought those off a blockbuster discount rack. Kind of campy and really bad 80s clothes but fun concept: special effects guy pulling home alone style crime fighting

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

I've been going through "A Different World" on there. It's a good show that I hope they bring back. There are a lot of 80s shows that I think would do good on platforms like netflix...

I recently binged both seasons of The Tick on Amazon. I think they did a really good job of capturing the tone and humor of the original animated series so if you enjoyed that, then you will like this version. I certainly did. Episodes are only half an hour so you can breeze through it if you want something light and entertaining.

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Bumping this for recommendations - I just finished watching all 5 seasons of Bosch (and season 6 probably won't be out until next year), have watched Jack Ryan (wife is re-watching right now), the Expanse and Man in the High Castle. What else should I look into?

Next has to be "They Boys"

If you haven't seen The Boys, go watch it now. It's completely messed up but really good. It's a take on what the Marvel superheroes would be like in real life.

Second a recommendation of "the Boys", also check out "Homecoming", "Hanna",

I also plan to watch "Carnival Row" that comes out at the end of the month.

If watching with the wife, she likely would get a kick out of Marvelous Miss Maisel

If you get the Epix channel then Pennyworth is an awesome new show that just started.

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is very good. Both of us enjoy it. The first episode was really slow and almost lost us, but after that it has been fantastic. Almost done with season 2.

Somehow Amazon Prime Video is being discussed with no mention of "Fleabag", which seems impossible because it's one of the better shows out there, is only 30 minutes of 2 seasons and 6 episodes each, so a fast binge, and is going to sweep the Emmy's this year. I'll await the upvotes.

Also seconding everyone who said "The Boys".

These pretzels are making me thirsty.

I have watched only the first episode of The Boys. Looks ok, doesn't match up with my expectations quite yet, since everyone seems to be saying they really like it. I like it a bit. We'll see how this plays out.

I would say stick with it. My wife was not a big fan of the first episode either, but by the end she was sad there weren't more episodes to watch.

The perspective and humor are a really neat take on the superhero genre, and Karl Urban's character is fantastic as the season progresses

I haven't gotten back to it yet, but I'll get to it eventually. I had a feeling he'd be an interesting character after episode 1.

I second this. It took me a couple days to get back to episode two (maybe a week or two). After episode two, I was binging the rest of the episodes. Urban is fantastic, and Jack Quaid shows his pedigree (son of Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan).

It looks like season 2 of Jack Ryan is back Nov. 1st.

Amazon Prime
Forever - Fred Armisen and Maya Rodulph... I think that tells you the style of humor you can expect.
Undone - Animated show (A Scanner Darkly style) focusing on time travel and featuring Bob Odenkirk. Very trippy/psychedelic.

Dark - German show, would recommend subtitles and not dubs. Small town in Germany that has children go missing every 33 years. Definitely a show you need to focus and pay attention to. Second season was released two months back and is even crazier than the first.
Black Spot - French show, subtitles > dubs. Small town in France that has much higher than average murder rate. XFiles style with an overarching supernatural vibe but individual cases each episode.

Carnival Row was pretty good. I began watching it not really knowing how I would like it and it pleasantly surprised me. Lots of plot points that all tie together at the end very well. Great storytelling. I am looking forward to the release of Season 2.

In the middle of a marathon of two shows right now...

Brooklyn 99
The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

Both shows are absolutely hilarious. Highly recommend both, even though I know I'm years late to the party on both.

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Electric Dreams is pretty good if you like stuff like Black Mirror (though Electric Dreams is not nearly as... intense?). Anthology-style episodes based on the writings of Philip K. Dick.

VT Class of '12 (MSE), MVBone, Go Hokies!

Most recent binge watched shows on Amazon:

Jack Ryan Season 2. Took me four days this time but still a hell of a show.
Strike Back - A special military group of the British solving world emergencies. Lots of graphic gunfights, lots of graphic not appropriate for work scenes. Great pace and just a fun watch. Crushed all three seasons in a week.

+1 for Jack Ryan.

We put the K in Kwality

Shameless Ad here. My Sister-in-law is a producer/writer on the Amazon Movie, "The Report" starring Adam Driver.

Check it out, as it might get an Oscar nomination in this upcoming awards season.


Have heard quite a bit of buzz about that movie. Best of luck to her, and we plan to catch it when we can.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

Downloaded it on my phone and watched it on a plane, really enjoyed it!

So awesome for your sister. What an incredible thing to get to be a huge part in making movies. I am very envious.

Huge Goliath fan. Season 1 = awesome. Season 2 = okay. Season 3: not good.

We put the K in Kwality

Season 3 starts out a bit silly but I think it pulls everything together pretty nicely. Decent and worth the watch, but I agree that it's not on the same level as the first two seasons, which were glorious. If a 4th season comes out, I'll definitely watch it.

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Think there will be a season 4? Based on the ending (without spoiling)?

...and I'll definitely watch. S3 was a little too mystical/artsy for me...especially considered to the other seasons.

We put the K in Kwality

I don't know if there will be, but I'm sure the writers could figure something out if there was.

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There will be a 4th season.

Just watched all 3 seasons. 1st: really good. 2nd: still good, but meandered a bit. 3rd: Meandered a lot.

Yeah. 3 was a bad acid trip (heard from a friend). Glad they're making 4. Will be interesting to see how they handle the season 3 ending.

We put the K in Kwality

Loved the first season. the second season opener with him pissing away money lost me from the start.

It's hard to judge the second and third seasons if you haven't seen them wrap up. Especially the second season, character motivations often seem to be one way in the beginning but are revealed to be much more complicated by the end.

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Finally got our smart tv. Went cheap with a 50" Samsung that cost about a quarter of what I paid for my 13 yr old 48" Samsung. First order of biz was to finish Jack Ryan. Second was to start Goliath. We've only seen three episodes of season 1, but really like it so far. I'll remember your words when my wife starts to complain about it going downhill, and she likely will.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

All or Nothing


Bosch Season 6 just dropped on Amazon Prime. Gonna be watching it the next couple of days.

Finished it last night...i dont know who did the editing on this season, but i thought it was terrible...

No love for Zero Zero Zero.....little over the top with the ISIS crowd stuff, but decent action. Kind of bemusing that with all those piles of money to go around all the main dealers have crap lives......

And one of my favorite movies on Prime was Remember with Christopher Plummer, one of the ultimate I didn't see that one coming movies.

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