I didn't see a new recruiting post I decided to create one.

KBJ not being honored during senior night is a good indicator that he'll be back next year.

Projected Scholarship Breakdown for 2019-2020

"Points": Wabissa Bede, Anthony Harris, Jonathan Kabongo
"Guards": Isaiah Wilkins, Andre Gordon
"Forwards": Landers Nolley, P.J. Horne, Emanuel Miller, Yavuz Gultekin
"Guys who are taller than 6'8"": Kerry Blackshear Jr.

Possible that Harris takes a medical redshirt next year as he tore his ACL last December.

Total: 10, 3 scholarships available. There's a (small) possibility that Chris Clarke takes one of those scholarships. Tyrece Radford's scholarship status is in the upside down.

Atticus Taylor has not announced his commitment yet however he did take an official visit to Blacksburg in January. I'm hoping he commits purely to make A Kill a Mockingbird puns for the next three seasons.

According to 247, 6-9 center Tre Mitchell currently has us in his top five but the crystal balls are shipping Mitchell to UMass (wat?). There's a chance that Mitchell reclassifies to 2020.

I think there's a significant possibility that Buzz dips into the transfer portal to fill in gaps.

In terms of 2020, Buzz recently made an offer to four-star SF Myles Stute. We're still the favorite for four-star guards Jalen Cone and Cashius McNeilly. As someone who is 69 inches tall (nice), I'm really rooting for Cone to come to Virginia Tech and take over the Hank Thorns mantle.

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Chris Clarke, PF. Please, hopefully...

Smart money says Clarke is done at Virginia Tech.

A reliable sauce tells me that even he doesn't know at this point if he will be back next year

I found TKP after two rails from TOTS then walking back to my apartment and re-watching the 2012 Sugar Bowl. I woke up the next day with this username.

I'm not known for sauces, but I know one who should know and they say he gone. Like most of us, though, I'll hope until told not to.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

KBJ not being honored during senior night is a good indicator that he'll be back next year.

What? This doesn't have anything to do with anything.

Why are you listing Kabongo as a point? He's not a point. His spot is also probably on the chopping block if we can get a transfer for his spot.

Any word on McNeilly? If there is an indicator out there, it would be geeing Cassius to reclassify and commit. That would be a huge indicator that Buzz isn't leaving.

I guess the logic is that if he graduated and was a part of the team for 4 years he would be honored. Regardless, I doubt he leaves anyway. I have seen multiple 2 round mocks and have yet to see his name.

As far as Kabongo, why are you so down on him? He'll easily play 10+ minutes per game IMO. We're surely not getting a transfer at a 1 or 2 guard because we are bringing in 2 freshmen at those spots.

What? This doesn't have anything to do with anything.

Actually it does. If KBJ was honored, there's a 100% chance he leaves.

Why are you listing Kabongo as a point?

Because he is a point guard.

His spot is also probably on the chopping block if we can get a transfer for his spot.

I disagree. I don't think he's playing because NAW has been our de facto backup PG and so much of our offense has been played through KBJ. If you look at Bede's freshman year, Kabongo is playing around the same amount.

That would be a huge indicator that Buzz isn't leaving.

Unless Shaka gets fired, I don't think there's any threat of Buzz leaving.

In that case, come on Shaka! Go Texas!

I want to believe that Buzz is here for the duration. The wife and kids seem to love the area and it is a great place to raise a family. That is potentially countered by double to triple the money.

People can say money won't be factor but things change when schools like Texas show up and throw a bag of money down that breaks the table. As Ted Dibiase would say "Everybody's got a price! AHAHAHAHA!"

I was talking with an associate at work who is a big Texas A&M supporter. He says they want Buzz badly. Very deep pockets. I would guess we will always see this as long as Buzz has success.

If we clear an off-season where the two quintessential Buzz guys in 5 and Med are both graduating, and expectations for next season will be lower than the last, then I'll feel pretty good about Buzz being around for a good while.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

He's not a point guard. His most interesting skill is that he's a good rebounder as a guard.

Kabongo SS name is on the chopping block just like Pig Jax was last year. He's the most walk-able player we have. Hopefully we learned our lesson and don't walk someone (Pig) before we actually have a transfer for their spot.

Texas may fire Shaka but it would be because this is their chance to get UT alum Chris Beard. He's probably the hottest coaching name this offseason. Texas wants him badly.

Pig sat out his first year, and wouldn't have played much this year. So it made sense for him to take a JUCO year and then head to a smaller school (ECU).

Kabongo is our 5th most experienced player next year and will play a role for the team. I don't see how you can look at our team for next year and say that he won't play at least 10 minutes per game, maybe more. We're not forcing him out, this is nonsense

Kabongo for anyone that's watched all the games this year.....will be a big contributor next season. He's athletic as all get out, can shoot, and is feisty on defense. He's everything buzz wants in a player. Not sure where or why someone would say we would show him the door.

Yeah Buzz LOVES Kabongo as evidenced by his comments after several recent games.. Calls him an OKG. He's 6-4, plays crazy hard, can shoot and defend. Basically a Med Hill type. Would not be surprised at all to see Bede, Wilkins, Kabongo, Nolley and Blackshear as starting lineup.

'Its easy to grin, when your ship comes in, and you've got the stock market beat,
but the man worthwhile, is the man who can smile, when his shorts are too tight in the seat'

I would be VERY surprised to see that. Ain't happening.

Always choose joy.

Kabongo played 5 mins/g over just 18 games.

Pig played 7mpg over 28.

Very similar positions in their careers. It's a point of overall health of the program that Kabongo is the most redundant guy on the roster. One of the experts on another site has been saying all along he's a marginal ACC talent. He's an interesting player, but Buzz can find a better player in Spring recruiting. Remember, MJ Walker became a VT target in the spring we almost got. I said you don't walk Kabongo until you have a better player to replace him (the mistake we made with

Pig was a 2nd year player in the program after taking a redshirt and played on team just above the bubble. Of course he played more minutes than a true freshman on a top 15 team. Also I don't think we "walked" Pig. I think he just wanted more playing time after 2 frustrating years. Kabongo will be fine. I'm sure your "expert" thought that Wilkins wouldn't be an ACC level player either considering he was like the 350th player rated in the class. As it stands, we have Bede, Kabongo, two incoming freshmen (one with a torn ACL), and Wilkins as the guards fighting for playing time next year. Plenty of minutes to go around.

And who do you think we're getting at guard to "walk" him? Another freshman? Unlikely. A JUCO? The main JUCO we're looking at is Atticus Taylor, a 6'7" wing. Grad transfer? When was the last time Buzz got a grad transfer?

Somebody like McNeilly.

One of the experts on another site has been saying all along he's a marginal ACC talent.

If he was an expert then you could say his name. You aren't dropping paywall info saying someone thinks a player is marginal. My guess the "expert" isn't much of one.

PIG transferred to northwest Florida state after 2 years.....kabongo didn't redshirt like PIG and played some meaningful minutes in a couple of big games in his true freshman year. At the illustrious Northwest Florida State PIG didn't even crack 20 minutes of playing time per game and averaged 8 pts per game this year. My guess is a marginal ACC caliber player can crack 30 minutes and double figures easily in that league.

Next time try comparing apples to apples. You failed mightily in your efforts here.

Edit: looked deeper into Northwest Florida States stats. PIG and one other were third year players. The rest freshman and sophomores. Out of 10 players that played conference games PIG was tied for 7th in playing time and was 6th in scoring average. Can't believe Buzz let him get away....

GCHokie34 on TSL was a college assistant coach.

And this makes him an expert how?

Have absolutely zero clue who it is, but just a few thoughts

1. Assistant, not head coach. Usually the experts get to be the big dog at some point
2. College coach? Great. Was it Duke, or was it Abilene Texas School of the Blind? There are thousands of colleges and even more thousands upon thousands of coaches. I would not call the vast majority of them "experts". Knowledgeable okay, but not experts.
3. If being an assistant coach makes one an expert then why do so many fail miserably. I'm guessing coach Stinespring as he was more than an assistant, but an actual coordinator, made him an expert. I'm glad we had unparalleled success on offense with him at the helm....oh wait

He's not a point guard. His most interesting skill is that he's a good rebounder as a guard

Glad you're able to distill his entire game based on less than 100 minutes of game film.

He's the most walk-able player we have.

That would be Tyrece Radford, because, you know, he's a walk-on.

their chance to get UT alum Chris Beard. He's probably the hottest coaching name this offseason. Texas wants him badly.

Beard has done a great job at TTU but Buzz has a better overall resume (even though he's not a UT alum).

Andre Gordon is going to be a fan favorite IMMEDIATELY

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Meh...I can do that on an 8 foot rim and I'm!

I know people are going to freak out, but there is seriously a lot of talent in the program. Buzz has shown over the past six weeks how good of a coach he is. If we have KJ, we're a top 25 team.

If we have Clarke, even better.

Name to watch: Tyrese Radford. Taking a redshirt this season. Combo guard. Natural scorer.

Watching tape of the other freshmen, Harris/Gordon will be very good. Hopefully Harris recovery is going well.

Miller is your typical OKG PF that Buzz loves.

Not a lot of film out there on Yavuz, but understand he's a stretch four which we really haven't had a true one in Buzz's regime.

Always choose joy.

*looks at juco rankings

Hey there's a 6-10 Center sitting at #4's Sy

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

That would be hilarious.

As someone mentioned, you forgot Tyrece Radford. That's 11 scholarships.

I think Atticus Taylor fits in very well, so i'm hoping we get him. I don't think we really need any other transfers besides him.

Not Texas but aTm. Hate the thought of Buzz leaving, but they have some serious cake or (pie).

US Navy Vet

Also a possibility that he will be bringing in a JuCo transfer from Cape Fear Community College.

Another white bronco? The first one didn't go too far.

Cone is more Justin Robinson than Hank. Harris if healthy surpasses Kabongo at backup point purely as a ballhandler. The one player I want most is McNeilly regardless that his uncle is assistant head coach. He has the talent to pick his school just hope its us.

Cone is more Justin Robinson than Hank.

Yeah but Cone short doe.

small doe

"It's a miracle in Blacksburg, TYROD DID IT MIKEY, TYROD DID IT!"

You fabricated a quote! Fake news!

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

Reading this I was like, what?! no I didn.....shit.

"It's a miracle in Blacksburg, TYROD DID IT MIKEY, TYROD DID IT!"

Trying to clear a few things up..

Blackshear isn't a Center, he's a PF. And Harris is a PG who will probably play alongside Bede a fair bit, similar to Allen and Robinson. Radford is a walk-on .. I think... so he's not on scholarship unless he's awarded a temporary one like Nick Fullard was. (this is TBD further research)

So we have 2-3 more scholarships available for 2019-20. With four FR already, I'd imagine Buzz goes transfer to add another player or two unless a talented stretch PF lands with us.
Hokies 2019-20
Point (3-4) : Harris (FR), Bede (JR), Kabongo (SO), Radford? (rFR)
Guard (2) : Wilkins (SO), Gordon (FR)
SF: (2): Nolley (SO), Gultekin (FR)
PF (3): Blackshear (rSR), Horne (JR), Miller (FR)
Total: 10-11

Walk-on (1? 2?): Radford? (PG, rFR), Palmer (G, SO)

My projected 'starting' lineup are underlined, although one of the other freshmen in addition to Harris could make waves and earn a primary role.

edit: added Palmer, noted confusion about whether Radford is a scholarship player or not.

How do those changes look for you?

Haha I love Blackshear's new category

Totally on point. Thanks for putting that together.

I am just piling on, but I would say my opinion is the incoming player with the most overall upside is Gordon. Smooth, tons of athleticism with some bonus electricity and the potential to develop into a good defender and 3 pt. shooter at the ACC level.

Concern with Gordon is that he's sub 30 percent on three balls as high school player. The quickness, explosiveness and passing ability are there.

'Its easy to grin, when your ship comes in, and you've got the stock market beat,
but the man worthwhile, is the man who can smile, when his shorts are too tight in the seat'

Yeah, that's my concern with him too, and why I think he may not be a big contributor right away. Basically means if Bede is in the game Gordon is not on the floor, because with the small-ball approach and the spacing the offense requires, all of our guards need to have 3pt range. We can get away with one non-shooter and still do OK as long as that guard can break guys down and get to the lane, but the offense flows better if everyone can spot up for that open 3.

Maybe Bede takes a step forward with his 3pt shooting this offseason. He certainly has improved his ability to find the open shooter after getting driving the lane and collapsing the D as this season has progressed.

I agree. He isn't a quality shooter today. I do believe he has the most upside in terms of ability to break down a defense. His shot can be developed as he has decent fundamentals and just needs lots of reps (obviously). As shown by someone like J rob - an okay shooter who became a very good shooter it can be done.

As far as next year - yes that issue is limiting for him. I think long-term if he becomes respectable here he has very high upside based on his other skills and ability that can't be taught.

So he is the next Chris Clarke?

Come to Blacksburg and see what the Hokie Pokie is really all about

Made edits to the OP.

Wikipedia's never wrong...

Good recap. We should be in the market for four more players:

2 grad transfers. We need experience at any position. A guy like Johnson at Miami or the PG at Louisville, we need guys who can step in and play.

1 freshmen post. Miller and Yeezy need someone, anyone, who can play inside of them. Even if it's a guy like Horne, someone with very real limitations, we need 1 more post player.

1 Cassius McNeilly. Save the space for him. Everyone got bent out of shape when I said we could walk Kabongo, but you walk Kabongo so you can get a guy like McNeilly (or, say, an MJ Walker type who was a spring recruit for us before FSU stoke him). It's no offense to Kabongo, it's a positive that he's the player on the roster to go if you can add a legitimate top 100 player.

There you go again with your "Walk Kabongo" crap.

Not sure why you are in such a hurry to "walk" him? Where are you hearing this and why do you so strongly feel that Kabongo has to "Walk"?

And how exactly is this a positive for Kabongo?

I get the strong feeling you have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to Kabongo.
I also think you must really like MJ Walker or something....

Everyone got bent out of shape when I said we could walk Kabongo, but you walk Kabongo so you can get a guy like McNeilly (or, say, an MJ Walker type who was a spring recruit for us before FSU stoke him). It's no offense to Kabongo, it's a positive that he's the player on the roster to go if you can add a legitimate top 100 player.

Also...twice you have mentioned MJ Walker. What the hell does he have to do with walking Kabongo??
And it is an offense to Kabongo...
I am sure Kabongo would be flattered.
"Don't worry Kabongo....we are kicking you off the team, but we will be getting a much better player than you. So its all good. Thank for the memories."

Do you have a source for all your walk Kabongo garbage?


MJ Walker was a top 100 player who was a spring recruit. We almost landed him before FSU bought him off.

If a spring recruit is available who is a top 100 player and you are full, you sit down with the kid on the bench and explain to him his status. That's walking. We did it last year with Pig then didn't get the grad transfers we sought. Not that Pig would have made that much of a difference, but he could have helped when Rob got hurt. Pig could have developed slowly as his brother did and become a solid ACC player.

Everyone is getting all worked up about Kabongo, but just substitute his name for "most redundant player on the team." Here is the team next year:

Bede , Harris
Wilkins, Gordon, Kabongo
Nolley, Horne, Miller, Yeezy
KJB, HS Post Recruit

That's 11. We need experience, I hope we take two transfers, at any position. Maybe it's one grad transfer and one who has to sit out a year.

That's 13. If McNeilly reclassifies, we shoukd make room for him. Or another top 100 guy.

Wait...are you actually saying we get rid of Kabongo to make room for 2 grad transfers? Have anyone in mind...or just random "grad transfers"??
Yeah...its really easy. Lets just get some guys to transfer to VT....maybe someone like "Johnson at Miami" or "PG at Louisville"
Is PG at Louisville interested in transferring? How about Johnson at Miami?
I think we should get those two...and also "Post Player"
Finally, I have a good feeling that "Legitimate Top 100 Player" will be transferring to the Hokies very soon. Maybe at the last minute....then we can cut Kabongo.


Johnson at Miami and the PG at Louisville we're impact transfers from last year. They were being used as a marker for the type of player we could get.

What in the world has Buzz Williams ever done to make you think he may actually force out one of his guys in favor of 2 grad transfers...? The only way I can imagine where more than one grad transfer comes in is if Buzz leaves.

We literally have multiple open scholarships on the roster and you're still trying to force people out. And I'm sure once we inevitably end up shorthanded again, you'll complain.

I definitely think we need at least one more guy to come into the program. But that's more likely a JUCO guy like Atticus Taylor and absolutely does NOT require forcing anybody off the team.

You're probably right that two transfers is not likely. I think we need them. Looking at that roster, we need experience. It would be great if one of those transfer spots was filled by Clarke's reinstatement but that seems unlikely.

It's a cut throat industry. While I think buzz is a good guy, I doubt he would hesitate to make his team better. Take that as you will.

Huge need right here

When in doubt. Nap it out

I just watched some more Andre Gordon film. Reminds me of a more explosive London Perrantes.

Very underrated by recruiting services. He's a mid-four star for me. His high school tape is better than NAWs.

Always choose joy.

He ain't playing the best of competition tho

When in doubt. Nap it out

Reminds me of Mac Mcclung... not saying we should've pursued Mcclung, but Gordon appears to be a more athletic Mcclung. We could've used Mcclung in terms of the amount of attrition we've had this year.

If he learns to shoot - watch out. He does need to improve that part of his game, but it can be done. I believe his athleticism translates as a guy who can play at ACC speed.

How would you rank, hardest to easiest:
A basketball player to shoot,
A basketball player to play defense,
A receiver to catch,
A RB to block,
A QB to read a defense.

Sometimes we live no particular way but our own


A QB has to account for 21 other moving pieces to find an opening, ideally the most optimal opening result wise for his team.
A basketball player on defense has to account for either his guy or his zone, has to act almost like a mirror and do so without using his hands to prevent his opponent scoring.
A receiver has to account for multiple velocities, angles of approach, location on the field, elevation required and the defenders positioned around them to meet the football with their hands get two feet in bounds and retain possession of the ball
A running back blocking has to know the play call and all audibles, has to determine the most likely point of attack of the defense and react to the most prominent threat to the qb as the defense surges through the line at full speed
A basketball player shooting has to be in the correct position, be able to receive the ball if its a pass and accounts for the position of the defenders when selecting their shot. The shot has to be online and able to go through the basket

Buzz is going to say no to Texas A&M and steal a recruit from them in the spring.

So if Buzz starts recruiting him is that a positive sign or a negative sign?

Is it basketball season yet?

Under 6 foot 6? Check
SG? Check
All signs are good its a go roger roger

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